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October 24th, 2013

John Merryman, III…10/24/46-8/31/13, Husband, Father, Friend…Always…The Way We Were


Today I celebrate John’s life.  My husband, John, passed away peacefully on August 31st.  All the emotions are there; sadness, anger, and even relief for him.

John’s birthday was October 24th.  This date is also our anniversay.  I did not want him to forget it.  He also would be mortified to be featured on my blog.  This post is for me.  He was private, conservative in his dressing and views, and had a very dry sense of humor.


John and I met in Puerto Rico in 1973 and nobody thought we would last.  They would say “Gloria is dating a gringo”.  No kidding, they never thought it would.  The funny part is that we did and only a few that married at the time stayed together.

Life was, definitely, simpler then.  John and I were so young; no worries, no responsibilities, and practically, no bills.  This photo says it all.  It was taken in 1975 in St. Thomas.


John lived in El Yunque, way inside the rainforest in Puerto Rico.  The house was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright; all open with the jungle staring at you all the time.


We used to spend time with Louie who also lived even deeper into the rainforest, in a thatch roof hut that was out of a novel, collecting rare orchids and anthuriums.


When we moved from Puerto Rico, we chose the Delaware Beaches to live.  We never lived away from the ocean.  We really enjoyed it.  Plus, we were just a few hours drive from Baltimore, Maryland, where John was from.

Bethany Beach, 1977

Bethany Beach, 1977

We, actually, have 2 anniversaries; In Virginia and in Puerto Rico, married in different years.



Family, business, and responsibilities, then followed.  And, plenty of friends along the way.  He loved to hunt, golf, fish, ski, and the beach.  John was the original “foodie”, when that word was not even part of the vocabulary. We showed Michael and John how to work the blue crabs early.




His passion was real estate and the company he founded in 1988, in Bethany Beach, was his baby.  Tidewater Realty, Ltd. was a boutique style real estate firm catering to customers who appreciated personal and individual attention.  He sold a lifestyle that was also his own.

John loved good craftmanship and one of the last things he wanted was a box to be made for his Mariner’s Compass, circa 1885.  Scott Angelucci of Angelucci’s Fine Woodworking in Milford, Delaware, was commissioned by John to make the box.


The main wood is Tiger Maple.  The dark trim and the dark wood on the compass rose is called wenge and grows in the Congo River.  The lighter wood on the compass rose is yellow heart and grows in South America.  The repeated inlad design is cherry, maple and walnut.  Inside, the box is lined with velvet on the bottom and the rim is zebra wood, which grows in Africa.  The box is gorgeous and John would have loved it.

I opened one of my Kind Notes and it said:  “Gone from our sight, never from our hearts.”


I can close my eyes and turn the pages of my personal album.  Forty years together is a lifetime.  And John always said he had a good life.  He had his family’s back and I had his back.


And, until we meet again…for now, it is one foot in front of the other.

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29 Responses to “John Merryman, III…10/24/46-8/31/13, Husband, Father, Friend…Always…The Way We Were”

  1. Paula LaPenta says:

    Gloria, I am sitting here in tears. Thanks so much for sharing that private side of John. My prayers are with you, John and Michael. Take comfort in your memories.

    Happy Birthday, John and Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    By the way, how is that you never age????? 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Hi Paula: Thanks!! Age? I feel like a 100, worn out, but when I see the blue sky, the autumn weather…John’s favorite time, then I put that foot in front of the other and continue on. It has been a crazy year for many.

  3. cindi wilde says:

    Gloria: What a loving tribute you have posted. It brought tears to my eyes remembering John and your devotion to him. It just seems so fitting that you would celebrate not only his life today, but the love and the life that you had together.
    Happy anniversary, my friend. Your love and memories will be will you always.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks so much Cindi: Hope you are having a good time.

  5. Brenda Jones says:

    Such a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary, John’s birthday and your life together, and all the wonderful memories you will have forever in your heart.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for your words Brenda.

  7. Beautifully written & very moving, Gloria; thank you for sharing that private part of your lives together. A lovely tribute on your anniversary to the man you loved.

  8. Jim says:

    Very touching, thanks for sharing the love you both experienced.

  9. Debbie says:

    What a wonderful way to remember your special man on your anniversary and his birthday. He will live forever in the hearts of you, John and Michael . Happy Anniversary

  10. Missy says:


    One word-Priceless….

    With love, Missy

  11. Rosarito says:

    Gloria , tu corazón está en esas hermosas palabras. Tus sentimientos a flor de piel. Siempre estarán unidos y un día volverán a encontrarse. Mucha fortaleza . Happy Anniversary

  12. Cousin Alan says:

    Thank you for a wonderful post. I never met John, but now I feel I know him a little. I lost my wife of 27 years back in 1992. It was not a good time, but life went on. Soon I will have been re-married 20 years. Where has the time gone?

  13. Ryan says:

    A beautiful tribute, Gloria. All the best to you. Quin got engaged yesterday; life and love go on. Love you my friend; happy birthday to John and happy anniversary to your love. Always, Ryan

  14. admin says:

    Thanks, Missy.

  15. admin says:

    Thanks Jim.

  16. admin says:

    Merci Gayle. Thanks for your thoughts.

  17. admin says:

    Muchisimas gracias Rosarito.

  18. admin says:

    Hi Alan: Thanks so much for your words.

  19. admin says:

    Thanks so much and congratulations!! Life and love do go on.

  20. admin says:

    Thanks Debbie!!

  21. Susan says:

    Dear Gloria,
    What a beautiful life you shared! I’ve read this with tears in my eyes but also with a smile on my face. Looking at your treasured pictures and happy memories you both created with your wonderful sons.
    I admire your strength and courage and I believe
    that John is with you every step of the way.

  22. Rhoda says:

    How very lovely Gloria. Kathy forwarded this website to me and I am so glad she did. I can tell that you both had a wonderful marriage with many wonderful memories. I hope to see you in another week or so. You and your family are very much in my thoughts.

  23. admin says:

    Hi Rhoda: Thanks so much for your message.

  24. trish galioto says:

    Simply a touching tribute to John. Thanks for sharing!
    When someone you lose becomes a memorie those memories become a treasure. You have a beautiful treasure chest of memories of your life with John. Wrap yourself in a big hug from me. I think of you everyday!

  25. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments, Trish.

  26. Deb Carven says:

    Just learned today of John’s passing when you accepted my Facebook friend request. Always enjoyed our chit chats at the boys’ Ocean City Soccer and Beach Lacrosse games. What a lovely tribute to John and your life together. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  27. admin says:

    Thanks so much Debbie and your comments are much appreciated. Good to reconnect.

  28. Carolyn deLima Yandon says:

    Hi Gloria, was in PR recently and decided to look you up. I am very sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I think of you often.

  29. admin says:

    Dear Carolyn: For so many years I have looked for you here or there. I have missed you. I still live in Delaware in Rehoboth Beach. Was just celebrating my birthday with friends when this email came in. Unbelievable, let’s catch up. Yes, John passed away on August 31, 2013. We miss him.

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