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January 31st, 2011

Scrapple, Pork Product, “Dirty Jobs” Show is into Scrapple, 2/1/11


If you are on Facebook, you know that there is a “wall” where you state your status.  Well, I can tell you loud and clear that my status is “I love Scrapple”.  No, they did not have it in Puerto Rico when I was growing up.  They still don’t have it but that would be the perfect place to introduce it.  It might go well with their “morcillas” which are blood sausages.

 I ate scrapple for the first time here, in the States, and fell in love with it immediately.  Today someone told me that she needed to acquire a taste; not me.  Another one, Colleen, told me that she did not like to eat something with that much fat.  Well, it has less fat than bacon.


I like it in different ways.  One being as a side dish; crispy and thin.  The other one is a scrapple sandwich.  I like thin, white bread and I again, will have the scrapple very thin, crispy and a dollop of ketchup.  Hey, that’s my taste.

Scrapple just starting to cook

Scrapple just starting to cook


Scrapple, thin and crispy

Scrapple, thin and crispy

I few of my good friends get together from time to time for breakfast at Crystal in Rehoboth Beach.  They don’t mind me mentioning their names, Roberta, Debbie, Missy and at times Alice will join the group.  I always say I am not having scrapple.  I need to be on a diet; but the moment Missy asks for a side order of scrapple I can’t help it.  I immediately order it myself, as well.  No willpower, really.

When I heard that Dirty Jobs was doing the show on scrapple I could not believe that my favorite Rapa Scrapple was not the one.  Then I read than the nephew submitted Hughes Delaware Maid Scrapple, located in Felton.  That is where the show will take place tomorrow on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m.

A good friend, Tyler, sent me the promo link

Giant is the market where I buy pretty much my groceries and they sell Rapa Scrapple, Milton, and Kirby & Holloway.

Rapa is my favorite but that is my personal opinion.  Rapa Scrapple has been in business since 1926; Ralph & Paul were the two brothers that started this pork product.  The location is Bridgeville, Delaware and it is the largest producer of scrapple in the world.  Please visit  The website is full of information including a recipe for Scrapple Breakfast Burrito.


Every year the town of Bridgeville hosts the Apple Scrapple Festival.  Every year I say I am going but never go.  It celebrates the town’s heritage of apple orchards and scrapple manufacturing.  It is usually held in October.  Maybe this year Missy and I will make it.

The Delaware News Journal mentioned some of the restaurants in Delaware that take scrapple seriously.  But, one of those mentioned, Helen’s Famous Sausage House in Smyrna, takes it to a different level; a Scrapple Sub for $7.20 that has 4 slabs of scrapple, accompanied with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, hot peppers, sweet pepper, mayo or oil.

I am writing Rapa Scrapple.  Because of one ingredient, wheat flour; anyone with a gluten allergy cannot eat this delicacy.  I hope they can make one substituting the wheat flour for rice flour or any flour that is gluten free for that matter.

Cannot wait for the show tomorrow.  Should be interesting.


Talk to you later….you know I will…..

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