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June 25th, 2022

Harbour, Restaurant, Canal Square, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Review, Delaware Beaches

June 21st officially opened the Summer Season. It is at this time when Southern Delaware gets bombarded with visitors. For those that live here is a time to plan where to eat and when to shop.
A lot of restaurants have reservations or you may wing it and try bar seating.

In Historic Lewes I love Harbour located at 134 W Market Street. Tel. 302-200-9522. .

You may request to be seated indoors or by the bar where you can still see what’s going on the canal. If you can sit outdoors that would be my choice. There are not too many restaurants that offer outdoor dining but it is great to take advantage if they do.

My brother and his wife were visiting and we did have a full weekend. At Harbour some adult beverages were ordered. This particular cocktail was called Honey, I’m Home. Sipsmith Gin, Grapefruit, Lemon, Honey Lavender Infusion, Bee Pollen Salt Rim, finishing with a wildflower. It was very well received 👏

An order of Maine Lobster Stuffed Beignets. I would rename them Lobster Fritters. They looked more like conch fritters than beignets. They were very good though.

Bouillabaise is a wonderful dish full of fresh fish, shrimp, clams, mussels in a saffron tomato broth. The addition of a grilled sourdough is a must because you cannot leave any broth behind. That’s exactly what my brother did.

Two orders of the Pan Roasted Rockfish received thumbs up. This is our local fish and it is delicious 🤤 It had fava beans, shallot, bell peppers, smoked bacon, on a leak tarragon cream.

The Pan Roasted Duck I do order it most of the time. Cooked medium rare with a honey glaze and hemp seed crust, coconut lime risotto, sugar snap peas and chimichurri. What’s not to like😁

Desserts? A Traditional Creme Brûlée…sooo good.

Rhubarb Pie? Tommy loves it but I have never had it. Will take his word.

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And the weekend ended in a blink of our eyes.

Happy Summer.🩴

May 24th, 2022

Tequila Real, Tex-Mex, Restaurant, Milton, Delaware, Southern Delaware

At this time of the year and looking forward to the beginning of another summer season at the Delaware Beaches, our roads are very crowded. Needless to say the meters are in effect too😩. It is what it is, right?

I am actually looking for places that are easy to find and that parking will not be an issue.

My friend Debbie and I hit the road towards Milton. It takes no time to get there. Milton has a river running through it. It still has somewhat affordable housing, cute Main Street, and shops and restaurants are establishing themselves there.

It was a pretty early evening and we arrived at Tequila Real located at 122 Mulberry St. It opened a few years ago and it is very popular. Monday was crowded. That says something. Outdoors we did sit.

Tequila Real has an extensive menu. All prices are very reasonable and you get generous portions, as well.

I believe they see themselves as Tex-Mex. what does this mean? This type of cooking comes the Tejano people of Texas. A mix you would say.

First things first…A skinny Margarita. Why would you have it any other way? As a driver I had a very exciting club soda. I did taste the Margarita and it was refreshing. I am not a connoisseur but Debbie loved it!

Our server brought us chips and salsa and dipping sauce. The chips were warm. A little guac too.

I ordered the Taco Bowl with all the trimmings. Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a friend and wished you had ordered what she ordered? That was me. I wanted her dish. Mine was okay. With all the food Tequila Real has to offer I should have picked something else.

Now this was Debbie’s dish. Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad. This marinated chicken was so well seasoned and perfectly cooked. Topped over lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pico de gallo, bell peppers, fresh spinach, black beans and a side of ranch dressing. This was the salad but you can also get this salad as an entree. A winner.

We did not have dessert but we did see some beautiful ones coming out. Bathing suit season is around the corner; you know how that is.

What was not to like? A beautiful evening, good food with a good friend.

Hasta luego. Did I tell you that you can practice your Spanish?

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April 10th, 2022

Eggcellent, Restaurant, Review, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Opening a restaurant during the pandemic must have been daunting but Alina and her husband who have both worked in the industry have done it. The restaurant is called Eggcellent located at 109 W Market Street in Historic Lewes, Delaware.

Eggcellent has been remodeled and has such a nice fresh look. You can sit indoors or in their covered patio.

The restaurant was originally started with breakfast and lunch but Alina’s husband who is the chef decided to open for dinner, as well.

Last Sunday just a week or so after this decision we went for dinner. We had the restaurant to ourselves because the word is slowly getting out. We loved it👏👏 We were able to talk to Alina in a very casual; not in a rush way.

Complimentary to the table the Hummus was incredible. Not exaggerating. It really was so good and all homemade. The bread was toasted and drizzled with olive oil.

I love Rockfish. It is local so I know it is fresh. My Rockfish was served on a bed of Mediterranean veggies with creamy crab sauce and rice pilaf.

TC decided on the Salmon Oscar served over rice with asparagus, lump crabmeat and hollandaise sauce.

The portions are very generous so you may even take some leftovers home.

No dessert was necessary. We had eaten enough but the desserts for that evening looked pretty tempting.

It is great to see these young restauranteurs taking risks and following their dreams.

AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook Page and it is also on Instagram. Drop me a line will you?

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February 8th, 2022

Miyagi, Ramen Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

What is Ramen? Ramen are wheat flour Japanese noodles in broth? Having said that Miyagi is a restaurant that opened a few years ago in Rehoboth Beach. This restaurant is a Japanese, Korean…a fusion cuisine. It is located at the Shops at Seacoast, 19266 Coastal Highway. Right where Safeway is located.

Kim is the owner and some of you will probably remember him from Saketumi.

Kim brings to Miyagi the best ingredients. He has to travel to markets in Philly and NY.

The telephone is 302-567-2385.

A favorite dish of mine is the Tuna Poke Salad. Sashimi grade tuna, poke sauce (brewed soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, lemon juice and a little chili). So refreshing and it was the first dish I had after the New Year.

The Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen was a hit. We ordered it with extra bone broth and extra ramen. Look how pretty it was. Delicious. It had Hakata style pork bone broth, chashu pork, menma, kikurage, Naruto, ajitama, scallions, red pickled ginger, and sesame see.

Say what? Hakata is a broth cooked from pork backbones, head, and other ingredients. Chashu pork is tender pork belly that has been slow braised. It is an essential topping at any ramen house. Menma is a Japanese condiment made from lactose fermented bamboo shoots. Another common topping for ramen. Kikurage is mushroom. Naruto is a cured fish. Ajitama is boiled eggs marinated in a sauce. So there you have it😃

Accompanying a tuna poke salad was a dish of Pork Chashu Bun…. Pork in a soft flour bun.

I have sat down to lunch at Miyagi and I have ordered takeout. Both times the food has been delicious. And, the service, as well.

Have a great day. Waiting for spring.

AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook Page just in case you want to comment.


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December 10th, 2021

Agave, Lewes, Delaware, Mexican Restaurant, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Back on July 27, 2009 I started my blog. I have been living in the area for so long that a lot of times people would ask me where to go, where to shop, what restaurants were the best, where to shop and what to cook for dinner. 

The above website became my blog. A sort of diary you may say. I write when I feel inspired and other times I just stay quiet. Not for long though lol. AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook as well.

I wrote about Agave on the same day I opened my blog. Agave has expanded but I still enjoy the location at 137 2nd St. in Historic Lewes.

It is still quaint and I hope it stays that way. Just the right amount of noise and a little Latin music in the background.

Now that the new location has opened on Coastal Highway you are able to find seating available.

At the bar we sat where you get to be in the know. Those gigantic Margaritas were being prepared more than a few times. Look at that size.

We had the average size. There is something so good about their Margaritas. People love them. And, not all Margaritas are the same.

There is a martini that it is not on their menu. You know it exists because you have been there so many times. It is an Avocado Martini. I don’t even know how to describe it. The rim is caramelized sugar; the martini is not sweet; it is smooth and does make an impact if you get my drift.

Look how gorgeous and festive it is 😀 We ordered their traditional guacamole and warm chips. Sorry about the blurred photo. At times you try to move too fast.

Honey Rum Beans are a favorite. And so is the Jalapeno Corn Bread.

I love the Avocado & Mango Salad, topping it with filet. All these are shareables.

Over the years Agave has been a very consistent restaurant. We have had our moments, but who wouldn’t?

TGIF enjoy the weekend. Take time to relax in this Christmas Season. Take a drive and enjoy all the holiday decorations. They are beautiful this year.

Agave’s website is:

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November 2nd, 2021

Crystal Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Breakfast, Lunch, Bar, Scrapple, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

For so many years my friends and I have had breakfast at Crystal. It opens 7 days. The food is consistently delicious. The service is attentive and the prices are great. No wonder there are always lines in the summer and on weekends.

And, what was the best stop after the Monsters on Parade on Sunday for some sustenance? Definitely Crystal was. It is located at 37300 Rehoboth Ave. Ext #1 right as you come into Rehoboth Ave. from Coastal Highway. 302-227-1088. You can find it on Facebook.

Crystal has a long bar with plenty of seating. And, in case you don’t know they have excellent Bloody Marys.

After watching Monsters on Parade at the Boardwalk Crystal was a must stop.

Besides the Bloody Marys Crystal has the best scrapple bar none. Cooked to perfection. I love it thin and crispy.

I kid you not, if I was to choose a last meal this would be it.

You may turn your nose up but you have to try it the way it should be cooked.

We met Yanni whose parents own Crystal and he has grown up in the business. His uncle likes to stay in the kitchen but he gave a smile and a wave.

So when you come to town make sure you try this family owned restaurant. Don’t forget the scrapple. Ohh and the Bloody Mary, of course.

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September 10th, 2021

Blue Moon, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Restaurant, Review, American Food, Nate on the Keys, Magnolia, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Summer at the Beaches

Seems we go to Downtown Rehoboth Beach on Wednesdays. Middle of the week, not too many people, praying for that. Weekends are impossible. So many restaurants to try and to go back. Have not been to all. The meters drive me insane.

Our choice? Blue Moon. This restaurant has been in Rehoboth Beach for so many years. It is located at 35 Baltimore Ave. Tel. 302-227-6515. Website?

You can make a reservation for the dining room or you can do like we do and make a high top reservation for the bar. You can enjoy a full menu there, as well. From Sunday through Thursday Nate on the Keys is playing. He brings his guests too. Check their website as the second season has started.

The bar area is fun with a diverse group of customers. One thing we all have in common is eating good food, having good service and the enjoyment of live music.

Magnolia was in the house. She sang with Nate and they were so funny together. Her last show, Games with Magnolia was Thursday. Things change a little during the second season.

One appetizer I always ordered and at times that is my dinner is the Tuna Carpaccio. #1 tuna, garlic aioli, shallot, lemon, olive oil and chives. So good on a hot summer night at the beach.

I love octopus so an order for the table of the Crispy Octopus was a must. Shareable too. The octopus was crispy on the outside and very soft in the middle. The chorizo gave the fingerlings and white beans a tasty flavor. And, the chimichurri added even more flavor and color.

Usually we have drinks and appetizers and continue on to try other places to eat in Rehoboth, but Wednesday we decided to stay. The food coming out looked amazing.

The Duck Breast was an entree, ordered medium rare. It has those delicious fingerlings, french beans, and a blueberry compote. Definitely well received.

I have not had anything blackened in a long time. My choice was the Blackened Sea Bass, over Carolina grits, baby carrots and peas. I was between that and the swordfish but once I saw the grits on the menu, it was a done deal. I would suggest to them to have these grits as a side dish so they are always available. I could have had a bowl. If you are there, this is one dish I would suggest you order if you like seafood.

Life continues at the beach in spite of the fact that the world is going to pieces. Fires, storms, floods, world unrest. This is a special weekend remembering the time when our innocent as a country was lost.

We have a lot of venues that offer live music. Bob Marley quoted “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”.

Have a nice weekend and remember AboutMyBeaches has its own page on Facebook. There and here the purpose is to promote our beaches, to find out about events, restaurants, reviews, where to shop and what to cook for dinner.

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August 21st, 2021

Old Shoal Food Truck, Lewes, The Freeman Stage, Selbyville, Music Venue, Trombone Shorty, Outdoor Concerts, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

All Summer long the Freeman Stage located in Selbyville about 4 miles west from Fenwick Island offers amazing shows for the whole family. Last night on a what I thought was going to be a rained out event, we were there to see Trombone Shorty. He is everything you can imagine a performer should be. The first thing he said was that it was so nice to be able to perform again.

It was so much fun and such a high energy performance. Trombone Shorty is best know as a trombone and trumpet player. He also plays drums, organ and tuba. He sings too, so a well rounded entertainer. A lot of fun and the perfect evening, as well.

There are still plenty more at the Freeman Stage. For more info., tickets, etc. etc. you can check their Facebook Page or their website

In the evening the shows start at 7 p.m. for the most part. Since I am also interested in what are we going to eat, you will find food trucks and also a grill inside the grounds. If you check their FB page they will tell you what food trucks will be there for each performance.

Perfect for last night the food truck that attracted our attention was Old Shoal Food Truck. They also have a Facebook Page. A creole menu for this week was exactly what was called for.

Joe was cooking but we talked to Sara who took our order. If you Google them it will show that they are in Exmore, Virginia. They have relocated to Lewes. Joe has been a chef in the area in the past at various establishments. So, the experience is there. They offer their services for private events, fundraisers and you name it, they can do it. This Sunday, tomorrow, they will again be at the Freeman Stage. If you are going please try them. The food comes out hot, deliciously seasoned and served with a smile on their faces.

We had the Crawfish & Crab Etoufee…crawfish, crab, green peppers, tomatoes and onions, served over rice with maque choux (creamed corn and other veggies; a Cajun dish) and jalapeno corn bread. It had a kick to it and if you want more of a punch there is plenty of hot pepper sauce to help you achieve that level.

All in all Summer 2021 continues to fly by. Enjoy your weekend.

Remember AboutMyBeaches has its own page on FB.

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