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July 17th, 2019

Miyagi, Ramen Bar, Restaurant, Review, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Southern Delaware, DE Beaches, Japanese, Korean, Fusion Cuisine, The Art of Wining and Dining

We should consider ourselves so lucky to be at the Southern Delaware Beaches. Scorching temperatures even if sitting at the beach.

With hot temperatures I would like something light for lunch and dinner. It was late in the afternoon when I decided to stop at Miyagi Ramen Bar located at Shops at Seacoast, 19266 Coastal Highway, Unit 6 in Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971. It is where the Safeway is.

Miyagi opened a few years ago and to tell you the truth I should have stopped sooner. It was great to see Kim again. I used to always talk to him when he was at Saketumi. He owns Miyagi and is enjoying the hard work that it takes to give customers the best ingredients money can buy.

By the way his noodles are homemade. He makes weekly trips to Philadelphia to buy all the ingredients needed to make these dishes all top notch.

The restaurant is bigger than it appears from the outside. Plenty of parking which is a relief this time of the year.

There is a full bar, as well.

I decided on the Tuna Poke Bowl. This dish had sashimi grade tuna, poke sauce, avocado, edamame, bonito, seaweed salad, nori, masago and mixed greens over rice. It was delicious. A healthy serving too.

The website is

The telephone is 302-567-2385. Take out orders are offered but to me I think the experience is eating inside. Check the menu.

I cannot wait to go again. Plenty to choose from even for my Vegan friends.

Unitl later, let me know how you like by going to the AboutMyBeaches Facebook page.

Summer 2019 is passing by.

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December 17th, 2011

Kampachi, Torched Tuna, Seared White Tuna, Miso with Clams, Tropical Thunder, Crispy Eel, Saketumi, Restauarant, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches


It was another night at the Delaware Beaches, when the inevitable was avoiding the nightly ritual of cooking….

Did you know….that bowing represents humility?  You elevate, honor and respect the other person by lowering yourself.  A bow should always be returned.

And, did you know that the shredded raddish or daikon is there for a reason?  To nibble on between sushi orders.  Use chopsticks to eat it.  Daikon is also served under sashimi or as an edible side dish.

So here was another night hitting Saketumi instead of cooking.  Saketumi is located at 18814 Highway One, Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-645-2818.  Website?


As I came in, Kim, who is the Manager, greeted us.  We had not seen each other since before Thanksgiving.  At that time I told him about the Turduckens from Louisina.  Guess what?  Not only did Kim ordered one, but he also deep fried it!!  He said it was awesome.  Another convert ordering from Cajun Grocer.

But, tonight it was all about trying new things.  At times I get into a rut; ordering the same old thing.

Tanaka was behind the bar.  He is the Main Event.  He is such an artist.  His preparations do not leave his side until they are just perfectly arranged.

Then, James was there too.  He was our server.  His suggestions were right on target. 

We decided to start with some Sashimi Tapas:

Kampachi – Amber Jack Fish (yellow tail amberjack).  A carpaccio with yuzu lime dressing.  Yuzu is a citrus fruit from East Asia.  Looks like a very small grapefruit.  It also has a tart flavor.


This was so delicious. Delicately sliced; almost transparent.  The lime dressing adding that citrus taste.

The next one was the Torched Tuna.  Also in a carpaccio style with jalapeno, red tobiko, chive, masago cracker, and spicy ponzu sauce.   My husband was salivating at the looks of this dish, until Kim said that it had gluten.  A sudden long face appeared.  Kim immediately said “it’s not very good”.  We all laughed.  Guess who had the pleasure of eating it?  Moi…and I savoured every single sliced.


The Seared White Tuna Tataki with yuzu citrus vinaigrette, with fried shallot, mango salsa and cilantro was another successful tapa.  This one, my husband could eat and thought it was very good, as well.


These 3 tapas were light and the perfect appetizer.  My favorite was the Kampachi, then the Torched Tuna and then the Seared White Tuna Tataki.

People were coming in and I was getting cold so I ordered a Miso Soup.  James asked me if I wanted the clams, as well.  I had never had it with the clams and I found that including the clams gave it a different dimension to the soup.  I liked it!!


We did not stop there.  An order of their Tropical Thunder had a beautiful presentation and had a fantastic taste.  Mango, salmon, topped with lobster salad and tobiko (fish eggs).


My husband likes to order a crispy eel sushi; the crispier the better….loved it as well. 


I can recommend Saketumi with confidence.  I have never been disappointed.  They are friendly, the food is fresh with beautiful colors, appealing to all your senses.  The service, prompt….and I love the sushi bar.  Sitting there lets me converse with the chefs, see the fish and watch their talent.


Fresh Wasabi

Fresh Wasabi

Have a good one.  Talk to you later…Please remember that AboutMyBeaches has its own Facebook Page…Comment, and discuss any topic…I welcome you.

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July 26th, 2010

Saketumi, Rehoboth Beach, Sushi Bar, Lounge, Modern Asian Cuisine, Restaurant, Review, Delaware Beaches



I have mentioned before that I practically go to the grocery store every day.  Regarding dinner, I never know what will strike my mood as that favorite time of the day approaches.

Some times I like to cook but in order to write a post to the blog I need to go out and have someone else cook for me.

Such was the case last night.  My mood?  Sashimi.  That’s what I eat when I go to a Sushi restaurant.  You know, sashimi is usually the first course in a formal Japanese meal.  The reason is that it is considered the finest dish; it should be eaten before other strong flavors affect the palate.


I went last night to Saketumi.  It is my favorite at the beach for sushi or sashimi.  It is located at 18814 Highway One, (Rt1 or Ocean Highway), Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-645-2818.  Website  


Saketumi is a modern restaurant specializing in Asian cuisine.  They have take out, catering, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese.  They serve lunch, dinner and brunch on Sundays.

Saketumi has plenty of parking available.  And, if you are visiting or are a resident you know how important that is at this time of the year.

I like to sit at the Sushi Bar.  I get to see what is going on and interact with the Sous Chef.  At Saketumi, this would be Tanaka San.  He is an artist when it comes to presenting the food.  Just gorgeous.  You hate to disturb the plate.

Tanaka  has always presented me with an appetizer.  I have asked him so many times what it is that I am eating,  but to tell you the truth I cannot understand what he says to me, so, I just eat and enjoy it.  The fish is in a vinegar sauce with a little bit of onion and I love it; I really do not know what it is, though.


I could not help but take pictures of some of the dishes being prepared.

The tuna sashimi looked delicate.


The Tuna Tuna Surprise or TTS was so colorful.  It had inside-blackened tuna, asparagus, sweet goma sauce and wasabi aioli.  Outside-akami tuna, tobiko, chive.


The Dynamite was also beautiful.  It was a baked California roll, with spicy mayo, scallop, fresh crabmeat and masago on top.


A version of the Dynamite was ordered.  To make it gluten free no masago was put on top.  Extra tobiko on top.  Tobiko is flying fish roe.  Very good.


My dish was called Pine Sashimi.  Strictly Sashimi for me.  It had tuna, yellowtail, salmon, sawara, albacore, kampachi, madai, izumidai, hirame and botan ebi.  Got it?  It was to die for.  The presentation?  A work of art.


The albacore (tuna) was white.  I had never had it.  It was meatier, soft and buttery; melting in your mouth.

What else can I say?  I have gone so many times to Saketumi and I can honestly tell you that my service at the sushi bar and the food have been excellent.


Talk to you later….you know I will….

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