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November 11th, 2018

Out & About, The Bungalow on 2nd, Lifestyle Boutique, Lewes, Delaware, Shopping, Shop Local, Small Business Saturday, November 24th, Delaware Beaches, Historic Lewes, Holiday Shopping


I was out and about with a friend on Second Street in Lewes, Delaware.  The Fall is the time for us “locals” to get out and see what is new.  A relaxed way of discovering the town.  No parking, which makes a big difference. My friend, Madelon, and I loved the storefront of this boutique that we had not noticed in the past.  It is called The Bungalow on 2nd.  Second Street is really Main Street in Lewes.

I am sure some of you will disagree but I find boutique shopping the most comfortable way to shop.  These shops in small towns all over the United States give clients the opportunity to get to know the store owners. You get a one on one service.

The young woman behind the counter I had to engage in conversation.  If you were in a big mall that usually does not happen.  No time for small talk, really.  Her name is Kaitlin and she has been opened for just about 6 weeks or so.  The shop is adorable; so very well appointed.  The store is not crowded and she has done a great job in redoing the shop.  Before starting this new venture she was a 9th grade teacher.  It would be great for you to stop by and welcome her to the community.  The Bungalow on 2nd is located at 142 2nd St., Lewes, DE 19958.  Tel. 302-644-1544

You can find clothing, presents for friends and family and, of course, a little indulgence for yourself, as well.

There is nothing like the right accessory to enhance an outfit.  You can find necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for all tastes.

Clean looks, napkins, table runners, candles, home accents…..all very pretty and affordable.

November 24th it is called Small Business Saturday.  Obviously, we live in small coastal towns and promoting the local businesses is something a lot of us find dear to our hearts.  We wish Kaitlin much success and look forward to stopping by again.

Until then, have a good one!!


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January 9th, 2013

“Cotton Ball” Pearls, Vintage Necklace, “Gotta Have it”, Modern Vintage, John Wind, Maximal Art, Affordable, Designer Jewelry, Pennsylvania

Cruising through the t.v. channels I stopped at one that was interviewing a jewelry designer by the name of John Wind.  If I remember correctly, it could have been MPT, but I am not 100% sure.  I was looking at his story and not the channel, really.

The name of his company is Maximal Art.  It is located at 200 Racoosin Drive, Suite 111, Aston, PA 19014.  Tel. 800-573-3308.  There is so much to know about this designer that has been in business for over 25 years.  To know more about him and his designer jewelry pieces, please visit  You can also find John Wind-Maximal Art of Facebook.

Meet my “Gotta Have It” “Cotton Ball” Pearl Necklace.


The vintage necklace holding the cotton ball is made from materials that are plated and then antiqued.  I have not worn my enough to enhance its vintage look, but I am getting there. I almost forgot to tell you…very affordable.


The “Cotton Ball” definitely caught my attention.  Made from genuine cotton, lacquered and pearlized.  It is a charm which I attached to my necklace.  The cotton balls can be irregular.  That’s how they are.  They can dent if struck on a hard surface.  And, they will “shrink” if wet.  They also come in different sizes.


As with any jewelry, it is bet to be kept away from water, hairspray, or makeup.

Every time I wear this necklace I get so many compliments.  So much so, that I decided that a post was needed….word of mouth, and I am not the only one doing this.

I am wearing and enjoying it!!   Talk to you later.

Note:  Please visit John Wind Maximal Art’s Facebook page to find out where to find them at the Atlanta Gift Show.

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May 12th, 2012

Shopping in…Bethany Beach, Alice Klein, Jeweler, Designer, She is TKO, It’s Art, It’s Handmade, Delaware Beaches



After 31 years in the business, Alice H. Klein, President of TKO, is still designing and making beautiful jewelry.  Her designs are unique and stand out among the rest.  She uses metals and resins, pearls, Swaroski Crystals, gold, silver, semi precious stones, and precious stones.  Her pieces are recognizable.  You will get compliments; sooo…pretty and on and on


TKO is located at 100 Garfield Parkway, #6, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.  Tel. 302-539-6992.  Website?



TKO’s pieces have different price ranges.  You can pick up something for a friend or Alice can make a one of a kind piece, especially for you or that person in mind.  She can also redesign your dated jewelry.



Also at TKO you will find hard at work, her niece, JoAnne.  And, even thought I did not see Bryant, her husband, the other day, you might find him there, as well.  He is also a jeweler.


Remember, Sunday is Mother’s Day….just in case you forgot.



This is just a small sample of what’s at TKO in Bethany.  The website is also a reflection of this talented jeweler.

Gosh…I almost forgot the rings.  Nice and big, making a statement this summer at the beach!!


Talk to you later…

October 11th, 2011

TKO, Jewelry Store, Bethany Beach, Delaware Beaches, Alice H. Klein, Jeweler, Designer, and Extreme Kiteboarder



I don’t know what’s the sequence, regarding the heading of this post.  Probably depends with Alice’s mood and the time of the year.

Alice H. Klein is the artist and designer behind TKO, along with her husband, Bryant and now her niece, JoAnne. 


TKO is located at 100 Garfield Pkwy., #6 in the town of Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Tel. 302-539-6992.  Website?

I have written about this store on 9/3/09 and on 10/25/10.  You can check those posts by clicking on the months of September and October and scrolling down to the dates.

You can always find something at TKO.  Her designs are beautiful and target a wide range of prices.  It could be something for a friend or something more dramatic for yourself.


Alice can design anything you want or she can also update a special piece.

I was at the point in Cape Henlopen State Park last week.  I always take visitors to that side of the park.  You can see the town of Lewes and the Ferry on one side and on a clear day you can see New Jersey on the other.

It was windy and so many kiteboarders.  I heard my name being called.  It was Alice.  She and all these other kiteboarders were having a blast.  Actually, she might have been the only woman too.  You see she has her passions; designing unique, never boring, pieces of jewelry or doing the extreme; kiteboarding.


This week I went to her store in Bethany.  She opens Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. 

She has so many new pieces.  Ones that I fell in love with were the earrings made out of shells she picked up in Puerto Rico.  Here they are.



The rest is just a little peak into her designs.  The pictures don’t do justice; you need to visit and have her explain to you the types of pearls, the stones, the metals, etc. etc.






Have a great day!!!…talk to you later…after I digest the subs from Casapullas; my next post….

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