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September 14th, 2010

Puerto Rico Coffee Expo, Puerto Rican Coffee Industry, San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 18 – 19, 2010



Back in May when I visited Puerto Rico I met Paul Gonzalez when he was promoting the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo.  I told him that I was a coffee afcionada and that I would be more than pleased to put the information for this great event on my blog.

Puerto Rico is known for its coffee.  I remember my grandmother always having her afternoon coffee.  It is a ritual.  A relaxing time to share with friends and neighbors.


“Puerto Rico es Cafe”  is the motto for the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo which will be held Saturday 9/18 and Sunday 9/19 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center located at 100 Convention Blvd., San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907.

The Puerto Rico Coffee Expo will bring together the coffee community and related products in an effort to stimulate and reposition the Puerto Rican coffee industry.

The Expo will gather coffee brands, producers, roasters, distributors, restaurant owners, coffee shops, barista, coffee lovers, artisans, private organizations and government agencies that promote the coffee industry development.

The public will have the opportunity to learn more about the history, brands, new trends, barista art, and special coffees.

The exhibitors at the Puerto Rican Coffee Expo will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to thousands of local and international visitors, while stimulating and promoting the production and quality of the Puerto Rican coffee.

This event will be opened to the general public and is free of charge.

The coordinators of the event is the Cube Group, Inc.  It is a Puerto Rican organization founded in 2010 with the main objective of developing high impact cultural, socio-economic and entrepreneurial events in Puerto Rico.  It is composed of three young guys who want to establish an annual event that will contribute to the culture, economy, and education within the fascinating world of coffee.

If you would like more information, please visit, or write to the e-mail  You may also call 787-568-7646.


Talk to you later…..I cannot imagine the aroma at the Puerto Rico Convention Center during the event…Have a great one…


Note:  Information from this post was taken from the press release sent to me.

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May 28th, 2010

Granitos, Humacao, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican Coffee



If you are from the eastern side of the island of Puerto Rico, specifically, from the town of Humacao you must have grown up eating granitos.  At that time we would go to the Plaza del Mercado, the local market and get them while they were still warm.  They would start selling them very early in the morning.  Always placed in a brown paper bag.


Nowadays, you can get them from different vendors around town.  But, people who know about this delicacy, yes, a delicay, come from all over the island because they are only made in Humacao, in the Patagonia neighborhood.  They are sold in boxes and very cheap, I may add.


It is a simple, pink house, where the granitos are made and there is no sign to tell you that you have arrived.  So, unless you know where you are going you will not find them.

They are made out of rice flour and shaped to look almost like flat canoe.  Then, a small piece of cheese is placed on top. 


The method of cooking?  Deep fried.  That’s it.  They turn a golden color and they are just delicious. 


This fritura, is the perfect companion to a good cup of Puerto Rican coffee. 


I went to check a few of them.  The big event to take place in September is the Puerto Rico Coffee Expo which will be on the 18th and 19th, at the Hotel La Concha in San Juan.  Please visit for more info.


The first coffee I got was 1739 Kfe Artesanal from Utuado, Puerto Rico.  Utuado is located in the mountains and they refer to their coffee as black gold.  It is a true Puertorican coffee with ecology in mind.  Please visit their website



The next two are from Hacienda Monte Alto in Adjuntas.  One is called Aroma del Cielo, which is a medium dark roast and the other one is called Cafe Monte Riqueno which is a superior grade.  Please visit their website   I have just been drinking the Aroma del Cielo and it is very good; bold and rich just as it should be.



Have a great day….and talk to you later….

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