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May 9th, 2024

Bodhi Kitchen, Asian Inspired, Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Their Modern Take on Street Food

First impressions always count.

Looks nice, doesn’t it? Bodhi was our destination late on Saturday evening. It is located at 10 N 1st St., in Downtown Rehoboth Beach. Best to have reservations. They are on Social Media. 302-567-2129

This is my second time at Bodhi and our service was excellent.

Starting with a Mango Matcha Lemonade. Grey Goose Citron, House Mango Syrup, fresh squeezed lemon, matcha float. It was not my drink but a taste told me that could a perfect summer crafted cocktail.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps for the table. While it was very good I think the restaurant has other offerings to try. It is a little spicy in case that’s something you want to take into consideration.

I usually don’t order Shrimp Toast but these are so good I have had them twice. A side of hot mustard complemented them so well.

Another appetizer for the table was the Togarashi Tuna on top of crispy sushi rice, avocado and spicy Japanese mayo. Togarashi is a blend of about 7 spices.

The photo above shows the Miso Seared Ahi Tuna with ginger dashi, stir fried veggies and Udon noodles. Dashi is a combination of kelp seaweed, and dried bonito flakes. Udon noodles are made out of wheat flour. They are thick and white color. This dish under the Large Plates was very well received.

Totally love the Soup Dumplings. Ground Pork, ginger, scallion, rice wine and pork broth. It is a favorite and was part of my dinner.

Love it when servers know all the dishes so well and can make recommendations.

The weekend is around the corner. Have a good one.

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