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April 26th, 2024

Off The Hook, Restaurant, Bethany Beach, Casual, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner, Delaware Beaches

Off The Hook is their first restaurant in Bethany Beach located at 769 Garfield Pkwy. It is about a mile or so west of Bethany. It is very popular. No reservations. 302-829-1424. It has a nice bar and you can eat there too. Let’s see what else? It is one that I frequent with my girlfriends from Ocean City. We can drive half way. Plus, I have never had a bad meal there.

Off The Hook opens at 11:30. Lunch menu, bar menu, dinner menu and cocktail and wine menu. 😃

Specials almost every day. Please have in mind that specials are dine in only. Half priced entrees start at 3 p.m. until closing, available Monday through Thursday. Pretty good deal.

I think you have all the info. So let me tell you what we had. First we got there at 6 and we did have to wait. That’s a popular hour. Maybe a little later may be best.

Drinks and conversation…catching up, right? I got a Prosecco Rose.

In a mood for Salmon I went with their Roasted Salmon. It had drunken cherries, spinach, parsnip whip, cherry gastrique and crispy parsnip.

I almost forgot. Please try the bread. It was delicious 👏👏

Look at this other dish. Cioppino. This is actually an Italian/American dish that originated in San Francisco. A fish stew. Shrimp, scallops, mussels, fin fish, sweet sausage, a beautiful and savory tomato broth. Topped with a crostini. Perfect.

Guess what? That was our meal.

I hope you have a gorgeous weekend. The beach towns are crowded.

AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram.

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August 25th, 2022

Spain, Wine Bar, Restaurant, Review, Ocean City, Maryland, Good Food, Will Travel, Congratulations!! One Year Anniversary

I have had over the years traveled to Spain. It has been some time, though. I love it for many reasons. My family has its origins in Spain, later coming to Puerto Rico. I am laughing as I am writing this post because I keep saying in my mind “The Rain in Spain stays Mainly in the Plains”. Don’t ask my why. Just silly.

Ocean City, Maryland, is not far from Rehoboth Beach. During the summer it can take you some time to get there. The traffic nowadays is unreal. But off we went to meet Bob, and Michael, who have been dying to introduce me to Spain Wine Bar & Restaurant located on the 8th floor of the Cambria Hotel, 13 St. Louis Ave. It is Bayfront and the restaurant has the whole top floor. Incredible views and gorgeous sunsets.

This is the first anniversary of its opening and it has been received so well. There is nothing like Spain in OC. I knew that I was going to have tapas and I think our group also wanted to eat that way. You get to taste plenty of small plates; some offerings you may like more than others. We had a great seat by the veranda.

Reservations are a must at Spain. Maybe later in the Second Season in our beaches you may be able to get a table without a reservation but I think you should make it.

Visit their website

That gorgeous looking drink you see above was Mar Azul (Blue Ocean)…Vodka, coconut rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple, lime and coconut cream. Super refreshing.

The first tasting was the Gazpacho. Yellow tomato, cucumber, onion and Sherry vinegar. I really love Gazpacho. It is prepared differently in many regions in Spain. Spain’s rendition with the yellow tomatoes was delicious and one of my favorite dishes of the evening.

The next dish is also a favorite of mine. In Spain the Boquerones are very popular. They are white fresh anchovies marinated in olive oil and vinegar. You don’t find them often here, except maybe just plain on top of a Caesar Salad. Of course I had to order them and introduce my fellow diners to them.

Another very typical dish eaten in tapas and often made at homes for guests, as well is the Tortilla Espanola (potatoes). I liked the one served at Spain. A little different to the ones I have had before but nevertheless very good.

We all were tasting the dishes ordered and having a great time along the way.

The croquettes came in made with Jamon Serrano, a creamy bechamel sauce, garlic aioli and pimenton. The combination of all those ingredients was perfect. A little salty, the sauce, the everything.

You have to agree that the Charcuterie ordered was just awesome. The Jamon Serrano was from Sierra, dry-cured….black Iberian pig.

Mixed Marinated Olives served warm.

I order Pulpo or Octopus every time I see it on a menu. The pulpo served at Spain was not a favorite. I think it lacked flavor, and was a little tough. Served with too many potatoes.

Loved the Roasted Heirloom Carrots. Idiazabal Cheese, red pepper aioli and crumbled marcona almonds. Worth trying, for sure.

The 18 Hour Pork Belly was so tasty and full of flavor. Cranberries, sherry reduction and pickled finger chilies. Another awesome tapa.

The Scallop Risotto is a signature dish. I was so interested in the other dishes that only had a little taste. I thought the risotto was a little dry. My opinion.

Have you ever heard that if you are eating at a good restaurant and you see hamburger on the menu, you should order it? I have plenty of times. Bob is a Burger Connoisseur and a Mustard Lover. So here is his Burger which he loved. I guess we did not have enough to eat. Mind you, that was all to himself.

The Olive Oil Cake was our dessert, served with vanilla ice cream. Olive oils are also used for desserts. Imagine that? It has become more popular in recent months. It is moist and so delicious. Next time you see it, please give it try.

As you can see we tried a little bit here or there but there is so much more to try still. I saw the Paella coming out. It looked great. It takes a bit of time to cook but there is also plenty to drink.

Until next time remember that AboutMyBeaches has a FaceBook page and is on Instagram, as well.

Good Food, Will Travel. Don’t let a bit of distance hold you back.

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July 27th, 2022

AboutMyBeaches turns 13 years old, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Up until a few minutes ago I had not realized that the blog I started in 2009 is celebrating 13 years of sharing my thoughts on finding out about events, restaurants, reviews, where to shop and what to cook for dinner today.

No photos at the beginning until I caught on how important photos are to all of us. We are so visual.

The first post was about McCabes Gourmet Market in Bethany Beach. No longer McCabes, times have changed. Great store that we all loved for many years. Their Queso (Mexican Cheese Dip) Recipe is on the website. Click on it and put it on the Search.

My second post was Agave. The ever present Margaritas, the Avocado Martini, music, best chili, guacamole and so on.

At the time blogs were beginning to take place in our society. But, people would still smiled like saying: really? Blah, Blah, and Blah. The point of my blog was that I could put my two cents in about places that I have been to, my beloved beaches in Southern Delaware and beyond. Food, recipes and reviews. We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes but it was my diary sort of speak of. I can write when I want to and other times I just take a break and put tidbits on My Facebook page.

Since the beginning I have spoken of how good the corn is in Southern Delaware. I just took this photo the other day. White corn, but they have yellow and a mix kernel ones, as well. Freeman’s on Robinsonville Rd. in Lewes is the best. Every day it is picked and it is so fresh that you can eat it raw. I usually eat one or two ears like that. Amazing.

Lewes’ Lighthouses are something to see.

Strolling the Boardwalk day or night.

I have lived here for so many years. I am a foodie and love to eat and experience different cultures.

My blog continues and one of the best things that have happened since opening AboutMyBeaches is that I have learned so much about our area. It is not just the beaches, so much more depth. It has given my family a very nice life. I don’t take it for granted. I appreciate it.

Until then check my Facebook Page, and Instagram and stop here for recipes and information. It’s all good.

Love Crabs….these ones from Suicide Bridge.

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July 6th, 2022

Nectar, Cafe, Juice Bar, Restaurant, Breakfast, Lunch, Crafted Beers, Wine, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

In the area for vacation? Or, are you one of the many that have moved to Southern Delaware to enjoy low property taxes, no sales tax, great beaches and pretty good weather too? And, I almost forgot to tell you that there are so many restaurants for the foodies and for the ones that love the Boardwalk Grub.

I have plenty of favorite restaurants in the area. This time of the year you may have to plan a bit more. Traffic is a pain, meters too?

Nectar, I do love. I can take a seat at the bar. It is located at 111 Neils Alley in Historic Lewes. Breakfast and lunch. It closes at 3.

We sat at the bar. Lunch was ongoing. Look at the menu.

The Vedge Sandwich was ordered. Zucchini squash, portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, spinach, mozzarella, pesto and balsamic glaze. It came with a salad. A Bloody Mary accompanied this sandwich. TC thought it was delicious and for those staying with veggies as a choice it was great.

I loved my choice. First the Quinoa Salad was outstanding. Some of you may turn your noses at this grain but maybe you need to go to Nectar and try it. It had mixed tomatoes, Kalamata o,ives, cucumber, red onion and Feta cheese on a bed of mixed greens with balsamic vinaigrette. I decided to order a side of their chicken salad. My plate was huge. I love chicken salad in the summer. This particular one is the best I have had. I kid you not. See for yourself. It had green grapes, granny smith apples, toasted pecans, gouda cheese and a hint of red onion. Cannot wait to have it again.

Fresh juices are a specialty of Nectar. I seem to always order the Lean Green Machine. It is on the above photo. Green Apple, Cucumber, Basil, Spinach, lime and jalapeño. A bit of a kick but very healthy it makes me feel.

Now that the Fourth of July holiday is over summer will roll over.

So many restaurants to try and so little time.

Enjoy and relax. AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram. Check it Out?

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June 30th, 2022

Theo’s, Eden, Restaurants, Thrasher’s, French Fries, Boardwalk Grub, Downtown, Grazing, Summer 2022, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is ready for the Fourth of July. The Boardwalk looks great and this past week the beaches have been amazing.

This town is know for its restaurants too besides the beaches. A wide variety of restaurants for sure. From upscale to the Boardwalk Grub as I usually call it.

Last night TC and I decided to graze instead of a full dinner. Bar seating to have drinks and a few small plates. Grazing is a way of eating that involves consuming multiple meals throughout the day. You know how it is, animals graze, stop and continue eating.?

Our first stop was the bar at Theo’s located at 44 Baltimore Ave. First time there. It was crowded but usually you can find a couple of seats at the bar.

Tuna Tartare for me with avocado, green tomato and wonton crisps. Delicious?

The Edamame were great…salty and with added spices.

Our next stop was Eden located at 23 Baltimore Ave. This is one of my favorites and knew already what we were going to order. Bar seating again. Plenty of customers inside and outside. Thought this was interesting ?

The French 75 was ordered but with Courvoisier instead of Gin. And their Grilled Caesar Salad which is the best in town. That tapenade is awesome.

Down to the Boardwalk we went for our last stop to Thrasher’s. These French Fries are loved by many and even though I usually complain because they are not crispy enough well, well, last night they were and I had my share.

Salt and vinegar are a must.

To a bench we went to enjoy and people watch.

Remember AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy your time at the beach.

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June 25th, 2022

Harbour, Restaurant, Canal Square, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Review, Delaware Beaches

June 21st officially opened the Summer Season. It is at this time when Southern Delaware gets bombarded with visitors. For those that live here is a time to plan where to eat and when to shop.
A lot of restaurants have reservations or you may wing it and try bar seating.

In Historic Lewes I love Harbour located at 134 W Market Street. Tel. 302-200-9522. .

You may request to be seated indoors or by the bar where you can still see what’s going on the canal. If you can sit outdoors that would be my choice. There are not too many restaurants that offer outdoor dining but it is great to take advantage if they do.

My brother and his wife were visiting and we did have a full weekend. At Harbour some adult beverages were ordered. This particular cocktail was called Honey, I’m Home. Sipsmith Gin, Grapefruit, Lemon, Honey Lavender Infusion, Bee Pollen Salt Rim, finishing with a wildflower. It was very well received ?

An order of Maine Lobster Stuffed Beignets. I would rename them Lobster Fritters. They looked more like conch fritters than beignets. They were very good though.

Bouillabaise is a wonderful dish full of fresh fish, shrimp, clams, mussels in a saffron tomato broth. The addition of a grilled sourdough is a must because you cannot leave any broth behind. That’s exactly what my brother did.

Two orders of the Pan Roasted Rockfish received thumbs up. This is our local fish and it is delicious ? It had fava beans, shallot, bell peppers, smoked bacon, on a leak tarragon cream.

The Pan Roasted Duck I do order it most of the time. Cooked medium rare with a honey glaze and hemp seed crust, coconut lime risotto, sugar snap peas and chimichurri. What’s not to like?

Desserts? A Traditional Creme Brûlée…sooo good.

Rhubarb Pie? Tommy loves it but I have never had it. Will take his word.

AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram. Check us out.

And the weekend ended in a blink of our eyes.

Happy Summer.?

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May 27th, 2022

Patsy’s Restaurant, Key West Inspired Cuisine, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Review, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

Patsy’s has been a fixture in the resort town of Bethany Beach for many years. If you have never tasted her inspired Key West cuisine and her southern influence cuisine maybe this post will entice you to make that reservation.

Great atmosphere, more so because it is casual and has an island atmosphere. You may request to dine on the porch or inside. The porch is covered. Patsy’s is located at 121 Campbell Place. It opens at 5:30 p.m. until 10. They close on Tuesday and Wednesday. Check the website for information and updates. To make a reservation call the night before you want the reservation after 9 p.m. 302-858-1203. Website is:

I prefer to eat late so we arrived at 7:45. Lisa, our server, I have to give a shout. She was perfect; so attentive.

Drinks were ordered and then this Key West Salad arrived. Doesn’t that look amazing? TC thought it tasted delicious. Mixed greens, avocado, hearts of palm, mango, queso fresco with their honey/lime/mustard dressing

My roasted Corn & Sweet Crab Chowder smelled so good and tasted even better. Just a cup will do because my entree was the Softshell Crabs. It was all about crabs.

These softshells were lightly fried with grilled corn/black bean salad, red cabbage slaw and cilantro aioli. The red cabbage was a little spicy.

TC ordered the scallops. Toasted coconut, jasmin rice, mango/pineapple salsa and Thai Curry coconut sauce. Tasted some of them and they were perfectly cooked.

The beaches are crowded this weekend. It’s the official opening of Summer 2022. Happy Memorial Weekend.

Plan your stay and relax, after all you are at the beach.

AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram. Check me out?

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April 10th, 2022

Eggcellent, Restaurant, Review, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Opening a restaurant during the pandemic must have been daunting but Alina and her husband who have both worked in the industry have done it. The restaurant is called Eggcellent located at 109 W Market Street in Historic Lewes, Delaware.

Eggcellent has been remodeled and has such a nice fresh look. You can sit indoors or in their covered patio.

The restaurant was originally started with breakfast and lunch but Alina’s husband who is the chef decided to open for dinner, as well.

Last Sunday just a week or so after this decision we went for dinner. We had the restaurant to ourselves because the word is slowly getting out. We loved it?? We were able to talk to Alina in a very casual; not in a rush way.

Complimentary to the table the Hummus was incredible. Not exaggerating. It really was so good and all homemade. The bread was toasted and drizzled with olive oil.

I love Rockfish. It is local so I know it is fresh. My Rockfish was served on a bed of Mediterranean veggies with creamy crab sauce and rice pilaf.

TC decided on the Salmon Oscar served over rice with asparagus, lump crabmeat and hollandaise sauce.

The portions are very generous so you may even take some leftovers home.

No dessert was necessary. We had eaten enough but the desserts for that evening looked pretty tempting.

It is great to see these young restauranteurs taking risks and following their dreams.

AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook Page and it is also on Instagram. Drop me a line will you?

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