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August 15th, 2012

Big Horn Sheep, Colorado’s State Symbol, Roosevelt National Forest, A Magnificent Elk at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Monday was one of those days you do not want it to end.  Still visiting my friend, Marisa in Colorado with my other friend, Cindi, we decide to take off for Fort Collins to experience an afternoon of whitewater rafting.  It turned out to be an exhilarating time, which I will tell you on another post.


From Fort Collins we continued to Estes Park, which is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Estes Village is quaint, full of shops and eateries.  It is a destination for those who love the outdoors.

We were entering Roosevelt National Forest when the drive started to get even more gorgeous than before.


I was wondering if we would see any wildlife.  Marisa was telling us about the Big Horn Sheep.  She had only seen them one other time.


When I saw the sign describing the Big Horn Sheep, I took a picture thinking that’s all I would get to see.


Surprise, surprise.  As we came up the road we saw the people just braking to a stop.  Getting out with cameras on hand.  Bikers stopping, as well.

There they were.  Some by the road and some in much higher rocks.


The Big Horn Sheep has been Colorado’s State Symbol.  The Rocky Mountain Bighorns are found only in the Rockies, above the timberline, in extremely rugged terrain.


They are known for their agility and perfect balance.

They are social; separated in 2 groups.  The mature in one and the ewes, lambs, and young rams in another.


This particular herd we saw did just that.  They were not very old.  Only one seem to be more of a leader.

Social status is established by body and horn size.


Just beautiful and the perfect ending to a day full of excitement.

Tuesday was another day of exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park.  I hoped to see more wildlife.

The Park was full of visitors on a beautiful day.  As we were coming down the Park, the most magnificent Elk was there; almost like waiting for us.  We all stopped to take pictures of this elegant and majestic animal who in some way knew he owned the Park.


Through my stay in Colorado I have taken so many pictures.  Post are yet to be written…soon though.

Talk to you later.

August 12th, 2012

Boulder, Farmers’ Market, Colorado, Celebrating 25 Years


“In times past, markets were the centers of towns and villages, the place people gathered to buy or barter goods and services and to catch up on village news.”


In some ways that is true today, as the resurgence of farmers markets are taking towns by storm.


Local agriculture and family farms are an important part of our past, present, and future.




It had been 2 years since I stopped in Boulder.  This city is one of the healthiest and fittest in the country.


The scenery is gorgeous; the Flat Irons on the background, watching over Boulder.


The Farmers’ Market in Boulder is one that is supported by the community and visitors.  It is huge.  150 vendors.  The Market is located at 13th St., between Arapahoe and Canyon; next to Central Park in Downtown Boulder.  Website?


It began in 1987, and it is a Colorado non-profit corporation, established to provide an outlet for local agricultural producers to sell their products directly to the public.


The producers participating in the Market range from professional farmers, to week-end growers with small acreage, backyard gardeners and hobbysts.


Local food establishments, musicians, and monthly art shows are selected to appear at the Market.


Some of the produce has been grown conventionally; all certified organic has been certified as organic by the state of Colorado.


When it comes to food, Boulder is very progressive.  The Market offers so many gluten free products; the food establishments do so, as well.



It was so funny, when we stopped at Boulder Granola I thought I would get some gluten free granola.  I was telling the lady that I was from Delaware.  She asked, Rehoboth Beach?  She grew up in Rehoboth and even went to school there.  Her name was Anne.  Small world.


Strolling through the market with my friend, Cindi….buying wine, cheese, and taking it all in.


Talk to you later….


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