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October 28th, 2015

Osterville Eats!, Crisp, The Cape, Osterville, MA, Wood Fired Pizza, Pasta, Gluten Free Pizza, Full Bar, Fire Pit, Table Tennis, Opens Every Day, Sunday Brunch


I remember in 2008 when my late husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Immediately I jumped into the whole idea that I needed to know everything possible about this new way of eating for my family.  People with Celiac Disease, which is an allergy to wheat, only can get better by following a gluten free diet.

People would tell me then how lucky I was because a lot of them that had been diagnosed years before really had trouble finding good quality food and had more trouble having dinner at restaurants who really did not know what this “gluten free” way of eating was all about.

Now I tell the newly diagnosed Celiacs that they are lucky because it is a business.  Restaurants that thought this was a fad diet and who said “we are not a gluten free restaurant” have had to rethink and join the many other restaurants that are preparing delicious gluten free entrees for those that need this diet for their health.


Over the years I would say that the only think the business had not mastered was a good pizza crust.  In time this has also gotten much better.  I found a place in South Florida, one in Manayunk, in Philadelphia, and just a couple of weeks ago I found Crisp located at 791 Main St., Osterville, MA 02655 Tel. 508-681-0922.  Website?


If you have a gluten allergy, any of their pizzas can be made gluten free.  They also have gluten free beer.  My choice on that day was Glutenberg Red.  Refreshing and very good.

FullSizeRender (103)

The regular dough uses organic flour, filtered water and Cape Cod Sea Salt for Crisp crust.

Crisp opens every day…Monday to Saturday from 11:30 on and Sunday Brunch begins at 10:30 a.m.  Supporting local farmers and using nitrate free meats and organic veggies is something this restaurant does whenever possible.  Their pastas and sauces, along with the flatbreads are all made in-house.

We chose a Margherita Pizza which had organic tomato sauce, house mozzarella, garlic, EVO, torn basil, organic tomatoes, Cape Cod Sea Salt, and a balsamic drizzle.


I had not had a pizza with clams, but I did on that day.  Mine was called the Wellfleet, which had cherrystones, garlic, house mozzarella, organic red and green peppers, and nitrate free bacon.  Loved it.  It hit the spot.


The fall season brings cooler temperatures to the Cape, but at Crisp you can still sit outdoors next to the fire pit.  Or, you can also play some table tennis.

Have a good one!!


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3 Responses to “Osterville Eats!, Crisp, The Cape, Osterville, MA, Wood Fired Pizza, Pasta, Gluten Free Pizza, Full Bar, Fire Pit, Table Tennis, Opens Every Day, Sunday Brunch”

  1. Betsy Wild says:

    I’m looking for a place to play ping pong and your name came up. Do you have ping pong tables? Anyone can play there?
    Please let me know – sounds like fun!

  2. admin says:

    I was visiting so I am not sure if they still have them. I am sure they do but maybe during summer.

  3. admin says:

    No I don’t. I am sorry. I must have written a post where ping pong was mentioned.

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