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August 26th, 2009

Facebook Etiquette….Manners, whether on My Beaches or Online, it is Your Responsibility…Don’t You Think?


Before I started blogging, and while I was thinking about the concept for my site, it did not cross my mind that I was going to be on Facebook.  I still remember one of my son’s friends saying that nobody over 35 should be on Facebook.  No sooner he said that, I came across an article that said that most of the Facebook accounts are held by people way over 35.  Surprise, surprise.

I think the idea of mature adults being on Facebook is that you can connect with people from your old schools, or other cities or towns you have lived in, or past jobs.  Maybe you might think, well, if I have not contacted them then; why should I do it now?  There might have been lots of reasons but I can tell you that through Facebook I have reconnected with some of my childhood friends and it is a good feeling.  Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that I am even on Twitter now because of the blog.  Not too many followers yet, though.

Just as I posted last week about etiquette on the beach, Cindi and Debbie, friends from Ocean City, Maryland, mentioned that a post on etiquette should appear on this blog.

As I was gathering information, I did not have to look far to tell you that there are so many rules of etiquette on Facebook and other online social networks.  If you have an account with Facebook and you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you may hit  terms and you will find all kinds of rules to adhere to since you decided to become a Facebook member.  I am sure a lot of us have not looked at that information.

I also found the following information on 2 websites.

Do not put pictures of you without a shirt.  Now I don’t think I need to expand on this one, do I?

Do not friend random people.  And, why would you do that anyway?

This is another one.  Don’t put a picture of you drinking.  Or, when you have had one too many.  Probably, the picture will not be a good one, believe me, it won’t be.

Don’t talk on your wall about past indiscretions.  Everyone can see it.

Don’t be so personal, keep it clean.

Do not overload on the corny quotes.  This is not your high school graduation.  Yes, some people really overdo it.

A perfect etiquette rule is; easy on the updates, over sharing could be a problem.  Every meal eaten, weather conditions, etc. should not be a status update.  Ask yourself if anyone really cares about your comments.

Limit Facebook chat.  Just because you see someone with an open window on Facebook, does not mean they are available to chat.  That person might be busy.

Again, don’t put pictures of you or anyone, even with their permission, on Facebook if the pictures are unflattering.  It is not funny.

The same goes for tagging.  You may untag yourself it that happens.

You are under no obligation to acknowledge a Facebook friend request.

Again, just like the beach etiquette, it is just common sense.

Until next time, yes, talk to you later.  Have a good one!!

Note:  Information on the rules of etiquette online was taken from and

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