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November 19th, 2018

Office Spaces, For Rent, Starboard Center, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

For many years Bethany Beach has been known as one of the quiet resorts.  For many of us that have been in the area for many years and have seen it grow, there is nothing quiet anymore. It is vibrant and it is full of life.  All you have to do is come visit at different times of the year to see how this small town has grown so much.  People come to these beach towns because it is a way of getting out of the cities.  The Delaware Beaches are so popular now, not only to vacation but to live here and establish new businesses.

The Starboard Center is located at 32892 Coastal Highway, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.  There are 6 business offices located in this very centrally and accessible location.  One of the offices, Suite 3, is 460 square feet.  It looks pretty nice and it is ready for rent.  The other office is 725 square feet and will be ready in a few weeks. CAM charges are very reasonable, plenty of parking too.

For more information, please contact Joe Maggio Realty at 302-539-5500.

What perfect way to start in a new office for the New Year.

Make that call to Joe Maggio Realty at 302-539-5500, and see for yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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January 14th, 2015

Destination? State of Delaware, Tourism, Delaware, New Tourism Brand Campaign, Delaware Tourism Office, “Endless Discoveries”, New Delaware Tourism Office Logo


From the Delaware Tourism Office comes great news for those of us that have the ability to pass on information about our small state.  Sought after by many as a place for retirement, for fun, and for relaxation, the Delaware Tourism Office is really campaigning so that when it comes to your vacation choices…..Delaware is It!!


It is the first time in the state history, that the Delaware Tourism Office has created a brand identity, a tagline and even television commercials designed to increase national awareness of Delaware as a desirable place to vacation.  Many of us know that already, now we want you to check it out.

It is called the “Endless Discoveries” brand campaign.  It aims to boost visitation and tourism revenue in Delaware by creating an image in consumers’ minds of the state as a destination that will surpass any preconceptions.


The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office states:  “The challenge has always been to show others that Delaware is far more than just a place they pass through on I-95”.   That, I have heard….receiving a call saying “We are on 95 going to such and such place…passing through Delaware….and, are you close by?”

I found this interesting…The brand campaign messages were specifically designed to resonate with female consumers, who have been shown to statistically more likely to take the lead in vacation planning decisions.  The campaign is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people in 16 East Coast states.


The new logo above shown, along with the words Endless Discoveries is hoping to spark the travelers’ curiosity and make them want to learn more……The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office, Linda Parkowski, goes on to state “The next step was to create words and images that fit that concept, and give travelers a sense that Delaware has treasures waiting to be found.”  Some of us have found those already!!


To learn more, and to begin your journey, please visit

NOTE:  To see the 60-second Endless Discoveries commercial, visit the DTO YouTube page at


Please also note that the information for this post was taken from the Delaware Toursim new brand campaign:  “Endless Discoveries”


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June 5th, 2013

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, The Nation’s Summer Capital…Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Good Morning Delmarva!


When it looks this good in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware….I think words are so unnecessary!!  Another beautiful day in the Nation’s Summer Capital!


Award-winning boardwalk, and miles of unobstructed beaches.


Restaurant Week is going on in Rehoboth Beach until June 8th.  More info?  Please visit

Have a great day!!

November 9th, 2012

Thank You!!, Advertisers, AboutMyBeaches, Tidewater Realty, Coastal Chem-Dry, Miken Builders, Betterliving Patio & Sunroom of Delmarva, TKO Designs, SoDel Concepts, Matt Haley’s Restaurants, Plate Catering, Global Delaware, Doggies at the Beach, Butter Shades, Delaware Beaches, Beach House Management, Tauriello & Co., Delray Beach, Florida


It is so good to be able to say thank you and mean it.  I want to thank those companies advertising on AboutMyBeaches.  Some of them I bugged a lot; explaining why they should be on my website.  I really do appreciate it.

AboutMyBeaches started back on July of 2009.  It was one of those ideas.  I am a frustrated concierge.  First it was going to be just a website.  When my webmaster, Ed Timmons, met with me, I kept talking and talking.  He probably thought I was more of a blogger.  So, really, it was his suggestion.  Here I am.  I consider myself to be in the business of Word of Mouth.

Since my advertisers are on my website, which is written in a blog style, you can access them directly.  Just look at them on the right hand side of AboutMyBeaches,, and you will be able to find out what these companies are all about.  They are all different.  Their owners are very nice, and easy to talk to.

Let’s meet them:

Tidewater Realty – This company is located at 32892 Coastal Highway (Rt.1) at the Starboard Center in the town of Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Bethany is considered one of the Quiet Resorts of the Delaware Beaches.  I know it well.  For many years I lived there.  It is a small coastal community, with great beaches, and quaint little restaurants.  Tel. 302-539-7500.  Toll free 900-888-7501.

Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach

Tidewater Realty is a boutique size real estate company.  Broker of Record?  John Merryman, III.  This company has been a sales leader in the community for 30 years.  It is known for its personal and professional attention.  Website?  Please remember that Delaware has low property taxes and tax free shopping!!


Coastal Chem-Dry – This company is at the forefront of the carpet and upholstery industry.  Green certified, with innovative equipment and powerful cleaning solutions.  Website?  It dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait hours and even days for this to happen.

A Fall Special!!  3 rooms for $119.95 up to 350 sq.ft.  Stairs not included.

Please contact them at:  New Castle County and Kent County 302-234-0200.  Sussex County 302-645-2800.

Check the website for more specials and information.

Miken Builders is located at 32782 Cedar Drive, Millville, Delaware 19967.  Millville is located a few miles west of Bethany Beach.  Tel. 302-537-4444.  Cell 302-381-0773.  Website?  Mike Cummings is the Founder and CEO of this company.  I have known him for so many years.  Our sons played Little League together.  Besides being a friend, I have also been a customer.

Miken Builders is a commercial and residential construction company.  It is very well respected for his construction work and for his involvement in our communities.  No job is too small or too big for them.


Last summer they worked on my house.  A whole new entry way, which by the way, I have enjoyed and was very much needed.  Also, there was some remodeling in my bathroom.

Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva.  This company is under the umbrella of Miken Builders.  Location? 32442 Royal Blvd., Unit 1, Dagsboro, DE 19939.   Tel. 302-251-0000.  Toll Free 877-251-0080. Website?  They are the exclusive provider of Betterliving 3-Season year-round sunrooms and awnings.


Doggies at the Beach is a boarding and day care facility for your pooches.  It is located at 18806 John J. Williams Highway (Rt. 24), Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Tel. 302-644-8200. Website?  It is my dog, Addy’s, home away from home.  I have total confidence in Jim and his staff and when I leave her there. I feel she is in the best of care.


Doggies at the Beach has 4 master groomers for dogs and cats, working 7 days a week; mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  All you have to do is call for an appointment.  The facility is great with 24/7 human care.  It is also climate controlled.  Dog training is also available.

Two new web-cams are being installed.  One will be located in the new puppy room, the other in the new building called Bayside.


Doggies at the Beach is very much involved in the community.  Don’t be surprised to see them in parades, holding events, and having a good old time!!


SoDel Concepts, founded and owned by Restauranteur & Philanthropist, Matt Haley.  Website? A total of 6 restaurants at the moment, with its newest one, Papa Grande, opening in 2013 in Fenwick Island, Delaware.  Stay tuned for updates.  Busy does not even begin to describe this company.  I have written posts, with pictures, on most of them, except Blue Coast Seafood Grill….soon, though.  Just put their name on the search of AboutMyBeaches to see some delicious dishes.

In Lewes, Delaware you will find Fish On! –


In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware you will find Lupo di Mare –


In North Bethany Beach, Delaware you will also find Matt’s Fish Camp –


Also, in North Bethany you will find Blue Coast Seafood Grill –

In Ocean View, Delaware you will find NorthEast Seafood Kitchen –


In Fenwick Island, Delaware, that’s where you will find Catch 54 –


In each of them I have found a favorite dish.  If you are visiting the Delaware Beaches, try them.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Plate Catering – This is a catering company owned by Matt Haley, owner of SoDel Concepts.  A dinner for many, or just for a few.  An intimate affair, perhaps? A special occasion, I am sure.  They can handle it.  Please give them a call at 302-644-1200.  Website?


The Global Delaware Fund.  This is a non-profit organization founded by Matt Haley, owner of SoDel Concepts and Plate Catering.  It provides goods and services to children at risk in distressed situations.  It has been lending a hand here, in Delaware, and abroad.  Please visit

Butter Shades is a sun glass company from Philadelphia that sells affordable sunglasses without sacrificing pure, manufactured quality.  This company has a passion and compassion…they are giving back to the community, as well.  Please check the sunglasses at


TKO – In Bethany Beach you will find Alice H. Klein, Jeweler and Designer.  She is the owner and founder of TKO Designs, Inc.  In the business for 32 years, Alice has a unique way of presenting a beautiful stone in its best light.  She works with plastics and resins, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, gold, gold filled, silver and Swaroski crystals.  She can give a lift to a tired setting giving it that wow factor.


TKO Designs is located at 100 Garfield Pkwy., Stores 6 & 7, Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Tel. 302-539-6992.  Website?  I have known the company for so long and I am a consummate fan of her work.  Her niece JoAnne works at her store, as well.


Florida – I do have a few advertisers in Florida.  You might want to know them.  Whether you are a snowflake or a snowbird these 2 companies provide great services.  I also know them, personally, and can recommend them fully.

Tauriello & Co. is a real estate company located in the heart of Delray Beach, Florida.  This coastal town is also known as the Village by the Sea.  You can find it at 900 E. Atlantic Avenue. Tel. 561-278-5570.  Toll Free 877-509-8300.  Website?


Brokers of Record are Daniel & Sue Tauriello.  They have been in Delray Beach for so many years and are very well respected in the Village by the Sea.  I have known them since 2003 and they have given me personal and professional service.  Please call Cheran or Sue if you want to find that special place to hang your beach chair.

Beach House Management, LLC – This is a property management company in Delray Beach.  Michael Keegan is at the helm of the company and along with his staff, you home will be in good hands.  Totally professional and caring.  I have used Michael since 2003 and have no regrets at all.  Some might think that a property management company is a luxury; in reality, it is a necessity when you are not there.  For more information, please visit  Tel. 561-376-4329.


Again, I do appreciate your business….Interested advertising on AboutMyBeaches?  I think it is a very good deal.  $500 for one year.  Your banner on AboutMyBeaches.  My personal attention, as well.  Check the website and see if you like it.  Nothing better than word of mouth.

Have a good one!!

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July 17th, 2012

AboutMyBeaches Welcomes Matt Haley’s Restaurants, SoDel Concepts, Fish On!, Lupo Di Mare, Matt’s Fish Camp, Bluecoast Seafood Grill, Northeast Seafood Kitchen, Catch 54, and Plate Catering…The whole package; good food, great ambiance and friendly service


Welcome is what I want to say to all of Matt Haley’s Restaurants.  It has been 3 years since I started this blog.  The concept has stayed true.  I wanted to promote the Delaware Beaches.  I really do love living here and that’s what I told Matt Haley when I was pestering him about advertising on my website.  It is a little tricky when you are talking and writing about restaurants.  Afterall, it is your own experience.  I write about them on my own terms; no technical training, for sure.  I know how I like to be served.  I like a variety of foods.  And I love innovative cuisines.

I have eaten in several of Matt Haley’s Restaurants.  Every time I wrote a post, I would send an e-mail to the company.  It did not fail that Matt Haley was the one that answered those e-mails immediately.  Not his managers and others in his staff; but, himself. That has not happened very often.  I thought that said a lot about the man behind the concepts.  And, SoDel Concepts restaurant group, is his restaurant development company located in Delmarva.


I have had the opportunity to attend several fundraising events hosted by Matt Haley.  Yes, he does wear many hats besides the Chef’s.  On those occasions, I have watched him interact with his staff.  It is like a one on one kind of thing.  Mutual respect and admiration.  Maybe family is the right word to describe it.


Matt Haley’s feels at ease whether he is the Chef at a fundraising event at a farm or fundraising at one of his restaurants for Global Delaware.


In 2010, the organization Outstanding in the Field chose him as the Host and Chef for an amazing dinner held at the Indian River Life Saving Station.  The organization, Outstanding in the Field, travels the world to find exceptional chefs to showcase the local food culture and salute area farmers, growers and fishermen.  It was a first for Delaware!!

You can find SoDel Concepts and Plate Catering on the right hand side of this website.  Just click on either one to go directly into their sites and find all there is to know about them.  You can also click on the links available on the left hand side of this website, as well, to go directly into all the individual restaurants, including Plate Catering.


The Owner and Executive Chef is Matt Haley.   Southern Delaware has the farms and the water.  These provide us all with a unique advantage to fresh food, wonderful vegetables, poultry and beef.  There are amazing restaurants and chefs making Southern Delaware a dining destination.  And, Matt Haley’s Restaurants have the whole package.


Matt Haley’s Restaurants are under SoDel Concepts.  And, here they are:

SoDel Concepts – Tel. 302-436-8600.  Website?

Fish On! – Tel. 302-645-9790.  Website?  Happy Hour, Opens at 5 p.m., Sunday 3 Chef designed courses for $19.  Location? 17300 North Village Main Blvd., Lewes, DE 19958.  At The Villages of Five Points. I wrote a post on the restaurant on 7/10/12.  Just click on the month of July and scroll down to the date.

Lupo di Mare – Tel. 302-226-2240.  Website?  Happy Hour 5 – 7 p.m.  Early Bird Special, 3 courses for $19 if seated before 6 p.m.  Location? 247 Rehoboth Ave., inside the Hotel Rehoboth. I have written in the past about this restaurant.  Just click on the month and scroll down to the date.  6/12/2011, 12/4/2011, 5/5/2012

Matt’s Fish Camp – Tel. 302-539-CAMP.  Website? Opens 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday – Thursday.  11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  Location?  North Bethany, South of the Indian River Inlet. I have written in the past, also, about this restaurant.  Again click on the month and scroll down to the date. 4/20/2011, 6/26/2012

Bluecoast Seafood Grill – Tel. 302-539-7111.  Website?  Opens at 5 p.m.  Location? 1111 Highway One, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.  It is just north after you leave Bethany Beach.

Northeast Seafood Kitchen – Tel. 302-537-1785.  Website?  Opens at 5 p.m.  Outdoor dining is also available. Location? 29F Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View, DE 19970.

Catch 54 – Tel. 302-436-8600.  Website?  Location? 38931 Madison Ave., Fenwick Island, DE 19944.  In the Shark’s Cove Marina.  Same view, new building due to a fire that took place last year.  What I hear are good things and words like so “cool”.  I’ll let you know how it is soon.  Opens at 11:30 a.m.  Happy Hour is from 12 Noon until 6 p.m.

Plate Catering is Matt Haley’s catering company.  He is the Owner and Executive Chef.  A dinner for 2 or for a large gathering…this is what this company does.  Awesome dinners taking the stress out so that you can enjoy your company.  Tel. 302-644-1200.  Website?  Email?


So, what else can I tell you about Matt Haley?  Remember when I mentioned above, the many hats he wears…..a philanthropist’s.  It is worth mentioning that Matt Haley founded Global Delaware.  It is a non-profit “organization dedicated to providing goods and services to children at risk in distressed situations”.  Global Delaware is helping, here at home, and it is also extending a helping hand overseas.  To know more about it, to get involved, to donate (anything helps), please visit


Notes:  Matt Haley’s Restaurants do not accept reservation.  You have to do like me; either very early or late.  I choose late.  It’s summer and it stays light so late. Let me know how you like them.

Matt Haley’s Restaurants are sensitive to those customers with food related allergies.  They are very willing to make your visit a pleasurable one.

By the way, let me tell you that there were other e-mails sent to SoDel Concepts.  They were the ones that started “Don’t kill the Messenger”, if you get my drift.  He did answer!!  Have a good one!!


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January 18th, 2012

Tidewater Realty, Coastal Chem-Dry, Doggies at the Beach,, Miken Builders, Better Living Delmarva, Realtors, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Rentals in Rehoboth Beach, Grooming, Day & Overnight Care for Dogs, Builder, Sunrooms & Awnings, Doing Business at the Delaware Beaches and Advertising at AboutMyBeaches



New Year & New Expectations; that’s what this post should be called.  The Delaware Beaches are becoming more popular every year.  The attraction of low property taxes, along with the amenities make the beaches a year-round playground.  Tax free shopping, mild winters, beautiful scenery…the towns have been crowded during the week-ends. This is our Second Season and a few quieter months is the perfect time, for us that live here year-round, to truly embrace the beaches.


With that in mind, I want to mention some of my Delaware advertisers, who have been in the area for so many years.  I can recommend them all fully because I use them.


Tidewater Realty is located at 32892 Coastal Highway (Rt. 1) at the Starboard Center in Bethany Beach.  Tel. 302-539-7500 or toll free 800-888-7501.  This is a boutique size real estate company catering to North Bethany and Bethany Beach customers.  Website? Tidewater has been a sales leader in the community for 30 years.  Personal attention, a friendly staff, rentals and sales.  A tip for you is to visit the website and wether your interest is sales or rentals, the website will give you an idea of who they are and what is available.  Make your summer rentals choices early; you know how it is….if we have a forecast for a hot summer the prime weeks will go quickly. 


Coastal Chem-Dry, is at the forefront of the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry.  A green certified company using innovative equipment and powerful cleaning solutions.  You can call for a free estimate at 302-645-2800 in Sussex County or 302-234-0200 in New Castle County. Website?   Take advantage of the specials that are now on-going.  Visit their website to find out what they are offering.

Please note that once your carpet or upholstery is cleaned by Coastal Chem-Dry, it only takes a couple of hours to dry; not days.  And, if you have pets, this is the company to use. is a national rental company.  Part of the family of Home Away.  I was surprised when last year they contacted me.  The properties that are being advertised on my website are in Rehoboth Beach.  Check  You can also click directly on their website, on the link available on the bottom left hand side of this blog.  Events and activities are always happening in Rehoboth.  The company has townhouses, single family, and condos all great for taking time off at the beach with a group of friends.


Miken Builders is located at 32782 Cedar Drive, Millville, DE 19967.  Tels. Office 302-537-4444, cell 302-381-0773.  Website?  Mike Cummings is the company’s Founder and CEO.  This is a commercial and residential construction company well respected in the community.  I have known Mike for many years and no job is too small or too big for him.  Find out for yourself and give his company a call.  His staff is amazing.

BetterLiving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva is under the umbrella of Miken Builders, but a complete different company even though they share the same address.  Tel. 302-251-0000.  Website?  The company is the exclusive provider of BetterLiving 3-season year-round sunrooms and awnings.


Doggies at the Beach – I have said it so many times and here it goes again.  You can leave your dog at this cage free, temperature controlled facility, 24 hour supervision with total confidence.  Jim and his staff are wonderful and animal lovers.  Doggies at the Beach is located on Rt. 24 at 18806 John J. Williams Highway.   Tel. 302-644-8200. Website?   They offer grooming for dogs and cats, training for different levels of your dog’s life, web cams so that you can check you pooch while away and in case you would like a drawing of your pet; DJ who is in charge of the pooches at night can draw your pet.  For more info. call the office and talk to Jim.  Here are a few of his drawings.



Note:  The above mentioned companies can be accessed directly from my website.  Just click on their site and you will be directed immediately to all the information they have available.

 And…..if you decided you would like to advertise on AboutMyBeaches, then $500/year will get you a banner on my website with personal attention, of course.

Have a good one!!

November 4th, 2011

AboutMyBeaches welcomes Miken Builders and Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva, Millville, Delaware, Celebrating 25 Years in the Business



Many years ago when my husband and I came to Bethany, the “scene” was very different.  But, that’s what we liked about it.  Small town, great place to bring up a family.  Through my children I met most of my friends.  Some I saw frequently and some just once in a while.  One thing is for sure; all those friends are still there.

I met Mike Cummings and his family at the Pyle Center in Roxanna.  Yeap, we were in Little League.  Rain or shine; early mornings and at times early evenings, as well.  Roxanna is near Bethany Beach.  I am sure Mike remembers all that.  We were also on the same team.  I have forgotten if we were good or not.

Through the years I have met parents through sports and some were very intense.  Mike is one of the few people that I know that has kept it constant.  Even temper, friendly, caring, good sense of humor, and a consummate professional in his work.  It was like that then, and it is now, as well.

He is the Founder and CEO of Miken Builders, located at 32782 Cedar Drive, Millville, DE 19967.  Tel. 302-537-4444.  Cell 302-381-0773 and website,  You can find Miken Builders on Facebook.

The website will give an insight on this commercial and residential construction company.  You can also find them on the right hand side of my website and just with a click you will have direct access into his site.

Through the years Miken Builders has built a reputation as a company that is well respected in the community with high standards and superior craftmanship.

Mike’s company has received so many awards in construction and renovation from Associated Builders & Contractors.  You can see those on the website, and you will also be able to see other awards and memberships in charitable organizations.  Yes, Mike and his company have given back to the community.

Personally, I can recommend Miken Builders fully.  I just used the company to do renovations in my house.  His staff, well, I cannot say enough.  Suggestions, designs, and carrying the job through in the most efficient way was good to see and experience.

Under Miken Builders, there is BetterLiving Patio & Sunrooms of Delmarva.  Same address, but the telephone is 302-251-0000.  Website? This Miken Builders’ company is the exclusive provider of Betterliving 3-season, year-round sunrooms and awnings.  They can transform an unused deck or patio into a totally different room; a focal point of your home.

No job is too small for Miken Builders.  You can call Mike personally.  I just gave you his cell and have him give you an estimate for any work needed around your house.  If you are planning on building a house in the Delmarva Peninsula, you will not be disappointed if you are dealing with him, his company, and staff.


Talk to you later….have a good one!!

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July 28th, 2011

AboutMyBeaches is 2 Years Old, Events, Activities, Restaurants, Reviews, Recipes, Delaware Beaches, Ocean City, Maryland, Delray Beach, Florida,



and points in between.  Yes, sometimes I might be on my way somewhere and the opportunity calls to check out a food truck, a tapas bar, a new beach, or a new museum.  That’s why it is so much fun about writting a website in a blog style.  It is a diary, yours alone. 

AboutMyBeaches has made realized that I want to know and experience more.  I remember when my webmaster, Ed Timmons from 4C, Inc.,, mentioned I should write a blog instead of the standard website.  I guess he figured I was talking his ear off so I was a good candidate for bla, bla, bla.  He just did not know how much I could talk. 

Then, I started blogging, only a few readers here or there.  People that are connected on the internet suddenly started to find me.  I think my posts are honest and from my heart.  I have posted so far 728 posts, and now I am getting over 14,000 hits per month.  Who would have thought?

And, you know what? I want more.  Granted, some posts are more interesting than others; so its life itself.  Remember that it is a diary.


Pictures….I decided to incorporate them because people are so visual.  Looking at a picture entices you to read.  Well, I should hope so, even though I do have some friends that say they have read the posts but maybe they just looked at the pictures.  I know who they are, right?  Shelley, Debbie at times.  Not Missy or Richard, though.  My fault, I test them.

My friends and my family have put up going out to dinner with me.  My first statement as we sit down at a table is “don’t touch the food until I take a picture” and “can we all order something different?”  I am surprised they even still want to go out with me.

It is so funny because I get e-mails or suggestions on places to go and check out.  I welcome them; we all have different likes and dislikes and I am an inquisitive person.

The coastals towns that, I, predominantly promote, I love.  There is something about living by the ocean.  I know I am lucky.  The Delaware Beaches have been home for many years and so good to my family.  Giving them a push is not a brainer.


I do offer advertising on my website.  It is $500/ per year.  I offer personal care.  No clicks here or there.  You are there to stay on my site.  Thanks to the following advertisers. 

Tidewater Realty – Delaware is Small Wonder.  The beaches are so great.  It has grown so much since I first arrived.  Tax free, low property taxes and mild winters are an attraction.

Tauriello & Com –  I have used this company in Delray Beach.  That Village by the Sea has amazing unobstructed beaches, restaurants, shopping and I do have a place there.  Sometimes I hate to pass the word around because I want it all to myself.

Beach House Management –  Michael knows I cannot live without him.  He has been there to take care of my property, among other things, from day one.  Your home is your castle and he is professional and knowledgeable.

Anita Jennings Designs – I know her personally.  She is an interior designer based in Delray Beach.  She is so easy to work with and very reasonable.

Coastal Chem-Dry – Green carpet and upholstery cleaning.  We all needed at times.  It is family owned and operated. Angie is the man!!

Doggies at the Beach – The home away from home for my Addy.  She is my rescue.  Jim and his staff love their customers.  Cage free with 24 hour human supervision.  Very involved in the community, as well.

Vacation Rentals –   This is a national company; part of the family of HomeAway.  The properties you will find in this particular site are for Rehoboth Beach.  Rental properties for all seasons.

I thank them all.  If you are interested, please contact me.




I have posts to write.  A few still left from my 24 hours in Baltimore, Maryland.  Events going on at the Rehoboth Museum, a must if you are visiting Rehoboth Beach.  On the Rocks is, believe it or not, inside the terminal for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  Amazing views; casual, a beer or a hamburger, fries.  I want to check the tailor in Rehoboth….got to go..have a great day!!

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