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February 24th, 2013

Dorman’s Donut Shoppe, Coffee & Bake Shop, Bagels, Fritters, Hand Dipped Donuts, Muffin Tops, Pastries, Sticky Buns…..Good Morning to You Too!!, Delaware Beaches


If you want to feel good go to a bake shop…better yet, go to a doughnut shop; they are happy places. This is what happened the other day when I visited a new doughnut shop called Dorman’s Donut Shoppe that opened at the end of January.  Opening at that time of the year was going to give them plenty of practice, so when the gates open to our beaches they would be more than ready.  Surprise, surprise….they have been so busy because year-round residents have received them with open arms.  I saw it for myself, and it was great to see.


My friend, Richard, knows Southern Delaware; Lewes in particular, like no other.  He loves to discover new places to eat.  He is always right on target.  Following his lead I went to Dorman’s Donut Shoppe located at 33247 Peddlers Village in the Angola area, on Rt. 24.  The address shows Lewes, Delaware, but in reality, it is in between Lewes and Rehoboth Beach; just minutes away. Tel. 302-827-1075. Rt. 24 is a well traveled route from Rehoboth/Lewes to Millsboro.


You will find Cheryl Dorman, her daughter in law, Stephanie, and Joan Mikulak making sure you get prompt service, delivered with plenty of smiles.  They are very excited about their new business and for the looks of it, customers were too.


Meet Arthur Sutton; usually customers don’t want anything to do with pictures, but he was picking up his order and with a big smile told me to go ahead.  Other customers were behaving in the same way.


Dorman’s Donut Shoppe is comfortable with plenty of tables for customers to sit, lounge and enjoy some of the many delicious offerings.  If you are in a hurry, there is a drive-thru window, as well.


Everything is homemade at Dorman’s, except the bagels.  The apple fritters got my attention first; they looked great.  I decided to “tour” the counter, but not before I ordered a bold cup of coffee.


Then, the banana walnut baked fritters with caramelized drizzle came next.


Muffin tops are very popular.  People love them; favorite part of a muffin. These were banana walnut, and blueberry muffin tops.


Followed by the chocolate chip muffin tops.


Stephanie brought me a sample of doughnuts…from left to right they were:  chocolate chip with peanut butter cookie, salty caramel, chocolate frosted with a dollop of butter cream, maple walnut, and German chocolate.


The sticky buns looked amazing.


They also have homemade croissants and cookies.


Between customers I chatted with Cheryl and Stephanie.  Cheryl told me that her mother had been a professional baker with cakes being her specialty. They will be adding more baked goods to the shop and have plenty of ideas for the immediate future.

Dorman’s Donuts also offer locally made granola and oatmeal mixes made by by Susie’s Wild Oats.  Gluten free granola is available by special order.


Usually you see people buying a doughnut here or there but, I am not sure, maybe it was because it was Friday, but they were  being ordered by the dozen.


You can customized the doughnuts to your liking.  Stephanie was making some more doughnuts and decided to give me some to take home; her favorites.





Two complete different flavors; the salty caramel, combines that sweetness and salty taste…could become a daily addiction.  I hope not.  If you like chocolate….the chocolate frosted is sooo good.

Dorman’s opens daily early until 3 p.m.  You can find them on Facebook as Dorman’s Donut Shoppe.

Have a great day!!


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4 Responses to “Dorman’s Donut Shoppe, Coffee & Bake Shop, Bagels, Fritters, Hand Dipped Donuts, Muffin Tops, Pastries, Sticky Buns…..Good Morning to You Too!!, Delaware Beaches”

  1. Richard says:

    I dig Dormans! Glad I do not live closer or would be there twice a day…Nice coverage!

  2. Richard says:

    I Dig Dormans! Glad I do not live closer or would be there twice a day…Great photos!

  3. Debbie says:

    Sampled Boston Cream & cheese/raspberry pastry. The pastry was awesome and Boston Cream donut the best I’ve ever had. Will be placing large order for memorial day weekend!

  4. admin says:

    Great! Thanks for your comments.

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