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April 27th, 2016

Lewes Eat!! Heirloom, Restaurant, Downtown Historic Lewes, Delaware, Open 7 Days a Week, Dinner, Coastal Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Rose Dinner, Tuesday, May 3, 2016


“Most heirlooms have been saved and selected because they have the best flavor and production in home and small market gardens.  We get the benefit of this long development cycle, as only the best producing, most flavorful, most memorable and most dependable varieties have made the selection through the years.  Delicate, weak or fickle varieties are no longer with us.”

Hello to Heirloon, located at 212 Savannah Rd. in Historic Lewes, Delaware.  Tel. 302-313-4065.  You may also find Heirloom on Facebook.  Website?


At this time of the year I am trying to visit some of the new and already seasoned restaurants in our area.  Pretty soon it will be a little difficult to park, get reservations….Yes, Summer 2016 is almost here.  Meters will be going up, you know what I mean.

My friend Cathy from Bethany Beach, and I, decided on Heirloom on a quiet week day a couple of weeks ago.  Have heard all good reviews but I like to see for myself.  Not all of us have the same discriminate palate.

I felt like I was home.  The restaurant is charming.  It exudes warmth.



A small gathering at the bar.


Our table was in a cozy corner….drinks and bread were served.


Our room was quiet and our service was unobtrusive.  Our server was attentive but she sensed we wanted to catch up, so she let us have our time.

We decided on a few appetizers.  I had heard that they had sweetbreads.  I ordered the Veal Sweetbreads in honor of my late husband, who totally loved them.  John ordered them every time he saw them offered at a restaurant.

These Crispy Veal Sweetbreds had a chili glaze, served with charred broccoli, egg yolk puree, and sesame seeds.  They were so flavorful, tender and delicious.


Cathy ordered the Beets in a Garden, served roasted, pickled, raw, dehydrated, and puree, house whipped ricotta, brown butter crunch, and hazelnut “dirt”.  Beautiful presentation and tasty beets.


Our choices for entrees were just perfect.

Cathy chose the Pan Seared New Jersey Scallops.  They have had scallops on the menu before, but these were new.  Fiddlehead ferns, asparagus, charred rhubard compote, and ramp pistou.  Ramp pistou is Provence’s much loved answer to pesto.  The French Pistou is made with soft herbs, oil and toasted nuts or seeds of some kind.


Best Pork Chop at the Beach!!  This Double Cut Berkshire Pork Chop was huge and so tender and juicy.  Granny Smith apple puree, crispy brussels, fingerling potatoes, and shaved horseradish.  What a dish!!


For dessert, we shared a sampler of ice cream and sorbet.  Refreshing and the perfect ending to such a nice meal.


Megan Lee is the owner of Heirloom and was so gracious to show us around.  She has put so much work into this restaurant and it shows.  I wish her the best!!


Rose Dinner in conjunction with Southern Wine Spirits will take place on Tuesday, May 3rd.  It is a 5 course dinner paired perfectly with the proper wine for each tasting.  You may call 302-313-4065 to make a reservation or visit the Facebook Page.


Heirloom:  We will be back!!

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November 10th, 2015

Lewes Eats! Agave, Mexican Cuisine, Restaurant, Bar, Lewes, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches…Buen Provecho!


One of my pet peeves is that I hate to wait.  More so, at restaurants.  With so many popular restaurants not taking reservations at the Delaware Beaches, well, let’s say that at times it is a bit annoying.  Not such a great way to start a post.   But, keep reading because I am posting about one of my favorite restaurants in Lewes…Agave.  It is located at 137 2nd St.  Tel. 302-645-1232.  You can find it on Facebook.


There are times that the wait at Agave is a couple of hours in the evening.  If you do not mind, please then head to the bar and start having some of the delicious Margaritas and Martinis that they do offer.  Otherwise, you can put your name down and come back later.  Or, if you do not want to wait, then you know what else you can do.  Maybe lunch might be a better idea for you.


If you arrive right at Noon you might find the restaurant looking like some of these photos.  But soon enough it will be crowded.  Originally, Agave was pretty small then an addition has given them more seating which is great.



So the other night when Sharon and I arrived for a little Mexican fare, we were surprised that our wait was only like 20 minutes.  We sat looking at the gorgeous desserts…wondering if their famous Coconut Cake would be our choice for dessert.  Or, Pot de Creme or Flan.


I do have my favorites.  I started with their Mexican Chili.  I truly love it.  I don’t know if it is because it is made with beef tenderloin or not, but the flavor is so good.  A rich broth, topped with queso fresco and a side of warm tortillas.  On chilly night, it is perfect and pretty filling, as well.


Their Mango and Avocado Salad is also a must have if you like something a littler lighter.  The mango and avocado is in a bed of bib lettuce, topped with bacon, queso fresco, pine nuts and a creamy pine nut lime dressing.  Queso Fresco is a crumbled goat cheese.


Agave has a signature dish called Chiles en Nogada.  It is always on their menu.  I told my friend, Sharon, that she should have it.  This is meat stuffed poblano chiles with cumin, cinnamon and azafran.  A drizzle of a nut sauce with an addition of rice and beans.


These Chiles en Nogada is a sophisticaded dish most popular during Mexican Independence festivities.  It incorporates the green, white, and red ingredients just like the colors of the Mexican flag.

A poblano pepper is a mild chile pepper from the State of Puebla in Mexico.  When it is dried out is is called Ancho Chile.  It is a most popular pepper grown in Mexico.  The dish above has a light sweetness to it, perhaps the outcome of the combination of ingredients.  Very good indeed.

We decided on the Coconut Cake for dessert but I had a reason for ordering it.  First of all I have always heard that it is so good.  I am not too much of a coconut cake fan but I wanted to compare it to another coconut cake that people raved about served at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina.


Last February while in Charleston everyone said we needed to try the cake at the Peninsula Grill. They said it so much that we made reservations.  Great entrees, I posted on this website, and then came dessert time.  This cake has 12 layers and they have been making it since 1997.  There is even a trademark as Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake.  It weighs 12 lbs., and you can order it and be sent to you FedEx.  Every night you take a glimpse at tables and for dessert you will find the customers do order it a lot.  Here is a photo of my piece of cake.  It reminded me of a Smith Island Cake.


Agave’s Coconut Cake came to the table and it was huge.  And we, actually, ate it all.


Having had those two magnificent cakes I can tell you that I do prefer to have the individual layers on a cake, but the Agave’s version was definitely, more moist.  I am probably not the best person to review a Coconut Cake, since I do like more tarts than cakes, but all I can tell you is that they were dense and full of flavor.  Next time at Agave’s try it and if by chance you are visiting Historic Charleston, check it out there, as well.  You decide.

Now, a lemon tart….love it!!  The photo of the lemon tart is from the second dessert we had at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston.


Buen Provecho….Hasta Luego!!

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May 22nd, 2015

Lewes Eats!! Striper Bites, “Please your Palate…Raise your Spirits”, Restaurant, Bar, Lunch, Dinner, Outdoor Dining, Lewes, Delaware, Summer 2015 Begins!!


“Ask not what you can do for your country.  Ask what’s for lunch.”  orson wells

Arriving at the beach with much anticipation.  So many places to dine.  Casual atmosphere at the Delaware Beaches so don’t despair you will find just the perfect place.  Whether you want lunch or dinner the restaurants are all ready to serve you….Summer 2015 is officially starting this Memorial Week-End and the gates have opened and if you have already been out and about, you know exactly what I mean.

Striper Bites is located at 107 Savannah Rd. in Downtown Historic Lewes, Delaware.  Tel. 302-645-4657.  Website?

Happy Hour at the Bar is a must at Striper Bites.  Mingle with the locals or make a friend or two in Lewes.  The service is great and the prices are affordable.


Plenty of seating choices.  Near the bar, or, if you want to have more of a private setting there are booths and cozy benches and tables.


The dining room is quiet and perfect for catching up with friends.


It is so funny because now that summer is here, we are all trying to eat as healthy as possible…..we do want to sit at the beach, if you get my drift.

The Striper Bite House Salad is one of my favorites.  Make it a meal by adding chicken, tuna, rockfish, scallops, shrimp, salmon, lobster salad, or a crab cake.  It is a mix of greens with artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, olives, cukes, and red onions tossed in a delish vinaigrette and topped with toasted pine nuts and crumbled blue cheese.

Love it with Grilled Salmon…


Or if you love lobster…then, please order it!!


Striper Bites offers a traditional Lobster Roll…plenty of lobster tossed in light Dijon mayo and stuffed in a lobster roll.


The Striper Bite Club is their Signature Sandwich.  Blackened Mahi Mahi served on a ciabatta roll with lettuce, tomato, and smoked applewood bacon with a Caesar Dressing.  On the side?  Depending what the side of the day….I had cole slaw which was very good, as well.


Have a great week-end!!  Sunny weather, blue skies, low humidity…..perfect.

September 7th, 2014

Lewes Eats!! Agave, Restaurant, Mexican Cuisine, Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware..Gluten Free Friendly at the DE Beaches


It was Saturday….yesterday.  My friend, Chris and I were in Lewes.  That time of the day when you start thinking about lunch.  Granted, I usually go for lunch to Agave.  Cannot take the wait in the evening.  So we tried it at around 12:30 p.m. and….surprised, surprised…shocked, really!!  No line.

Agave is one of those restaurants that really has made it at the Delaware Beaches.  The food is consistenly food.  You really get served food on your plate and the prices are so reasonable.  A total winner.  It is located in Historic Lewes at 137 2nd Street.  Tel. 302-645-1232.

Checking out the baked good behind the counter made me think…wow, I need to try to make some meringues!!


This was going to be a quick lunch.

The corn bread at Agave is delicious!!  Get it!


The Mango and Avocado Salad with the ever present “queso fresco”…a must.


I have had most offerings on the menu….a simple soup can say so much….their Chili is one of my absolute musts!!!  So much that at 94 degree temperature….I had to have it.  Just as good as ever!!  Order it!


Agave is gluten free friendly.  Most dishes can be made gluten free.  Please make sure to ask your server.

Guess what?  There was a line when we left.

Have a great day!

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June 9th, 2013

Lewes Eats, Agave, Mexican Restaurant, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Review, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


In Southern Delaware all the coastal towns are pretty close to each other.  Lewes is the First Town in The First State.  The Historic District of Lewes consists of quaint shops, historic sites, and restaurants that are making names for themselves as dining destinations.

A few years back a restaurant by the name of Agave opened.  Well, their success is attributed to consistently good food, great atmosphere, and affordable prices.  It is located at 137 2nd St., which is their Main Street.  Tel. 302-645-1232.

On any given night the atmosphere is casual with a vibrant Latin beat.  The ever present Margaritas and the wide variety of tequilas will make you feel like you did not wait for your table at all.  But, let me tell you, plan your visit because this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at the Delaware Beaches.  You may leave your name and walk around Lewes, or just go upstairs and mingle with the rest of them.

Since I am always complaining about the wait, I discovered a new strategy….Lunch!!

A friend, Cathi, had not been to Agave so on our way there for lunch I was telling her all about it.  We got there about 11:45 a.m.  Our plan? To be the first to get in.  Haha….there were already 4 people waiting.  I told Cathi we were staying put.  And, so we did.


It was great going in and seeing the restaurant empty, but that did not last long.  Agave looked great and their expanded dining area has made it even better.


Their bar was well stocked and ready to receive customers.


The shells were being fried.


Cathi and I decided to order the Pine Nut & Goat Cheese Guacamole for an appetizer.  Agave serves generous portions so this appetizer is perfect for sharing.  Their guacamole is truly delicious with the avocado flavor being the main event.


New at Agave is the Gluten Free Menu.  The chips served with the guacamole are made out of corn but they are fried with other foods, so, if you have a gluten allergy you should not eat them.  If you like their guacamole, bring the chips from home.


Agave offers very nice salads and Cathi decided on the Mango & Avocado Salad… Topped with bacon and with the ever present queso fresco.  Plenty of mango and lots of avocado!!


I have had in the past Agave’s tamal.  I was totally impressed before so I decided to order it again.  Consistently good, that’s the key.  A tamal is made with a corn dough, filled with a savory filling, wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.  Then, Agave, tops it with Mole sauce.  A side  order of rice and black beans and corn bread accompanied the tamal.


This tamal reminded me of the Puertorican “pasteles” which are mostly served during the holidays.  In Puerto Rico they are made with plantains and green bananas.  You can also make them out of yuca (casava).  A filling of pork, ham, raising, olives and the list goes on.  Very labor intensive.  Following is the photo so you can see how similar they look.


We had great service and no dessert was ordered since we were satisfied.   Now, we could walk Historic Lewes!!

Talk to you later…have a good one!

Note:  Gluten Free….Agave’s kitchen is small and they have mentioned on their gluten free menu that items may have been cross-contaminated.  My husband has celiac disease and so far he has never had any problems.  Talk to your server, ask questions and read the menu.

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June 8th, 2013

Lewes Eats, Nectar, Cafe, Juice Bar, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Open 7 Days a Week, 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Bloody Mary’s, Mimosas, Wine, Beer, Nectar Serves Breakfast All Day, Gluten Free Options, Soups, Salads, Deli Salads, Snacks, Sandwiches, Desserts…Juices, Delaware Beaches


The new eatery located at 111 Neil’s Alley in Historic Lewes, Delaware is Nectar.  It is a Cafe & Juice Bar.  Its friendly and charming owner is Sarah McKeown.  And, Jody, Sue, and I found her very busy on a rainy day at the Delaware Beaches.


Nectar opens at 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. every day of the week.  Tel. 302-645-5842.  Email


My first impression of Nectar was that I had a feeling of warmth.  The restaurant embraces you as you step in.  Like a hug…you know what I mean.  The lighting is perfect; not too bright and not dim either.  It flows very well.


The juice bar has plenty of seating at the bar and by the window.  You can choose one of their specialty juices or be adventurous and develop your own signature juice.


There is an open living room, where you can relax, sip your drinks, or wait for your party to join you.


Plenty of tables have been arranged in the main dining room.  Every chair is different. The plates on the wall are all beautiful.  A lot of thought has gone into the decorating of Nectar.  It shows as the restaurant has his own unique aura.



I wanted to try one of their juices.  Afterall, it is also a juice bar.  I chose the Lean Green Machine.  It had green apple, cucumber, basil, spinach, lime, and jalapeno.  Boost your metabolism with this fat-fighting tonic…..and those jalapenos were definitely doing a dance with my taste buds.  Very good!


Nectar accommodates everyone.  Breakfast is served all day, soups, salads, deli salads, sandwiches and dessert.  We had made our choices.

We ordered 2 soups; a Carrot & Ginger Soup (left photo), and a Tomato Soup (right).  Jody loved hers and my Tomato Soup was excellent.  Well seasoned; tasty and just so you know, this soup is also served at Nectar with a grilled cheese sandwich…you can dunk.


Sue ordered the blueberry pancakes.  They were fluffy topped with homemade blueberry maple syrup.  The pancakes were crusty on the outside and soft inside.  Also available gluten-free!!  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that the servings are very generous.


Jody went with the Quinoa Salad.  That powerful grain is very versatile and was mixed with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and feta cheese on a bed of mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.


My Salmon Citrus Salad was awesome!  Pan seared salmon fillet served over butter lettuce, capers, fennel, grapefruit and orange slices with a citrus vinaigrette.


We were perfectly content, so no dessert was ordered.  They do have lemon and mixed berry tart, strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, vegan chocolate avocado torde and the daily flavor ice cream.



Note:  Nectar also serves Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s made with Gluten Free Tito’s Vodka, Beer & Wine!!

We wish Nectar the best for Summer of 2013!!


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