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February 17th, 2014

Delray Beach Eats! Ziree Thai & Sushi, Family Owned Restaurant, South Florida, Village by The Sea, Curries, Sushi, Thai Cuisine, My Go to Restaurant when in Delray Beach, Palm Beach County


Are you in Delray Beach, Florida?  In the news they said that the only state with no snow on the ground is Florida.  So, my friend tells me that the weather has been gorgeous is Delray Beach, which got me thinking….sitting on that wide beach during the day is the best, whether you are just relaxing or engaging on a favorite activity.



I have been to plenty of restaurants in Delray Beach, but one that is my “go to restaurant” is Ziree Thai & Sushi, located at 401 West Atlantic Ave., right past the Tennis Club as you head west to 95.  Last November I made sure I stopped once again. Tel. 561-276-6549.  They do accept reservations.  You might need them at the height of the season if you have a large party, otherwise, do like we have always done and just show up.  These two sisters are so nice and I came to know them because the son of one and the nephew of the other played lacross with my son while attending school in Florida.


I have seen the restaurant become a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  They do have a bar and take out, as well.

Ziree Thai & Sushi is casual; come as you are kind of place if you want.  Very relaxing.


I usually start with the Ziree Salad….fresh salmon, sushi grade, and berries and their own salad dressing.


Another favorite is the NAMSOD, which has ground chicken or pork, red onions, ginger, scallions, mixed with chili paste and lime juice.


Spring Rolls!!


The Sashimi Boat & Spicy Conch Salad.  It is always good.


If you like curry, this is your spot in Delray Beach.  Your choice of Red, Country, Green, Panang, Masamun or Yellow.  Add vegetable or tofu, chicken, beef, or pork, and shrimp, squid, or scallop.  I love them all but I usually ask for the Panang with squid.  They are served over white or brown rice.  You can also ask them to add extra “heat”.




They have desserts but I am usually satisfied.


Please Note:  They do carry gluten free soy sauce.

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February 16th, 2014

Sundays, Lunch, Dinghy Dock, Open Air, Dockside Dining, Locals’ Hangout, Dewey, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Warm, Tropical Breezes, Island Time, There is Something Magical About Sunday Afternoons


When I was younger Sundays, did not mean a thing.  As I matured, I found that Sundays are magical.  It is that day of the week where you can just relax, cook outdoors, read a good book….it is your own time.  No worries.  Monday is the next day, and you will worry about that when it gets there.

Visiting the Island of Culebra off Puerto Rico….Laid back Caribbean Island.  There is a slower time.  It is so scenic.  The sounds of the waves is all it takes to put you to sleep under a palm tree.


When visiting Culebra, and I will tell you more about it in a later post…..lunch at the Dinghy Dock is very relaxing.  At dockside.  It is located outside the Dewey Draw Bridge on Calle Fulladoza.  Tel. 787-742-0233.  Locals mingle and Dinghy Dock serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Entering Dinghy Dock and sitting at dockside….it is an open air restaurant with full bar, serving American and Puertorican food.



The view of the anchored boats and of the fish expecting a treat from your table.



A full bar and grab a table, please.  Remember, you are on island time… rush.



It was the perfect place to stop for lunch after touring the island with family.  On our table the following was ordered.

Beef Fajitas


Two orders of the local bean burritos.


And after I had been eating lechon asado (roasted pig), morcillas (blood sausages), pastelillos (turnovers), plantains….it was time to eat fish.  So, my sushi grade seared tuna hit the spot!!


No dessert for us….we were completely satisfied.

Visiting Culebra….priceless!!


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February 15th, 2014

Theatre, Art, Entertainment, “Two Wrongs”, Brown Box Theatre Project, Ocean City Center for the Arts, 2/14-2/17, A Shout to Director Kyler Taustin, Ocean City, Maryland, Small Plates, Skye Bar, Galaxy 66 in OC, An Evening in Ocean City


A Black Box Theater or experimental theater contains a simple, unadorned performance space.  It is new in theater; just a large room with black walls and a flat floor.  It uses limited sets, simple lighting effects, and a cozy focus on the story, writing, and performances.  The venues are considered by many where more “pure” theatre can be enjoyed and explored.


All of the above is true, except that on Friday, February 14th, when Brown Box Theatre Project opened its 2014 Season, the venue was the modern and beautiful Ocean City Center for the Arts, located at 502 94th St. in Ocean City, Maryland.  This is the home of the Art League of Ocean City.  Website?


John, Susan, Shelley and I were looking forward to seeing once again its Director, Kyler Taustin, who founded Brown Box Theatre Project in 2009.  Congratulations to him and his actors and staff for a beautiful evening.  The audience was thrilled and you could see it and feel it, as well.


Brown Box Theatre Project is a non-profit theatre collaborative dedicated to bringing live theatre to schools and communities that ordinarily lack easy access to the performing arts.  Previous performances have been A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Nina Variations, Romeo & Juliet, and a Feeble Mind.  Not only does Kyle bring threatre to Ocean City, Maryland, but he is also bringing it to the Delaware Beaches.  He will be back in September.  Please check out their website by visiting  On Facebook as Brown Box Theatre Project, as well.

“Two Wrongs” was written by Scott Caan of Hawaii Five-O.  It is a contemporary comedy and presents the story of Shelly, played by Chelsea Schmidt, and Terry played by Alex Marz, a pair of neurotics whose love lives become entangled due to the unethical meddling of their therapist, Julian, played by Brooks Reeves.  It has a sharp dialogue, humor, love and deception.  It was an hour long without intermission and the audience, laughed, clapped, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It will be playing at the Ocean City Center for the Arts through February 17th.  For tickets, please visit

The Ocean Center for the Arts is offering a wide range of classes and events, including, pottery classes, pasta and pottery, painting, drawing, photography, kids classes, workshops and a few that caught my attention were:  Cookies and Canvas, and Brushes and Bubbly.  To know more, please visit, or call 410-524-9433.

A stop at the Skye Bar located at Galaxy 66 in Ocean City for some small plates.  The Galaxy 66 is located at 66th St. in Ocean City. Website?


On the table…

Tenderloin tips…Italian marinade with truffle parmesan cheese fries.  Tender and delicious “fries”.


Seared Rare Tuna with fresh Wasabi.


Tempura Chicken Bites…they were tempura battered and tossed in a choice of sweet chili sauce, hot sauce, or curry mustard sauce….all of them were served.  I really like them; crispy and well seasoned.


Have a Good One!!

February 14th, 2014

TGIF, Happy Valentine’s Day, 8th Annual Winter Fest Barkfest, P.U.P.S., Yappy Hour, Irish Eyes, Fundraising Event, Georgetown SPCA, Friday, 2/14, Saturday, 2/15, Lewes, Delaware, The First Town in The First State, Southern Delaware, PET PAGEANT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO IMPENDING BAD WEATHER


Today is warm!! About 50 degrees or more at the Delware Beaches.  After these past couple of weeks it is time to get together and celebrate the 8th Annual Lewes Winter Fest Barkfest, in Historic Downtown Lewes.

This is a fundraising event for Georgetown SPCA.  Last year it was a bit cool, but we were all there to see all the pooches parade during the popular Pet Pageant on BARK STREET!!


Yappy Hour starts Friday, the 14th at Irish Eyes, located at 213 Anglers Rd.  Party with your pooch and meet other Yappers!! from 5 until 7 p.m.  It should be fun.  Pets should be on a leash.  Drinks like Bark-tini and the Cat-atonic will be available.  Irish Eyes will be donating 10% of their total food sales for the entire day to the SPCA.


Winter Fest Barkfest was started by Lesley Bowers, owner of P.U.P.S., Pawsitively Unique Pet Shop, located on Second Street.  Website?


The Georgetown SPCA will have a “Fill the Van” during both events at which time they are soliciting donations of blankets, sheets, pet food, kitty litter, toys, dog bones and bleach for cleaning their kennels.


On Saturday, 2/15 at 2 p.m. the Pet Pageant will begin, where pets of all sizes and shapes, ages and genders strut their stuff in front of the judges and the crowds.  The professional photographers will be there to capture all the excitement.


Four categories for competition:  Formal Wear, Leisure Wear, Companion Look Alike, and Kids Freestyle, open only to children.


Registration takes place at P.U.P.S. at 117 Second Street.  You can also register on Saturday in front of Citizens Bank from Noon until 1:30 p.m.  The registration entry donation is $5 and benefits the Delaware SPCA.

All contestants must be on site no later than 1:30 p.m. to receive their entry numbers.  They can line up with their owners at 1:45 p.m. behind Citizens Bank.


NOTE:  This year, very special shelter dogs will be in attendance, showing their unconditional love and looking for their forever homes!!


Have a good one!!

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February 13th, 2014

Destination? Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, El Convento Hotel, Lodging, Historic City, Old World Charm, La Isla del Encanto, The Caribbean


You cannot blame me for the continuation of my posts on the Island of Puerto Rico.  Have you looked outside today?  Delaware Beaches are getting rain but the tri-state area is getting snow.  So, Puerto Rico, is a quick get-away for many.  Only a few hours from major airports in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, and Philadelphia, PA.  No passport needed.  Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the U.S.  English is spoken for the most part throughout the island.

One of my favorite cities in Puerto Rico is Old San Juan.  Strolling through Old San Juan will set you back over 500 years.  Gorgeous cobblestone streets, wear comfortable shoes.  This walled city is so unique that the United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization, also known as UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.  It is a 7 block museum, where people, live, shop, dine, and party.


A few months ago a friend stayed in Old San Juan with her husband.  Both were so surprised to see and experience how Spanish the island is.  Not Latin American but Spanish from Spain…food, buildings, and traditions.


I don’t have to think twice when someone asks me where to stay in Old San Juan.  My answer is always the same:  El Convento Hotel, located at 100 Cristo St.  Tel. 787-723-9020.  Website?


Hotel Convento…the word convento is convent; it was a Carmelite Convent 356 years ago.  In 1959, under Operation Bootstrap….Operation Bootstrap gave U.S. companies tax incentives to come to Puerto Rico.  Hotels, Pharmaceutical companies and Oil companies came to the island looking for those benefits.


Robert Frederic Woolworth, heir to the Woolworth fortune, began converting the convent into the El Convento Hotel in 1959.  Since then, other major renovations have taken place in the 1990s and in the 2000s.  The hotel has 58 rooms, and several restaurants.


El Convento has a rooftop pool.  Visiting the Island of Puerto Rico would not be complete if you do not visit its beaches, as well.  El Convento has beach and pool privileges at La Concha Hotel located on Ashford Avenue in the Condado section of San Juan and in Isla Verde at the Marriott Hotel.  These are both great beaches if you are in San Juan.

The forecast for the Delaware Beaches looks pretty good this week-end.  Hard to believe that you think it is warm when the temperatures raise to 40 degrees!!  Oh, well spring is around the corner.

See you,


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February 12th, 2014

Spinach Pie, 4 Ingredients, Easy, Versatile, Gluten Free!! What’s for Dinner?

The setting?  A private home in the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico.  The view?  A million dollar one.


The dining room?  Comfortable, beautiful…island style.


On the table?  Arroz con Pollo Puertorican style (chicken with rice).


Also on the table, a very simple Spinach Pie.  One bite, and I had to have the recipe.


Back at the Delaware Beaches….it is cold, probably snow tonight and defnitely, rain tomorrow.  After my own tasting….I had to share it.

SPINACH PIE – 4 Ingredients

Please note that to make this pie Gluten Free grate the parmesan cheese yourself.

1 package of frozen spinach – 10 ounces

1 block of cream cheese, 8 ounces (I bought the one with less fat.)

4 eggs

1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese (or more, if you like)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease lightly a pie dish.

Let the spinach defrost and squeeze to get all the water out or as much as you can.

In a blender, put the 4 eggs, spinach, and cream cheese.  If you want to add salt and pepper, please do so, but I did not.  Blend and pour into a pie dish.


Place in the pre-heated oven for about 10 minutes and then sprinkle the parmesan cheese on top.  The cheese will make a crust and add a delicious taste to the pie.  There is no other crust.  It will take another 15 to 20 minutes to be ready.  You want it to look like the one on the photo.


Take it out of the oven and cut it in wedges.


Enjoy!!  The pie can be eaten hot, at room temperature, or cold.  You can also serve it as an appetizer.  I thought you could probably make it in a rectagular glass baking dish and cut into bars if you have guests over.  You know what to do now right?


NOTE:  I stand corrected… immediate call came  in from Puerto Rico….it seems that I forgot that a chopped onion was to be included in the ingredients going into the blender.  Oops!!  It still tasted delish!

February 10th, 2014

Gamecocks, Fighting Cocks, Peleas de Gallos, The Fighting Blue Hens, Cockfighting is Legal in Puerto Rico, “Operation Angry Birds”, Cockfighting Bust in New York State


I think it probably was like 38 years ago when my husband and I attended a cockfight in San Juan at the Club Gallistico de Puerto Rico.  Once was enough.  Not into it and just like I don’t like bullfights…it is the same with cockfighting.

I heard today, February 10th, that a raid took place in New York State….called “Operation Angry Birds”.  It was the largest cockfighting bust in the history of the state.

University of Delaware, where one of my sons graduated from, is one of the oldest universities in the U.S.  Their mascot is the Fighting Blue Hens.  That’s right, there is a lot of history why they became a symbol for the university.  If you want to know more, please visit

Gamecocks, gallos, fighting cocks are bred to fight.  These fights can get very bloody.  I was taking the ferry from Fajardo to Culebra, which is one of the islands owned by Puerto Rico.  The other one is Vieques.  These islands are between Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Beautiful and getting more popular every year.


The sound of the rooster….it was 5 p.m.  Was he ready to go to sleep?  So, I went down to see what all that racket was about.  There I saw him.  He was beautiful.  I am sure he was coming from San Juan after a fight.  He was probably a winner.  The owners let me take their photo and told me they had 6 more in their cages going back to Culebra.


Puertoricans are used to de Peleas de Gallos or Cockfighting….it is part of a heritage.  That does not mean that everyone goes or approves of it, but I think it is there to stay.

In the meantime roosters roam the islands too.  They are free and continue to be part of the local color.


Talk to you later.

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February 9th, 2014

Destination? “El Cunao”, Roasted Pig, Lechonera, Pig on a Spit, Puertorican Style & Yum! Comida Criolla, La Ruta del Comelon, La Ruta del Lechon, Guavate, Cayey, Puerto Rico


I am so sure that Puertoricans are getting ready for their weekly trip to the “lechoneras” or pig on a spit local eateries or cuchifrines in the country side.  Plenty visitors to the island of Puerto Rico just park themselves on the beach.  Believe me, that would be the thing to do after the winter we have had and continue to have in the U.S.  But, a visit to this island would not be complete without a sampling or tasting of the local cuisine.  It is called “comida criolla” or “comida del pais”.

Puertoricans usually go on Sundays and the “restaurants” can get very crowded, so, the best day would be Saturday.  That’s what we did.


We stopped in 3 Lechoneras.  Arriving with our stomachs empty and looking forward to so many of those dishes that I have not had in a while.  By the time we finished, we were totally satisfied and I was thinking that if I had another morcilla, toston, pork or lechon, chicharrones or crispy fat, bananas, cuajo, rice, it would be too soon.

From San Juan the town of Cayey is about 34 miles or 55 kilometers.  It will probably take you about 45 minutes, hoping you do not hit a traffic jam or “tapon”.  The town of Cayey is surrounded by La Sierra de Cayey.  It is mountainous, with cool weather and foggy mornings, especially in the “winter”.  Don’t laugh, it is true, Puerto Rico has its winter.  Definitely, much cooler in the months of January and February.

La Ruta del Comelon was iniated by me on this trip.  It is for those that like to eat or sample the different foods PR has to offer.  Full of spices, and herbs, the “comida criolla” has a special aroma and taste.  It is just Puertorican yum!


La Ruta del Lechon or the Pig on a Spit Rute is well known and documented.  It is in Guavate which is part of the town of Cayey.  The first “Lechonera” we tried was El Cunao which is in the area but not considered a true Ruta del Lechon.  Located on Carr. 1, Km 65.4, Cayey, PR.  Tel. 787-263-0511.


Some of the Lechoneras can be very simple and others look more like full-fledge restaurants such as El Cuano.  It is still run by the same family.  It started small and now it is a thriving restaurant.  Every Puertorican has a favorite and my cousins thought this was one of theirs.


Richard took care of us and he took me through a tour of their restaurant.  The pigs were ready to roast for Sunday and even though you might not like this picture, it needed to be taken because it is how they prepare the pigs for roasting on the spit.


After they are roasted and it does take awhile, then they are carved and ready to eat.


These ladies’ job was to peel plantains for the mofongo and tostones, and green bananas which are cooked in Puerto Rico and eaten as a vegetable and at times in a marinade.  Really good!!


On the photo, on the right, is Richard, who also makes the best “pique” and hot sauce.


We decided to share our bounty, due to the fact that this was not the only place where the Ruta del Comelon would take us.  Of course, drinks were ordered.

Tostones made out of green plantains, I do love and these ones were perfectly cooked.  Thin, crispy, with a soft center and also huge!!


Morcillas are blood sausages with rice.  They a bit of bite to them which made them even better.  Don’t wrinkle your nose because if you have not tried them, you don’t know what you ar missing.


Cuajito….this is another one that you don’t want to analyze too much but was so good I would go back for more.  It is stewed hog maws or the stomach of the pig…the lining of the stomach.  It does sounds disgusting but you just have to try it.  Next to the cuajito are green bananas cooked and eaten as a side dish.


Roasted Pig…..the top part is the crispy….you got it; the fat.  Even thought this first tasting of the roasted pig was very good….the one we all decided was the best was at the last stop….in a later post.


The next table had sat down to enjoy one succulent lunch….and no, I was not stalking them.


Not missing and very much enjoyed was the pique made by Richard.



My brother and his wife….they were ready for the next stop.


On a personal note….my husband who passed away 5 months ago….we met in Puerto Rico and he would have loved my plate….He was a foodie when that word did not even exist.  He loved Puertorican food, and my plate would have been much enjoyed by him.

Have a great day!


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