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May 4th, 2015

Historic Lewes Farmers Market, 10th Anniversary Celebration, Progressive Dinner, 3 Historic Homes, 3 Chefs, Eating Fresh & Local for 10 Years, Historic Lewes, Delaware Beaches, Opening Day, Saturday, May 9th!!


There were so many guests gathering for a special celebration, as the Historic Lewes Farmers Market celebrates its 10th year in the community.  Buying directly from family farmers and vendors…getting up close and personal with them.  Buying local food means it does taste better, it is fresh and therefore, more nutritious, as well.  The Historic Lewes Farmers Market will be opening for Season 2015 on Saturday, May 9th, from 8 a.m. until Noon.  Location?  The Lewes Historical Society Complex.  More info?  Please visit


Our Progressive Dinner Party in honor of HLFM started with 3 groups divided by color.  Our cards indicated the order in which we would visit each home.  My group had the color Green!!


3 Star Chefs, 3 Historic Homes….and 10 Years of Being Fresh!!  Let the party begin!!  Each of these chefs prepared light fare at each house, accompanied by specially selected wines, beers, and champagne.  Many of us did not know each other at the beginning of this journey…we were friends by dessert.


240 Second Street is the home of Nancy Staisey and Stan Divorski.  We thank them for opening their gorgeous home to all of us.  The Featured Chef was Hari Cameron, who is the Executive Chef and Owner of a(MUSE.) in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.


The patio of this home was beautiful and on a cool spring night in Lewes it was just wonderful.


Inside, Chef Hari Cameron was so busy.  Hari always has time for his guests.  He will stop what he is doing and give you complete attention, explaining everything that he is doing.  I hope he takes this as a compliment, because it is.


As he got ready for us we proceeded to get drinks and some appetizers…meats, cheeses, and mustards.


Hari outdid himself with the following:


Homemade ricotta cheese, Davidson’s exotic mushrooms, and spring peas.


Beetroot soup, fresh goat cheese, radish, and herbs and spices.  I am one of those that love beets, so, for me this was awesome!  A little spicy with a lot of flavor.


Housemade carrot pasta, bay scallops, dill and watercress.  Have you tried any of Hari’s pastas?  I have tried his pumpernickel, and now this carrot one.  The flavors are just incredible.


This first round was a total success….check my plate.  There was a pickled okra that was so yummy!!


After 45 minutes the bell rang which meant we had to go to our next rotation….

231 Second Street is the home of Jody Ware and Bob Hyberg.  Again, we thank the homeowners for opening their home.  The Featured Chef was Bill Clifton, who is the Executive Chef of the Henlopen City Oyster House in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.


This home is generally referred to as the Daniel Rodney House. He was a relation to Caesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He was, also, a Governor and U.S. Senator for Delaware.  It is a fine example of early Lewes architecture, circa 1800.  Some accounts point to the late 1700s.  One link is the inference that this house may have been where the body of Camptain James Drew, Commander of HMS DeBraak, laid in state in 1798.

Chef Bill Clifton offered us…


Henlopen City Oyster House is known for its oysters.  They were the Main Event on this rotation.  Chincoteague Island Oysters pack the full salt of the Atlantic.  They are skinny and elongated…on ice, of course.


Springfield Farms braised lamb bacon, romaine, backyard jams, tomato jelly on brioche.


The Mediterranean Spring Rolls were very interesting…Calliope Farms fava bean hummus, cucumber, dried olives, sprouts and piri piri sauce.


Once again the bell rang and off we went to our next and final rotation.

228 Second Street is the home of John Mini and Robert Perri.  Many thanks for opening your home to us.  The Featured Chef was Aaron Berg, Executive Chef of The Buttery.


This was our last rotation on this very special evening.  My Green Group was still going strong…plenty to drink and to eat.  The kitchen was getting ready for us.


In the meantime, the following is what Chef Aaron Berg had for us…

Chapel Creamery Cheese Board with specialty crackers and sauces.


Shaved asparagus and arugula salad, deviled duck eggs, pickled rasperries and lavender honey.  These deviled duck eggs were awesome and my group certainly loved them  The pickled rasperry was definitely a most delicious touch.


Braised pork belly, sweet carrot puree, smoked cherry BBQ sauce.  It was crispy, perfect addition was the carrot puree…a favorite of the evening.



Enjoying drinks outdoors we did….waiting for the Cake.


It was time to cut the Historic Lewes Farmers Market Anniversary Cake.  Each home had a cake.  HLFM thanked all of us for making this evening such an unforgettable night.


Funds from this event will help HLFM operate the market so that their local farmers and vendors can grow, support their families, and build the local food movement in Delmarva.

And, until next time….have a good one!!


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2 Responses to “Historic Lewes Farmers Market, 10th Anniversary Celebration, Progressive Dinner, 3 Historic Homes, 3 Chefs, Eating Fresh & Local for 10 Years, Historic Lewes, Delaware Beaches, Opening Day, Saturday, May 9th!!”

  1. richard says:

    Gloria, It was an awesome night out in Lewes! The girls did a great job decorating the entrances to each home. Kudos to Maureen Eschbach & her crew of Megan Lee and Carrie Kopenhaver. Sorry I missed you.

  2. admin says:

    It was a great event!!

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