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November 16th, 2013

Destination? Angelucci, Studios, Artists’ Gallery, Woodworking, Stained Glass, Milford, Delaware, Shopping, Southern Delaware!!


“Milford is a community with respect for its past and great promise for the future.”  It is undeniable the spirit of renewal in the town of Milford.  Trees, street art, Victorian lampposts are lining the streets…the beautiful Riverwalk.  The city is involved with the Delaware Main Street program, revitalizing the downtowns through historic preservation.  The town is lucky to have so many of its residents that are on board and full of enthusiasm as Milford becomes a destination in Southern Delaware.

One of such artists and mentors is Scott Angelucci.  His Studio & Artists’ Gallery is located in a building on the corner of Walnut Street and Park Avenue.  This building is also the home of the Mispillion Art League.  Scott Angelucci’s Fine Woodworking Studio is located at 7 Park Avenue, with the Stained Glass Studio and Artists’s Gallery at 4 Park Avenue.  Tel.302-422-4533  Website?



Years ago Scott Angelucci made for my husband a humidor.  This time I was picking up a custom compass box, also commissioned by my late husband.  Scott’s work is amazing.


Angelucci Studios & Artists’ Gallery serves as a gallery for local artists displaying their works of art, and it is also Gail Angelucci’s Stained Glass Studio.


Both, Gail and Scott are very welcoming and easy to talk to.  Gail was already working on a stained glass piece, Scott was ready to show me the gallery.



I thought this would be the perfect post at this time of the year when we are trying to find gifts that are unique and personal.

The basket weaver…


Photography printed on aluminum…”Under the Pier” by Gervasio Ruiz


Atomic Arc-Work’s by Travis D. Carter.  He repurposes old parts found in his travels, building sculptures and metal furniture.


Gypsy Fox Jewelry by Elaine Pataky.  Elaine has lived all around the U.S.  She has a formal education in Fine Arts, Interior Design and is a flower show judge for National Garden Clubs.  Her medium has become jewelry; working as a wire-sculptor, using semi-precious stones and glass and crystal beads.


Steve Childers is a wood turner.  Besides his beautiful work, Mr. Childers “Viewing Stones” give you something to think about.


“Viewing Stones are adminired and exhibited as works of art in their own right.  Consequently, they are always displayed in isolation.”  Each is unique, and perceived differently by the viewer.  Using your imagination, the stone can be a mountain, an island, an animal?  You decide.


Jacob’s Gems….a disability, that did not stop him.  Paper shredding with a note, perfect for packing material and fillers.


A painter with a disease….also not stopping him, either.



Scott can give you a tour of his gallery any time.  Shopping in Downtown Milford is best from Thursday through Saturday.


Scott’s humidor!!


Scott’s wine boxes!!


And, my late husband’s Compass Box…he would have loved it!!  The main wood is Tiger Maple, Dark Wenge is the dark trim wood which grows in the Congo River.  The ligher compass rose is Yellow Heart from South America.  The repeating inlaid design is cherry, maple and walnut.  Inside rim is Zebra Wood and grows in Africa.  Thanks Scott!!


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4 Responses to “Destination? Angelucci, Studios, Artists’ Gallery, Woodworking, Stained Glass, Milford, Delaware, Shopping, Southern Delaware!!”

  1. Cindi says:

    Scott is extremely talented. He made matching mother-daughter jewelry boxes for Jordan and I years ago. They are beautiful! I will have to stop by and see his studio.

  2. admin says:

    The gallery looks so nice. Cindi, you would love it.

  3. Harris says:

    The wine boxes is nice. where can i buy one?

  4. admin says:

    If you open the link, the telephone is right on the post. You may call Scott, the owner. Thanks for your comment.

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