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June 2nd, 2018

Fenwick Island Eats, Our Harvest, Delaware, Small Plates, Shareables, Large Plates, Bar, Gluten Free, Vegan, Southern Delaware, Restaurant, Review, Relaxed Dining, Casual Atmosphere, Delaware Beaches, Good Food? Will Travel!!


When we share a meal with friends, it is so much more than food (really?)…and, when we share it with girlfriends, and for purposes of this post, like the Swirl Girls, then it is really priceless.  Some of us have known each other for years while others, are getting to know each other very fast.  Here we were trying to figure out which table would be the best one.  Right after Memorial week-end we had the place to ourselves since we arrived early.  We did not want a big table.  We like to be cozy in order to get that conversation going.  The group had just gone to watch the Book Club, if you get my drift.

The majority of us had not yet dined at Our Harvest.  This restaurant located at 1106 Coastal Hwy., Fenwick Island, DE 19944, opened last year.  Every day, at 5:00 p.m., you can come in and experience a way of eating that has become so popular in the U. S.  Telephone is 302-581-0377.  No reservations are accepted.  The website is

As the season progresses please have in mind when you would like to eat.  You have to have a plan because it gets crowded at the Delaware Beaches.  If you arrive and there is a wait, you could have cocktails, relaxing in their bar or in any of the very comfortable leather sofas.

There is an open concept kitchen.  You really can see how the kitchen is running.  I have to tell you that I probably should have come to try Our Harvest last year.  I love their sister restaurant, Liquid Assets, in Ocean City, MD, and I did not want to like this one more.  Guess what?  They are completely different.

The menu was presented and our server knew the menu well.  She explained the concept of eating small plates and shareables.  At that moment all we wanted was some wine.  Having watched the Book Club, wine was very much consumed by the characters.  It was time to relax.  The wine that you see at the table was from South Africa.  A full bodied Merlot called Immortal Hero.

At first you are a bit overwhelmed because you, actually, do not know how much to order for the table.  And, we all have our likes and dislikes.  We managed to do a good job and we were all very pleased with how the evening was progressing.  Could not believe Jane Fonda looks that good at 81… I know, I know.

We all decided to have a small plate to start our dining experience.  Every time I see the offering of a Grilled Caesar Salad, I order it.  Years ago I had it at a restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Since then, a few have gotten close at how good that one tasted so I wanted to see how this one would be, more so because it had Boquerones which are white anchovies.  They are very mild and usually they are marinated in vinegar.  It gives the salad a kick.  I will have to say that this Caesar was excellent.

Others ordered the Salt Roasted Beets & Two Cheeses.  Served on a wooden plank it had whipped ricotta, Stracciatella, local greens, black pepper and beet vinaigrette. Stracciatella cheese is produced from Italian buffalo milk in the southern Italian region of Apulia.  They use a stretching and shredding technique.  This particular small plate could have been shared by two people.

We ordered the Spring Harvest Flatbread.  A crispy crust filled with local peas, ramps, morel mushrooms, local asparagus, ricotta, gruyere mornay, green garlic pesto and crispy capers.  Ramps are a special type of wild onion, found in eastern Canada and U.S.  And a Gruyere mornay is a bechamel sauce that has Gruyere cheese added to it.  It was delicious but to tell you the truth we probably ordered too much.  Not that we did not eat it, by the way.

“Friendship is a delicious meal to be shared off one large plate.”  So, we decided to order our large plates.  This particular dish I truly loved.  It was called the Vegan Feast.  It was a whole wood fire roasted head of cauliflower, benne cashew crumb, and a lemon garlic vegan aioli.  At first we thought it was cheese but it was the benne cashew crumb. Cashews are lower in fat than other nuts. You can find online a lot of recipes for this vegan seed.

A very popular dish at Our Harvest is a whole Amish air chilled chicken…Arnold Palmer brine, (sweet tea and lemonade brine chicken, I believe), wood fired with lemon and rosemary.  Liquid Assets has an amazing chicken, as well.  Both chickens are completely different and delicious in more ways than one. We ordered TWO.

Needless to say, no need for dessert.  We decided that definitely we would be back.  Thanks to our server and also to the hostess that so graciously explained to me how the restaurant worked.

And so I end my post with this quote from John Lanchester….”Hospitality is central to the restaurant business, yet it’s a hard idea to define precisely.  Most, it involves being nice to people and making them feel welcome.  You notice it when it’s there, and you particularly notice it when it isn’t.  A single significant lapse in this area can be your dominant impression of an entire meal.”

Until next time….

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May 26th, 2016

Rehoboth Beach Eats! Eden Restaurant, Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Bar, Catering, Tried & True Restaurant, Delaware Beaches


Eating is not merely a material pleasure.  Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship.  It is of great importance to the morale.  elsa schiaparelli

Meeting friends on trendy Baltimore Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach….we were trying to grab dinner at favorite restaurants of mine before the crowds arrive and the meters come into effect.

Rehoboth Beach is known for its culinary excellence.  The chefs are really outdoing themselves.  I think when visitors arrive this week-end they will see that there are other restaurants now manking an appearance in town.  But I never forget the true and tried restaurants.  Over the years I keep coming back to those establishments that give me good service, let me chat with friends without intrusion, and serve food cooked with the best ingredients.

I always have loved Eden.  When someone asks me where to go in Rehoboth for a special dinner Eden always comes to mind.  The staff is so professional.  And don’t get me wrong I love plenty of other restaurants in Southern Delaware, but Eden is on the top of my list.

Eden is located at 23 Baltimore Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-3330  Website?

The website is informative.  Eden offers catering.  On Fridays Eden Classic Dishes are half price.  And don’t forget that the bar is always open.

Meeting Madelon and Cindi for dinner we arrived early, which was the perfect opportunity for photos.  The dining room is open and the booths are perfect for an intimate dinner.



A few glasses of Trefethen Chardonnay.  A Grilled Caesar with sun dried tomato/olive tapenade, pecorino romano and the classing dressing.


Tuna Tartare that melted in your mouth.


One Artic Char, perfectly seasoned.


And two of us had the Venison, which looked as good as it tasted.


At Eden there are always various desserts…..but the Chef’s Daily Whim was a tribute to the Almond Joy…..decadent and totally sinful!!


I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Week-End.  Don’t be shy, try Rehoboth Beach Bests Restaurants….you will not be disappointed!!

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April 16th, 2016

Rehoboth Beach Eats! Lula Brazil, Restaurant, Bar, Outdoor Dining, Dancing, Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches


Temperatures are cool but definitely it feels like spring is in the air.  The evenings are perfect to enjoy a Moqueca.  Say what?  Okay, look at the entree….it is served at Lula Brazil located at 234 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Tel. 302-212-2755.


The Moqueca is a seafood stew.  It is made with a fragrant broth of coconut milk, dende oil, which is Palm Oil, mixed peppers and onions served with rice.  My table enjoyed it with mixed seafood; fish, shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari.  If you like soups and stews, this one is a winner.


Meg Hudson is the owner of Lula Brazil, which is going into its second year.  The restaurant has been received well by locals and visitors.  I was talking to Meg and she said that she had arrived at Fortaleza many years ago and fell in love with this beautiful area, which is one of Brazil’s largest cities.  Fortaleza attracts tourists from other parts of Brazil and also from overseas.  The reason is its beaches and the party atmosphere.  It has rolling dunes and quaint fishing villages, as well.  She never forgot it.  Life continued and almost two years ago, she opened Lula Brazil, decorated with the bright colors of Brazil.


Lula Brazil is bigger than you think.  It has a large bar area in the back and also it has outdoor dining, as well.  At night dancing put on your dancing shoes because this place gets hot hot.  Summer 2016 promises to be a very good year for Lula Brazil.  At the present time they are open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m.  Friday, from 4 p.m. until 1 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. until 1 a.m.  Reservations are accepted, but you may also walk in.

The night I visited Lula Brazil, Carlos was in the kitchen and Jack was our server.  A few drinks to start and for me a Shrimp Ceviche.  I love when you can taste the lime in the ceviche.


Fried Yucca with grilled sausage.  The vinaigrette veggies gave a kick to the sausage and yucca.  The farofa or yucca flour is used as a condiment.  This one served was perfectly cooked and not greasy at all.


The Moquequinho de Caranguejo or Crab Soup had a different twist to the more traditional crab soup.  It had coconut milk.


Grilled Fish with Black Beans & Rice, farofa (yucca flour) for condiment, as well and grilled veggies.


A Mixed Grill with Picanha, Sausage and Shrimp.  Picanha is a cut of beef popular in Brazail.  In the U.S. you can find it as top sirloin cap.


For dessert a custard is a favorite of mine.  It was velvety smooth and the surprise of coconut inside.

FullSizeRender (155)

There are events already in the calendar at Lula Brazil.  You can check what’s going on by visiting the Facebook Page or

And remember that Lula Brazil has plenty of space to hold parties.  Just give them a call.

Bom Apetite!!

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April 1st, 2016

Bethany Beach Eats! Off The Hook, Restaurant, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Good Food, Will Travel


Catching up, telling stories, laughing, and sharing a meal.  Priceless moments I never forget.  That is what happens when my friends and I get together.  Three of them coming from Ocean City, Maryland, and myself from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the perfect halfway point was Bethany Beach.

It has been some time since I have visited Off The Hook.  It is known for its fresh food and their use of local vendors; supporting everything local.  It is located at 769 Garfield Parkway, a mile or so west of Downtown Bethany Beach.  Tel. 302-829-1424.  Website?

Every day, except Saturday, there is a Special.  The restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m.  When visiting the website above mentioned make sure you click on Specials.  They have some pretty good ones.  And, let me remind you that they do not accept reservations.  The restaurant is small but with plenty of tables.  I don’t think this time of the year is a problem, but come Summer 2016, that might be another story.  Just plan ahead.

On the Board….the Specials of the Day


Our server was attentive and had a sense of humor.  Quickly a delicious bread was brought to the table.


I was looking around….Off The Hook was crowded and we were eating early.  It was Fish n’ Chips night and 1/2 off pints (bottled).  It brought locals and visitors, as well.   In the meantime some wine and a Cosmo for the table.


A discussion of what to eat followed. The Charred Broccoli Salad was excellent.  Great for sharing.  Two salads for the table served 4 people. It had roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, bacon, bleu cheese crumbs, and a warm mustard vinaigrette.


Also on the special was the Sheepshead…this is a saltwater fish from the Atlantic that you see more and more on the menus.  It is an ugly fish.  So 3 out of the 4 of us decided to have it.  It was fried, over smokey roasted cauliflower, Pecorino polenta, baby kale, pickled raisins, toasted pine nuts and pancetta vinaigrette.  Two of my friends were totally satisfied.  The other one said it was good but maybe a little dry.


More wine for the table and an appearance of a beautiful Salted Caramel Martini.


I had decided on the Grilled Salmon…It was over charred broccoli, wild mushrooms, leeks, smoked bacon, broccoli puree, meyer lemon yogurt and pickled mustard seed.  Excellent and perfectly cooked.  A nice portion, as well.


No dessert was necessary, we were perfectly satisfied plus you know, summer is around the corner.

Have a good one!!

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June 27th, 2015

Lewes Eats! Nectar Cafe & Juice Bar, Best Baked Chicken in Town, Dogfish 60 Minute Baked Chicken, Best Cauliflower Steak, Restaurant, Review, Historic Lewes, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


I am looking outside my windows and all I see are gray skies and a light drizzle….I hear your pain if you are visiting us this week-end at the Delaware Beaches.  But look at the brighter side.  Change of scenery.  You left the city.  You can still walk, shop tax free and of course, there is always plenty to eat.

Weather like this brought back to my attention the most delicious baked chicken, so far, around here.  Let me tell you a bit about where you can go and try it.  I am not kidding you; it is the best.

Nectar Cafe & Juice Bar is located at 111 Neils Alley, Lewes, DE 19958.  Tel. 302-645-5842.  Website? You can also find it on Facebook.


Nectar is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They also have an amazing juice bar, where you can even customize your juices.

This is the second year for Nectar and a few months ago, they started serving dinner.  Everything is made in-house.


The restaurant is comfortable.  You may take a seat on the sofa and have a drink .  It is the cutest place.

Let me get back to this awesome chicken:  The Dogfish 60 Minute Baked Chicken


You will get half a chicken, which has been marinated and baked in iconic Dogfish 60min IPA and served with beer honey-mustard glaze.  Comes with mac and cheese and coleslaw.  It is best eaten, of course, with a cold bottle of 60 Minute IPA…just add $3 extra.  It is so good and a very generous portion.  Just try it for yourself and let me know.

Another dish that I am also very hooked on is their Cauliflower Steak, served over rice pilaf with Romesco sauce and topped with olives, capers and roasted tomato.  This is a vegan dish.  The cauliflower steak is first roasted and then finished in the frying pan.  Romesco Sauce is a nut and red pepper base sauce that originated in the area of Terragona in Northern Spain.  It is so good and a very generous portion, as well.


You might think that the Chocolate Avocado Torte sounds different.  Hey, that’s why I ordered it.  If you love chocolate, you will love it too.  The avocado is a healthy fat so don’t be afraid to try it, because it is delish.


There is a cheese that is one of my favorites.  It is called Midnight Moon.  Nectar carries it.  I always think that it would be perfect to have it with a nice glass of wine, enjoying one of our full moons at the beach.


Nectar is very aware of food allergies.  Please ask if you have any questions because they have gluten free, vegan and they are happy to accommodate their customers.  They want you back!!

Have a good one!!


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June 24th, 2015

The Cafe on 26, Ocean View, Delaware, Gluten Free, Fresh, Local Seasonal Cuisine, Full Bar, Open Year Round, Lunch, Dinner, Menu Changes Daily, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


Eating Gluten Free at the Delaware Beaches has been getting easier and easier as the years go by.  Restaurants have decided that offering gluten free dishes is in their best interest.  So many people are being diagnosed with celiac disease and the only treatment at the moment is to follow a gluten free lifestyle.


Having followed a gluten free regimen in my household for many years, I know how wonderful it is to find restaurants where you can completely feel at ease when ordering a meal.  Not to be afraid of contamination.  Hey, it does happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the restaurants at the Delaware Beaches are doing an amazing job in creating dishes for those that have to eat gluten free.


Last night, friends got together to try The Cafe on 26, located at 84 Atlantic Avenue (Rt. 26) in Ocean View, Delaware.  Tel. 302-539-2233.  Website? Find it on Facebook and Twitter. This restaurant is 99% gluten free.  Please mention that you have the allergy and they will tell you what Not to order.  Probably just a couple of things, really.

Ocean View is located a couple of miles west of Bethany Beach.


We decided to try it yesterday.  I was also giving Allyson some info. regarding my experiences eating gluten free.  What to do?  Hidden glutens, etc. etc.


What a pleasant surprise!  First, Christie, our Server was so good.  And funny too.  We arrived super early.  Yes, it was going to be an early dinner for all.


The Cafe on 26 has a full bar.  They open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday:  Lunch from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and dinner from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.  On Sunday they are only open for dinner from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m.

After a few drinks we ordered salads:  Everything that we ordered was Gluten Free!!  Note:  Menu changes daily.

On the left, a Classic Caesar Salad with Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic crouton and a Caesar Dressing.  On the right, a Summer Salad with spring greens, mandarin oranges, dried bing cherries, seasonal local berries, red onion, cucumber, apples and candied walnuts with a citrus basil vinaigrette.


My Spinach Salad was delicious.  I had them take out the Queso Fresco….not eating cheese at the moment.  Baby spinach, bacon, mandarin oranges, red onion, almonds slivers and a bacon vinaigrette dressing.


Our entrees:

Stuffed Flounder…Fresh flaky flounder filet stuffed with all lump crab imperial and topped with their imperial sauce.  Side dishes of mashed sweet potatoes and broccolini.


Their signature dish was the Potato-Romano Encrusted Salmon.  Scottish Faroe Island Farm Raised Salmon, encrusted with potato, Romano and Parmesan Cheese, then topped with Lump Crab, and a dill and cream reduction.  Side dishes of sauteed zucchini and squash and a Tabouli salad.


My Duck Breast was awesome.  Tender and juicy.  Pan seared then finished in the oven and complimented with a dried cherry port reduction.  Side dishes of mashed sweet potatoes and grilled asparagus.


Another order of the Potato-Romano Encrusted Salmon, but with side dishes of sauteed green beans with carrots and toasted almonds and a Quinoa Salad.


For dessert an order of their Chocolate Cheesecake.  Love chocolate?  This is the one and Gluten Free!!  Dense and rich just like a cheesecake should be.


Relax and enjoy.  TTYL

April 1st, 2015

Historic Lewes Eats!! Nectar, Cafe, Juice Bar, Restaurant, Lewes, Delaware, Open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches


If you are a resident of Lewes, you will probably be using your bike as a way to get around the Historic District.  Debbie and I did not do that….we were probably going to take some leftovers home. Our destination on this gorgeous evening in Lewes was Nectar.  This is the second anniversary for Nectar and Sara McKewon, Proprietor, has done an outstanding job in keeping the restaurant fresh, delicious, and comfortable.


The location is 111 Neils Alley in Historic Lewes.  Tel. 302-645-5842.  It opens from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.  It closes on Tuesdays.  Nectar is known for its amazing juices.  You can make a selection of available ones or you can customize your own.


Stepping into Nectar you feel immediately at home.  That has not changed since Sara opened 2 years ago.  Debbie and I arrived early in order to be able to take photos.  Take a peek….look how pretty it is.




Just until a week or so ago, Nectar was only open for breakfast and lunch.  The addition of dinner had us all excited.  So, here is what Debbie and I had.

Starting with a Fresh Fruit Mimosa and Kale Chips.  I have done my own kale chips at home.  These were all crunchy, with beautiful color.


Continued on our grazing mood….PB & J Meatballs.  The peanut sauce was awesome.  Pick them up with your hands or just be prim and proper and use your fork and knife.


Our next dish was the Cauliflower “Steak” –  This is a Vegan Entree.  So good, I cannot wait to have it again.  The cauliflower is both roasted in the oven and finished in the frying pan.  Served over rice pilaf with romesco sauce and topped with olives, capers and roasted tomato.  Romesco sauce is a nut and red pepper base sauce that originated in the area of Tarragona in northeastern Spain.


I love roasted/baked chicken.  So far in my travels, I have found a great one in Delray Beach, Florida, another on Ashford Avenue in Condado, Puerto Rico, and this Dogfish 60Min Baked Chicken at Nectar is out of this world.  It is a 1/2 chicken baked in Dogfish Head beer with honey mustard glaze.  Served with mac n cheeese and coleslaw.


Catch of the Day in Parchment was Monkfish…Steamed in parchment with lemon, capers, and dill.  Rice pilaf and vegetables on the side….moist, well seasoned and glad I ordered it.


So, which one did we choose for our sweet ending?  The Lemon Meringue Cheesecake or the Banana Fosters Pie? All desserts are made in-house.


The Lemon Meringue Cheesecake won!!  It was sweet but not overly so…..great lemon flavor.


Hope you stop by Nectar.  Let me know what you think.  I am writing this post a few hours after our dinner.  I think everything we tried was so appealing because the dishes were so simple, colorful and tasted so fresh. Keep up the good work, Sara.  You and your staff made our evening tonight.

The beaches are ready for the season and so are all of us that call Coastal Delaware home!!  Talk to you later.


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March 28th, 2015

Rehoboth Beach Eats! Saketumi, Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Asian Cuisine with a Modern Twist, Lunch & Dinner, Sushi, Sashimi, Open 7 Days a Week, Bento Box, Sunday Brunch, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


Are the boys coming?  Approaching the Chef’s Table, (Sushi Bar)….Master Sushi Chef Shigeki Tanaka asked.  Not tonight but two good friends from Ocean City, Maryland, are coming.  Yes, Cindi and Ryan, were joining me for a little sushi and sashimi at Saketumi, located at 18814 Coastal Highway.  Tel. 302-645-2818  Website?


I have known Chef Tanaka for about 6 years since Saketumi arrived on the scene in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  I have always taken the same seat at his Chef’s table.  He is an artist and his presentation is incredible.  To watch him work is mesmerizing.  You can still talk to him the whole time, but his concentration will be on his preparation of your food.


For the Saki aficionado there is plenty to choose.


You will first be served a bit of marinated fish…cucumbers, rice vinegar and Mirin.  Just to wet your appetite.


We ordered Seared White Tuna Tataki with Yuzo Citrus Vinaigrette and fried shallots, mango salsa and cilantro.  On the right photo an order of Torched Tuna with jalapeno, red tobiko, chive, masago cracker, and spicy ponzu sauce.


My Sunset Roll had spicy tuna, eel, cucumber topped with salmon, yellow tail and sliced avocado with sweet goma and mild “chilie” oil.  Scallop sashimi…I truly love.  So delicate!!


Another Sunset Roll was ordered just like mine and an additional roll….Dynamite which is a baked Cali Roll, with spicy mayo, scallop, fresh crabmeat and masago on top.


The Chunky Monkey Roll is a popular one and also ordered by us.  Fried banana, asparagus, eel inside.  Topped with crunchy tempura flakes, eel sauce and masago.


There is a difference between fresh wasabi and what it is served as wasabi.  On this photo, the fresh wasabi on the left, is delicate, somewhat sweet and and the same time spicy….so good.  The usual wasabi (right) served at most restaurants is a combination of horseradish, mustard, starch and green food coloring.  As you probably know, it is strong.  Fresh wasabi is difficult to cultivate, and therefore, a bit more expensive.  You have to request it and it will cost you about $2 extra but definitely worth it.


Saketumi has a menu that can accommodate everyone in your party.  Love the Lettuce Wrap & Roll with sauteed ground chicken and peanuts.


On Sundays they offfer a Sunday Brunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Bento Box Special on Wednesday, check the website above mentioned.

If you have a gluten allergy….they do have gluten free soy sauce.

And if you do not wish to cook….order take out….it is great.  No need to worry about parking any time of the year….they have a huge parking lot.  Have a great week-end!!


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