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July 8th, 2010

Two Seas, Dewey Beach, Delaware, Restaurant, Review, Delaware Beaches



Located in the middle of Dewey Beach, Delaware is Two Seas.  On one side the Atlantic Ocean and on the other, the Rehoboth Bay. 

The address?  1300 Coastal Highway, (Van Dyke Ave. and Coastal Highway), Dewey Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-227-2610. 

No website and not a lot of advertising; but as usual, word of mouth is the best advertising.  On Facebook?  Well, of course, isn’t everybody? Well, almost, since I know a few that refuse to get into it.


I have been wanting to go to this restaurant for some time.  I am almost embarrass to tell you that it has been 22 years since I have been there. Yes, 22 years ago I was coming out of my pre-natal class and had dinner there.  Some things never change.  Good food is always on my mind.

Two Seas opened 24 years ago and it has had a few renovations and additions since then.  Same location, though.


It has parking which is a welcome relief at this time of the year.  You have to climb a few steps; no elevator.

You are in for a treat if you decide to visit Two Seas.


This restaurant has those 5 key ingredients that make a restaurant.  Quality, culinary competence, service, ambiance and price.

Ingredients should be the best money can buy.  Culinary competence, well the chef should out do himself, the service should be very attentive but not intrusive, the ambiance should also be relaxing, and the price should be reasonable. 

Two Seas has an extra ingredient; a view on the roof top, with a bar, tables for tapas, drinks, appetizers and happy hour.





The roof top menu is a little bit different from the main dining room menu, but not much.

The restaurant is attended by the Carr family and their staff.  Friendly and again, very attentive to your needs. 

Guess what?  Gluten free menu for those on a gluten free diet.

The main dining room was crowded; but comfortable and the decoration throughout the restaurant was “coastal chic”.



After the drink order was taken I could not wait to taste some of their offerings.

My starter was a Crab Chowder.  It was New England cream style with Maryland Crab.  It had a hint of nutmeg.  Very good.


An order of oysters is always a must, if available.  Good review, as well.


The Baked Brie was warm with fresh basil pesto, vine ripe tomato and toast points.  It was good for 3 or 4 people and very nice.


For the main event I had their signature dish:  Sweet onion crusted Red Snapper, oven baked and served with Madeira sauce.  The onions were caramelized and the sweetness complemented the fish.


Another entree ordered was the Pan seared Rockfish.  Served over corn and bacon hash and finished with an avocado, cilantro sour cream.  I had a taste of it and it really had such a good flavor.  The mixture of the bacon hash and the avocado and cilantro gave it such a different taste.  I love those types of combinations.


The next entree was the Crab crusted Halibut, which was finished with a lemon buerre blanc.   Also different, being that it was crusted with crab.


No dessert was ordered because I had made Flan and it was waiting at home.

I still cannot believe I had not been to that restaurant in so long.  But to tell you the truth, and in my defense, the building does not look like a restaurant.


Anyway, as usual I took a lot of pictures and you just have to try it yourself.  Last night, the sunset was priceless!! 

I am not kidding I cant’ wait to go back.  It is great when the unexpected surprises you in such a pleasant way.

Note:  Two Seas is available for private parties.


See you later…..relax…you are at the beach!!

July 5th, 2010

Jax, Fish House, Boulder, Colorado, Restaurant, Review



Four of us for dinner with no reservation.  That was our dilema.  Where to go in Boulder with so many restaurants within walking distance, on Pearl Street. 

We decided to to to Jax, located on 928 Pearl St.  Tel. 303-444-1811, website

It was crowded.  The time 6:30 p.m.  Jax is not big but they can fit a lot of people.  Busy, a little noisy but that is the way you want this fish house.

The first thing we saw as we stepped in, was the Raw Bar.  Up to about a dozen varieties of oysters, clams, chilled crabs and lobsters are flown every day.

We had a certain amount of time in which to order and eat since we were on our way to the Boulder Theater to see guitarist Jesse Cook.

Our waiter was amazing and I am so sorry I did not get his name.  He was a professional. 

We were a party of 4.  We started with 3 dozen oysters.  Salty, and very cold, just like we like them.

For dinner, I followed the suggestion of our waiter and had the special of Mahi Mahi.  It had polenta, hearts of palm and the broth was well seasoned and delicious.  The presentation was beautiful.


My friend ordered the Mississippi Skillet Catfish.  You had the choice of blackened or fried.  She chose blackened.  On the bottom pancakes, andouille sausage gravy, onion rings and a side of the sausage.  Great combination and never had seen it presented in such a way.


An order of Black Mussels was another dinner and the broth was so good that more bread was requested.

The Lobster BLT, had lots of lobster and house smoked bacon, citrus aioli, and arugula.  Crispy french fries and cole slaw that got great reviews.  So good in fact that he went a couple of days later with friends and they all had this entree.


Jax is offering Dinner Series with Chef Hosea Rosenberg.  He was in Season 5 of “Top Chef”. 

The first dinner is taking place on July 14th at 6:00 p.m.  Only 18 seats are available per dinner.  $100 per person.  The theme?  “As Fresh as it Gets”:  The Pacific Northwest. 

For more info. and reservations please check the website or give them a call.

Note:  Jax has Happy Hour from 4 – 6 p.m.  Dinner starts at 4:00 p.m.


I am back in Delaware so talk to you later…..

June 2nd, 2010

Harris Crab House, Restaurant, Review, Kent Island, Kent Narrows, Maryland, Tark’s Grill, Lutherville, Maryland



Who would make an appointmet in Baltimore, Maryland the day after  Memorial week-end?  Well, I did.  That was really crazy because just in Ocean City, Maryland, right here at the beaches, there were 250,000 visitors that decided to spend the week-end with us.  I don’t know how many in the Delaware beaches but plenty were here, as well.

Needless to say, they have to go home so on Tuesday we all drove West in caravan style.

At one point we are at a dead stop on Rt. 404.  Many of you know which route this is.  A suggestion was made in my car to take a “short cut”.  Yeap, the short cut took us 10 miles back on a winding road that was sort of familiar but really wasn’t.

It did not matter to much to me and I just laughed and hoped that other suggestions would not be made. 


My thoughts were really on where I would, definitely, be stopping on my way back.  Harris Crab House is a must for me when I find myself traveling these roads.  The restaurant is located right there in Kent Island and I have talked about it in the past.  And once again I am talking about it because you never know how the food or service is going to be.  The location is perfect for a crab house.  Right on the water, watching the boats go by.


Harris Crab House is on Kent Narrows Way, North, Grasonville, MD 21638. It is Rt. 5/301, Exit 42.  Tel. 410-827-9500 and website is


It was late in the afternoon but not dinner time so the idea was to have just an appetizer.  Well, I have to confess that I love steamed clams, especially, cherrystones.

Of the small clams there are “littlenecks” that are from Littleneck Bay, Long Island, N.Y. and are better eaten raw or in chowders, and the “cherrystones” which are slightly larger in size and named for Cherrystone Creek, Virginia.  These could be eaten raw or cooked, but I love them best steamed, as mentioned above.

I really was a pig; I ate 60 clams.  Yeap, I did.  I am not guilty beacuse they were so good; sweet and salty and the perfect size.  Then I just had 3 crabs; a balancing act.


The crabs were not as good as they usually are.  The man at the next table who had eaten plenty of crabs in his life thought they were paper thin.  And, they were, even though they were tasty.  The waiter said that they were hit hard during the week-end. The size of the crabs were large but not that large, really.  They were out of the jumbos, and the prices were high.


This man mentioned that his favorite crab house in Ocean City, Maryland is The Crab Bag.  Probably so, but I will have to check it out since I have not been there this season.  Will let you know.

By the way, I had lunch in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday at a restaurant called Tark’s Grill.  I did not take pictures but it is worth mentioning in case you are in the area of Greenspring Station, Lutherville.  It was delicious with an extensive wine list and menu.  There is outdoor seating available and my signature salad, Lindsays Chicago Chopped Salad with Blackened Chicken was great.  It  had chopped pickles, almost unnoticeable, but it really added to the salad.

Tark’s Grill is a traditional American Bistro.  The address is 2360 West Joppa Rd., Suite 116, Lutherville, MD 21093.  Tel. is 410-583-Tark.  The website is


I hope you have a great day…talk to you later…


April 20th, 2010

Fager’s Island, Ocean City, Maryland, Restaurant, Review, Prime Rib, Sunsets



What a perfect night to have dinner at Fager’s in Ocean City, Maryland.  This very popular restaurant is located at 201-60th St. in the Bay.  Tel. 410-524-5500, toll free tel. 888-371-5400.  Website and the e-mail address is

If you are visiting Ocean City, Maryland, you are bound to show up at Fager’s during your visit.  How could you not?  If you want to have fun, this is the place to be.  Restaurant, Bar, Entertainment, Perfect Location and the Sunset is amazing, as it was tonight.  Look at that picture.  I could have sat outside but since it was still a little chilly we were all inside.

When sunset approaches, the music starts.  Not just any music, but guests will be listening to a concerto of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.  The music and the view will mesmerize anyone having dinner at that time of the evening.  And, once sunset occurs, the music stops and the clapping begins.

And, that is how our dinner started.  Tonight we saw several familiar faces and met some new ones, as well.  The restaurant was comfortably crowded.

We were all there for their prime rib.  I have to tell you that I last came to Fager’s back in December and at the time I wrote that the prime rib was not that great.  Well, tonight I would have to tell you that they outdid themselves.  The beef was beautiful, cooked to perfection, juices perfectly seasoned, accompanied with colorful veggies and a baked potato.


Some of us had salads as a starter.  I had the wedge with Blue Cheese dressing and bacon and walnuts.  I have had this salad before and it is very refreshing and the dressing is light.

Just for your info. a standing rib roast is a cut of beef from the rib section, which is one of the eight primal cuts of beef.

A slice of standing rib roast will include portions of the so-called “eye” of the rib as well as the outer, fat-marbled muscle known as the “lip” or “cap”.

Always, the best part of having dinner out, is sharing it with good friends.  It is priceless!!

Note:  Fager’s is one of the many restaurants at all of our beaches that have a gluten free menu.


Talk to you later….probably tomorrow….

April 16th, 2010

Lazy Susans, Hot Fat Crabs, Lewes, Delaware Beaches, Crab House, Restaurant, Review



How could you not start thinking about crabs?  Not just crabmeat, but sitting down and picking crabs.  Getting messy and full of Old Bay Seasoning.

I wrote yesterday about how gorgeous it was here at the Delaware Beaches.  I wanted crabs for dinner.


Lazy Susans just opened up last week for the season.  They have been in business since 1984.  It is a true crab house.  Their location is 18289 Coastal Highway (Rt.1), Lewes, Delaware. Tel. 302-645-5115. 


Just in case you do not eat crabs, Lazy Susans also have other food items on their menu like steamed shrimp, BBQ clams, oysters in season, fried fish, chicken, oyster, shrimp and seafood baskets, flounder, sandwiches, soups and salads.  Great corn in season, as well as specials every week.  The restaurant is very affordable, has a full bar, and a kids menu is available.

Me, I only eat the crabs and maybe some corn.

Last night as I was coming inside the restaurant I looked around to find out that it is still early in the season, so tables were pretty open.  I chose a picnic table, covered in the brown paper, always present in a crab house.  Perfect for cleaning the mess afterwards.


Lazy Susans has another dining area in the back of the restaurant that is very open and a bar is located there, as well.



We started with crabby deviled eggs and they were very good.  It was a good balance between the crab and the egg.  Sometimes the filling can get too heavy either way, but last night they were perfect.


To me, there is nothing better than a blue crab; I mean a true blue crab.  I have eaten crabs from other parts but there is that sweetness of the Delmarva crab that is so delicate and tasty. I then dip the crabmeat in vinegar and the combination is great.


When my sons were young, I made sure that they learned to eat crabs at a very early age.  My oldest was an expert by the age of 3.  I remember him sitting in his high chair at the Crab Claw in St. Michaels, in Maryland, and people would stop to watch him pick crabs.  I actually showed him so that I would not have to be picking them for him.  A little selfish on my part but, both of them have been big fans of crab picking ever since.

The crabs at Lazy Susans were mediums.  As the season progresses, the crabs also get bigger and depending how the season goes, they get more expensive, as well.  These mediums were heavy, which is the way you want them; very sweet also.  The mustard is found as you open the crab.  I always thought it was the fat.  But, I found out that it is not.  It is actually the crab’s hepatopancreas.  What is it?  It is a main component of the crab’s digestive system.  The hepatopancreas is a gland located on both sides of the mid gut in the main body cavity.  It functions as both liver and pancreas.



The “mustard” has a strong and delicious taste and it is considered by us crab “connoiseurs” as a true delicacy.

I have been wondering, why does a crab’s shell turn red-orange when cooked?  Afterall, it is blue-green as in “blue crab”.

Apparently, the red pigment is the most stable component of the coloring in a crab shell.  The other colors on the crab are destroyed by the cooking process.

The red pigment is astaxathin, a carotenoid, like beta-carotene.  It is heat stable while the other protein that makes up the blue-green pigment is not.  The red-orange is released when cooking.

Yes, picking crabs could get the conversation flowing.

Sitting with friends for a crabfeast is the best.  We get messy and nobody cares.  During the summer, it is a past time of all of us here at the beaches; crabs, corn, fresh tomatoes, and beer.  Priceless!!



Have a geat week-end!!!…Talk to you later…


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April 14th, 2010

Punta Santiago, Daniel, Restaurant, Review, Monkey Island, Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Carmen, Pastelillos, Salmorejo


I grew up on the eastern side of the island of Puerto Rico; specifically in the town of Humacao.  This is also the home of the “granitos”.  People come from all over the island to buy them. They have always been homemade and they are composed of fried rice flour with cheese in its center.  It is more like a snack food to be accompanied by a good cup of Puerto Rican coffee.

From the town of Humacao, the beaches were about 20 minutes away.  One stretch of beach near Humacao was Punta Santiago.  The mountains meet the sea on this amazing coastline.  This beach has both volcanic black sand and coral white sand, as well.


I found that Punta Santiago still looks the same.  I was so glad.  The small church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen, who is the Patron of Fishermen and whose official Feast Day is July 16th, stands beautifully maintained. I got married in that small church. 


Punta Santiago might not be for everyone but I remember it with fond memories. Every time we would want to go an eat at the beach; we always meant Punta Santiago.

Off of Punta Santiago there is a small island.  I loved to watch it from the beach, but you can take canoes and small boats around it.  The island is called Monkey Island. Its official name is Cayo Santiago.  About 1,200 Rhesus monkeys are the only inhabitants.  They are the offspring of an original group of monkeys imported from India that were used for scientific research in 1938.


Monkey Island is run by the University of P.R.’s Caribbean Primate Research Center, the National Institute of Health, and Harvard University.  The monkeys’ behavior, demographics, genetics and physiological changes are being studied.  Definitely, the island is not open to the public; best viewing is from a kayak.

From that same spot on the beach, also in front of Daniel Seafood Restaurant, you can see at a distance the islands of Vieques and Culebra.


Daniel is one of the few seafood restaurants in Punta Santiago. The telephone is 787-852-1784.  I wanted to get some salmorejo de jueyes which is the dish prepared with stewed land crabs.  I also wanted to get the pastelillos de chapin, which are like turnovers filled with a seasoned shredded fish called “chapin”.  They also fill these turnovers with land crab and lobster. Another “antojito” was the homemade hot sauce.


The restaurant is so casual.  I would not call it a chinchorro since chinchorros are smaller local eateries.  I went right to their terrace overlooking Monkey Island and Vieques and Culebra.  The smell of the ocean was great.  Not like in Delray Beach, which I love or in the beautiful beaches of Delaware and Maryland.  The smell is distinct; only from a Caribbean Island.



It was so much fun just watching them make the turnovers and taking the lobsters out.  The ever present hammocks of the Caribbean were there tempting me, but I am sure Sonia would have thought I was crazy.  We had so many important things still to do for the remaining of that day.






Memories on that Friday, day and night…later…



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January 23rd, 2010

Cooking Class…Big Fish Grill…Rehoboth Beach…Delaware Beaches…A Glimpse into Big Fish Grill’s Behind the Scenes…



One of the nicest things about the second season, here at the beaches, is the laid back attitude we all get.  Not lazy but really relaxed because it is quiet; being able to park anywhere, and no waiting lines, it’s such a treat.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the visitors to our beaches and the energy they all project, but at this time of the year, I am really enjoying this.

You know, “Cooking is like love.  It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”  By Harriet Van Horne.

With that in mind, the Usual Suspects, signed up for a cooking class at Big Fish Grill.  I wrote about this very popular restaurant back on December 11th.  You can click on the left hand side of this blog, on that particular month and scroll down to that date in order to see it.

Inside Big Fish on our way to Cooking School

Inside Big Fish on our way to Cooking School

Big Fish Grill is located on 20298 Coastal Highway, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. is 302-227-9007.  The website is


The Usual Suspects above mentioned are a group of my friends that are ready to do anything on a moment’s notice.  Debbie, Roberta, another Debbie and Brennan have accompanied me kayaking, to breakfast at Crystal in Rehoboth Beach, and to Liquid Assets in Ocean City, Maryland.

Besides being good friends, we all have a strong interest in food and decided to go to this class, make the best of it, learn, and savour every mouthful of the coming feast.  And, that’s exactly what we did.

A busy kitchen with Expediters

A busy kitchen with Expediters

Big Fish Grill is one of those restaurants that is busy all the time.  Summer season, second season, hurricane season, nor’ easter season, you name it; no rest for this group.  I like it best in the fall and winter. Susan, their manager, said today, you can kick back in their casual atmosphere and the restaurant is more subdued.  In the summer it is busy.  People coming and going; enjoying their food and out the door to explore whatever the beaches are offering.

Big Fish Grill has been offering cooking classes and they have been well attended.  Today’s class had about 22 people.  Some of them had already been to these classes in the past year. 

Our Chefs were Marcus and Joe.  Susan was non-stop.  She knows every aspect of the restaurant and its food preparations.  They would attempt to give us the ins and outs of a very well run and organized operation; their techniques and suggestions.

Marcus on the left and Joe on the right

Marcus on the left and Joe on the right

We all gathered in the main part of the restaurant and had coffee and baked goods.  The agenda was as follows:  An introduction, with a tour of Big Fish Seafood Market and the proper fish cutting technique.  It was harder than I thought, but Fidel made it look so easy. 

Fidel and the Red Snapper

Fidel and the Red Snapper


Learning to Fillet Fidel's Red Snapper

Learning to Fillet Fidel's Red Snapper

We entered the seafood market where already every fish was perfectly displayed for the week-end.  The only fish that is received frozen is the Chilean Seabass since it comes from Chile.  Everything is made in-house with the exception of the candied nuts that go into some of their salads.  Spices and dips are available for purchase.  A favorite of mine is their smoked fish dip.

Ready to Go Items at the Seafood Market

Ready to Go Items at the Seafood Market

Then, the appetizer demonstration with a Tuna Tartar with a Crispy Chip, Oysters Rockeffeler and an Arugula Salad with Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette.  Heaven was near.

Marcus ready for Tuna Tartar

Marcus ready for Tuna Tartar

Ready for Oysters Rockefeller

Ready for Oysters Rockefeller

A discussion of pairing wine with food and cheese; then a wine and cheese tasting.  Susan told us that Big Fish wants to offer wines that complement a meal.  They are not looking for mark-ups.  Some of the ones sampled today were the Sauvignon Blanc called Saint Supery from the Napa Valley.  A Chardonnay called Natura from Chile.  A Cabernet called BV from the Napa Valley that was one of their heavier reds.  And, a Pino Noir called Carmel Road.  She suggested drinking the wine with cheese and enjoy the sensation it would produce.  One of the cheeses that I really liked was called Morbier.  This is a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from France and it is named after the Village of Morbier in Franche-Comte in Eastern France.  The color is ivory; it is soft and slightly elastic.  You can recognize it by a black layer of tasteless ash separating it horizontally in the middle.  Aging time for this cheese is 45 days to 3 months.

Susan explaining wines

Susan explaining wines

Wine & Cheese Tasting

Wine & Cheese Tasting

The entree demonstration was the culmination of the class with 4 dishes; Mojito Marinated Snapper with Pico de Gallo.  Yes, that was the fish I fillet.  Citrus Rubbed Salmon from the Summerhouse menu, Pan Seared Rib Eye with Horseradish Cream and the ever popular Big Fish Mashers. All fantastic dishes that were quickly devoured.

Mojito Marinated Snapper with Pico de Gallo

Mojito Marinated Snapper with Pico de Gallo

Citrus Rubbed Salmon

Citrus Rubbed Salmon

The sweet ending was sinful.  At the beginning of the class, Sandra made the brownies from scratch so they would be ready for dessert.  Sandra also handles the crabmeat for Big Fish.  Can you believe this restaurant uses 600 lbs. of crabmeat per week in the summer?

Sandra preparing the Brownies

Sandra preparing the Brownies

Sweet Endings at Last!!

Sweet Endings at Last!!

Big Fish Grill said that they are passionate about creating consistently good food everytime.  They will tweak, improve, and develop recipes that will keep us asking for more.  Their commitment to superior quality of ingredients, a dedicated staff and a friendly disposition made us really enjoy this day.

Gracias a Sandra y a Fidel por su ayuda en este dia.  Los “brownies” estaban deliciosos y aprendi como limpiar el pescado.  Buen maestro, Fidel.

Note:  Please check the website for more information.  The schedule for the 2010 Cooking Classes is posted, as well as information on their other restaurants; the Summerhouse in Rehoboth Beach, the Big Fish Grill on the waterfront in Wilmington.  Soon, another restaurant will be unveiled; Firestone, also on the waterfront in Wilmington.  Be on the look-out.

The information on Morbier was taken from


We were given all the recipes taught in this class.  As soon as I make some of them I will share them with you.  And by the way, the following are some of the kitchen gadgets that you should not live without.

The Essentials

The Essentials

Robot Coupe is a Hand Mixer

Robot Coupe is a Hand Mixer

A Couple of Blenders will Do

A Couple of Blenders will Do


Well, this post was a long one but how else could I have described it?  See you soon….

January 19th, 2010

Reef Rd Rum Bar…Restaurant…Review…Clematis St…West Palm Beach…Florida…



On Monday, it was probably one of the prettiest days since we have been in Florida.  Low humidity, crisp and perfect temperature.

I had to go towards West Palm Beach, which is about 25 minutes north of Delray Beach.  Easy drive, especially on such a day.

I have to congratulate the City of West Palm.  This city looks so nice and offers so much; water accessibility, museums, restaurants, shopping, the arts, and walking promenades.  I took a drive through Flager Ave. and it really did look so pristine. 

I then went towards Clematis Street which is one of the streets in West Palm where a lot of the restaurants are located and perfect for walking and window shopping as well.000_0003

I parked at the corner of Olive St. and Banyan.  That’s when I met George. George works for United Parking System, right there on the corner and it was $5 to park. We immediately started a conversation.  George has a wealth of information.  He is retired and has been around the globe a few times.  From this location he has an advantage point.  He interacts with the people that park in this parking lot, whether they are driving a Ferrari or the not so expensive kind. He has a clear view of the intracoastal; he pointed out the magnificent sailboat anchored and informed me that the owner was from humble beginnings in South Africa and then diamonds were discovered in his property and the rest is history.  The gentleman now rubs elbows with the wealthy but feels comfortable in his shorts and sandals at the same time.

Since I was looking for a place to eat, I decided that George probably would be a good source of information.  And he was.  He really is a foodie too.  He pointed us to Reef Rd Rum Bar, right on Clematis.  He also wanted a review.

George said that the best restaurant in the whole area, was one I could not go to.  Maria from Trieste, Italy is a magnificent cook and a very classy lady.  I will leave it at that.  Thanks George because you made my day just by being so friendly.

We walked over to Reef Rd Rum Bar, 223 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  Tel. 561-838-9099.  Fax 561-838-9051. 

This restaurant is owned by the Big Time Restaurant Group who owns several restaurants like City Oyster in Delray Beach, Grease, Rocco’s Tacos in West Palm, City Cellar in West Palm and New York and Big City Tavern in Ft. Lauderdale.  The website is and by visiting it you will be able to find out about each of the restaurants including menus, and other info. Each restaurant is different.

Reef Rd is very casual with a Tiki style decor.  We sat outside because besides the beautiful day, there something about eating outdoors.  Since it was a holiday Clematis Street was quiet but the lunch hour was comfortably crowded. 

This restaurant specializes in Mojitos and has about 120 bottles of barrel aged and premium rums.  Along with a relaxed atmosphere you have a menu that will cater to young and old; chowders, salads, fish, sandwiches, etc. 

One of their services is Hook & Cook which means you catch it, bring it to the restaurant and they’ll cook it for you.  Please call them up for more information.

Reef Rd has a frequent lunch card, which means that if you buy 5 lunches (1 stamp per visit) you will receive the 6th free.

I had a very good lunch.  I ordered the Greek Salad with the Crispy Grouper on top.  The salad was good but the grouper made it better.  This fish was perfectly seasoned and the batter was just so light; the fish was moist and fresh. Loved it.000_0001

I have mentioned before that my husband has to eat gluten free.  One of the features on the menu was Fish Tacos.  We asked if the shell was made out of flour or corn.  Unfortunately, it was flour, but Angie, our very competent and friendly waitress, instructed the kitchen to go across the street, to Rocco’s and get corn tortillas, which are allowed on a gluten free diet. Not soon after we saw someone run over and then back with a container of the shells. I thought that was so nice and thoughtful that even if I had not enjoyed my meal I would have had to say that I did because that gesture said it all.  His fish tacos, blackened, were very good and came with salad and yellow rice with beans.  He said their taste was close to the first ones he had in San Diego years ago.

So, after such an enjoyable lunch we walked back and reported to George who was happy to hear we liked it and what else do I have to say but see you later…

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