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March 21st, 2013

Welcome! Spring at the Delaware Beaches….Oh well, There is Always Happy Hour in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Henlopen City Oyster House!!


Hey, it’s Spring…enjoy the weather and blame the groundhog!!

My poor flowers are so confused….to bloom or not to bloom.  It’s like we are going two steps forward and one step back.  What a tease this weather is!!


Well, Happy Hour is starting at Henlopen City Oyster House and when all fails stop for some delicious oysters and plenty more.  Location? 50 Wilmington Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  Website? Opens for lunch and dinner.

The Broadwater oysters from Virginia they were just right…salty!!  Shelley and I are still celebrating our birthdays…so we decided to stop by.  An order of the oysters, beet salad, and steamed shrimp with pickling spices hit the spot.




There is always tomorrow…Sun?  Maybe…talk to you later.

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March 13th, 2013

Dining, Perucci’s, Millville, Delaware, Italian Cuisine, Restaurant, Review, Gluten Free Choices, Open Every Day for Dinner, Southern Delaware


“A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”   loise wyse

And that’s how my evening started, with good friends….our choice of restaurant?  Perucci’s located at 33507 Atlantic Avenue, Millville, Delaware.  Millville is located a couple of miles west of Bethany Beach.  It is a breeze to get there at this time of the year.  During the season, it might take you a bit longer.  Rt. 26 can get busy.  Tel. 302-829-8727.  Make reservations; Perucci’s is not big; it is popular.  Website?


This is a very charming old building.   It has been been the Millville Post Office in the past and it has also been a gas station, if I remember correctly.

I have been passing the restaurant for some time.  I never thought my husband could eat there.  Having to eat gluten free…Italian restaurants can be a little tricky.  But at Perucci’s you can substitute gluten free pasta and dishes that are gluten free, are labeled as such.  Jim, the owner confirmed it.  So, if you have to eat gluten free, don’t be scared….they will be able to take care of you.

It was packed when we arrived, but by the time we finished, we had Perucci’s all to ourselves.  It was the perfect time to take pictures.


Tracy was our server.  She was right on target with her suggestions.

We started with a Pizza Margherita, Sunday sauce, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil.  It was thin and crispy.  Perfect!!


How could we not have calamari?  Of course we ordered the Calamari Fritto, flash fried, pepperoncini, chipolte cocktail sauce, citrus aioli, and spicy chili aioli.   Light, with sauces that made your taste buds do a little dance.


A few of the house salads were ordered…Insalata della Perucci which consisted of organic baby greens, tomatoes, Pecorino, and sherry vinaigrette.

I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiano over linguine…eggplant, mozzarella cheese and a choice of sauces: creamy pesto, Alfredo, Vodka or Sunday sauce.  I chose the Sunday sauce and it really looked and tasted amazing with the eggplant perfectly cooked…..guess what?  I was talking so much I forgot to take the picture.  Take my word…it was very good.

One of my friends ordered just meatballs.  She was perfectly happy with a salad and meatballs for dinner.  She did not forget the Sunday sauce either.


Another friend’s dinner choice was the Scaloppini al Marsala.  She chose the chicken, with a Marsala mushroom sauce.  She ordered it over Gluten Free pasta.


Another of the same was ordered but regular pasta was chosen…..see the difference?  One is curly….taste the difference?  Could not taste a difference!!


We were perfectly satisfied but when Tracy mentioned desserts….well those sweet endings were hard to resist.  We decided on the Tiramisu, which was all homemade…wonderful light and we shared it.  Beautiful layers!!


Perucci’s is cozy inside.  An intimate setting.  Even though the tables are near to each other, we felt very comfortable talking and feeling right at home.


The Board

The Board

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening.  Everyone was friendly and the service was prompt.  Perucci’s has specials throughout the week.  Check out the above mentioned website.

I will certainly go back….too many dishes to still try, including the gluten free ones.

Having dinner with a group of friends is and will always be priceless!

Have a good one!!


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February 8th, 2013

Perfect night for Stonegrilling at Dos Locos, Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, Gluten Free Menu, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

Once again the Delaware Beaches get a break from all the crazy weather going around us.  Just rain and wind here…a classic n’or easter!!

Love going to Dos Locos, located at 208 Rehoboth Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-227-3353.  Website? Lots of times we happen to go on a Thursday.  They have their stonegrilling specials on that night.  It is a full serving.  Dos Locos also has a full bar.  It is comfortable, casual, and very reasonable.  And, they open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

They do have an extensive menu.  Besides the stonegrills, they also have fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, etc. etc.  Great desserts, as well.

We went with friends and nothing is better than sharing a meal with those who make you laugh.  These 2 are those types of friends.  Our meals are always a happy time.

One of them started with a frozen Margarita.  I think she always requests it.  Not from a mix; the real deal.


Alex, our server, he knows us well.  And, he takes good care of us.  Always offering suggestions that are on target.

Grilling on a hot stone, is dry cooking.  It sears and locks the flavors and juices of whatever you are cooking.  When the stone arrives at your table, it is over 700 degrees.  So, watch out if you have children around you.  It will stay hot for the longest time.  The food is never burned and only rubs and condiments are used; served on the side.

On this particular night one of our friends decided to try the lobster.  It was a very good size and it did look beautiful.  Besides the rubs, she ordered melted butter.  Of course!!


Another friend decided on lobster and filet…he loved it!


My husband decided on the scallops.  Cooking them on the stone is great.


I only wanted their hot, shredded duck tacos; hard shell.  I do love those!!


And, I have to thank Alex for bringing that decadent dessert to our table.  It was a molten chocolate cake; dense, warm, and full of flavor….ice cream and whipped cream!! Nice.


Please note that Dos Locos offers Gluten Free Menus!  Also, please check their website, above mentioned….they are ready for Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday.  They also have a Friday Lenten Menu.

Have a good week-end!!  Talk to you later.

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February 3rd, 2013

Sweet ‘N’ Tangy, or, Triple Threat? Bru’s Room, Sports Bar, Delray Beach, Florida, Best Wings!! South Florida


Bar None, the Bru’s Room in Delray Beach has award winning wings.  They are grilled, not greasy and taste delicious.  And, this is the week-end!!  As I was checking Atlantic Avenue I noticed that Bru’s Room was packing them in.  They have over 40 tvs.

With so many Ravens’ fans in Delray Beach…it will be very crowded.

Locations?  Besides the Delray Beach location at 35 NE 2nd Ave., there are plenty more throughout South Florida.  Please visit

The Delray Beach location is comfortable and you can have the choice to have a seat outdoors (my favorite), or inside.  Their telephone number in case you want to order wings is 561-276-3663.

Please order the wings grilled.  My absolute favorites are the Sweet ‘N’ Tangy.


When with my family, we always order the Triple Threat…BBQ, Sweet ‘N’ Tangy, Hot, grilled with minced garlic.


Note:  Their wings are gluten free.  Make sure you mention it to your server.

Go Ravens!!

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December 31st, 2012

Crystal Restaurant, Locals’ Hangout, Breakfast & Lunch, Full Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches….Open on New Year’s Day!!


This post is for my friends that “hangout” at Crystal every time we get the chance.  A little displaced, we are, at this time of the year.  But, every time they are in my thoughts when I eat at Crystal.  They know who they are.

Crystal is located at 37300 Rehoboth Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-1088.  It was my last breakfast of 2012.  Since my friends were not here to join me, I brought second best; my two sons.

Crystal was totally packed.  Visitors and locals making a special breakfast morning something to be remembered.  Great weather too!!

I had to be fast with my camera.  We chose the following.

Crab Benedict, using crab meat instead of Canadian Bacon.  This dish is packed with crab meat.  It is always served with that tiny steak knife.  Too funny!


A Norwegian Benedict, using smoked salmon instead of Canadian Bacon.  It was a huge portion….a little doggy bag for later on.


French Toast was my choice.  I have not had it in a long time.  It’s a good one at Crystal!!


Never fails; well done scrapple.  Sorry, but I do love it.


A side order of Creamed Chip Beef for the table almost did us in.


A perfect breakfast….enjoying the holidays in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!!

Note:  Crystal serves breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast sandwiches, cereal, side orders, eggs, omelettes, a kids’ corner, salads, grilled sandwiches, specialty burgers, sandwiches….and on and on.

Happy New Year’s!!

December 3rd, 2012

Hyatt Place, Delray Beach, Pineapple Grove, Hotel, Downtown Delray, South Florida, Village by The Sea, Palm Beach County

Just a stroll away from trendy Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida, you will find the new Hyatt Place.  It opened in this Village by the Sea this summer.  It is great to have choices, and this hotel is the latest to open in this town that has become such a well known destination.


Many years ago Pineapple Grove did have pineapples growing….oh, how it has changed; it is an extension of Atlantic Avenue, where you can live, play, and stay awhile.  It is also known as an artist’s colony.  Lots of little independent artists and boutiques line this street.  Plenty of restaurants serving unique dishes in South Florida, as well.

The last time I was in Delray Beach….believe me this post is way past due, I decided to stop and check out the new hotel.  It was late September, early October, and even though Delray is a year round resort, it was a little quiet.  I decided to take some pictures since I was not going to be bothering anyone.  The hotel was getting some final touches.

Just look at the picture of the front of the Hyatt Place.  Right above the door are suites.  Keep on reading my post…pictures are coming.

Hyatt Place is located at 104 NE 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444.  Tel. 561-330-3530.  Website?


I immediately liked the lobby.  Spacious, clean lines, and simple.  This is a green hotel too.


Hyatt Place has plenty of cozy corners to sit and either have a drink or work.  The hotel offers free Wi-Fi.



Big windows give natural light to the lobby.  The hotel offers personal service and food 24/7.



I was taken on a tour of one of their suites.  The rooms were well appointed with simple lines.  The suite was a nice size, with huge windows.  What’s perfect about this hotel is that you can just go out the door and be at the doorsteps of all the trendy shops, restaurants, and entertainment Delray Beach has to offer.  The actual beach is less than a mile.  Walk it or grab a bike.



Off the seating room, the bedroom.


And the bathroom.


The hotel is the perfect size; not huge…So, if you are a snowbird or a snowflake, check it out.


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October 3rd, 2012

Cafe Martorano, Restaurant, Review, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Bold Italian-American Food, South Philly Style


Strip malls in Florida are a dime a dozen.  Except, there is one strip mall that has had an edge on all others in South Florida….it has been the home of Cafe Martorano for 20 years.  When you create a presence in one spot for that long, it has to be good.  Location?  3343 E. Oakland Park Blvd. (Corner of Oakland Park Blvd. & A1A), Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308.  Tel. 954-561-2554.  It opens every day at 5:30 p.m.  No reservations.  Website?

And, I do, actually know the difference between “gravy” and “sauce”.  These are the terms that you better know when you visit Cafe Martorano, because in this establishment you will not get just a simple tomato sauce.  You will get “gravy” as in “Sunday gravy”, made with different meats; a process that takes a bit of time but the results are incredibly good and tasty.

I have been to restaurants, eaten my dinner, and left hungry.  Not here….not just a dot on your plate.  This is a hefty serving of flavorful food; the way it has always meant to be.  Food to be eaten by real people.  Guess what?  My dinner tonight will be “Martorano’s Leftovers”.

Cafe Martorano has just opened this week after renovations.  We knew Steve Martorano was going to be behind the kitchen.  That’s what you want to see.  Watch him in action.  He does have a nice smile, even though not on this picture.


The restaurant is known to be excellent.  I had visited a couple of years ago.  I had great expectations.


When I first came in my first thought was that is was sleek with elegant lines.  With dim lights, the restaurant already had customers.  Therefore, not too many pictures, just enough to give you an idea.  Plenty photos of the food, though.


Televisions played scenes of Steve Martorano’s favorites.  A little background music.  It was early in the evening, but if you happen to come a few hours later, there might be a party going on; music a little louder… you know what I mean; a slightly different atmosphere.


Steve said:  “Yo Cuz!”  It is Steve’s trademark and also his brand name.  It can mean family, a term of endearment, but I think I’ll take Steve’s suggestion; if you do not remember the person’s name, just say “Yo Cuz!” That will do it.  Steve grew up in South Philly.  He is self taught.  18th and 19th centuries = South Philly = Italian American Community.  His cooking reflects that robust type of cooking; homestyle.  In the Italian American Community in South Philly the same great dishes have been prepared for years.  A lot of the recipes have been passed down. And, the portions are big.


Steve told me “Tell the Truth”.  I am obliging.

When visiting Cafe Martorano, come hungry because you will be taken into a culinary expedition.  So let’s begin.

Our servers knew the menu inside and out.  Gustavo’s heritage was Brazilian/Italian.  He told me it was the best combination.  I am not sure where Kyle was from but I have to thank both for taking care of us so well.

Cards were presented. Fill them out.  Only at this location, you could be the winner of Steve Martorano’s Ultimate Italian-American Experience.   Yes, he will cook in your home for 8 people anywhere in the country!!

Gustavo sat at the table with his electronic notebook to show us the specials of the day.  First time I have seen that done in a restaurant and I liked it.


It showed also that in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month they were offering a Pink Drink:  Chambord, Limoncello, Vodka with Sugar rim.


We decided we were going to let Steve cook for us whatever he wanted.  I had done that before and loved the idea of being surprised.

If you would like to see the menu, please visit http://www.cafemartorano/dining.html

The first thing that was sent to our table, just to wet our appetites, was macaroni with peas and onions.  The macaroni perfectly cooked and that broth was light; the perfect dish to start our Martorano Expedition.


Bread was brought to the table; warm, olive oil for dipping.


The condiments never left the table.


The next dish that appeared at our table was one that I could have for a meal.  It was Martorano’s Famous Meatball and Salad.  Why is it that I cannot make a meatball like this?  It was so flavorful.  It was served with Sunday gravy, ricotta cheese, and Martorano salad.


As he laid the next dish, I could not believe how pretty it looked.  The photo does not do justice.  Homemade warm mozzarella with EVOO.  Homemade was the key word.


The Tuna Carpaccio presented to us as the next dish was delicate.  Thin slices of Blue Eye Tuna, coarse sea salt, EVOO, and light meyer lemon. Again sooo good; the tuna melted in your mouth.


The rice balls were the first things I saw when arriving at Cafe Martorano.  The one at our table was warm, cut in half with a little surprise of mozzarella inside.  I could make a trip just for that rice ball.


We were way into the Martorano Expedition when our main entrees arrived.

Chicken on The Bone.  It is one of Steve’s favorites.  Chicken with hot and sweet sausages, sweet peppers, fresh mushrooms, onions, Jersey tomatoes, which I think Steve loves…all baked to order.  The chicken fell off the bone and just look at the rest of the ingredients, then add a Steve Martorano sauce and wine.  Flavors went through the roof!!


The next entree, actually paired well with the Chicken on The Bone.  It was Linguine Seafood – South Jersey Style.  Shrimp, jumbo lump crab, claws, Italian herbs, chili flakes, garlic and EVOO, all cooked in natural juices.  Those chili flakes gave it that extra kick to this dish.


I cannot believe I had the nerve to have dessert.  But, I had to finish my Martorano Expedition with a sweet ending.  How about the cannoli?  How big could that be?  Oh, well….I have not had a cannoli in such a long time.  The writing above?  Yo Cuz, of course!!


A decaf espresso really did end the Martorano Expedition.


Cafe Martorano has two other locations:

In Hollywood, Florida at 5751 Seminole Way.  This location closes on Mondays.

In Las Vegas, Nevada at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino at 3700 West Flamingo Rd.  It opens at 6 p.m. every day and this location does accept reservations.

If you visit the website you will find the upcoming events.  Wine Tasting and Book Signing in October at Laurenzo Italian Market in North Miami Beach.  Then, the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, and in December the Cooking Demo and Photo ops with customers.  You can also find in the website how Cafe Martorano is giving back to the community.

Want to do a little shopping, then, check

You know what I found so interesting about Steve?  How accessible and friendly he was.  There he was cooking away for a full restaurant and I was welcomed inside his kitchen for my own photo opportunity and signing of his book Yo Cuz! My Life My Food My Way.  Can’t wait to read it and try some of those recipes.


Thanks Steve, Gustavo, and Kyle.  Hope to be back soon.  And thanks for giving my taste buds a run for their money!!

September 23rd, 2012

Lunch, Shop, Stroll, Berlin, Maryland, The Atlantic Hotel, TaDa….Historic Berlin


I took a walk this morning and what a change from yesterday’s almost summer weather to….Hello Fall!!  It is one of those days; perfect to get in the car and drive to the Historic Town of Berlin, Maryland.  This town dates back to the 1790’s.  It is preserved in such a way that you really get a feel what it would have been like so many years past.


The Atlantic Hotel is a perfect example.  Since 1895 it has had a presence in Berlin.  Right in the center of Historic Berlin.  Lunch, dinner or enjoy a drink at the bar.  I have had lunch there many times.  This last time I was with my friend Debbie.  We sat out on the porch which is great because you can see the comings and goings of this charming town.

The Porch at the Atlantic Hotel, Berlin, Maryland

The Porch at the Atlantic Hotel, Berlin, Maryland

The Atlantic Hotel is located at 2 North Main St.  Tel. 410-641-3589.  Website?

Our lunch consisted of Fish Tacos, tasty and colorful.


The Fish & Chips were so good.  I have not had them in a long time and it was a special of the day.


That’s was lunch, perfectly satisfied.  Nothing else was needed.

Strolling through Main Street took us to TaDa.  This shop is owned by a Mother & Daughter Team; Patty & Blair.   TaDa is located at 18 N. Main St., Berlin, MD 21811.  Tel. 410-641-4430.  TaDa has gifts for everyone on your list.  Personal attention and warm smiles…always!!




For the brides there are plenty of gifts.


Babies are also coming into the picture.  TaDa also has a line for infants.


Whatever you are doing today…have a good one because it is certainly pretty out there!!


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