April 19th, 2024

Dalmata Italiano, Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Italian Food, Pizza, Homemade Desserts, Bar, Delaware Beaches

By the looks of today, the weather is not that great. Last Sunday it was magical. Warm breezes and a beautiful boardwalk for walking and working up an appetite.
Where to go? I had a craving for pizza. And walking destination took me to Dalmata. It is located at 28 Wilmington Ave. 302-227-8512.

Dalmata opens Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

I have fallen in love with Dalmata for different reasons. I use it as my neighborhood restaurant. If I don’t feel like cooking or have a craving for everything Italian or pizza, I know I will feel very comfortable there eating by myself. Not that eating by myself has ever stopped me from going to a restaurant😁

I started with a Rose Prosecco. I told you I had walked the Boardwalk.

Starting with a Burrata Caprese Salad. The Burrata had a buttery and milky flavor, so delicate. A sprinkle of balsamic pearls gives a tangy flavor.

On this Sunday evening I would try the pizza called Carbonara “Sorta”. It had a vodka sauce, mozzarella, fontina, buttered spicy peas, prosciutto and whipped ricotta. I had never tried peas on my pizza but, actually, they were a very nice addition.

What a surprise arriving to my table. They were called Crack Donuts. Crispy on the outside, with warm ricotta cheese and one had chocolate ricotta. A chocolate sauce for dipping. Greg, these are keepers👏👏

All in all the service was excellent, the conversation was fun.

TGIF have a great weekend.

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April 17th, 2024

Sirocco, Restaurant, Mediterranean, Rehoboth Beach, Breakfast, Happy Hour, Dinner, Bar, Delaware Beaches

One of the newest restaurants in Downtown Rehoboth Beach is Sirocco. 302-727-0317. It is inside the new Coast Rehoboth Beach Hotel on Rehoboth Ave.

They are opening Monday – Friday for breakfast from 7-11 a.m. On Saturday and Sunday breakfast is 7-10 a.m.

Dinner is from Wednesday through Sunday starting at 5. That could maybe change as the season gets underway.

Happy Hour is 5-7 at the bar only.

The Bar stays open Wednesday – Sunday from 5-10.

This is a Mediterranean restaurant. The simple; uncomplicated food of the region that is so healthy.

I have been several times to Sirocco. I like it because the food has been very good, the service attentive, a modern corner in Downtown Rehoboth Beach. Love the background music too.

Three for dinner, please. We did have a reservation.

A special Cream of Crab Soup which my friend said it was delicious. Very creamy with lots of crab meat.

Another soup ordered was the Lemon Chicken & Orzo. Herb roasted chicken, bone broth, farm veggies, stewed white beans and orzo. Orzo is a pasta shaped like a large grain of rice. Benedette thought it was very nice.

I really love scallops and Jeff decided to order them. Look how big they were. Served with wild mushroom risotto, charred pepper, asparagus, Parmigiano Reggiano and fresh basil oil.

I like my lamb chops medium rare but Benedette likes them medium. They looked so good and I have had them before and they really are. They served them with a warm couscous salad, grilled artichokes, roasted eggplant and mint gremolata. FYI Gremolata is a green sauce made of chopped parsley, lemon zest and garlic.

My dish was one that I pretty much order it any restaurant that may serve it whole. The beautiful Branzino. It is the European seabass. Sirocco does a great job with a stunning presentation.

Whole roasted, grilled lemon and fresh rosemary and thyme and roasted tomato salad. You had to be there to really appreciate it.

I eat a whole fish like a cat. I get right into it, just like I pick my crabs. So much fun. I do get compliments. I am not kidding.?

So while we still have free parking and the masses are not here, check out the Downtown restaurants and Sirocco is a good one to start with.

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Have a beautiful spring day.

April 6th, 2024

The Surfing Crab, Restaurant, Crab House, Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Haha starting with bread pudding first. Some of us can afford to do that and others have to exercise restraint.

We were at The Surfing Crab located at 16723 Coastal Highway. In Lewes, Delaware. Going north past the town on Lewes.

A craving for crabs is what we had. We called their telephone 302-644-4448 to reserve extra large crabs to be eaten there. You can also have take out. Surfing Crab has a full menu with really good food, as well.

Do you like hush puppies? An order of hush puppies , of course. Sophia made a sauce with Ketchup and Vinegar too.

Then those enormous crabs made an entrance. They were so sweet. We started picking, talking, a few beers and only took home 3.

I dipped the meat in vinegar. Others like butter too but vinegar was it last night.

Picking crab for me is relaxing and very social.

These are my first crabs of 2024. At The Surfing Crab the atmosphere is casual and fun. Great service by the way.

Check them on Social Media….At the moment they close Monday and Tuesday.???

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April 4th, 2024

Matt’s Fish Camp, Restaurant, Lewes, Delaware, SoDel Concepts, Delaware Beaches

Matt’s Fish Camp in Lewes located at 34401 Tenley Ct. served a great lunch on a rainy day. Weather gets cold we go for comfort food.

Check this out ?

They usually have Deviled Eggs on the menu but on this day they raised the bar up a notch. These ones had this morsel of well seasoned chicken on top. If you see them, please get them. I saw these two ladies having them with a Rose and it looked so sophisticated. Yes indeed?

Another best find was the Sticky Icky Wings. We ordered them well done.You don’t want where the skin is not crispy. Off the chart. The trick…Well Done; Crispy.

Matt’s Fish Camp is very generous with the food they offer. A lot can be shared, or take the leftovers.

The Chicken Pot Pie looked delicious. Basically, a traditional homemade pot pie filling with a Cheddar Biscuit. Just imagine, a rainy Saturday called for this yummy dish.

A Lobster Cobb Salad with Green Goddess Dressing??

Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Gravy, pretty much always on the menu. Large enough to share. There was a beautiful biscuit and someone ordered mashed potatoes, as well.

I forgot to take a photo of my Cobb Salad but I can tell you it was very good.

We enjoyed our outing celebrating Sophia’s participation in the Mary Poppins play at Cape Henlopen High School. ❤️

Finally the sun has come out. Have a great day.?

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March 30th, 2024

Bon Appetit, Restaurant, French and International Cuisines, Seaford, Delaware, Southern

It is a little bit of a hike from Rehoboth Beach and other beaches but it is so good that I follow my motto: Good Food, Will Travel.

Bon Appetit is located at 312 High Street in Seaford, Delaware. They open from 5 – 9, are closed on Monday. 302-629-3700. The restaurant has been in Seaford for over 20 years. Their motto is: Be Our Guest and Eat Well.

Karen and Chino are the owners. The menu changes often, they have specials but always those dishes loved by many stay on the menu.

The setting is intimate, the service is very personal and friendly.

My friends went all out to celebrate my big birthday on March 8th. What the heck I turned 70. It is a privilege to get older and celebrating with good food is always the best.

The butter presented this way evokes another time. The baguettes, well let’s say I could have butter, bread and wine and call it a day. Warm and crusty.

My country pate was delicious. I don’t make pate but it is a favorite when I think of French cuisine.

I don’t think these oysters were a favorite. You can’t be perfect all the time.

The duck is a must if you like duck. This evening it had a Grand Marnier orange sauce.

The green vegetable mousse accompanies every dish.

Three of us had the duck. A fillet mignon with blue cheese sour cream was ordered and was well received.

The Rockfish was a winner that evening. A local fish always great tasting.

Desserts not one but 3?. Bread pudding for some.

Flourless torte?

Creme Brûlée as my birthday “cake”.

A surprise the next day when my friend’s husband cooked breakfast including one of my favorites…Scrapple??

Hope every birthday is celebrated in your life with the closest to you.

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March 2nd, 2024

Dalmata, Restaurant, Italian, Review, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

Our destination last Saturday was Dalmata Italiano located at 28 Wilmington Ave., Unit E in Downtown Rehoboth Beach. 302-227-8512. It opens Thursday through Sunday from 4:30 until 10:00.

I like restaurants that are neighborhood oriented. Those that you don’t need a special occasion or wait until the weekend as many of us do, but the ones are familiar, that once you get in you feel so comfortable.

My fellow diners love to eat, this included Sophia and her friend, Darby who are 8 and 9.

The menu has something for everyone. The bar is comfortable serving some very neat, crafty cocktails.

For appetizers we had the following to be shared by the table:

The charcuterie board had a variety of cheeses, cured meats, veggies, and the marcona almonds were an added surprise. These almonds have a texture and taste that compare to no other almonds; moist, plump and creamy.

The Brussels Sprout Salad with shaved brussels, truffle-thyme vinaigrette, fresh grated parmesan, sauteed shiitake mushrooms and toasted almonds. I have had other brussels sprout salads but the mushrooms really added so much more.

The Burrata Caprese melted in your mouth. Loved the balsamic pearls and the pickled shallots.

I have to laugh as I write this post having coffee on this rainy 2nd day of March. I am salivating.

Next were not appetizers but we ordered them as such so we could try more things. I had been told how good Dalmata is, how they make their pasta inhouse.

The Cacio E Pepe is the simplest dish. It is Roman consisting of grated pecorino Romano and black pepper. I actually never order this dish but know some that order it all the time. If not by itself, it is a great shareable starter.

I never make good meatballs so why not? The spaghetti was house made and the meatballs had pecorino Romano. Pecorino is made from sheep’s cheese, not the same as Parmesan. It gives more of an earthy flavor. Look how good this looks.

Next……Let’ get down to the business of Pizza. It is a whole meal. We ordered two. Well I told you we like to eat. From the photo they almost look alike but they were totally different. In the back was the White Lightning and in front the Fig & Prosciutto.

The White Lightning had creamy roasted garlic, mozzarella, fontina, provolone, roasted wild mushrooms, crispy kale, ricotta and extra virgin olive oil.

The Fig & Prosciutto ? wow so pretty. I have had a fig tree for 24 years. Love them and the combination on this pizza was great. Garlic, mozz, fontina, whipped ricotta, prosciutto, fig, shallots, balsamic glaze and arugula.

Both pizzas had a thin crust and were well done which is how I like my pizza.

It is called the Pizza’s cousin…The Calzone. It was filled with 4 cheeses and a side of marinara??

Dalmata’s Tiramisu was a sweet ending. Never seen it like this but it was very good, as well. Lady fingers soaked in espresso… yum.

I think Dalmata thought we still looked hungry so on the house a Peanut Butter Pie showed up. Rich and fluffy.

Thanks so much to the staff at Dalmata. It was a fun evening. We are all coming back. Too many other things to try.

Cheers to good company and delicious food.

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February 26th, 2024

Northeast Seafood Kitchen, Restaurant, Review, Ocean View, Delaware

Hello Monday Morning. Not the blues but a beautiful day in Southern Delaware. I remember when we all used to think that going out to dinner was only on weekends. Okay, it is true to some extent but if you have the opportunity to eat out any day of the week, please do so. Our beach restaurants are full of specials and Happy Hours. A good way to try some of those popular restaurants that are so crowded once the Season gets underway.

Our destination on Monday was Northeast Seafood Kitchen located at 29 Atlantic Ave. in Ocean View, DE. It is just a couple of miles west of Bethany Beach. Reservations are accepted. They have a kid’s menu. Opens at 4.

On Mondays they have a $19 Fish Board. Amazing, right? Your choice of fish and selection of cooking preparation.

Two of us decided to have the same thing: The Monkfish. This fish has a firm flesh, it is lean, and when cooked it is bright white. They say it is the Poor Man’s Lobster but that’s for you to decide. Ours was delicious ???

Mahi was also ordered and look how good it looked. Perfectly cooked.?

No dessert. Perfectly satisfied. Nice evening enjoying the company of friends.

For anyone with dietary restrictions, they do offer a variety of ways to accommodate you.

Until next time. AboutMyBeaches is on Facebook and Instagram. Check it out.

Remember that Good Food is the Foundation of Genuine Happiness ?

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February 19th, 2024

Whole Roasted Cauliflower, Recipe, Meatless Monday, Delaware Beaches

Recipes, Begged, Borrowed & Stolen. That’s taken from my late mother in law, Luise. She was a great cook and I learned so much from her.

The following recipe called Whole Roasted Cauliflower I found on Instagram. Her name is Erin O’Brien. Giving credit where credit is due.


1 whole cauliflower

1/2 cup olive oil

2 tablespoons melted butter

3 garlic cloves smashed

zest of 1 lemon

salt and pepper to taste

1 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese

juice of 1 lemon

crushed red pepper

Fresh parsley

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees

Look how pretty this cauliflower is. Let’s get it ready.

Remove root, wash and dry.

Combine oil, melted butter, garlic, and lemon zest. Add desired salt and pepper. Whisk.

In a deep pan or Dutch oven place the cauliflower upside down. Pour half of mixture, getting it all over. I used a brush.

Then turn it over and pour the rest of the mixture on top and spread with brush or hands.

Place in oven for 40 minutes. Test with a knife for doneness. Make sure the knife goes in easily.

Remove from the oven but leave oven on. With a spoon or brush baste the top of the cauliflower with the liquid in the pan.

Then broil on low for 15 minutes to get it crispy. If using high then you need to watch closely.

Put Parmesan cheese, coating it evenly. Put back in the oven for 5 minutes.

Pour the lemon juice over the cauliflower. Sprinkle with red crushed pepper and parsley.

Make sure you add those juices. They add so much to this dish.

It turned out so good. Will make it again and again.

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