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November 9th, 2011

Steamed Clams and Raw Oysters were on my mind. Harris Crab House, Grasonville, Maryland



The other day I was looking at how pretty the trees were turning in back of my house.  The colors were so brilliant.  As pretty as they have been, I know, that leaf clean-up is a never ending task and it is around the corner.

Every time, and I mean every time I travel Route 50 from Rehoboth Beach to Baltimore or Washington, it never fails, I stop at Harris Crab House.  I don’t really know anyone there.  At times maybe a server or two.

Harris Crab House is located at Kent Narrows Way in Grasonville, Maryland.  I never say Grasonville.  I always refer to that area as Kent Island.  Telephone?  410-827-9500.  Website is


This is a short post.  Nice, sweet and to the point.  Harris Crab House has the advantage of being on the water.  The views are gorgeous.  In good weather you can eat outdoors.  Visit the website for all kinds of specials.  You can also order on-line.


I feel good when I am eating these delicious steamed clams.  I am not ashame to admit it, but they do have plenty of melted butter.


The oysters, ice cold and salty!!


The view?  Well, I just told you….it is priceless!!


Note:  All you can eat Oyster Buffet on Friday nights….

Talk to you later…

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November 23rd, 2010

Harris Crab House, Seafood Restaurant, Restaurant, Review, Grasonville, Maryland



 A couple of more days until Thanksgiving, in the mean time I was remembering how many crabs I ate this summer; it was an awesome season.  If you are into crabs you must have been very happy.  Just because summer ends that does not mean that I stop eating them.  Just like I had a pizza craving in the past week, I started to crave some crabs, as well.  The idea of sitting on a paper lined table and sharing a convesation while picking crabs, I find it so relaxing.


I had the opportunity to do just that yesterday.  Every time I have to pass through Kent Island, one of my must stop places for crabs is Harris Crab House.  This restaurant is located at Kent Narrows Way North, Grasonville, MD 21638.  Tel. 410-827-9500.  Minutes from the Bay Bridge; Rt. 50/301 take Exit 42 and follow the signs.

I must admit that the last time I was at the restaurant, which was about 6 weeks ago I was dissappointed in the crabs served.  They were supposed to have been large but I did not think so; paper thin, as well.

I was hesitant since it was a Monday and was not sure how they would be .  But, they redeemed themselves.  The crabs were jumbos; heavy too.  Nothing like picking those jumbos; the lumbs were falling right on my hands. Truly delicious.  The seasoning, well what can I say but that it was perfect; nice coating. 


These were local crabs, making a last run during the end of a most amazing crab season.


Harris Crab House has other things on the menu and you can check all that on their website.  I think all I have ever eaten there are the crabs, steamed clams and oysters.  That’s all I go there for.  During the summer months, al fresco dining is offered.  Yes, dining outdoors, on the water, watching the boats slide by.

I have never tried their mailing any seafood but they say that they will mail your order anywhere in the world; just give them a call.  They open daily, year-round.


Have a great Fall Day…It is pretty nice out….

June 2nd, 2010

Harris Crab House, Restaurant, Review, Kent Island, Kent Narrows, Maryland, Tark’s Grill, Lutherville, Maryland



Who would make an appointmet in Baltimore, Maryland the day after  Memorial week-end?  Well, I did.  That was really crazy because just in Ocean City, Maryland, right here at the beaches, there were 250,000 visitors that decided to spend the week-end with us.  I don’t know how many in the Delaware beaches but plenty were here, as well.

Needless to say, they have to go home so on Tuesday we all drove West in caravan style.

At one point we are at a dead stop on Rt. 404.  Many of you know which route this is.  A suggestion was made in my car to take a “short cut”.  Yeap, the short cut took us 10 miles back on a winding road that was sort of familiar but really wasn’t.

It did not matter to much to me and I just laughed and hoped that other suggestions would not be made. 


My thoughts were really on where I would, definitely, be stopping on my way back.  Harris Crab House is a must for me when I find myself traveling these roads.  The restaurant is located right there in Kent Island and I have talked about it in the past.  And once again I am talking about it because you never know how the food or service is going to be.  The location is perfect for a crab house.  Right on the water, watching the boats go by.


Harris Crab House is on Kent Narrows Way, North, Grasonville, MD 21638. It is Rt. 5/301, Exit 42.  Tel. 410-827-9500 and website is


It was late in the afternoon but not dinner time so the idea was to have just an appetizer.  Well, I have to confess that I love steamed clams, especially, cherrystones.

Of the small clams there are “littlenecks” that are from Littleneck Bay, Long Island, N.Y. and are better eaten raw or in chowders, and the “cherrystones” which are slightly larger in size and named for Cherrystone Creek, Virginia.  These could be eaten raw or cooked, but I love them best steamed, as mentioned above.

I really was a pig; I ate 60 clams.  Yeap, I did.  I am not guilty beacuse they were so good; sweet and salty and the perfect size.  Then I just had 3 crabs; a balancing act.


The crabs were not as good as they usually are.  The man at the next table who had eaten plenty of crabs in his life thought they were paper thin.  And, they were, even though they were tasty.  The waiter said that they were hit hard during the week-end. The size of the crabs were large but not that large, really.  They were out of the jumbos, and the prices were high.


This man mentioned that his favorite crab house in Ocean City, Maryland is The Crab Bag.  Probably so, but I will have to check it out since I have not been there this season.  Will let you know.

By the way, I had lunch in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday at a restaurant called Tark’s Grill.  I did not take pictures but it is worth mentioning in case you are in the area of Greenspring Station, Lutherville.  It was delicious with an extensive wine list and menu.  There is outdoor seating available and my signature salad, Lindsays Chicago Chopped Salad with Blackened Chicken was great.  It  had chopped pickles, almost unnoticeable, but it really added to the salad.

Tark’s Grill is a traditional American Bistro.  The address is 2360 West Joppa Rd., Suite 116, Lutherville, MD 21093.  Tel. is 410-583-Tark.  The website is


I hope you have a great day…talk to you later…


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