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February 8th, 2022

Miyagi, Ramen Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

What is Ramen? Ramen are wheat flour Japanese noodles in broth? Having said that Miyagi is a restaurant that opened a few years ago in Rehoboth Beach. This restaurant is a Japanese, Korean…a fusion cuisine. It is located at the Shops at Seacoast, 19266 Coastal Highway. Right where Safeway is located.

Kim is the owner and some of you will probably remember him from Saketumi.

Kim brings to Miyagi the best ingredients. He has to travel to markets in Philly and NY.

The telephone is 302-567-2385.

A favorite dish of mine is the Tuna Poke Salad. Sashimi grade tuna, poke sauce (brewed soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, lemon juice and a little chili). So refreshing and it was the first dish I had after the New Year.

The Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen was a hit. We ordered it with extra bone broth and extra ramen. Look how pretty it was. Delicious. It had Hakata style pork bone broth, chashu pork, menma, kikurage, Naruto, ajitama, scallions, red pickled ginger, and sesame see.

Say what? Hakata is a broth cooked from pork backbones, head, and other ingredients. Chashu pork is tender pork belly that has been slow braised. It is an essential topping at any ramen house. Menma is a Japanese condiment made from lactose fermented bamboo shoots. Another common topping for ramen. Kikurage is mushroom. Naruto is a cured fish. Ajitama is boiled eggs marinated in a sauce. So there you have it?

Accompanying a tuna poke salad was a dish of Pork Chashu Bun…. Pork in a soft flour bun.

I have sat down to lunch at Miyagi and I have ordered takeout. Both times the food has been delicious. And, the service, as well.

Have a great day. Waiting for spring.

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