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August 10th, 2019

TKO Designs, Jewelry, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Alice H. Klein, Designer, Shopping, Tax Free, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

One of a kind pieces is how I can describe Alice Klein’s jewelry designs. I have known her for many years. She has been so innovative in her work. Located in the Town of Bethany Beach, Delaware, right on the beach. Address? 100 Garfield Parkway, Stores 6 and 7. Tel. 302-539-6992, Mobile 302-841-9088.

Summer time is the time of the year to bring those beautiful colors out. I am talking specifically about turquoises. This past week, even though we have had torrential rains in the evening the morning skies are just amazingly blue.

I recently purchased a pair of turquoise earring from Alice for a present. She told me that this particular pair of earrings is called Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The stones mined from this particular mine are very highly sought after because of its color. Hardly any veins or webbing. Pure blue sky color.

Fun to fine jewelry can be found at TKO. And, you may bring your dated jewelry for her to give it a new look. I have done it and can attest that her work is beautiful.

Turquoise stones have soared in prices because one of the best mines closed. The Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Arizona closed. They produced breathtaking stones as I explained above.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise got its name because “the mountain where it was mined resembles a sleeping woman laying on the back with arms crossed”.

They say that the color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, calming, feminine, spiritual grounding, tranquility, serenity and loyalty among others.

Many years ago my grandmother gave me one that even though it is about 50 years old still brings a smile every time I wear it. And, in the summer I wear it all the time.

I am showing just a few things from TKO. Stop by to say hello to Alice and her husband, Bryant. Can’t leave him out. The shop is closed on Sundays.

Summer 2019 is flying by.

Check by FB page AboutMyBeaches if you want to be in the know. Have a beautiful weekend.

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