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September 25th, 2018

Semra’s Mediterranean Grill, Restaurant, Take Out, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Review, Lunch, Dinner, The Beach Eats, Casual, Homemade Food, Aromatic Spices, Southern Delaware

Crushed red pepper directly from Turkey.  Semra’s family sends her this sweet pepper.  It does not look sweet but it is.  Very good.  Semra’s has it on all tables.  I had a craving for Moussaka from Semra’s.  In Turkey, which is where Semra is from, the Moussaka has a different appearance.  I always thought Moussaka looked like and eggplant lasagna.  At Semra’s it is prepared Turkish style.  It is so aromatic and flavorful.

The Kofte I had for lunch today.  The patties are char-grilled, again, seasoned with those delicious Turkish herbs and spices.  It was served with rice, yogurt sauce and pita bread.

Semra’s is located at 19 Rehoboth Avenue on the ocean block.  You can find them on Facebook.  Their website is

Semra’s also has take out and catering.  During the winter they have belly dancing evenings, a complete fun show.  It is very well attended.  You can check their Facebook page or visit the above mentioned website.

It is interesting to find out other restauranteurs visiting their favorite restaurants in Rehoboth Beach.

Semra and her husband, John, are always at the restaurant.  They are so friendly.  Very nice couple.  Their food is cooked inhouse and they consider themselves foodies.  That is why their food taste so good.  Their cooking reflect the love of delicious homemade food, beautifully spiced.

Until next time!!



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January 23rd, 2015

Rehoboth Beach Eats! Semra’s, Restaurant, Mediterranean Cuisine, Belly Dancing & Dining, Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Kofte, Turkish Musakka….My mouth waters!!


“”Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”  paul theroux

I think about this quote as I walked the award-winning Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, with my friend, Gail.  Winter is a season of recovery for the beaches.  A time to sit back and relax.  With Spring and Summer just a few months away, not only does the town take a serene look, but the residents do so, as well.


Even though Gail and I were commenting how quiet it was on the Boardwalk, we agreed that listening to the sound of the waves was pretty awesome and….we are lucky to live here.


We decided to have lunch at Semra’s, located at 19 Rehoboth Avenue.  As quiet as it looked on the Boardwalk, the Avenue was as crowded as it usually gets during winter.  Semra’s only closes on Wednesdays.  The rest of the week they are open.  Tel. 302-226-4976.  Website?  For the last minute events and dining specials you can visit them on Facebook.


Today, Friday, is Falafel Fridays.  Falafel are fritters; balls or patties made, usually, with ground chickpeas, but also fava beans can be used, as well.  Yum!

On Mondays their Musakka entree is only $10.95.  And, on Tuesdays their Kabobs are 30% off.


I told Gail to order their Turkish Musakka.  It is different from the traditional Greek one.  It is not layered.  Instead, it is prepared with aubergines, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions.  Served with a well seasoned pilaf…pita bread.  The side dish is cacik which is a strained yogurt served cold.


I decided to have Kofte.  These are beef and lamb patties seasoned with Turkish herbs and spices, served with pilaf and cacik (yogurt sauce), and a cold bean salad.


Semra’s makes everything from scratch.  Their dishes are full of flavor and exotic spices.  Our dishes were light…..yes, they were!!  And, the tea warmed us up on a damp winter day in Rehoboth Beach.

Once a month Semra’s has a dinner and belly dancing show.  What started just to see if it would work out, now is a much waited event.  Next one will be on February 28th!!  They tell me the place turns itself into a big party with lots of customers participating and enjoying the fun.  You can call them to 302-226-4976 for a reservation.

Note:  Prices are good, with personal service!!  They do have a liquor license.  Carry-out available.  You will love it!

February 24th, 2010

In Delray Beach…Barber Shop…La Cigale…Restaurant…Reviews…Florida…



Where to get a hair cut when you are not sure where to go?  Word of mouth is usually the best advertisement so our son directed my husband to Avenue Haircutters right on Atlantic Ave.  I hope the men reading this post pay attention because this barber shop is a true and reasonable one. 

Avenue Haircutters is located on 777 East Atlantic Ave., Suite A-5 in Delray Beach.  It is right across from the Blue Anchor Pub in the Atlantic Plaza. The shop is towards the back of the Plaza. They have 3 barbers available.

As I was waiting for my husband I had to take a few pictures.  Then, I started wondering about the pole that shows that you are in a barber shop.  You know, it has red, white and blue.  


Apparently, barber shops were places where men gathered, relaxed, read magazines and enjoyed each other’s company while also engaging on gossip, sharing jokes, talking about sports and politics, and debating the events of the day.  I think barber shops are older than women’s hair salons so really they started all this before us.

Originally, the trimming and shaving, which by the way was a bit messy and painful; before the invention of the razor, was done at home and probably by a servant.  Later on in the mid 19th century as towns were increasing and with the invention of the razor blade, barber shops were found on the main street of about every small town.

It may be helpful to know that the barbers and surgeons were once the same profession.  Barber-surgeons were authorized to perform like a phlebotomist, who is the person drawing blood for analysis.

The barber shops were distinguished from other businesses by the red, white and blue striped pole out in front.  The red and white were symbols of the blood and bandages of surgeons and the blue was added to make the pole resemble the American flag.

My husband got a really nice hair cut.  And, as we were walking around the plaza, a gentleman came out of the barber shop and asked us if we were from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  His name was Butch Bradley and he was the owner of Avenue Haircutters.  He had lived in Rehoboth and his barber shop was at the Midway Shopping Center on Coastal Highway.  He had just been at the Delaware beaches and loves the whole area.  We talked and it was so nice of him to have approached us.  This is what makes these small towns so unique; a friendly conversation in the middle of the Plaza with someone you just met.

Then, we talked to Butch about Bethany Beach, Delaware and he proceeded to inform us that the owner of La Cigale, Francis Touboul, has a house in Bethany.

Well, since it was around 1:30 we then decided to have lunch at La Cigale and this is my next post.  Being that it was a little cloudy, a little cooler and we were a little hungry we marched ourselves to La Cigale.


La Cigale has been in Delray Beach for a long time.  It used to be right on Atlantic Ave., in the same spot where the new Seagate Hotel is now located.  As renovations kept going on Atlantic Ave., it was so nice to know that this restaurant had opened in another location with plenty of parking and more space.

La Cigale is located on 253 S.E. 5th Ave., in Delray Beach, and near Atlantic Ave.  At night you can spot the torches outside.  Tel. is 561-265-0600.  The website is
And the e-mail address is

We have been to the restaurant in the past; lunch and dinner.  The restaurant is known to locals and natives alike. 

When we entered the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was color.  Immediately I felt good. 


The tables were covered with tablecloths, very unpretentious, European, and a friendly staff. 

I love mussels and once I saw them on the menu I knew that I was having them.  They were Prince Edward Island Mussels with garlic, olive oil, tomato, basil leaves, white wine and a side order of pomme frites.  They were so tasty and sweet, with that lite broth and perfect for lunch.  I was even happier when I saw that they had placed a spoon for the broth.  No way was I leaving that behind.



The pomme frites (French for French Fries) were perfectly cooked; crispy.  Just the right size, as well, and I did not feel any guilt eating them all.  Definitely, worth it.


My husband had the Calamari and Escarole sauteed in a white wine, garlic, olive oil and hot cherry peppers.  That came with their soup of the day which was a white bean soup.  I tasted both dishes;  the calamari was tender, and the bean soup was rich and perfectly seasoned.

Then, we started talking to Francis, the owner.  Can you believe he has had a house in Bethany Beach, Delaware for 20 years?  He came from France, his first job in Bethany was at Gigi’s.  Only locals would remember that one.  And, has lived in Washington, as well.  He was friendly, energetic and just the perfect host. 

La Cigale has the perfect blend of Mediterranean food and you will always find the Coq Au Vin, the Beef Bourguignon; you know all those French dishes that make our mouths water.

One of those dishes, a dessert one and a favorite is the Creme Brulee.  It is French for “burnt cream”.  It is considered to be French, but the English and Spanish claim credit, as well. 

At La Cigale the creme brulee was just the way I like it.  The original; creamy and no other flavors added.

La Cigale offers Happy Hour from Mondays through Fridays from 5 until 7 p.m. Two for one drinks with complimentary hors d’ouvres at the bar only.  Half price appetizers from their regular menu at the bar, as well.


The restaurant has capabilites for private parties.  Please visit their website, above mentioned, because you can read about the restaurant, check the pictures and most of all look through the different menu proposals and hors d’ouvres selections for any parties you might want to hold at La Cigale.  

If you are visiting Delray, try it and let me know how you what you think.



Note:  I did not know that Francis Touboul, the owner of La Cigale also owns, Atlantique Cafe located on 777 E. Atlantic Ave. in the Atlantic Plaza, 561-272-1170 where this post actually started.  As soon as I try it, I will let you know.

Yesterday I visited 3 places.  Avenue Haircutters and La Cigale in Delray and then in the evening Michael R. McCarty’s in Palm Beach, which will be tomorrow’s post.

Information on the barber shop pole was taken from and from


Until then……talk to you later….

August 5th, 2009

Lewes, Delaware…..A True Gem

Exploring some of the town of Lewes, Delaware, is what I did on Wednesday, and I am telling you, this town is one of those towns that it does not matter what season we are in, it is really pretty in all of them.  And, what a resume this town has.  “The first town in the First State”!!  Delaware was the first state to ratify the constitution, and Lewes was the earliest town founded in the state.

So, when someone tells you that Lewes is just a sleepy town, don’t kid yourself.  This town does not and I repeat, does not roll up its sidewalks at dusk.  It just gets started.

Lewes is very accessible.  If you are coming from Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach or Rehoboth Beach on Coastal Highway (Rt. 1), there are several ways to go into the town.  From Rt. 1 take Exit 9 East and follow the sign that says Cape May-Lewes Ferry.  You will access Kings Highway and will pass the Cape Henlopen High School and its new beautiful building to be inaugurated this Fall.  You will veer to the left and continue to follow the sign that says Historic Town.  Follow the road and turn right on Savannah Rd. and then make a left turn on Second St.

Or, just follow Rt. 1 or Coastal Highway and turn right on Savannah Rd. (by the Arby’s) and follow the road until you reach the town and turn left on Second St.

Lewes does not have a Main St.  Second St. is the main street and where the majority of the restaurants and shops are.  Pretty much is all meter parking.

I was hungry for lunch, so my first stop was Cafe Azafran, located on 109 Market St., behind King’s Ice Cream, which is on Second St. (more on that ice cream store later).  Their tel. is 302-644-4446.  Their web site is  This restaurant is Mediterranean and they also include tapas, which are small plates for sharing.

The lunch menu just made me want to come back for dinner.

I had the Marco’s Chef Salad and it was delicious.  It had poached chicken and Spanish Serrano ham over field greens, endive, artichokes and hard boiled egg, roasted peppers, tomatoes and olives.  Their dressing was balsamic vinaigrette.  On top, it had a shaved Pecorino cheese.  I had a refreshing iced tea for my beverage but they have an assortment of daily wine offerings from Italy, Spain and Chile.  They also have homemade Sangria, Mango Bellinis and Espresso Martinis.

Plenty of desserts too like Affogato Mocha which is a dark chocolate gelato with espresso, Kahlua, Lewes Dairy whipped cream (local cream) and shaved chocolate.

The prices are very reasonable too.  For more information, do check their web site so that  you can see what they offer on their dinner menu.

Since I did not have any coffee after my lunch, I decided to march myself to King’s Ice Cream on 201 Second St. and have a taste of coffee ice cream, which people rave about.

King’s Ice Cream is a great place to go after a meal or just to have an ice cream and people watch from the benches outside their store.  There is indoor seating too.  King’s Ice Cream started in Milton, Delaware, in 1972. It is a family operated business and all ice cream is homemade.  If you come to the Delaware beaches and you mention King’s ice cream, everyone knows what you are talking about. In case you need to contact King’s Ice Cream, the tel. is 302-645-9425.

The first store I decided to visit in this quaint town was the Beach Jetty.  Everyone calls it the Jetty and their location is 123 Second St. The tel. is 302-645-4606.  Maryanne and Pam were great with the customers and they had plenty of them.  This store is a women’s shop with neat jewelry, and beautiful and casual clothing.  Certainly, a must stop shop.

The next store on my walk around Lewes was Shorebreak.  The owner, Josh, who is a local and native of Lewes, told me that he had just opened about 3 weeks ago.  The address is 115 Savannah Rd. (Savannah and Second St.) and the tel. is 302-645-8488.  The web site is, but it is still under construction.  He has casual clothing for men, perfect for the kind of casual lifestyle, here at the beaches.

Back on Second St., I stopped at Deanna’s.  This store is also a women’s shop that has clothing for a wide variety of tastes and styles.  She has very nice accessories and gifts as well as a large selection of Dansko shoes, which are very popular.  Her addres is 113 Second St. and the tel. is 302-644-1112.  Deanna and her daughter are always ready to assist you and help with your selections.

Now, if you decide to stay in Lewes, there are more than a few places to stay.  Here are a couple of them:

The Beacon Motel is located on 514 East Savannah Rd.  For reservations, please call 1-800-735-4888 or 302-645-4888.  This is a non-smoking motel.  Major credit cards are accepted.  For more information, you may go on their web site

Another place to stay is Hotel Rodney (Boutique Hotel) and it is located on 142 Second St.  Their tel. is 302-645-6466 and the web site is  You can walk to shops, restaurants, spas and museums.

I have only touched the surface of what this town has to offer.  I will be back with more information soon. 

In the meantime, visit Lewes and enjoy this historic town.

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