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February 17th, 2011

Delray Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Florida, Delaware Beaches, MIXX, A little bit of this, A little bit of that



Why is it that the day you are leaving a vacation is probably the nicest day of all?  That’s what happened yesterday in Delray Beach. 80 degrees, people on the beach, but not us.  We were on our way to PBI (Palm Beach International) to hop on Southwest and off to Delaware.  It is a conspiracy; they want you to go back.  Almost like saying; hey, look what you will be missing.  Not so fast.  I enjoyed my time in Delray; walked a lot, definitely warmer than home, and ate too much.  Yikes!  Back on the diet.  It is good to be home.

Lately, I have been using 2 airlines; Southwest and Airtran.  On Airtran I thought I had a deal.  Oh, upgrade to business class for $89. How nice of them!!  I figured, let’s splurge!  By the time I finished splurging, it was $89 plus $75 for changing and $25 for the luggage and then the $6 per seat paid before the upgrading; that was unrefundable.  Plus, my original fare of $69.  There were 2 of us.

Southwest was on a roll yesterday.  We found the perfect seats.  Let’s look like we are sick, then nobody would, in their right mind, sit next to us.  Do not look at them in the eyes, either.  You know what?  It worked because we had the 3 seats all to ourselves.  Then Country started.  That’s how I called the flight attendant that decided to start singing country music and then proceeded to do a stand-up comedy.  I don’t know what it’s happening with Southwest.  Do they actually think we all like that?  I remember the Captain saying sit back and relax. I wanted to get into my book, but all through the flight he was showering us with a song here or a joke there.

I usually don’t order desserts; just once in a while.  But, on our last day, my husband wanted a flan.  I always think that it is better to order a flan in a Latin restaurant.  They usually have the original; just made with milk, eggs and sugar.  I don’t want coconut, sweet potato, mango or any other additives.  That’s exactly what we got at Cabana on Atlantic Ave., in Delray.  It was pretty good and not overly sweet, either.


It was close to 7 p.m. when we made it to Rehoboth Beach and we were hungry.  Three of us went to MIXX on 26 Baltimore Ave., I have written about this restaurant before.  Their website is It was Wednesday; burger night.  We had a few other things, as well.

The Ancho Barbecue Chicken Satay – spicy barbecue basted and broiled chicken, served with Korean napa cabbage slaw.  It was gluten free and the slaw was spicy.  My husband loved it.


He also had a Seared Scallops – served with shredded brussels sprouts, bacon, and a Dijon mustard aioli.  Also gluten free.  Both of his dishes were appetizers.


Michael had the Black & Blue Bison Burger, which was cracked pepper seasoned bison, topped with blue cheese crumbles, lettuce and tomato.  His choice for a side was truffle fries.


Mine was the Asian Pork Burger which was freshly ground pork, roasted garlic & chili sauce, topped with Asian Slaw.  My side was sweet potato fries.  Tasty and just the right amount.


Yes, we certainly made it back home.  It is warm, well in the 60s.  Tomorrow, the beginning of a long week-end, 70s is the forecast.  Presidents week-end and the shoppers will be here to grab anything the outlets will be offering.

There is a slight spring scent in the air.  I can’t fool myself; afterall, it is still February…..

Have a great day… to you later…..

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