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February 4th, 2013

Delray Beach, Florida, Village by The Sea, WiFi, The Roundabout, The Beach, Palm Beach County, South Florida

Visiting Delray Beach?  Watch out because while visiting this Village by The Sea….well, you might want to stick around.

Making the visit for guests a little more enjoyable is something Delray is accomplishing in a big way.


WiFi is free to the public on East Atlantic Avenue.  Enjoy!!


Delray Beach also has free shuttle service called the Downtown Roundabout, providing park and ride transportation throughout Downtown Delray Beach.  There are a few routes available.


One route is available 6:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.  It originates at the Tri Rail Station running north on Congress Avenue to West Atlantic Avenue, continuing east on Atlantic Avenue to the Marriott Hotel on the Beach at Ocean Blvd. (A1A).

From the beach, the shuttle bus returns to the Tri Rail Station traveling west on Atlantic Ave. to Congress Ave. and running south on Congress.

Another Rt. is a split route.  Originating also at the Tri Rail Station from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The other route originates at the Delray Beach Public Library on Atlantic Ave. from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Week-end service is Noon to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Please remember that only service dogs are allowed on the shuttle.

More info?  Call 561-243-7322, 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Call after these hours to Delray Beach Action Center at 561-243-7012 or the Shuttle Dispatch Center at 954-791-2505.

You can also visit  In this site you can also find info. on where to park in Downtown Delray Beach.

The Beach!!


At the center of it all, is the beach in Delray.  This beach is unobstructed; you can sit there all day long.  Bring your own chairs, or rent the lounges.


At the end of the day it does look quiet, but not so during the South Florida hot days.


Have a great day!!  Talk to you later.

October 9th, 2012

Services, Tried & True, KitchenTune-Up, Precision Door Service, Shore Bytes, Pacifico Airport Valet…Can’t Live Without Them

Once in a while I start piling up some of the services that I have used.  Word of mouth is such an important marketing tool.  I want to pass them on to you.  You might need them.

AboutMyBeaches has a Services category on the left hand side of the website.   In the past few years I have put them there for your use; from design services to collision services.


One day my garage door was stuck.  It ended being something very simple but Precision Door Service, which I had used in the past, was at my house in no time.  Telephones:  In Delaware, please call 302-429-1992.  In Maryland, please call 410-372-4852.  Toll free?  800-New-Door.   Website?


The owners of KitchenTune-up are Ron Reichert and Bob DiToto.  They have been in the kitchen cabinet business for many years.  They specialize in custom refacing, custom cabinets, wood reconditioning and when they say they are going to be there; they are on time.  They guarantee their estimates and their work.   They are located at 37169 Rehoboth Ave., Henlopen Sq. in Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-227-5544.  Website?

Again, I had some minor repairs on my kitchen cabinets and drawers and they were able to fix them at a very reasonable cost.

Computers!!  Tim Bixby has been in the computer business for quite some time.  His new computer services company is called Shore Bytes.  It is located at 26412 Broadkill Rd., Milton, DE 19968-2955.  Tel. 302-448-4302.  Website?  You can also find him on Facebook.  Email him to

For years I have used Tim for computer services.  He specializes in tune-ups, installation, virus removal, or, you can do like I did and buy a computer through him.  Tim looked at my needs and gave me several options.  Installation was part of the cost of my new computer.  Please note that Shore Bytes services from Ocean City, Maryland to Dover, Delaware.


Most of the time I use BWI airport in Baltimore, Maryland.  But, when I use the Philadelphia Airport, then, an airport valet service makes it so much easier.  Pacifico Valet takes you in your car and drops you off at the airport.  Upon arrival all you have to do is call them and they will pick you up in your car.

Pacifico Valet is located at 6715 Essington Avenue at the Philadelphia Airport Auto Mall.  Tel. 215-492-0990.  Website?

If you are driving north on I-95 you will get off on Exit 10….check the website above mentioned because directions are there.  Very easy to get to.  No reservations are necessary.

Please note that during the holidays you should give yourself some extra time.

Those are my tips for today…talk to you later.

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June 5th, 2012

Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Tunnell Center, Disability Services, State of the Art Facility, Georgetown, Delaware



So you are wondering where am I going with this post.  Or, questioning me; aren’t you supposed to be eating somewhere and giving us your personal opinion, or, going out and about the Delaware Beaches, shopping, perhaps?

My answer is that as a long time resident of the Delaware Beaches, learning about the programs and services in the area…well, I should have done that a long time ago.  Maybe I am more matured now and don’t have to think just about myself; others are important too, especially the ones with special needs.

I started to ask a few this question: What comes to your mind when I mention Easter Seals? Almost everyone answered: the red seal?  A few, just like myself, answered something like, children services.


So many people are choosing Southern Delaware as a place to retire; others like our communities, living at the beach, most will say low property taxes and tax free shopping.

Easter Seals will serve 24,000 and deliver one million hours of direct services.  It is growing, innovating, and leading at the Delaware Beaches.


I was very pleased when a friend, Jamie, called me to invite me to see this amazing facility, which is the home of the Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore; the Tunnell Center.  She sits on its Advisory Board.  It is located at 22317 DuPont Blvd., Georgetown, DE 19947.  Tel. 302-253-1121, Fax 302-856-7296.  Website?


Delaware locations:  Dover, Newark, New Castle, and Georgetown.

Maryland locations: Salisbury, and Chestertown

I am mainly concentrating on the one I visited in Georgetown, which is about half hour from Rehoboth Beach.

This state of the art building is 28,000 square feet.  It is only about 6 years old. Beautifully landscaped.  It offers a wide range of programs and services; from Children’s Therapy Services to Personal Attendant Services.  All those services and everything you need to know about Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore can be found at


I had no pre-conceived ideas, so I could not wait to see it.  Jamie met me at the door and then introduced me to Leslie Gale.  She is the Community Relations Coordinator.  Just in case you need to contact her, you can call 302-253-1121, or e-mail her at

The first you will notice is how quiet it is when you step into the building.  It is located right on Rt. 113, which is a major highway; you don’t hear any sounds.  The colors are soothing, chosen exactly for that purpose.  A reception room with elevators and stairs. 


The first thing Leslie showed me was a glass case containing different products that can be tested, before purchasing them, to see if the person that needs it likes them or can work with them.  People with disabilities are able to remain in the work force despite a disabling condition.  Maybe an alternate keyboard or mouse is all someone needs to help them be more productive at work. 


Other products could help in the most simple ways; the cup with the two handles, for example.


Throughout the building there were rooms for different purposes. 


A Conference Room completely set up for meetings, accommodating large groups.


A Game Room, which is still been furnished.  Pool tables, television, and trains.  There is a train club at Easter Seals.



Therapy Rooms.  All rooms had windows and were light and airy; nothing crowded; all were so nicely kept.



Children receiving therapy services can be seen by parents through a one way window.



This is a very active Easter Seals, with many activities scheduled, including trips and entertainment.  There is a process, just like everything else, in order to receive services at this facility.  First of all, evaluations.  If you need the services please do not hesitate to call them.

One of their newest services is the Adult Day Care Services.  I came into this room and some were already gone for a day trip.  Others, were just around, playing cards, talking or doing other things.  Nurses always around.  One, in particular, tug at my heart.  I don’t know his name.  He was about 85 years old and in good shape.  His wife had suddenly died after a fall, then he told me he had to put his dog to sleep.  He was living with his daughter, and during the day he spent it at the Tunnell Center.  But, what he was most upset about was that the Delaware State Police took his driver’s license.  Between you and I, that was a good thing.  What he really wanted to do was go fishing!!!

I thought about it for a moment.  First, he was in a safe place and thank God for his daughter to help him out.  Then, I was talking to the head nurse, which I know had a different title but was also a nurse. I told her I did not know if I could work there.  And, this is what she told me: “I am a nurse, I have empathy, but you have to get beyond that; our mission here is to help them get better and be productive, so that they can have equal opportunities to live, work and play in their communities.”  As simple as that, nothing else she needed to say; I understood. 

The back of the door opened to beautiful gardens and a deck to sit out and enjoy the quietness and serenity of this environment. 


Follow me through the walkway.  Look how pretty it was.






From the back you can see another view of the building.


Another new service offered by Easter Seals is called In-Home Services.  It offers stay at home support, companionship and peace of mind. This service is only offered in New Castle and Kent counties, at the moment.  You can get started with a free evaluation.  And please note, that if this is something you might be considering, the caregivers helping are employees of Easter Seals; not contractors.  Each person is carefully screened with thorough background checks and are bonded and insured.

Summer is pretty much here and Easter Seals offers summer camp services.  The camp is called Camp Fairlee Manor, located in Chestertown, Maryland.  There are special camp sessions for kids and teens with Autism.  Please visit

Easter Seal Camp Fairlee Manor is the only camp in our region that provides a typical residential camp experience for children and adults with disabilities on a year-round basis.

My visit had come to an end.  It was quite an experience.  I even got to speak Spanish to a gentleman in the Adut Day Care. 

I hope my friends read this post.  So many are already involved in helping in the community.  It is really something else to see us all “grow up”.

You want to help?  Give them a Call.  You want to give in other ways? Check the website.

I was at peace, definitely!!   Thanks Leslie and Jamie for my candy!!


Information for this post was taken from the Easter Seals Delaware & Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

And, we did go out for lunch, afterall one needs to eat.  Jamie, Leslie and I took off for the Brick Hotel; a post in the making.

Talk to you later…have a good one!!

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February 12th, 2012

Services, Plumbing, Computer, Delray Beach, Tried by AboutMyBeaches

If you are in South Florida and need a plumber or someone to work on your computer, you will find hundreds of ads.  Who to call and trust?  There is a difference when word of mouth comes into play.  I just used those services in Delray Beach, Florida.

I am passing you the info. since both of these services were fast and so professional.

Bergeron Plumbing is located in Delray Beach.  Complete plumbing and gas services.  Tel. 561-445-2115.  Website?

Computer Medic on Call is located at 301 Yamato Rd., Ste. #1240, Boca Raton, FL 33431 (corner of Yamato & Dixie).  In Palm Beach County call 561-450-8710.  In Broward County call 954-946-7676.  They are experts in computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, laptop repairs, hardware upgrades, wireless.  Their website is

I thank both of these services for their prompt assistance while in Delray.

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December 23rd, 2011

Out & About, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Second Street



Out and about in the historic town of Lewes with my friend Jody.  Just a few hours to catch up before Christmas and New Year’s keep everyone wrapping, cooking and entertaining.

Living in a small coastal town is, to me, perfect at this time of the year.  I don’t have to be looking for my car lost in a big parking lot in a mall.  Local shops have everything my family and friends would want. 

Lewes is beautiful any time of the year.  Christmas has an appeal on this historic town.  It is the first town of the first state.  It has great restaurants, friendly residents, and wonderful shops.

For example, take the house where the Lewes Historical Society Museum Shop is located.  Right on the corner of Second and Mulberry Streets.  Ryves Holt was probably born in 1696 and died in 1763.  He lived in that house.  He was the Chief Justice of Three Lower Counties on Delaware from 1745 until 1763.  He was a Member of the Assembly and Speaker of the Assembly, as well. 


The building is so beautiful in its simplicity.  Definitely, a post for the future.

The Lewes Historical Society has tours year round.  For more information, please visit

Continuing our strolling we ended up at The Cottage, which is located at 142 Second St., Tel. 302-644-1544.  Its owner is Sally Lawton.  The store has wonderful gifts.  It was described as “a vintage gift boutique”.  Another description would be “where past and present meet”.


I picked up a few last minute gifts.  I loved the wine stopper.  Bought it for nobody in particular.  Thought it would be fun to attach it to a nice bottle of wine.  The candle smelled so good, I got it for a friend.  Then, a customer was raving about the Fleurs Du Jour Rice Body Powder.  She said she buys it for herself and friends.  It smelled delicious; talc free, soothing and moisturizing.  Of course, I got it.  I think I will put it under the tree.  It said that it would revitalize my skin and lift my spirits, as well.


The Cottage will be closing at the end of the day today, Friday the 23rd.  They will be reopening in February.  At that time the store would have expanded to the next space, and a post will be more in depth then.   Please note:  Sales are on-going today.

If you have little ones that might want to say hello to Santa.  Well, today is also the last day to do so in Lewes.  Right on Second Street, Santa’s House can be found.  He will be there from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.



Walking through Main Street Jody and I met Lizzy, who was walking and shopping with her Springer Spaniel.  Lizzy has a business and I am passing you the info.  She is a licensed and insured property manager.  Her business is Leave it All to Lizzy.  She is a one person “does it all”.  Home and office organization, event planning, house cleaning, rental preparation, linen service, grocery shopping, personal shopping vacation home opening/closing, holiday decorating, reservations and 48 hour move-ins.  For more info. please e-mail or call 302-841-0917.



Chatting away…then we noticed the mini BMW with the tiniest of Christmas tree on top….so cute I had to take the picture.


We did have a late lunch….the post in a few hours…..


Merry Christmas!!

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November 12th, 2011

Delray Beach, Florida, Tauriello & Co., Anita Jennings Designs, Beach House Management, Professional, Reliable and Easy to Work With, Real Estate, Design Services, Property Management, Delray Beach, Florida, Palm Beach County



Is that time of the year when getting colder up north means that you are either a Snowbird or a Snowflake.  I think I am in the category of the Snowflake.  The snowflakes just come and go.  Don’t get me wrong, I like cold weather, within reason.  But, the other day I saw that someone had written on Facebook, where else? I love it when it gets cold up north.  It was from someone that had a business in South Florida.  And, yes, the season has begun.  The airports are a little crowded, reservations are a most in some of the most sought after restaurants.  You know the drill, right?

When I opened my computer I saw that even though it is going to warm up during the day…38 degrees in Rehoboth Beach….hmmmm this post was then much needed.


I have been in Delray Beach now since 2003.  You have heard me go on and on about how unobstructed the beaches are here.  No tall buildings, just a few things are needed to enjoy the beach; the water with beautiful color and it is so clear.  That’s what originally attracted me to this town.  Also, it reminded me of Rehoboth Beach, my home.



When my husband I first came here, we were sitting at a restaurant having breakfast and we picked up a real estate magazine.  We thought we would just look around.  That started a relationship with Cheran Tauriello from Tauriello & Co., located at 900 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL. 33483.  Tel. 561-278-5570.  Toll free # 877-509-8300.  Brokers of Record & Owners:  Daniel & Sue Tauriello


They have been so easy to work with.  They are very professional.  In Delray Beach for so many years; they know the community, neighborhoods and the company deals with a wide variety of properties.

I have suggested them to friends, as well.  And my own personal feelings are that I have not had to look anywhere else.  They really have been very good to us.

Tauriello & Co. is one of my advertisers.  To go directly into their site, click on their website on the right hand side of this blog.



Anita Jennings Designs – I have known Anita for so many years.  She is from my Humacao, Puerto Rico.  That’s where I grew up.  And, I found her in Delray when we bought our place.  Anita is a one woman show with many years of experience in design.  She is also very easy to work with and speaks several languages.   Her telephone is 561-278-7473.  She is one of my advertisers, just click on her website on the right hand side of this blog to go directly into her site and see what she is all about. 


Atlantic Ave. going East

Atlantic Ave. going East

Beach House Management – Michael Keegan is the Property Manager that I have used since 2003.  Being out of town, having a property management company to take care of your place is not a luxury, but a necessity.  I have to laugh because when you visit Beach House Management’s website, you will find a list of services provided by them.  If I had to tell you the services Michael has provided for us, there would be no end.  Many are listed there but the majority are not.  Some funny and some not so funny.

I always say that I cannot live without him; it is still true.  Beach House Management is located in the heart of Delray Beach.  Call Michael at 561-376-4329.  Website?  Fax: 561-330-6204.  Or, email him to

Beach House Management is also one of my advertisers.  You can just click on their website and you will be right there. They really have been constant and attentive and great to deal with.



I don’t think I had to beg them to become advertisers; well, maybe a little.  Word of mouth, a blog, a website….it all helps.


So, what are you waiting for?… to you later….

October 11th, 2011

Services, Grout?, Glass?, Builder?, Delaware and Maryland Beaches


Hi Everyone:  I have gotten a few names for you in case you need these services.  Not needed at the present time?  Then, just keep the info. because at some time or another you might need them.  Other services are on AboutMyBeaches.  Just go on the left hand side of the website. Under Categories click on “Services”.




Miken Builders – Located at 32782 Cedar Drive, Millville, DE 19967.  Tel. 302-537-4444.  Website?

Michael J. Cummings (Mike) is the Founder and CEO of this company.  I have known Mike for many years.  Very professional, reliable and knowledgeable.  I recommend his company fully.




Charles Brown Glass Co. is located at 6581 Hobbs Road, Salisbury, Maryland.  Tels. 410-749-3316 or 1-800-278-3316.  Website?   They service the Delmarva Peninsula, so even though they are located in Salisbury, Maryland, they also work all over the beaches.  They have been in business for over 50 years.

I just used them.  They will do anything related to glass, except cars. 




Grout – It looks pretty ugly when it gets dirty.  What can you do?  Grout Fix Services restores tiled surfaces with a 5 year warranty.

You can call for a free estimate at 302-236-5585.  I have not personally used this company, but it was recommended by a trusted friend.


So, these are the latest to make the AboutMyBeaches list….talk to you later.

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September 28th, 2011

Services, Plumbers, Painters, Tile, When unexpectedly Needed, Dependable, Professional


On my left hand side of AboutMyBeaches, on this website, I have under categories a place for services.  They are those tried and true services used by me that I can pass on to you. 

You know how it is.  Need a plumber and who are you going to call.  A painter, needed fast; company is coming. Or, it is time to to some tile updating.

So, I have used the following services in the past month.  I thought they were professional and very dependable.


Seaside Plumbing, Inc.  They are plumbing and gas contractors, licensed in Maryland and Delaware.  They are located at 7731 Purnell Crossing Rd. in Berlin, Maryland.  Tel. 410-641-1368.  Website?

Even though they are located in Berlin, Maryland they service the Peninsula; I just used them.

Note:  They do have 24 hour emergency service, as well.



Colorful Expressions – I used these painters and they could not have been more professional and knowledgeable about their work.  The owner is Chris Smullin.  Tel. 302-381-3578


Camelio Tile Co. – Tile Installer.  John Camelio is his name.  Tel. 443-497-1351.  Website?  John did a great job and was very easy to work with.


The above companies are young and very pro customer service.


See you later….you know, as usual….bla bla bla

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