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April 13th, 2013

Rehoboth Eats, GreenMan Juice Bar & Bistro, Breakfast, Lunch, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Eat Local, Southern Delaware


Where to eat in Rehoboth Beach?  Plenty of places to eat, being that Rehoboth Beach is a dining and vacationing destination in Southern Delaware.  The town is looking great, expecting a very good 2013 Season!

We all have our favorite places to eat….GreenMan Juice Bar & Bistro is located on 12 Wilmington Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, on the ocean block. It is in one of those quaint cottages that abound in Rehoboth and define this coastal town.


You can find GreenMan on Facebook.  Tel. 302-227-4909.  They are open for breakfast and lunch Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.  They will be expanding the hours once the season gets going.  Take-out available.  Website?

If the weather is warm try to sit on the porch; inside is just as comfortable.


My friend, Jody, and I started with a beverage.  Me?  A frothy capuccino.


There is so much to try at this popular restaurant in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  I keep saying that one of these days that French Toast is going to be mine.  On Friday…well, we are trying to watch our figures, Jody and I had something simple.


She had the Homemade Quiche of the Day, the Quiche du Jour, made with organic free range eggs and organic fresh veggies.  Organic greens and sesonal fruits on the side.


I decided on the GreenMan Tofu Scramble in a Wrap.  Organic vegetables, sauteed with tofu and hearty red potatoes served with fresh tomato salsa in a whole wheat wrap.  A little hot sauce on the side to spice things up.


We chatted a bit…and that was it….then, it was off to Morgan & Gower….Friday was National Cheese Day!!

Have a Good One!!


December 31st, 2012

Crystal Restaurant, Locals’ Hangout, Breakfast & Lunch, Full Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches….Open on New Year’s Day!!


This post is for my friends that “hangout” at Crystal every time we get the chance.  A little displaced, we are, at this time of the year.  But, every time they are in my thoughts when I eat at Crystal.  They know who they are.

Crystal is located at 37300 Rehoboth Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-1088.  It was my last breakfast of 2012.  Since my friends were not here to join me, I brought second best; my two sons.

Crystal was totally packed.  Visitors and locals making a special breakfast morning something to be remembered.  Great weather too!!

I had to be fast with my camera.  We chose the following.

Crab Benedict, using crab meat instead of Canadian Bacon.  This dish is packed with crab meat.  It is always served with that tiny steak knife.  Too funny!


A Norwegian Benedict, using smoked salmon instead of Canadian Bacon.  It was a huge portion….a little doggy bag for later on.


French Toast was my choice.  I have not had it in a long time.  It’s a good one at Crystal!!


Never fails; well done scrapple.  Sorry, but I do love it.


A side order of Creamed Chip Beef for the table almost did us in.


A perfect breakfast….enjoying the holidays in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!!

Note:  Crystal serves breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast sandwiches, cereal, side orders, eggs, omelettes, a kids’ corner, salads, grilled sandwiches, specialty burgers, sandwiches….and on and on.

Happy New Year’s!!

September 10th, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner? Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Crystal Restaurant, The Locals and Natives are Out on The Second Season, Restaurant, Review, Delaware Beaches


Crystal has been in Rehoboth for so many years.  During the season it also opens for dinner.  Usually, my group of usual suspects go there for breakfast.  We celebrate anything…birthdays, moving away, you name it…it’s great.  All kinds of breakfast items.  They do offer lunch; try the burger next time.

Crystal is located at 620 Rehoboth Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-1088.  During the summer months, you can expect to wait; they open every day.  There is a full bar.  Today, on a gorgeous September day, my son and I decided to stop by.  It was so funny to see the locals, and natives already enjoying the Second Season in Rehoboth Beach.

My son orders the Crab Imperial Eggs Benedict every time.  Today was no different.  OMG…look at the picture.  It had so much crab; smothered in Hollandaise sauce.  A sprinkle of Old Bay, that’s all you need, and you are good to go.  The home fries are pretty good too.  The Crab Egg Benedict is always consistent, served with that much crabmeat.


I really wanted to have Chipped Beef on Toast.  This dish, just like all the dishes at Crystal, is big.  Our server told me that it was, particularly, good today.  No, I can’t do that.  So, instead I decided to have this tiny yogurt, granola, nuts, blueberries and even honey.  But, wait a minute….I am not finished.  I also had a side order of Scrapple, extra crispy.  What a combination!!  I confess, I ate it all.  Now, I feel better.  No more guilt!!


I hope my Scrapple friends, Missy and Jim see the Scrapple.  It was perfectly cooked.


Talk to you later….you know I will.

Note:  What was I thinking?  I could have had that chipped beef!!

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