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May 23rd, 2015

Delaware Boardwalks, Ocean City Boardwalk, Summer 2015 is Open for Business

Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

Gates have opened and visitors have been arriving since Thursday evening.  A beautiful day in Delmarva with blue skies, slightly cool temperatures, and no humidity….So perfect and hard to believe that there is no rain in the forecast for Memorial Day!!

Boardwalks are the center of the coastal towns of Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach and Ocean City, Maryland.  Early in the a.m. joggers, bikers, walkers….pooches too, are seen enjoying glorious days at the beach.

Hard to believe that the 3 mile long Ocean City Boardwalk, was once rolled up and stored under porches during high tide.  Please visit

Ocean City

Ocean City

Stop by Dolles for some amazing Sea Salt fudge…love it…among other sweet sensations.  Every morsel is made in-house.


Summer in Bethany Beach, Delaware, revolves around the Boardwalk.  This boardwalk is not as long as the other two, but offers so much to its visitors….entertainment or just the fact that you can take a seat on those iconic benches and look out to the Atlantic Ocean.  Please visit



Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is also known as The Nation’s Summer Capital.  The award-winning Boardwalk is a mile long.  Just make sure that when you get to the end on both sides of the boardwalk you touch the railing….it’s a local’s thing.  The entertainment begins on the Boardwalk every week.  Check



Lucky for the coastal towns that do have boardwalks.  They are successful commercial districts and tourist attractions for the whole family.


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January 14th, 2015

Destination? State of Delaware, Tourism, Delaware, New Tourism Brand Campaign, Delaware Tourism Office, “Endless Discoveries”, New Delaware Tourism Office Logo


From the Delaware Tourism Office comes great news for those of us that have the ability to pass on information about our small state.  Sought after by many as a place for retirement, for fun, and for relaxation, the Delaware Tourism Office is really campaigning so that when it comes to your vacation choices…..Delaware is It!!


It is the first time in the state history, that the Delaware Tourism Office has created a brand identity, a tagline and even television commercials designed to increase national awareness of Delaware as a desirable place to vacation.  Many of us know that already, now we want you to check it out.

It is called the “Endless Discoveries” brand campaign.  It aims to boost visitation and tourism revenue in Delaware by creating an image in consumers’ minds of the state as a destination that will surpass any preconceptions.


The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office states:  “The challenge has always been to show others that Delaware is far more than just a place they pass through on I-95”.   That, I have heard….receiving a call saying “We are on 95 going to such and such place…passing through Delaware….and, are you close by?”

I found this interesting…The brand campaign messages were specifically designed to resonate with female consumers, who have been shown to statistically more likely to take the lead in vacation planning decisions.  The campaign is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people in 16 East Coast states.


The new logo above shown, along with the words Endless Discoveries is hoping to spark the travelers’ curiosity and make them want to learn more……The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office, Linda Parkowski, goes on to state “The next step was to create words and images that fit that concept, and give travelers a sense that Delaware has treasures waiting to be found.”  Some of us have found those already!!


To learn more, and to begin your journey, please visit

NOTE:  To see the 60-second Endless Discoveries commercial, visit the DTO YouTube page at


Please also note that the information for this post was taken from the Delaware Toursim new brand campaign:  “Endless Discoveries”


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January 11th, 2015

All Things Local!! Fresh Free Range & Pasture Grown Duck Eggs, Black Hog Farm, Lewes, Milton Sausage!!, Milton, Delaware, Southern Delaware

The trend continues….but to tell you the truth, it has always been there.  Eating, buying, shopping and immersing ourselves in our local communities.  We are emphasizing the fact that it is all good, so, I am promoting “All Things Local” in 2015.

It is Sunday morning.  Fresh Duck eggs and sausage.  Bread?  Yum!!


It started when my son picked up duck eggs from Black Hog Farm, located at 16371 New Rd., Lewes, Delaware 19958.  Black Hog Farm has very visible signs on New Rd.


You might see Pepper, the dog, running and barking like saying “don’t even try it”.  It is just a show. Pepper is 9 years old and it is the family pet.  The name Pepper comes from Pepper Greenhouses in Milton, just up the road.  That’s near where he was found.


The farm is about 4.19 acres with a beautiful home, barn, ornamental and cutting gardens, including fig trees.  The proprietors are Helen Waite and John Feliciani.  Website? Tel. 302-236-2437.  This is a self sustaining farm.


The sign…..


On their porch there is a refrigerator.  If they have duck eggs that day, all you have to do is put the money in the jar.  That simple and that trusting.  $5/dozen.


Free range and pasture grown duck eggs are the best you can get.  They are larger in  size.  The shells are tougher than a chicken egg.  They are also higher in fat content, a bit more protein and cholesterol, more vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs, as well.  These eggs were laid on 1/8/15 and I got them Saturday, the 10th.


I met Helen and John which by the way they were waiting for guests for dinner.  They graciously invited me into their home and after a few pleasantries, I went to check out the ducks.  It is a small flock, with a few geese, as well.



Mr. Cat was trying to get into the barn….seemed like he was allowed to, but I did not dare to open the door.


Black Hog Farm is also a B & B.  Only 3 miles from the beach it is the perfect get-away.  It is open from Mid-March through October.

Sunday dinners, once a month, on the porch, at Black Hog Farm is another event I did not know anything about.  On the porch, a mid-day Sunday dinner following the rural tradition of dinner at 1 p.m.  Check the website above mentioned as in the next few months they will start putting the schedules.

Leaving the farm until next time, I went home to see what I was going to do with my fresh duck eggs.


The duck eggs have been a total success in my household.  First we ate them with Milton Sausage.  This sausage is local, as well, and it is found in the grocery stores in Southern Delaware.  Milton sausage had a delicious taste….I just added pepper and sage.



I usually do not eat many eggs….I love them as egg salad, deviled and at times in other ways….so, today, Sunday, I decided to fry a duck egg.  I definitely felt how the shell was definitely tougher, and how big the yolk was.  My son said the yolks are creamier and have a richer taste.


Then, I made myself a duck egg sandwich with sliced tomatoes on rosemary ciabatta bread from another local…..Old World Breads from Lewes, Delaware…another post in the making.  Delish.


All Things Taste Better Local!! Have a great day!

November 5th, 2014

Sussex County Return Day, Georgetown, Delaware, Hungry? Upper Crust, The Brick Hotel, Patty’s, Unique to Sussex County, Southern Delaware, A Tradition for 222 Years!!


Two days after election day Southern Delaware gathers in Georgetown, Delaware, for Return Day.  2014 will celebrate 101 years of this tradition which is unique to Sussex County.

State Law in 1791 removed Lewes, Delaware, as County Seat.  Georgetown became the new County Seat.  Much more geographically centered was the reason.  The State Law required that the voting take place in the new County Seat.  Those same voters would “return” 2 days later to hear the outcome of the election….therefore the name Return Day began.

The celebration will have a carnival atmosphere….a celebration no less!!  The Courthouse will shine during the festivities.  And, The Circle will be crowded.


There are new traffic patterns in place.  To find out information regarding this and schedule of events, please visit


Hungry?  On The Circle…..


Great food and friendly service.  On Return Day, exhibitor, award-winning folk artist Pamella Bounds-Seemans will be at the Coffee Shop. Check The Upper Crust will be offering a court-themed menu.  The Menu has been updated and a version in Spanish is included.  Please visit

The Upper Crust is located at 7 E. Market St.  Tel. 302-856-2300.  Catering is available….everything is homemade.


The Brick Hotel is located at 18 The Circle, right in the heart of Georgetown.  Tel. 302-856-1836.  Website?  They offer nightly specials.  Open every day.  Happy Hour is from 3 until 6 in The Tavern.  Fridays from 4:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. complimentary appetizers.  Tuesday through Saturday, they serve lunch from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.  Lite Menu from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. Sundays the Breakfast buffet is $9 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.


Outstanding crab soup!!


The Classic Cheeseburger and The Pulled Pork I totally recommend.


The Pulled Pork!!  And, if they offer the Grilled Portobello…then it will be a decision.  Talk to the server.  They are good with their recommendations.


Patty’s is located at 517 South Bedford Street in Georgetown.  Tel. 302-253-8692.  Website?  They cater and deliver, as well.  Find them on Facebook.


I first became acquainted with Patty’s when they catered an event for Fund for Women.  The small chicken salad croissants were outstanding.


Subs, sandwiches, salads, party trays, and gourmet foods.  Patty has been in the business for so many years throughout the U.S.  She is so friendly and the food is so good.  The menu changes constantly but she is happy to tell you that Patty’s serves food from subs to the sublime.

Here is Patty at the counter.


During good weather you can take a seat on her picnic table, otherwise, I think people come in to order and then take out.



Chips from restauranteur Jose Andres!!  Got some.  You pay a bit more but worth it.


On the left is a Grain Salad with Quinoa tossed with Genoa Salami, hot and sweet sopressata, provolone, Goathorn peppers and tomatoes in an oregano vinaigrette.  And, on the right is a Corn Salad tossed with scallions and cherry tomatoes in a smoked paprika vinaigrette.


Have a great day!!

July 17th, 2014

Destination? The Lobster Shanty, Restaurant, Seafood, Spirits, Lunch, Dinner, Free Scenery & Sunsets, Bay Front Dining, Fenwick Island, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches


Awesome day in Delmarva!!  Low Humidity, blue skies….and it is Summer 2014!  You might be at the beach, or gardening or just plain doing nothing at all.  A couple of weeks ago the day was the same and my friend, Debbie K, called me and we wanted to play tourist.  Enjoying the beautiful day we took off, unexpectedly, for the Lobster Shanty located on Rt. 54 in Fenwick Island, Delaware.  Tel. 302-436-2305.  Website?

The Lobster Shanty opened its doors in 2010.  It is owned by restauranteurs David and Janet Twinings.  It really does have awesome views of the bay and marshes from most of the tables, including an open air sunset bar. Check the scenery because during different times of the day you may see herons, egrets and the creatures that make the bay marsh their own habitat.


The location is just a few miles west of Fenwick Island on Rt. 54…over the “bridge”.  The Lobster Shanty can get pretty crowded, but on that particular day, at lunch time, we were lucky because it was quiet and had the perfect lunch…seafood was on our minds.

The bar is huge and also has that magnificent view.  The restaurant opens for lunch and dinner and happy hour.  You can make reservations by calling the above mentioned telephone number.


My friend, Debbie K, had the best salad….It was called the Lobster & Shrimp Salad.  It was almost enough for 2 people.  The salads were served over field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and seasonal fruits….dressed with their own maple vinaigrette dressing.  It was so pretty!


My Lobster Salad Roll did not disappoint…it was, definitely, a perfect summer dish.  It had knuckle and claw lobster, a little Helman’s, their own seasonings…..shhhhhh a secret, and an originial New England buttered grilled roll.


Debbie K and I caught up with each other lives and decided that we are lucky to live here at the Delaware Beaches….and, do not take it for granted.

Our lunch was very reasonable, our services was attentive, and we thoroughly enjoyed it!!

And as we drove on the ocean front road in Fenwick…..look at this!  One lot back from being ocean front.


Have a good one…remember that you are at the beach; relax and kick back!

June 24th, 2014

Art, Delaware Seashore State Park, Sea Glass Jewelry, Classes, Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival, Saturday, June 28th, Sunday, June 29th, Historic Lewes, Delaware


Sea glass can be found all over the world.  Combing the shoreline for sea glass is a hobby for many.  The beaches of the northeast United States, California, northwest England, Mexico, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, Italy and southern Spain are famous for it.

The photo shows sea glass from the island of Culebra in Puerto Rico.


At the Indian River Life-Saving Station, you can make sea glass jewelry.  The Indian River Life-Saving Station is located south of Dewey Beach, and north of Bethany Beach, depending which direction you are coming from.


The classes will be taking place as follows:


On Wednesdays through August 20th at 10 a.m…..Sea Glass Jewelry, Part I – Make a simple sea glass pendant using a few basic wire-wrap techniques.  Bring your own piece of sea glass or choose from their own collection.  Please call ahead of time to pre-register.  Ages 12 and  up.  $15 per person.


On Fridays through August 15th, Sea Glass Part II at 10 a.m. will be taking place.  Make a set of earrings to match your sea glass pendant!  Once you have mastered Part I, learning another wire-wrap technique will be a bit more challenging.  The day I visited the Indian River Museum, the ladies were all wearing their earrings.  It really looked like a lot of fun.  This class is $15 per person and it is appropriate for ages 12 and up.


You will be working on tables and all instruction and materials will be available for you to make an awesome piece of jewelry.



This festival will take place on Saturday, June 28th from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and on Sunday, June 29th from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.   Location?  Lewes Historic Complex, 110 Shipcarpenter Street.  For more detailed information, please visit http://www.historic  You may also call 302-645-7670.


Admission to the festival is $5 per person; children under 12 are free.  A wrist band will be issued allowing entrance both days.  Wrist bands may be purchased in advance in Historic Lewes at Sand ‘n’ Stones on Front Street or the Society’s Museum Gift Shop at the Ryves Holt House at Second and Mulberry Streets.

The festival will feature more than 70 area glass artists, joined by other coastal artists, including decoy carvers and waterfowl artists.

Live music on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. by steel drum player Jimmy G.  Enjoy delicious festival fare by Casa Amici all week-end.

On Saturday, the 28th, there will be free presentations at St. Peter Church Hall at 211 Mulberry Street.  Check the website above mentioned for more info. on the speakers and presentations on that day.

They are expecting large crowds, as this is the fifth year for the Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival.

Hope you have a great time.


June 17th, 2014

Bethany Beach Eats!! Patsy’s Restaurant, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Review, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Gluten Free Dishes Available


Patsy’s Restaurant is located in the quiet resort of Bethany Beach.  I like to say quiet because nothing is further from the truth.  This coastal Delaware, family resort is ready for Summer 2014!!  And, so is Patsy’s.  The address is 121 Campbell Place, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.  Tel. 302-537-2433.  Website?

It was so gorgeous last Sunday that a dinner at Patsy’s was the perfect choice.  Sitting on the porch on that cool night was awesome!  Nothing like a delicious and relaxing dinner with friends.  Daily dinner starts at 5:30 p.m.  Dine outdoors under the porch or indoors.  No reservations.


For starters we had Patsy’s Fried Green Tomatoes.  They were topped with roasted red pepper/Vermont cheddar cheese spread with fresh basil pesto and balsamic reduction.  Just take a look at the photo…..they do look beautiful, don’t they?  They tasted just as good!


The presentation of the Grilled Eggplant was so inviting.  The grilled eggplant was grilled with herbed goat cheese, sauteed tri-colored peppers, onions and spinach with a pomodoro sauce and an herb salad.  That would have been one of my choices.  Love grilled eggplant.  This stack looked and tasted fantastic and Marilyn loved it!


So surprised that my friend, Shelley, ordered the Shrimp & Grits.  The shrimp with tri color peppers, red onions and Andouille sausage on white cheddar cheese grits hit the spot.


Well, my dish was a Sunday special.  Not very dietetic by any means.  But, it was one of those week-ends where the diet went in a different direction….Fried Chicken on Waffles!!  The waffles had a bite to them; prepared with corn and jalapenos.  The chicken was fried to perfection…..I confess I ate it all, skin, you name it.  The glaze was sweet but with its own punch, as well.  The watermelon was refreshing….a summer favorite.


Note:  There are gluten free dishes available.  Check  The information is under the Main Event Menu.

There was no way we could eat dessert.  We saw them go by.  The Chocolate Cake could have fed 4 people.  The young ones eating next to us had the Banana Crepes and when I asked them how they were, they just kept nodding.

Maybe next time.

So, remember, if you want some special and quaint place to eat….check Patsy’s.

Have a good one!!

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May 24th, 2014

Destination? Bethany Beach, Delaware, The Quiet Resort, It Looks Like Summer, It Smells Like Summer, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


Prior to the early 50’s, it took some time to get to Bethany Beach.  There was no railroad connection.  Until 1920, visitors to this coastal town would have to take a steamer…the Atlantic, across Rehoboth Bay to Ocean View and then travel by horsedrawn carriage to Bethany.


On Friday, I could not find parking in Bethany.  That’s the norm during the summer months.  All the construction work on the streets was finished…amazing job.


Bethany is considered to be a quiet resort, and during the winter months, it actually is…but Summer 2014 is here….some came in bikes too!!

One the Bethany Beach’s trolleys was waiting.  At only $.25 per ride, it is the best deal in town.  For the schedule and more info., please visit


All is in place for a great season ahead:

The beach looked so inviting…..I heard this little boy said:  “I am so ready, I am going in the ocean.”  Maybe the water is not warm enough yet…soon, though.



Already visitors were occupying the Boardwalk’s benches….great place to people watch.


The center of Downtown Bethany Beach is the Bandstand.  Entertainment schedule can be found on the above mentioned website.


Then, I stopped for a moment… was the smells, French fries, and salt air.  Love living at the beach!


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