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January 20th, 2010

Hard Rock…Hotel…Casino…Live Performances…Seminole…Hollywood…Florida…


Let’s see…I don’t gamble, drink or smoke, so what could I possibly be doing in a venue that is predominantly known for its Casino?  I am blogging with an open mind.000_0005

The word gambling creates heated discussions anywhere; its happening in Maryland and Delaware.

I have told you before that I grew up in the island of Puerto Rico.  People have been gambling in this small island for many years.  Nobody thinks about it.  Practically every hotel has a casino.  And, I must admit they do have very nice ones.  Many years ago jackets were required but like everything else, it is casual attire at present.000_0006How do I fee about it?   It really does not matter, because a person that gambles will do so anywhere.  That it brings more work for a state, a city, yes, and at the same time it creates jobs and revenues.

Florida is still debating this issue.

The Hard Rock Casino is owned by the Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida.  “The Seminole Tribe of Florida is a Federally recognized Indian Tribe, the only tribe in America who never signed a peace treaty.”  You can read this and more if you visit their website

As casinos go, the Hard Rock is very well run.  Clean beyond belief; not a blade of grass out of place or a piece of trash anywhere.  On this particular day, the casino was crowded and it seemed that the hotel was crowded, as well, with full families arriving.

I am walking all over the place, checking out all the musicians’ garments that are displayed on the wall.  After all, it is the Hard Rock, where music is non stop.  And, as you come in, you will notice that it is a noisy place.  Besides the music, the sound of slot machines is on going.  They have 2,500 slots, 500 hotel rooms, 25 boutiques and 30 bars, restaurants and lounges.

Pants worn by Elvis during the filming of Love Me Tender

Pants worn by Elvis during the filming of Love Me Tender

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is located on 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314.  The website is

Right inside the gaming area you will see a very nice cafeteria for casual dining.  Cuban, Chinese, Italian, etc.100_0136

As you come out into the other side of the hotel, is a man made street with shops and restaurants on either side. Some of these are the Bluepoint Ocean Grill for fresh seafood and steaks by the lake, Bongo’s Cuban Cafe which will be opening in the Spring, Constant Grind for iced drinks, gourmet coffees, of course, the Hard Rock Cafe, Martorano’s which will be opening this year.  Anyone that has been to Cafe Martorano’s in Ft. Lauderdale know how fantastic their food is.   Check the website for more info.

There was a wide variety of shops from women’s clothing to cigars, jewelry and even a skateboardig and surfing shop.  I stopped at Scentsual Perfume, Inc. since I looking for a perfume called Bulgary for Men.  I bought it for myself since it is a fresh and light fragance.  If you enjoy wearing perfume everyday, this could be a signature fragance for you.  Like many stores everywhere, sales are abundant.

There is a beautiful and relaxing tropical Beach Club. 000_0010000_0008 

Available for rent are cabanas called “Chickee”.  It is your own private living area by the pool with televisions and very comfortable lounges.000_0009

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino wants to be considered a South Florida destination; the 5,500 seat arena hosts some of the biggest acts from music to comedy.  Just this week Mariah Carey, and coming up Paul Anka, BB King, and Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.100_0127

Let’s be realistic, this type of vacation is probably not for everyone, but for the people that do like it, then that’s great!!

I will be coming to Delaware soon…so until then…talk to you later….


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