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March 30th, 2024

Bon Appetit, Restaurant, French and International Cuisines, Seaford, Delaware, Southern

It is a little bit of a hike from Rehoboth Beach and other beaches but it is so good that I follow my motto: Good Food, Will Travel.

Bon Appetit is located at 312 High Street in Seaford, Delaware. They open from 5 – 9, are closed on Monday. 302-629-3700. The restaurant has been in Seaford for over 20 years. Their motto is: Be Our Guest and Eat Well.

Karen and Chino are the owners. The menu changes often, they have specials but always those dishes loved by many stay on the menu.

The setting is intimate, the service is very personal and friendly.

My friends went all out to celebrate my big birthday on March 8th. What the heck I turned 70. It is a privilege to get older and celebrating with good food is always the best.

The butter presented this way evokes another time. The baguettes, well let’s say I could have butter, bread and wine and call it a day. Warm and crusty.

My country pate was delicious. I don’t make pate but it is a favorite when I think of French cuisine.

I don’t think these oysters were a favorite. You can’t be perfect all the time.

The duck is a must if you like duck. This evening it had a Grand Marnier orange sauce.

The green vegetable mousse accompanies every dish.

Three of us had the duck. A fillet mignon with blue cheese sour cream was ordered and was well received.

The Rockfish was a winner that evening. A local fish always great tasting.

Desserts not one but 3?. Bread pudding for some.

Flourless torte?

Creme Brûlée as my birthday “cake”.

A surprise the next day when my friend’s husband cooked breakfast including one of my favorites…Scrapple??

Hope every birthday is celebrated in your life with the closest to you.

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