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December 31st, 2012

Crystal Restaurant, Locals’ Hangout, Breakfast & Lunch, Full Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches….Open on New Year’s Day!!


This post is for my friends that “hangout” at Crystal every time we get the chance.  A little displaced, we are, at this time of the year.  But, every time they are in my thoughts when I eat at Crystal.  They know who they are.

Crystal is located at 37300 Rehoboth Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-1088.  It was my last breakfast of 2012.  Since my friends were not here to join me, I brought second best; my two sons.

Crystal was totally packed.  Visitors and locals making a special breakfast morning something to be remembered.  Great weather too!!

I had to be fast with my camera.  We chose the following.

Crab Benedict, using crab meat instead of Canadian Bacon.  This dish is packed with crab meat.  It is always served with that tiny steak knife.  Too funny!


A Norwegian Benedict, using smoked salmon instead of Canadian Bacon.  It was a huge portion….a little doggy bag for later on.


French Toast was my choice.  I have not had it in a long time.  It’s a good one at Crystal!!


Never fails; well done scrapple.  Sorry, but I do love it.


A side order of Creamed Chip Beef for the table almost did us in.


A perfect breakfast….enjoying the holidays in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!!

Note:  Crystal serves breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast sandwiches, cereal, side orders, eggs, omelettes, a kids’ corner, salads, grilled sandwiches, specialty burgers, sandwiches….and on and on.

Happy New Year’s!!

July 1st, 2012

The Point, Coffee House, Bake Shoppe, Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Breakfast, Lunch, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches


On this Sunday morning, this post begins with breakfast.  So, Good Morning to you too!! I am sure that you will be trying to find a breakfast spot in Rehoboth Beach.  There are plenty; I have my favorites.  The Point is one of them. 


The Point is located at 37140 Rehoboth Ave. Extended.  Right where Rt 1 (Coastal Highway) meets 1A.  Tel. 302-260-9734.

I am sure that by now you are realizing how important parking becomes at the Delaware Beaches during the height of the season.  The Point has plenty of parking. No hassle, just pull in.

It is such a quaint building.  Outdoor seating is also available.  The umbrellas will be up; don’t worry.


The Point opens at 7 a.m. and stays open until late in the afternoon.  It also offers lunch, with delicious sandwiches, soups, quiches, and salads.

Beyond dispute; one thing for sure is the fact that breakfast should taste very good.  It is the first meal after a long night sleep.

The Point is a full coffee house; coffee, lattes, and iced coffees, among other coffee drinks.  Coffee is my daily addiction.  I want it bold.


Even though the other day Tom was not there, the staff was very friendly and attentive.

The Point bakes everything in-house.  Sticky buns, cinnamon buns; they all looked so tempting.


My friend, Susan, and I resisted but we kept on looking.  The croissants, the coffee cakes and all those sinful baked goods.



Fresh artisan breads, homemade granola, made to order waffles and pancakes. You can order to go or stay awhile.  Free Wi-Fi is available, as well.



We were soooo good.  We split a fancy blueberry muffin.


And, we also split the bowl of fruit and yogurt.


Nothing better than catching up with an old friend.

Have a great day in Rehoboth Beach!!  Talk to you later.

Really….the truth is our thoughts were on this cake….the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Cake…we left it right where it belonged; behind the glass case.  Maybe some other time.


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May 19th, 2012

Eating in…Rehoboth Beach, GreenMan, Juice Bar, Bistro, Restaurant, Review, 2012 Season, Delaware Beaches



Finally, Jody and I were able to make it to GreenMan.  Can’t wait for this very popular breakfast and lunch spot to open every day.  At the moment GreenMan is opening Thursdays through Sundays from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. 


GreenMan Juice Bar & Bistro is located at 12 Wilmington Ave., right on the ocean block.  Tel. 302-227-4909.  Keep that number because you can order take-out, including whole quiches, as well.


Some of the Rehoboth Beach restaurants are located in old “cottages” that give them character and distinction.  GreenMan is one of such restaurants.  It has been spruced up to tackle another summer season at the Delaware Beaches.


The porch at GreenMan is sought after.  The restaurant is small; inside tables and a small ordering bar.


There are blackboards mentioning the daily offerings, besides their menu.  The staff is friendly and some have been there a long time.



I wanted to order a shot of their wheat grass. I feel that when I come to GreenMan I need to be eating as healthy as possible.

On that particular day they did not have it so I decided to get the Super Juice.  It had carrot, apple, spinach and beets.  I love beets and that was the primary taste on this very colorful juice.


I think Jody had either the Hawaiian Escape or the Strawberry Seduction.  I can’t remember, but definitely bananas were the primary fruits.  You can tell by the color of our juices which one was hers and which was mine.

Throughout the day GreenMan serves gourmet sandwiches, salads, homemade soups, quiches, and burgers.  Teas, smoothies and organic drinks are always favorites.

Jody decided on a tomato and spinach quiche.  Always popular the quiches go quickly.  You can also order whole quiches to take home.


I decided to have a tofu and potato wrap.  If you think that was boring; think twice.  Delicious and perfectly seasoned.


One day, I am not kidding, I am going to have their Creme Brulee French Toast… soon as I decide I want to gain weight…I will do that.  It is one of their most photographed offerings. 



Sunny at the Delaware Beaches!!….Have a Great Day in Rehoboth Beach…

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May 14th, 2012

Eating in..Rehoboth Beach, The Gallery Espresso, Restaurant, Review, Coffee Shop, Breakfast, Crepes, Paninis, Sandwiches, Free Wi-Fi, Outdoor Seating, A Cofee Shop with A Twist, Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches



Break fast in Downtown Rehoboth Beach with friends?   Breakfast is when I usually get together; more so than lunch, I would say.  It is in the a.m. when try to catch up with events happening in our lives; then off to do whatever else we, usually, have to do.

In the past few weeks I have visited The Gallery Espresso located at 70 Rehoboth Ave., right in Dowtown Rehoboth Beach.  They are at 1st Street Station, on the corner of 1st St. and Rehoboth Avenue. It is the south side of the ocean block.  Tel. 302-231-2113.  Website?  You can find them on Twitter as The Gallery Espresso and on Facebook as Gallery Espresso.  John is the owner and you will usually find him behind the counter, along with some of his staff.


This is a coffee shop with a twist; an art gallery and retail store on one side.  John has local artists exhibiting in his coffee shop.  Their art is for sale.  John is also an artist working on different projects and would be more than happy to show you around.

Comfortable sofas, free Wi-Fi, high top tables, as well as regular tables are available for the patrons. 


On a nice day you can sit outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Pets are welcomed on their patio.

Enjoy one of their bold coffees served in one large cup; my preference.  Add one of their freshly baked cookies.



John and his staff are friendly and can give you suggestions, depending of what you are in the mood for.

Place your order at the counter; food will be brought to the table.  Check the webiste for their menus.


The other day I wanted to try a crepe.  I chose the broccoli and chicken.  Two large crepes arrived.  No way you will complain, here, not having enough food.  It was almost plenty for two people.


The next time when I visited I asked if I could only have one crepe.  That time I chose the ham and cheese with a light cheese sauce on top.  That was the perfect size for me.


The Gallery Espresso makes everything fresh.  They even have some vegan and gluten free items.  Please call the above mentioned number if you are interested in any, and see if on that particular day, it will be available.

Other friends have had the scrambled egg platter.


And, another that calls herself an expert on eggwhite scrambles also enjoyed a nice breakfast.



The Gallery Espresso opens every day.  Besides breakfast they offer plenty more.  It is casual and relaxing; stay as long as you want.


Have a great day!!

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