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July 27th, 2022

AboutMyBeaches turns 13 years old, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Up until a few minutes ago I had not realized that the blog I started in 2009 is celebrating 13 years of sharing my thoughts on finding out about events, restaurants, reviews, where to shop and what to cook for dinner today.

No photos at the beginning until I caught on how important photos are to all of us. We are so visual.

The first post was about McCabes Gourmet Market in Bethany Beach. No longer McCabes, times have changed. Great store that we all loved for many years. Their Queso (Mexican Cheese Dip) Recipe is on the website. Click on it and put it on the Search.

My second post was Agave. The ever present Margaritas, the Avocado Martini, music, best chili, guacamole and so on.

At the time blogs were beginning to take place in our society. But, people would still smiled like saying: really? Blah, Blah, and Blah. The point of my blog was that I could put my two cents in about places that I have been to, my beloved beaches in Southern Delaware and beyond. Food, recipes and reviews. We all have different tastes, likes and dislikes but it was my diary sort of speak of. I can write when I want to and other times I just take a break and put tidbits on My Facebook page.

Since the beginning I have spoken of how good the corn is in Southern Delaware. I just took this photo the other day. White corn, but they have yellow and a mix kernel ones, as well. Freeman’s on Robinsonville Rd. in Lewes is the best. Every day it is picked and it is so fresh that you can eat it raw. I usually eat one or two ears like that. Amazing.

Lewes’ Lighthouses are something to see.

Strolling the Boardwalk day or night.

I have lived here for so many years. I am a foodie and love to eat and experience different cultures.

My blog continues and one of the best things that have happened since opening AboutMyBeaches is that I have learned so much about our area. It is not just the beaches, so much more depth. It has given my family a very nice life. I don’t take it for granted. I appreciate it.

Until then check my Facebook Page, and Instagram and stop here for recipes and information. It’s all good.

Love Crabs….these ones from Suicide Bridge.

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October 5th, 2017

Air Boat Rides, Gatorhunt Airboat Rides, Summer and Winter, Okeechobee, Florida, Summer 2017 Travel, South Florida in the Summer

Looking for a change of scenery from the beautiful Maryland and Delaware Beaches…..oh yes, it was time to see what was happening in South Florida at this time of the year; Summer 2017.  As you know the State of Florida does not empty out in the summer against popular belief.  And guess what?  Those 9 days in Palm Beach County were cooler than home.  While Southern Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland were taking in 100 degree weather, we were enjoying low 90’s and upper 80’s.  Less traffic, restaurants were open without long lines….Yes, traveling during the summer to that part of Florida was certainly very enjoyable.

Did I tell you that we did not plan much?  Winging it and seeing what adventures we could experience on a daily basis was part of the fun.

I have experienced going on an airboat through the Everglades but traveling with Dennis Smith on Gatorhunt Airboat Rides took it to a different level.

An Airboat is a flat bottom boat propelled by an aircraft-type propeller and it is powered by either an auto engine or aircraft engine.  Perfect for traveling in marshy and/or shallow waters.  We actually found Dennis online.  He is located in Okeechobee and from Singer Island, Florida it took us about an hour.  You have to travel west.  His tours are very private and affordable; 2 to 6 people.  At that time of the year it was $25 and we did leave him a tip because he delivered a great airboat tour for us.  He does have a fun personality, as well.  His telephone number is 863-763-7433.  You can check his website 

As you can see from the photo the airboat was small.  But what a personality Dennis had!! The first he said that the previous days he had been out and had not seen and gator sightings!! Oh, that should be our luck not to see any.  It was so quiet traveling through the marshes and so beautiful.  The actual boat is noisy.  You could use the headgear provided or just get used to the noise.


Then all of a sudden a sighting….a big one!!

He was checking out a small male coming into his territory.  Dennis was amazed that so quickly we were able to see one.  When it is hot, and it was, at times it is hard for them to come to the surface.

We continue looking for more creatures and we did find more.

There are plenty of airboat tours taking you through the marshes of South Florida, but this particular one was not commercialized whatsoever.  Dennis has been doing this for so many years. The water was like glass.

This next scene had me mesmerized.  It was like out of Africa.  The cattle crossing the river.  I was worried that the alligators would get them, but Dennis said that alligators know that they are too big for them. I believe Florida runs 12th in the nation in beef cow.  There are about 18,433 beef cattle ranches.  It is one of the oldest and largest in the nation. After Texas, it is the South’s main source of beef.

We continued on our journey and Dennis was going to so fast, then would slow down to give us more insight on this beautiful place.

Our tour was almost over when we noticed a little something taking a ride with us.

Totally worth it and totally unexpected.  Thanks to Dennis for making our last day in South Florida a memorable one.


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January 28th, 2015

Southbound? Delray Beach, Florida, Activities, Events, Dining & Shopping, The Village by The Sea, Palm Beach County, SoFlo, What’s Going On?


I was on the phone with someone from Delray Beach, Florida.  I finally asked…how is the weather?  Well, it is a little chilly today….76 degrees!!  With that in mind and before I tell you a few of the events catching my attention in Delray Beach….it is still time to come to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and participate in the 2015 Polar Bear Plunge!!  It really is a whole week-end festival…and we really did not get any snow.  This event is for Special Olympics Delaware.  There will be a 5K Run to The Plunge, a Pooch Plunge, Ice Sculpting Demo, Restaurant Chili Contest, Polar Ice Cream Throwdown and more for all ages… here is your opportunity to visit Rehoboth Beach in our Second Season.  More info?  Please visit


So, Delray Beach….What is Going On?

The beach in Delray is really neat.  No buildings to create shadows.  Once you park yourselves on this beach….chill out and relax!!  The water is so clear.  The beach is wide, with plenty of space for other activities.




DELRAY BEACH CENTER FOR THE ARTS – Located on the corner of Atlantic and Swinton Avenues, this campus includes the Cornell Museum of Art, the Crest Theatre, the Vintage Gymnasium, the Pavilion, and the School of Creative Arts.  Plenty of events and exhibits throughout the year take place on this corner of Downtown Delray Beach.  There are art classes on going and also about to start.  If you are interested while you are snowflaking or snowbirding in Delray, please visit  Please note that The School of Creative Arts is located on the 2nd floor of the Crest Theatre.  Tel. 561-243-7922, ext. 317.


SATURDAYS – 19TH SEASON OF THE DELRAY GREEN MARKET.  9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Location?  50 NE 2nd St. on the grounds of the Old School Square.  Early in the a.m. locals and visitors arrive to get first picks of produce, flowers, fresh seafood….and to listen to local entertainment, as well.  Please visit for more info., recipes, and to check their blog.  During festivals, the Green Market usually relocates to SE 4th Avenue, around the corner of the Green Owl Restaurant.  You won’t miss it.


SATURDAY, 1/31 and SUNDAY, 2/1 – ARTISTS IN THE PARK – This is the longest running outdoor show in South Florida.  Sponsored by the Delray Art League, this year marks the 50th anniversary for DAL!!  Artists in the Park will be taking place this week-end at Delray Beach Center for the Arts Old School Square on the corner of Atlantic and N. Swinton Aves.  The other location is at Veterans Park on Atlantic Ave. by the Intracoastal.  The outdoor show begins at 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  For more info. and to see the schedule, please visit   Note:  A celebration marking the 50th Anniversary for DAL!!  Thursday, 2/26 Plein Air Festival.  You can apply online and get more info. at Friday, 2/27 through Sunday, 3/1 there will be a special 3 day art festival on the grounds of the Delray Center for the Arts on the corner of Atlantic & N. Swinton Aves., Saturday, 2/28 and Sunday, 3/1…Artist Within, and Sunday, 3/1, along with the Art Festival, there will be a Southern Dance, Magic Cards, Music by Steve Martel and the High School Art Contest.  Make sure you check the websites above mentioned.

SATURDAY, 1/31 – SAVOR OUR CITY – CULINARY AND HISTORICAL WALKING TOURS .  These tours are taking places in walkable neighborhoods in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach Gardens.  On Saturday a Taste of Atlantic Ave will take place.  Reservations are a must by calling 800-979-3370 or by visiting  Tour begins at 11 1.m. and takes about 3 hours.  You will walk and you will taste.

SATURDAY, 1/31 – DELRAY YACHT CRUISES – DINNER CRUISE.  IT BEGINS AT 6 P.M. UNTIL 8 P.M.  $60/person.  Please call 561-243-0686.  Touring the intracoastal northbound or southbound, Delray Beach Cruises are a great way to spend an afternoon or early evening and get to know The Village by the Sea.  Please visit




FRIDAY, 2/6, THROUGH SUNDAY, 2/8 – 16TH ANNUAL DELRAY BEACH GARLIC FEST – Gourmet food, entertainment, friendly cooking competition…the festival celebrates all things garlic.  For tickets and more info., please visit



Plenty of shops up and down Atlantic Avenue and also in the Art District of Pineapple Grove which is 2nd Ave.  If you like unique handbags, made in Delray Beach, you might want to visit FURST.  It is located at 123 2nd Ave.  Tel. 561-272-6422.  Ronald Furst makes his handbags right in the shop, and he will be more than happy to explain his craft.  Handmade jewelry, as well.




Delray Beach is a dining destination.  The majority of the restaurants offer outdoor dining or “at sidewalk dining”, as well.  So much fun to sit outside, and more so if you are arriving during the cold winter up north.


JOSEPH’S WINE BAR & CAFE – Located at 200 N.E. 2nd Avenue #107 at City Walk.  Tel. 561-272-6100.  Website?  Stopping at Joseph’s on my last visit and having to tell him that my husband, John, had passed away was hard.  So many memories of sitting outside having something to eat…and John and Joseph smoking a cigar once in awhile.  He could not believe it and pictured him sitting at his favorite chair.    Inside, the restaurant is so pretty and elegant.  It’s your choice, dining indoors or al fresco.



My friend, Cindi and I decided to have a little “happy hour” and the Mediterranean platter was our choice.  Humus, eggplant dip, tabouli, and stuffed grape leaves, along with whole wheat pita.  A little wine and a lot of friendly conversation.


Have a great time!!


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January 16th, 2015

Happy Birthday!! The Breakers Palm Beach, 119 Years Old, Iconic Hotel, Ocean Grill, Poolside Dining, Palm Beach County, The Palm Beaches, South Florida, Snowflaking? Snowbirding? Lucky You!


Darling….You look Marvelous!!  The Breakers Palm Beach, located at One South County Rd., Palm Beach, FL 33480 is turning 119 years old today!!  This iconic hotel has so much history.  It has gone through ups and downs…a life well lived and continues to do so, getting better as the years go by.


In November I stayed at The Breakers with my friend, Cindi, for a couple of days.  Having a few posts left to be published on our amazing days, pampered with impeccable service, what better day than on its birthday to finish my posts?  In Rehoboth Beach the sun is out and it looks like it should be 80 degrees.  Oh, no.  Thirty degrees, I think.  That’s okay, the Delaware Beaches are year-round regardless of the weather.  I am just visualizing, that’s all!!


Even though The Breakers has plenty of restaurants available to guests and the public, they also have a couple of restaurants that are only for their Guests and Club Members.


Poolside Dining?  The Ocean Grill was our choice for lunch.  Beautiful views, outdoor dining, watching the palm trees do their thing.  By the way, The Ocean Grill has a Gluten Free Menu!!


We had an appetizer of Avocado Fries.  Avocado spears lightly fried.


Maine Lobster Roll.  Lobster on a butter toasted brioche bun.  The Avocado Fries were so good…a side order of those, as well.


And, a Lobster Club Salad is what I wanted, with bacon, avocado, tomatoes, celery and a light vinaigrette dressing.


And what could something so simple be so good?  Warm chocolate chips cookies and milk for dunking for our sweet ending.


For more information about The Breakers Palm Beach, please visit

Talk to you later!!


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January 5th, 2015

2015 Begins, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Palace Theatre, Broadway, New York City, Motown, Baby Boomers in Heaven!!


24 hours in New York City!!  Driving from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Saturday, only took us about 4 hours.  Easy driving and no traffic.  I guess everyone was still waking up from New Year’s.  New York City had slight rain but that did not stop Cindi and I from enjoying the City.

Looking forward to seeing The Temptations and The Four Tops at The Palace Theatre on Broadway where they were performing for one week only.  It was the first time they would perform together.  It was going to be fun!

“Baby Boomers found that their music, most notably Rock & Roll, was another expression of the generational identity.  Our transistor radios were personal devices that allowed teenagers to listen to The Beatles and The Motown Sound.”

The Palace Theatre is located at 1564 Broadway.  It opened in 1913 with so much history.  Performing here meant that a performer had “made it”.


The Palace is beautiful with an art deco feel to it.  It is small, seats are so comfortable and the stage can be seen from every seat.


The Temptations and The Four Tops opened the night!!  Even though there have been some changes in their groups because of deaths and other circumstances, their concept and soul have been kept.  And, their wardrobe still stands out, just as their dance moves have, as well.


Then, each group performed what they do best….and the party began!!

The Temptations

The Temptations

The Four Tops

The Four Tops

3 hours of Motown was just the perfect way to start 2015.


And when they asked if we were ready to party…..we did and The Palace was hopping.



This show was awesome!!  The guy next to us asked Cindi to read something from the program and then he said “Didn’t they know what audience was attending?”  Pass the readers, please!

If you are in South Florida, The Temptations and The Four Tops will be at The Kravis Center on Saturday, April 4th at 8 p.m.  You can get tickets through Ticketmaster.  Don’t miss it Baby Boomers!


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December 21st, 2014

Destination? Delray Beach, Florida, The Holidays, Collado’s Market, Snowflaking?, Snowbirding?, South Florida, Palm Beach County


Over the years Delray Beach, Florida, has been a destination for my family.  I might add that I visited Delray not only in the winter but throughout the year.  Easy to get to from the Mid-Atlantic States.  What first appealed to us was the fact that Delray Beach has unobstructed beaches.  The water is crystal clear and the beach…..oh, soooo wide!!



You can tell my mind is wondering to warm places as winter begins today, Sunday, December 21st.  It’s cold but I am not tired of it yet.

Delray Beach is quaint and charm.  It is known as the Village by the Sea.  It is not a manmade town, it always was there waiting for all of us to discover it.  For many years it stayed dormant but not anymore.  It is diverse, and it does have it all…great weather, shops, restaurants, artists, entertainment and history.


Delray can celebrate the holidays like no other town in South Florida.  The 100 ft. Christmas Tree can be seen for miles.  And, even the seagrape trees get decorated.


Out with the old and in with the new…..I still remember Santa’s House.  The new one more modern to fit the times.



Santa will be visiting today from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Delray might be quiet early in the a.m. but give it time as people start strolling, jogging, and power walking ready for a day in town.



Collado’s Market is located at 3416 S. Federal Highway in Delray Beach.  Tel. 561-276-1866.  They are open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  It is a family owned market, and they do cater.

Driving south from Linton Blvd. on Federal they are 1.4 miles on the right just after Lindell Blvd. and Walgreens.  And, if you are heading north on Federal they are 2 miles north of Yamato.  Make a left turn just before Lindell Blvd.  New super market have opened in Delray Beach, but Collado’s Market has that personal attention, and quick in and out access.


Gourmet platters, baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and wraps.  Lunch or dinner entrees are always ready to go.  Specialty orders are welcomed…just give them a call.  Boar’s Head…gluten free!!


In-house wine sommelier can direct you the a unique selection of imported organic wines.



Fresh vegetables and always freshly squeezed orange juice!


Have a great Stress Free Vacation!!


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December 9th, 2014

Poolside at The Breakers Palm Beach, Bungalows, The Reef, Florida, Luxury Resort, South Florida, Palm Beach County


It is past midnight as I write this post.  I am wondering if my plane will be on time.  Southern Delaware is being hit with one of those Mid Atlantic n’or easters.  Nasty weather event!!

So I started thinking about that Bungalow at The Breakers Palm Beach….what a setting!   Warm breezes, swaying palm trees, personal service.  Visualization, that’s what I am doing.

The Breakers Palm Beach is located at One South County Rd., Palm Beach, FL 33480  Tel. 561-659-8488, or, 888-273-2537.  Website?

There are 4 pools at the Breakers Palm Beach for guests and club members.  They are all gorgeous.



At poolside?  Yes, the beach by its side, as well, and two restaurants.  But Cindi and I were looking for Bungalow 15…The Reef.


These bungalows are only for the hotel guests and club members, as well.  They are about 300 to 400 square feet.  Do you like to lounge?  Take in the scenery?  This is a real treat.



Private patios, living room, refrigerator, flat screen t.v., bathroom, well appointed with spa necessities…..and food.  Some, not all have open sky showers….ours did.



The idea is to relax, to just stay at the water’s edge and enjoy your well deserved vacation.


Molly, our personal concierge, received us with fruits and a something to quench our thirst.


So, the girls in the next Bungalow were having a nice time…then a delivery of red roses, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries….the giggles and the excitement of a birthday surprise by a significant other.  They told us at The Breakers that nothing is impossible to make your dreams come true at The Breakers Palm Beach!


Still pouring…..and still dreaming….Have a Good One!!

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November 16th, 2014

The Brunch, Circle Room, The Breakers Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, The Palm Beaches…Always A Special Occasion! A Sunday Affair!


I have been writing posts from The Breakers Palm Beach.  Having stayed for a few days, this historic and iconic hotel offers everything you can imagine under the sun and palm trees.  Special attention is given to even minute details.

It was so sunny and warm in Florida….but I am enjoying the coolness of the fall weather at the Delaware Beaches at the moment and tomorrow rain!! How exciting!


One of the readers on my Facebook page of AboutMyBeaches commented that in the late 80’s she had lived in Florida and would attend The Brunch at The Breakers Palm Beach….for over 25 years this fabulous brunch is still ongoing every single Sunday.

The Breakers Palm Beach is located at One South County Rd.  Tels. 561-659-8488, 888-273-2537.  To check the information on The Brunch, please visit


The Brunch takes place at The Circle Room.  This room is so pretty; elegant, hand painted ceilings and a view of the water.  No photos were taken of the room while The Brunch was taking place….privacy to those enjoying their Sunday.  The harpist was playing on the background.

The Brunch is $100 per person plus tax and service charge.  Children 3 years of age to 11 are $45 plus tax and service charge.  Under 3?  Complimentary brunch.

Sunday Brunch at The Breakers is always special.  The dress attire?  Daytime resortwear.

A brunch is eaten during the late morning; a combo of breakfast and lunch.  Having brunch with me last Sunday were my friends, Cindi, Michael, and Jeff.  We were starting our brunch adventure at 11 a.m.  Please note that while attending The Brunch, there will be no rush, stay awhile, if you will.  And, so we did….until 3 p.m.  We paced ourselves, a little drink, here or there….amazing conversation, and plenty of laughs.

A must?  A Bloody Mary, and Mimosas, as well.


The Brunch is comprised of stations, all with an immaculate presentation.  And, all chef attended, as well.

This feast has everything from the traditional brunch menu, to seafood, lobster rolls, pate, caviar, eggs benedict, you name it, they had it.

This photo shows a display with roasters stacked up….a decoration.  But, the dainty lobster rolls were great!!  They made their way to my plate.


I decided that I was not going to have the traditional….Cindi was not either. We were immersing ourselves in the seafood; lobster tails, stone crab claws and sauces.  Michael and Jeff were going all out.


The eggs benedict looked tempting…but I resisted.


I grabbed some of the Orange Chicken Ponzu.  It just looked too good to pass.  Ponzu is a tangy soy based sauce made with citrus fruits.  Very tasty.


I did have some slices of the prime rib…rare and delish!


Domestic Caviar, along with salmon, and smoked fish…in memory of my husband, John.



Up to this point we were doing so well.  We really had been pacing ourselves.  These were my plates.


The pate was divine.  The Orange Chicken Ponzu in the glass was so good, along with the rest of the pate, smoked fish and loster rolls.


We were comfortably satisfied….but how could we not have dessert?  Living dangerously……we made our way to decandence!!  There were over 30 desserts.  First of all I was just truly in awe about the fact that every Sunday they offer The Brunch.  They told me that the bake shop is open 24/7.  I believe it.  Everything is made in-house, except the truffles, I think.

The mini waffles dipped in chocolate.


These cups caught my attention immediately.  A discussion…were the chocolate cups bought or made in-house?  Had to ask….made on the premises.


I was not the only one taking photos.  The dessert station was over the top.  Check some of the other desserts.  Words are not necessary, don’t you think?








I love custards so I went for the desserts that were made with custard.  They were just out of this world.


Writing and posting photos of The Breakers has been fun.  The hotel has a comfortable elegance.  Just like any other hotel, the prices reflect the time of the year.  One thing that never changes is the price of The Brunch.  It is very popular and exceeded my expectations.  One for the Bucket List?  I think so!! Checked.

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Room with A View!

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