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December 26th, 2010

Putt’n Around Delray Beach, Miniature Golf, Putt Putt, Delray Beach, Activities, Florida, Palm Beach County



Hello to all of you from the snow covered Delaware Beaches on the East Coast.  As I sat down to write this post all I could see all day long was snow, wind and more snow.  I kept taking pictures and uploading them on Facebook.  I wondered if anyone really cared.  I hope this is not the beginning of a long snowy winter; last year’s was long enough.



If you were here, there was not much to do today.  Walk, enjoy the scenery, eat and watch some of the neighborhood kids use one of the few hills at the beach and snowboard.

When I was in Florida last week, I could not believe I was complaining about the weather there.  I still have a few posts not written from Delray so that’s what I am doing tonight. 

Christmas is over, so what do we do now?  The kids are already bored and still there are about 7 more days left before they go back to school.  If you are visiting Delray Beach or its nearby towns, the following post might be of interest to you because young and old can enjoy the pastime of miniature golf.


Last August I noticed that Putt’n Around was opening in Delray Beach.  To tell you the truth I have never noticed putt putts in Florida.  Maybe I have not been in the right areas but no, I never have seen any.  It interested me because, here at the Delaware and Maryland beaches, there are so many of them; some more sophisticated than others, as well.  It is something we all love to do when the weather permits.


“The first minigolf course in the world is the Ladies Putting Club of St. Andrews in Scotland”, which was founded in 1867; it is still in operation today.  It is called “the Himalayas”.  Apparently, the conservative norms of the era, shall we say, made it unacceptable for women to publicly perform such “violent” movements that a golf swing requires.  Oh my, we have come a long way!

The Putt’N Around Delray Beach course is located at 350 NE 5th Avenue (Federal Highway).  Three blocks from Atlantic Avenue.  Telephone is 561-450-6162.  Website is E-mail is  The website is a very good one with all kinds of information and directions coming from north or south.


When I think of putt putts what immediately comes to mind is the one that for many years existed in the town of Bethany Beach, one of my favorite Delaware beach towns, and my home for many years.  It was simple, small and we all loved it.  It brings back so many memories of Mr. Fisk sitting there with his dog and later his grandchildren and all the kids that worked there that we knew; coastal living at its best and priceless.


I wanted to stop and check this putt putt course because when you think about it there times that you have had enough of the beach, or maybe shopping and want to try something else.  It really is a family past time.

I was so surprised to find this beautiful building which is the “club house” and state of the art courses.  There were tables and a counter where you pay for the rounds; 18 or 36 holes.  They have simple snacks, ice cream, beer, wine and soft drinks.


Souvenirs like t-shirts, hats, and beach towels are available, as well.

There are 2 miniature golf courses; “The Everglades” and “The Ocean”.  One with alligators and other animals from that kingdom and the other with dolphins and maybe a sailfish from the ocean and the beach.







Palm trees, obstacles, water, bridges are part of the fun of playing on a miniature golf course.  On this particular day only adults were playing.



Putt’n Around is open daily; $9.95 per person for 16 holes, $15 for 36 holes, including tax.

They will be more than happy to host and help set up a group event, fundraising event, birthday party, or just a party in general.  You can rent one of the 18 hole courses for such event.  For $50 you can reserve the porch or inside space for 2 hours.  The event space will be decorated for your special occasion.  Just call them for more info.


It is funny because I still remember the person that wrote me stating that Delray Beach was so boring.  What was she thinking?  Beaches, restaurants, shops, activities, entertainment, the arts, bookstores, beautiful weather… I don’t get bored there….



Talk to you later…..

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3 Responses to “Putt’n Around Delray Beach, Miniature Golf, Putt Putt, Delray Beach, Activities, Florida, Palm Beach County”

  1. Jan Geschwind says:

    Thanks for the info re the DelRay putt putt–I too have fond memories of Bethany and the little course there. My kids played there often.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much for your comments. I was last night with the owners of the putt putt in Bethany Beach. I will tell them you wrote to my site. I am glad Delray has one. I have since found out that in Palm Beach County there are other courses. This one is very nice.

  3. Thanks so much for this post! I drive by this place nearly everyday and never went in. Now I will. 😀

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