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February 11th, 2015

Puerto Rico, Parents, Fines for Overweight Children? You Decide!! La Isla del Encanto, Love the Food! Chowdown PR Style, Guilty!

Beach in Condado

Beach in Condado

Local talk radio in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware I heard this a.m. that some legislators want to introduce a law in Puerto Rico where parents of overweight children are going to be receiving some fines.

At times pictures are worth a thousand words…..Have you been to Puerto Rico?  Have you tried any of the local food?  Full of flavor and probably not the healthiest if you make a point to eat it all the time.  Large portions, as well.

I just came back from PR and look at these photos.  And I participated in the chowdown.

Well, the fries were made from sweet potatoes.  That helped.  Adding the plantains and cheese….that side salad is what pretty much you get in a lot of places.  Don’t ask me why the tomatoes have to look that way on this tropical island.


Two side dishes that were shared, but meant to be for one person.  The second photo shows half of the portion of the beef.  The salad was excellent, but not the norm.




Good way to start the day?  Of course!!


A popular booth at the Mercado Urbano in Condado….the Roasting Pigs!!  Lechon Asado.  The line never stopped.



A little paella after the Lechon Asado….yum!


Fresh pineapple to clean your palate?  Maybe.


Instead of dessert, why not finish with a tiny fried bacalaito….cod fritter.


Heavier meal at lunch for many Puertoricans….who can resist this at Dona Ana in La Plaza del Mercado in Bayamon.

A side salad with stuffed plantains…with local beef.


Rice and beans because the stuffed plantain was not enough.


And cheesecake, which is nothing new, but it was drizzled with Guava.


The “pirulis” reminded me of my childhood.  Did not buy any, by the way.


Back on Ashford Avenue in  Condado, you can find a good salad on the second floor of FreshMart.


This roasted chicken on Ashford in Condado was awesome….totally surprised me.  Fried plantains, of course and “some” veggies.


Pizza from Via Apia on Ashford in Condado.


Exercising at Ventana al Mar…We were too busy eating and checking things out.


But the best fresh vegetables and fruits can still be found from the vendors that sell out of their trucks.  A scene still found in the Metropolitan area of San Juan.



Self control?  I used to have so much of it.  Back in Delaware trying to get rid of those unwelcomed pounds…..but, It Was Worth It?

So, you decide…fine the parents for overweight kids?  That’s ridiculous!

NOTE:  Where to eat the above mentioned foods in Puerto Rico…..stay tuned.

February 16th, 2014

Sundays, Lunch, Dinghy Dock, Open Air, Dockside Dining, Locals’ Hangout, Dewey, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Warm, Tropical Breezes, Island Time, There is Something Magical About Sunday Afternoons


When I was younger Sundays, did not mean a thing.  As I matured, I found that Sundays are magical.  It is that day of the week where you can just relax, cook outdoors, read a good book….it is your own time.  No worries.  Monday is the next day, and you will worry about that when it gets there.

Visiting the Island of Culebra off Puerto Rico….Laid back Caribbean Island.  There is a slower time.  It is so scenic.  The sounds of the waves is all it takes to put you to sleep under a palm tree.


When visiting Culebra, and I will tell you more about it in a later post…..lunch at the Dinghy Dock is very relaxing.  At dockside.  It is located outside the Dewey Draw Bridge on Calle Fulladoza.  Tel. 787-742-0233.  Locals mingle and Dinghy Dock serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Entering Dinghy Dock and sitting at dockside….it is an open air restaurant with full bar, serving American and Puertorican food.



The view of the anchored boats and of the fish expecting a treat from your table.



A full bar and grab a table, please.  Remember, you are on island time… rush.



It was the perfect place to stop for lunch after touring the island with family.  On our table the following was ordered.

Beef Fajitas


Two orders of the local bean burritos.


And after I had been eating lechon asado (roasted pig), morcillas (blood sausages), pastelillos (turnovers), plantains….it was time to eat fish.  So, my sushi grade seared tuna hit the spot!!


No dessert for us….we were completely satisfied.

Visiting Culebra….priceless!!


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