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March 7th, 2014

High Street, Restaurant, Market Street, Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, A Must!!


Breakfast is supposed to fuel your body for the chores ahead, an early morning ritual not to be missed…..The chore at hand was visiting the annual Philadelphia Flower Show.  I could not wait…you know how it has been; cold, snowy, and gray.  My friend, Jody, and I took off for Philly to make this a girls’ trip.

High Street is located at 308 Market St. in Old City.  Tel. 215-625-0988  Website?


For breakfast we were to order at the counter, and then it would be brought to our booth.  High Street opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…yes, they serve food all day long.

All pastries and breads are made in-house.  They use locally milled flours and grains.


They also cure their meets…my breakfast was going to be made with this brown sugar cured pastrami.


The long hot peppers were already roasted and were also going to be part of my breakfast.  Actually, I found them mild, but others have mentioned that they are hot.  Needless to say they give a bit of a kick to an expectant palate.


My friend, Jody, decided on something that would stick to your ribs….oatmeal!  It was cold in Philly.  But, what she was not expecting was their her oatmeal was the best she had ever tasted…..It was Baked Oatmeal; stone cut organic Carolina oats, dried orchard fruit, oatmeal streusel.  Delish!!


My son, who had decided to accompany us went for a more traditional breakfast.  It was called the Italian Market Breakfast with Lancaster bologna, spicy Coppa, Roasted Broccoli Rabe, Old Bay Fried Potatoes, Farm fried eggs and homemade toasted bread.  Also a winner!!


My usual question….What is the dish that is the most popular, the one that keeps customers coming back again, and again?  Without hesitation it was the Pastrami & Hash.  This breakfast sandwich was so impressive, with an awesome presentation and fabulous taste.  It had shaved pastrami, spiced hash, roasted peppers and onions, farm egg, and Russian dressing.  It was served on a board with a side dish of a long hot pepper and hot sauce made from those peppers, as well.  The sauce some heat and added even more flavor.  Loved it and would have it again in no time.


Fueld up and ready to attend the flower show….we were on our way.


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