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August 28th, 2014

Destination? Bethany Beach, Jazz Funeral, Summer 2014, Mourning the passing of Summer 2014, Delaware Beaches, The Quiet Resort, Southern Delaware, Dress Up, Shed Tears, Laugh a Little


The Quiet Resort of Bethany Beach, Delaware, was really quiet then.  On Labor Day, those streets were rolled up.  Bethany did not have, on those early days, a pharmacy…it was a dry town.  Only one grocery store.  That’s how small it was.

During the winter there were only 500 of us living there.  So one summer, former Bethany Beach Councilman, Moss Wagner, and others in town like Ken Cloud, who owned Clouds, a children’s store, decided that a proper burial would be most appropriate.  A sending away the summer….not to forget it but to remember it.

Gather friends…or the ones that were left in town and celebrate!!  Share your memories, even shed a few tears…..dress up!

My photos here are from September of 1993.


Moss is at the head of the funeral.  You can see it says R.I.P. Summer ’93.

The Jazz Funeral was usually around 4:30 p.m.  My friend, Sharon, and I would try to make it every year.  Then, we would bring our families to enjoy family entertainment, including the ritual of the lifeguards running towards the water for one last swim.


This photo is also from September, 1993.  If you look closely, the lifeguards are naked.  The bathing suits are around their necks.  Usually, the girls did not take the suits off, but at times they would show a little breast.  If you notice on the photo, people are walking on the beach….nobody is looking….the most natural thing in the world.  Those were the good times…haha.

This Labor Day Week-End, it is a bit different.  On Friday, 8/29, there is a Silent Auction to be held at Bethany Blues at 6 N. Pennsylvania Avenue from 3 – 4:45 p.m.  It is a fundraising event for the Sussex Country Big Brothers and Sisters.


And, on Monday, Labor Day, at 5:30 p.m. the Jazz Funeral will start on the Boardwalk.  It is big, it is fun, and it is still family entertainment.  I am not sure if they do some sort of swimming….it would be with clothes on, believe me.

Anyway, everyone is invited to participate.  We did have a beautiful summer, so why not remember it in this special way.  Have fun.  Cry your heart out, will you?

This sleepy little town has come a long way….


August 13th, 2014

4th Annual Wings of Hope Kicks-Off, Wednesday, August 13th, Campaing For Hope, Butterfly Release, Saturday, September 13th, Cancer Support Community Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Sussex County


The mission at The Cancer Support Community Delaware is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.  It is the only organization in Delaware dedicated exclusively to helping people cope with and manage the emotional aspect of cancer.  The professionally led programs provide emotional support, education and hope.  Best of all, all of the programs are offered free of charge.



Today, Wednesday, the 13th of August is the official kick off date for the 4th Annual Wings of Hope…the Campaing of Hope.  This prelude to the much anticipated Butterfly Release that will be taking place on Saturday, September 13th.

Businesses and organizations throughout Sussex County will be selling seeded paper buterflies to honor friends and loved ones impacted by cancer.

Epworth United Methodist Church, Grace United Methodist Church, All Saints’ Church, Dimitra Yoga, Rehoboth Beach Public Library, Tomato Sunshine and Surf Bagel are just a few of the locations selling butterflies.

Beauties and Butterflies — Salons Suporting Cancer Support Community Delaware chaired by Drexel Davison of Bad Hair Day? includes over a dozen beauty salons participating in the Wings of Hope by selling butterflies.  For a complete list of butterfly sales locations, please visit

Thousands of paper butterflies will be displayed at the Wings of Hope – A Butterfly Release on 9/13 on the grounds of the Medical Arts Building at the Beebe Health Campus on Rt. 24 in Rehoboth Beach.

This very special celebration of life is highlighted with the release of 250 live Monarch butterflies in recognition of Sussex County friends and neighbors impacted by cancer.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the admission is free.  The event will also feature vendors, demos, refreshments, and children’s activities.


For more information about the Cancer Support Community Delaware and the Wings of Hope, visit, or, call 302-645-9150.

Have a great day….sun is coming out!!

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July 24th, 2014

Destination? Beach and Bay Cottage Tour, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Fundraising, Friends of the South Coastal Library, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Celebrating the 23rd Annual Beach and Bay Cottage Tour!!


It really is the only way to go……our own private Limo.  Making a day of touring the “cottages” in the Bethany Beach area.  It is the Quiet Resort and these owners open their doors under the care of the Friends of the South Coastal Library.


For 23 years this is an annual event, taking place the third Wednesday and Thursday in July.  It is always very well attended.  Many visitors and residents want to check out what others have done to their homes.  And it is held rain or shine.  When you tour the homes the brochure is your entry ticket and in it you will find every detail of the home, including the color palette, decorators, builders, and landscapers, as well as personal stories on the owners.  More info?  Please visit

Our driver was Ty and he was great.  Took our photos, had lunch with us and took us from door to door.  On a hot day having a limo was just….priceless!  Inside the limo we got comfortable with snacks and bubbly.  Our group thanks Sandy, sitting on the left hand side, for making all the arrangements, including lunch at her home, which was quite a spread!


Many years ago, the “cottages” in Bethany Beach were summer places where many came to just relax….no air condition, just fans, and simple furnishings.  That has really changed with homes on this particular tour ranging from 1,400 square feet to 6,000 square feet.  For the visitors….booties were to be worn before going inside each home.


No photos were allowed inside the homes, but from the outside here are a few:

This house had an amazing view of the bay.  It was the largest home on the tour.  6,000 square feet with very open floor plans, a massive kitchen, and even a room for the dogs.  Multiple balconies overlooking the Assawoman Bay and a wide back porch and a bayside flagpole surrounded Adirondack chairs for sunset watching.  It was a New England style cedar shingle house.



Right on First Street in Bethany Beach this 2,500 square foot house was a Hamptons-style home.  The owners have been visiting Bethany Beach for 40 years.


This home in Sussex Shores was built after the owners had outgrown their cottage also in Sussex Shores.    It was a 4,100 square foot beach retreat, with open dining, kitchen, living areas, and great outdoor living space.  It had reclaimed white oak floors and the home was decorated with refurbished barn sale finds and the remnants from their old cottage.




We toured all 10 homes.  I found that the houses featured on this year’s tour were so completely different.  You were able to see the personality of the owners by the way their homes were decorated.  Accessories speak to the style of the family that lives in the home….and there were plenty.

A photo after we finished and were relaxing in the Sussex Shores’ home.


And, a last photo inside the limo, taken by Ty.


Oh no….the day was not over yet.  Our limo was gone but we all took off for shopping at Rooster’s Nest in Fenwick Island, on Rt. 54….a post in the making.


And an early dinner at The Lobster Shanty located on Rt. 54 in Fenwick Island, as well. View of the marsh, a breezy porch…orange crushes, mojitos, sangria, lobster and shrimp salad, lobster rolls, crabcakes, fish tacos, and lobster BLT!







It was dusk and I was driving over the Indian River Inlet Bridge.  The nigtht was clear and all I could think was how nice it was today.  The funny part was that some of the women knew each other but some, also, like me, only knew one person……new friends were made….and that’s a priceless, as well.


May 16th, 2014

Brunch & Bubbly, Lewes Yacht Club, Lewes, Fundraising, Event, Sunday, May 18th, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Children & Families First, An Afternoon of Spring Fashion, Fun & Beauty, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches


Eat & Drink!!!! Lewes Yacht Club’s exclusive “Champagne Bar”, Hot Crab Dip with Crostini, Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon, Brie in Raspberry Cups, Fresh Fruits and Cheeses…..and plenty more.

Shop!!!  Some of the shops attending will be Jane & Georgie, Ocean Retreat Day Spa & Salon, Caitlyn’s Candles, Blooming Boutique, Taylor’s Toffee, Square Peg, Sea Glass Originals and Seascape Treasure.


Brunch & Bubbly is a fundraising event taking place on Sunday, May 18th, from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the Lewes Yacht Club, located at 2701 Cedar St. in Lewes, Delaware.  This club has been in existence since 1934.  The scenery is breathtaking. Directions can be found at

It will be a fun afternoon….relax, shop, eat, and listen to Nancy Micciulla who will be entertaining guests.  For tickets, please call 302-604-6277.  Tickets are $35/person.


Children & Families first is an organization that started in 1884.  They provide services in 5 agency locations throughout Delaware, as well as in homes, schools, and other community sites.  The location in Georgetown is at 410 S. Bedford St.


The mission of Children & Families First is to help families develop solutions to meet challenges and embrace opportunities.

And, their vision is to see communities where children are nurtured and safe, individuals are valued, and families are strong.


If you would like to learn more about Children & Families First, please visit

Through the year fundraising events are held and for Southern Delaware this first event is always an important one.

SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, October 11, 2014 is A Taste of Art of Southern Delaware at Indy Hall at Independence…..should be a must on your calendar….more to come later.

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April 15th, 2014

Fund for Women, Fashion, Fun & Philanthropy Show, Fundraising Event, Independence Hall Club House, Millsboro, Delaware, Bringing Together the Collective Philanthropy of Women


My friend, Jody, invited me to go to Independence for a Fund for Women Fashion Show and fundraising event.  Did not know where Independence was and did not know about Fund for Women.  Arriving at Independence on a beautiful Sunday, last week-end, I was so surprised to find this 55+ community tucked away on Rt. 5 near Millsboro.  Independence Hall Club House is located at 29762 Oliver Wolcott Dr., Millsboro, DE 19966.  And, what a beautiful club it was.


As it usually happens, when women get together with a purpose, then something does get done.  It happened that way when in 1993 16 women who became First Founders vowed to recruit 1,000 Founders, each contributing $1,000 to fund a $1 million endowment to be held at the Delaware Community Foundation.  The goal was reached and now more than 1,300 women and men have become Founders.  Since 12/31/13 the endowment has surpassed $3.1 million.


When you donate $1,000 to this organization, you pledge to pay $200 for 5 years.  So, you don’t have to pay it all at once.  The Founders love to hear the bell ring every time a new Founder has joined.

Kathy Kiernan was greeting guests.  She was with the Development Dept. of Fund for Women.  All are volunteers!  You can find more about Fund for Women by visiting  If you have any questions, please email:  TheFundFor


We arrived with enough time to take part in the raffle, and get a few bites to eat.


The caterer was Patty’s located at 517 South Bedford St. in Georgetown, DE 19947.  Tel. 302-253-8692.  Website?  They were finishing setting up and had available all kinds of light bites and tastings.




The Runway was ready, but before the Fashion Show, there was some shopping to be done.  The shops in the Fashion Show also had their tables around the room where we could do some shopping at great prices.




Introductions were made and Cheryl Mitchell from Lunch with a Purpose was the Moderator.


Through the course of the Fashion Show we learned more and more about Fund for Women.  It is managed by a Board of Trustees made of women from all three counties of Delaware.

Their beliefs:  “All women and girls have intrinsic value.  We believe in giving back.  We accomplish more collectively than as individuals.  We believe in the responsibility of women’s philanthropy.”


With that in mind, the music started, the women, were dancing on their seats, and the models were great.  It was so much fun with a lot of impromptu “runway acting”.  The ladies modeled clothing from Azura, Candlelight Bridal, CraZy LadyZ, Deanna’s, Josephine’s Daughter, Coolspring Cottage, Lady Fenwick, Twila Farrell, and Simply Dressed.




The afternoon ended with the special occasion dresses from Candlelight Bridal in Millsboro.


Note:  The next event will be Art from My Collection to Yours on May 1st at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, in Wilmington, Delaware.   The Fund for Women and Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts will be partnering for an art auction event.  FFW Founders and local community members are invited to donate, from their own collections, works of art such as framed paintings, sculpture, ceramics, hand-made jewely, and more.  The proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction will benefit both organizations.  Want to donate or want more info?  Plese contact Ginger Ward, Next Million Chair, at

Southern Delaware… are amazing!  Ring, Ring, Ring….the bells kept ringing!

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November 29th, 2013

Destination? Southeastern Delaware, Artists Studio Tour, Friday, 11/29, Saturday, 11/30, Bethany Beach, South Bethany, Ocean View, Millville, Clarksville, Dagsboro, 2013 Artists Studio Tour, “Art in the Hat Raffle”, Delaware Beaches


The artists in Southeastern Delaware are opening their doors to their studios once again, as they have been doing for 19 years.  This is a free, self-guided tour of the studios of 13 of Delaware’s most talented artists and artisans, all located in Southeastern Sussex County.  You can talk to them, ask questions, see them work, buy some of their pieces of art, but most of all, get to know them personally.

The event takes place on Friday, 11/29 and Saturday, 11/30 from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Remember to buy local and buy tax free in Delaware.  More info?  Please visit  Open the website and click on the map to see where all the studios are located.

Each artist has donated a piece of art for “Art in the Hat Raffle”.  100% of the proceeds from this raffle will benefit art programs throughout the local community.  Raffle tickets are $4.99 each or 5 for $20.  You can get them at each studio.  To see what each artist has donated, please visit

One of my favorite artists is Tom Frey, who is located in Dagsboro.  He is a woodturner.  Mr. Frey uses mostly local woods that are stressed by nature.


His miniatures are beautiful and if you are lucky enough he might be working on some of them as you visit his studio.




Note:  Damon Pla will not be on the tour this year.

Have a great time!!

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November 28th, 2013

Annual Turkey Trot, Delray Beach, Florida, Fundraising, Event, Keith Straghn Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Drive, The Village by The Sea, Palm Beach County, South Florida


It was early in the morning on Saturday, November 23rd.  It has been happening every year for the past 27 years, when Delray Beach gets ready for a Turkey Trot.  It is a benefit for the Keith Straghn Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Drive for the needy families of Delray Beach.  So, spectators, runners, walkers and trotters were ready.  This event was sponsored by the City of Delray Beach.


On the photo….don’t know what kind of outfit that guy was wearing…

There was not a soul on A1A…that was hard to believe.  Usually, on a holiday week-end, there are plenty already walking or trying to get the best parking spaces for another stay at the gorgeous beach in Delray.


And the corner of A1A and Atlantic Avenue was blocked off for the runners.


The destination where all were located was 340 S. Ocean Blvd. at Anchor Park.  The runners and walkers were checking in.


The essentials like food and water…



The actual race had a starting time of 7:30 a.m. on Gleason.



And off they went…


This year there were over 500 participants, fundraising for those less fortunate.


Mark your calendars because this race happens the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  More info?  Please call Keith Straghn at 561-305-1744.

And remember to stop back for some fruit and goodies after the race.


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November 12th, 2013

The Village Improvement Association, VIA, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, The 8th St. Nicholas Tea, Sleigh Boutique, Fundraising, Event, Wine Tasting, Friday, November 22nd, The VIA Meets the Needs of the Local Community…Charity, Scholarships, Service


The Village Improvement Association in Rehoboth Beach is best known as the VIA.  I was telling Carolyn Billingsley, the current President of the VIA, who is also my neighbor, how I had taken a fun history tour of Rehoboth Beach through the Rehoboth Beach Museum and our guide was telling the visitors that you do not get to do anything in Rehoboth Beach unless the VIA approves it.  She laughed and said “I would not put it that way.” Haha, I did laugh because this association of only women has done for Rehoboth so much since 1909 when it was first organized and continues to remain dedicated to their mission of supporting the needs of the local community.  It is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


In the past 100 years of service to the Rehoboth Beach community, some of the many VIA’s accomplishments are:  The establishment of the Rehoboth Beach Library, provided parks with shrubbery, flowers, trees, provided Boardwalk with lights, benches, water fountain, original bandstand, and refuse cans, began a successful mosquito campaign, restored Cape Henlopen Lighthouse replica, helped with the formation of the Rehoboth Art League and Sussex Gardeners Club, spearheaded war bond drive to buy a bomber for the Air Force, established nursing scholarships, purchased beach wheels to provide beach access to the disabled.  The VIA also contributes to many charities in our coastal communities.  For more information, please visit

The VIA is located at Boardwalk & Grenoble Street, north of the Boardwalk.  Tel. 302-227-1631.  Website?  On Facebook and Twitter, as well.  On Friday, 11/8 and Saturday, 11/9, the VIA was celebrating the holidays with their 8th Annual St. Nicholas Tea & Sleigh Boutique.  It was the perfect opportunity to get into the Holiday Spirit, shop a little and eat a lot.  On both days, the VIA, with the cooperation of so many of its volunteers, became the perfect hostess as it offered twice each day, the St Nicholas Tea and Sleigh Boutique.  A lot of work comes into preparing this grand fundraising event.  Looking effortless, to say the least….it was my first time, and a beautiful day in Rehoboth Beach.


Arriving at the VIA with Carolyn, we were directed to our table.  It was a sold out event and the tables were assigned and beautifully decorated by members who displayed their own personal china and touch to make the tables festive and ready for tea.


The holidays are around the corner and the Sleigh Boutique offered something for everyone with many of Rehoboth Beach local artists making a presence at the St. Nicholas Tea.  Baskets, jewelry, handmade note cards, home accessories were there for easy shopping.




It was time to sit down, relax and enjoy tea.  The shopping would continue later on.


The servers were being instructed.  There are about 220 members and these servers were all VIA members, as well.


The guests started with a choice of tea, cider or water and Blueberry Scones with Lemond Curd.  Please remember that all the food was prepared by the VIA members.


Savories like the classic Cucumber Sandwich, the Chicken Salad on mini croissant, Ham and Swiss Palmiers, Canberry Feta Pinwheels, and Mushroom Tarts were just delicious.


While continuing the tea and friendly chat….Santa came in…we were all behaving.


Sweet Endings with “Melt in Mouth” Cookies, Three Chocolate Cake, Apricot dipped in chocolate, and Decorated Pretzel Rods.


Please note that the recipes for the Chicken Salad, Melt in Mouth Cookies, and Three Chocolate Cake can be found in the V.I.A. Cookbook, which is now in its third printing and available, locally, at bookstores.  You may also order the cookbook by visiting the VIA’s website above mentioned.  Scroll down and click on the order form.

Some continued to shop, there was still plenty to see.


NOTE:  Friday, November 22nd is the VIA Wine Tasting by Teller Wines, from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse on 415 N Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach!!  6 Premium Wine Tastings with Food by Touch of Italy.  $20.00…please RSVP to 302-227-1631…Door Prizes!

Then, it was time to go….the VIA was getting ready for another tea and shopping experience!! Have a good one!!  And, many thanks to Carolyn for inviting me to such great event.


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