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December 24th, 2011

Lunch at Blue Sea Cafe, American & Mediterranean Cuisine, Lewes, Delaware, Restaurant, Review



Running out the door today to get that present that you might have missed or just to even up the stack, or really just to take a walk through Lewes.  Then…..

If you get a little hungry then do like Jody and I did on Thursday when we decided to stop at Blue Sea Cafe.  It is located at 108 Second St.  Tel. 302-703-2161.  Website?   It is a sister restaurant to Jerry’s Seafood, which is right next door.  The restaurant opens for breakfast and lunch daily and Fridays and Saturdays for dinner.


Blue Sea Cafe is a little bigger than what I expected.  The addition of the bar is fairly new.  It has a casual atmosphere; very colorful.


We sat at a corner table, with views to Second St.  People were busy, carrying packages, and chatting with one another.

We decided on iced teas, while checking the menu.  I wanted something Mediterranean since the restaurant has an American and Mediterranean cuisine.

Jody’s choice was a Smoked Turkey Panini with Gouda cheese, tomato and pesto.  It came with chips.  A nice size panini.  I think I remember her saying “this is so good”.


I had not had a Gyro in such a long time.  It is, Greece’s version of a fast food.  The menu said it was an Authentic Gyro, with seasoned beef and lamb, sliced paper thin and served with that traditional tzatziki sauce.  It also was received very well.  It was a generous portion; more than enough, but as usual, it was gone in not time.


Served on a pita bread with extra tzatziki sauce.  Tzatziki sauce is traditionally made of strained yogurt, mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, pepper and at times lemon juice and parsley.  It is always served cold.

If you try Blue Sea Cafe for dinner let me know……the menu is on their website.

 Note:  Blue Sea Cafe offers delivery.

Time flew by.  You know what?  I feel so lucky…my friends are priceless!!  Love getting together with them.


Again, Merry Christmas to you…..

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September 12th, 2011

Farm to Table Dinner, Good Earth Market, Plate Catering, SoDel Concepts, Fundraising, Event, Global Delaware Fund, Delaware Beaches, Tuesday, 9/13



Having attended this summer one of these unforgettable outdoor dinners, I have to remind you that tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13th, you can join fellow diners as the sun sets for a special dining experience.

It is sponsored by Plate Catering and Good Earth Market.  The food will be prepared by Matt Haley, Sue Ryan and SoDel Chefs.

It will start at 6 p.m.  Location? Good Earth Market, Clarksville.  $95/person.  For tickets please call 302-537-7100.

All local farm and pier fresh menu accompanied by wine pairings and cocktails.

This is a fundraising event.  All proceeds benefit the Global Delaware Fund.

This Fund is helping local and global communities by supporting education and sustainability.  Their website?

The Global Delaware Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing goods and services to children at risk in distressed situations.  It provides essential services to children and adults locally and throughout the world.

Their Services?  Financial support for essential needs, such as clothing, shelter and food, and thereby filling the gaps in the “social safety net”.

They also provide financial support towards counseling and mentoring for abused, grief-stricken, or disease-afflicted children.

And, they also provide scholarships, fellowships, and education grants for students in grades K-12 including support for special needs and learning disabled students.

Online donations are accepted through the Delaware Community Foundation,  Or, you can make a check payable to:  The Global Delaware Fund, P.O. Box 31, Bethany Beach, DE 19930.  

When donating, please specify whether you would like your funds distributed locally or abroad.

 Good Earth Market is located in Clarksville, Delaware, just a few miles west of Bethany Beach.  For directions and more info., please visit


Have a great time!!…talk to you later…

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June 24th, 2011

Chifa, Peruvian, Cantonese, Tapas, Dim Sum, Restaurant, Review, Center City, Philadelphia,



Peruvian and Cantonese fusion found in Peru; Latin and Asian influences.

“Chifa is the phonetic pronunciation of the Chinese character that represents this shared cuisine.  It also refers to the restaurants that serve it.”

Some months ago I visited a restaurant by the name of Amada in Philadelphia. All tapas and very Spanish.  I really enjoyed it, so much so that I wrote a post on AboutMyBeaches on 3/7/11.  All you have to do is click on the month of March 2011 and scroll down to the date.  I wanted to try some of the other restaurants owned by the Garces Group. 

Jose Garces is the main event; Ecuadorian heritage, winner of the most recent The Next Iron Chef.  Not too many chefs hold that title; only 6 chefs in the country.

Philadelphia is really not that far from the Delaware beaches; about 2 hours and 20 minutes depending on traffic. 

Michael and I decided to have a late dinner.  I thought that the restaurant was going to be closed by the time we got there.  Let’s say we closed Chifa.

Chifa is located at 707 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.  Tel. 215-925-5555.  Website?


Latin and Asian; the decoration reflected those influences.  As you entered Latin is the style; tiles, woods, pottery.  The bar is located in this room.



Next room?  Asian; reds and oranges.  Long tables ready for Dim Sum.


Kristin was our server and she had been with Chifa since it opened a couple of years ago.  Her knowledge and expertise helped us make the best choices.

She brought us bread to the table.  This bread is called Pandebono.  It is made out of Yuca flour and Manchego cheese.  A little dipping sauce on the side; a hint of sweetness.  Very good.


Chifa serves most of their food as “tapas” and “family” style.  Sharing is a key word.  Tapas are small plates.  A taste here or there; a teasing.  You want more.

Our first choice was the Ceviche, cooked Peruvian style.  The fish? Kingfish.


The most likely origin of “ceviche” lies in the area of present-day Peru and it is part of its national heritage. 

This ceviche was probably one of the best I have tasted.  So fresh.  The marinade is Leche de Tigre, which is composed of key lime or bitter orange juice, sliced pickled onions, chili, salt and pepper and served with small slices of cooked sweet potato.  Roasted corn or “mote” on the side.  Excellent combination of flavors.

Kristin told us the Duck Tacos were so popular.  After trying different recipes, finally the winner was the one on the menu.  Duck confit, house kimchi, sliced radish, cracklins on flour tortillas.  Remember when I said that tapas are a teaser?  This is a good example.  Could have had more; too bad I had to share them.  He was thinking the same thing.


I love octupus, or pulpo in Spanish.  I see them on the menu and I don’t even have to think.  They were rock octupus, garlic-ginger, purple potatoes, ginger gastrique.  Roasted and perfectly seasoned.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the Thai sausage but it was served with an aromatic rice, tamarind chile sauce and papaya salad.  The sauce was excellent; a little thick; the tamarind was a predominant flavor in the sauce.


The Red Curry had jumbo lump crab, coconut, jasmin rice, tofu and eggplant.  Not too spicy.  We actually enjoyed it so much.


We even had dessert, but no picture.  It was a mango mousse with mango sherbert.  This is the time of the year for this much loved fruit in tropical climates.  So many shapes and flavors, as well.

Thank you Kristin for the service you gave us.  The combination of unusual and unique ingredients was tops.

Note:  Chifa is open for lunch Mondays through Fridays 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  It is open for dinner Sundays through Thursdays from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays it opens from 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.


Have a great day!!…Food trucks are next!!

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June 22nd, 2011

Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square, Parc Brasserie, Restaurant, Bistro, Cafe, Review, Pennsylvania



Away from the Beaches for 24 hours.  Back already.  A road trip.  I am getting to know Philadelphia, but I still have a long ways to go.  Having worked and lived in Baltimore, Maryland, I really never went much to Phildelphia.  Now, I am going full steam ahead; way into walking the streets, checking the neighborhoods and experiencing its restaurants….all the way to the food trucks.

After driving for a couple of hours it was time for a walk.  Just like I enjoy seeing the roadhouses in Baltimore, Philadelphia has beautiful ones, as well.  At this time of the year some looked so amazing.


It was around 2 p.m. and not having eaten, Michael and I decided to walk in the direction of Rittenhouse Square. 

Rittenhouse Square was named for astronomer/clockmaker, David Rittenhouse.  He was a descendant of William Rittenhouse, who built the first paper mill in America in Germantown.  He was also the President of the American Philosophical Society and the first Director of the United States Mint.


Rittenhouse Square has always denoted quality.  And, to have lived near or on the Square was a mark of prestige.


Fountains, trees, and benches for people to sit and relax.  At that time of the day, the heat was getting up there and just to be under the canopy of those trees was instant relief.

The Parc Brasserie, a Bistro and Cafe.  Usually, I would sit outside, if available, but after walking so much; air condition was what I wanted.


The Parc Brasserie is located at 227 South 18th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.  Tel. 215-646-2262.  Website?  Parc is part of the famility of restaurants owned by Starr Restaurants.

Ornate ceilings, the restaurant pays hommage to the French Cafe culture.  We had a perfect seat; looking over Rittenhouse Square and checking the passersby; some walking their four legged friends and others just enjoying a beautiful day in the city.


The bread was to die for; baguettes are made in-house daily.

We shared an appetizer of Chicken Liver Mousse with pickled shallots and grain mustard.  Again, this bread was thick, warm and oh, so good.  Perfect appetizer for a hot day.


Then Michael ordered the Lamb Sandwich, with Harissa aioli and arugula.  Pomme frites? Of course, how could you not?  Took a bite; very good.


Just in case you did not know what Harissa is; I did not know either.  It is a condiment from North Africa and the Middle East.  It is made from chiles, oil, garlic and cilantro, pounded with cumin or ground coriander and sometimes dried mint or verbena leaves.

I ordered the Nicoise Salad with seared tuna, shaved vegetables and lemon vinaigrette.  It had been some time since I had a Nicoise Salad; fresh and light.  The tuna, the white anchovies and the combination of the veggies with the lemon vinaigrette, made it so special.  The lettuce? Buttery comes to mind.


A leisure afternoon with great food, great service, and the perfect view, as well.


No sweet ending at this time of the day.  But an espresso we did have.  We still had dinner in mind and some more walking to do.

 Note:  Some info. for my post was taken from

Talk to you later….

March 17th, 2011

Jimmy’s Bistro, Delray Beach, Restaurant, Review, Village by the Sea, Palm Beach County



Back on November of 2009 I received an e-mail from a person named Ellen.  She suggested I went to check out a small restaurant that had just opened in Delray Beach.  She thought the food was great and she wanted other people to experience Jimmy’s great food.

That’s all it took.  One taste of his delicious food had my whole family sold.  Jimmy’s Bistro is located at 9 South Swinton Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33483.  Tel. 561-865-5774.  You can also find Jimmy’s Bistro on Facebook.

I wrote a post on Jimmy’s Bistro on 11/27/09 and all you have to do to read it is click on the month of November, 2009 and scroll down to the date.

This past week I have gone to Jimmy’s twice.  And, let me tell you that I was so happy for him.  Jimmy himself is nice and friendly and vivacious.  And my gosh, the restaurant is packed every night.  No lunches anymore, just dinner.  Reservations are a definite.  The restaurant is small and cozy.  It has a bar; it is small too.


I had so much faith in him and people have found him.  The restaurant still has its daily blackboard with all of his offerings.


The first night I visited I had the Hog Snapper.  I had never had it.  It was fresh; caught on that day.  It was a mild and white fish.  This fish has a hog shaped head.  It is found in and around tropical reefs in the Atlantic and Caribeean Sea.  The Hog Snapper is not commonly caught by rod and reel.  It has a reputation for being somewhat easy to shoot with a Hawaiin sling. 



On Tuesday night there were four of us.  A few appetizers were ordered.

Dave had the mussels.  And, I had the goat cheese and beet salad.  We were going to share.  Both were very good.  The combination of the beets with the fried goat cheese was excellent.  The mussels were tender, accompanied by baguettes to dip in a well seasoned sauce.



Anita had the pear and Gorgonzola salad.  She thought it was good even though at first we all thought that it was blue cheese.  Upon questioning our waitress, she brought us the wedge of Gorgonzola.  It did taste like blue cheese, though.


For our entrees, the choices were:

An Asian duck ordered by Marisa.  She thought it was very well cooked and delicious.


Dave chose more of a comfort food dish; the braised short rib with mashed potatoes.  He really cleaned the plate, so you know he liked it.


Anita chose the mussels for her entree.  She really enjoyed them.

And, I chose a tomato soup with a Parmesan crust.  This soup is fantastic and filling.  It is served steaming hot. Then I pushed the crust into the soup and it was amazing.  This soup is always on his menu.



Sharing food with friends on a somewhat warm evening was just priceless.  The conversation was effortless and the music and the restaurant were very enjoyable.

P.S.  I hope Jimmy reads this post.  I want him to try benches instead of the chairs that are at present placed in front of the restaurant.  Also the sign is only seen from the side and not very well.  From the street on Swinton you cannot tell what it is. 


Have a good one…talk to you later…

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February 27th, 2011

Crab Bag, Restaurant, Review, Crab House, Ocean City, Maryland, Natty Bohs?, Steamed Crabs, Haven!!



By early afternoon, yesterday, we knew we were going to eat crabs.  Years ago there was a small crab house in Ocean City, Maryland that we loved to go.  As it happens, it was falling all around them.  Anyway, that’s what Nolan, the owner, told me last night.  In the past few years it was rebuilt into one amazing crab house.  You can smell Old Bay seasoning as you approach the restaurant.

The Crab Bag is located at 13005 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD.  Tel. is 410-250-3337.  It opens at 9:00 a.m. serving breakfast and even though it is a full crab house, they offer so many other things to eat; seafood, steaks, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads.  Their website is but it is under construction at the moment.  You can still go on it and download their menu.  You can also find them on Facebook.


I really go there for the crabs.  It has been quite some time since I had been there.  Crabs, at this time of the year, are coming pretty much from Louisiana.  Last night they were offering all you can eat or you could order by the dozen.  I ordered by the dozen; only the biggest ones.  Crabs are also expensive during these months, but every single table was taken at the Crab Bag. 

The Crab Bag has two floors with decks and outdoor dining, as well.  It is February so everyone was indoors.  


There is nothing better than picking crabs in a crab house.  It is loud, people are hammering away, drinking; a constant chatter.  It is the perfect way to establish conversation.  Your hands are fast working, grabbing those lumps of crab meat.

But then, of course, if you are a true Baltimorean, then there is no better way to accompany those steamed, extra large crabs than with a Natty Boh.  It has to be very cold too.  Frosted glass, the best!!


Natty Bohs (National Bohemian) is back in Baltimore after a 15 year absence.  Steamed crabs and Natty Bohs define Baltimore.  It has always been a tradition.


We sat on the second level and that had another full bar but not as many tables.  Mike was our waiter and he was busy.  He was very good; attentive and fast. 


We started with some steamed clams; middle necks, chargrilled with fresh shallots, celery, green peppers, spices, Parmesan cheese and bacon.  They were tasty and went fast.


Then our crabs arrived, steaming hot.  Mike asked us if we wanted vinegar, melted butter, and Old Bay.  My answer?  All of the above.


We dug into the crabs; they were heavy, juicy and sweet!!  Perfection.  To me, there is nothing like the Maryland blue crab.  Not in season?  Then, this is the next best thing.


Some steamed corn complemented the crabs.  The corn was nice and sweet for this time of the year.  Don’t know where it was coming from, though.


Nolan, the owner, stopped by to see how everything was.  It really was very good and the service was the best.  No complaints. 



We left the Crab Bag, still full of customers enjoying what the Delmarva Peninsula is known for. We told Nolan that we had come to get our crab fix for the week-end.  He in turn told us that there are people that stop by 2 times a week for crabs.  Cannot get enough!!!  I agree because I can’t either.


See you later...

See you later...

Talk to you soon….you know I will….

February 24th, 2011

Lunch, Lily Thai Cuisine, Rehoboth Beach, Beer and Wine, Delaware Beaches



It was late in the day and Michael and I were doing some errands in Rehoboth Beach.  We got hungry and stopped at Lily Thai Cuisine.  This Thai restaurant is located at 10 North 1st St. in Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-227-3348.

Ever since I found this restaurant I have been enjoying Lily’s great cuisine.  I do. I really like it.  When I first started going there you could bring your own bottle (BYOB).  Then, they went through the process of applying for a liquor license and no bottles were allowed in the premises.  Therefore, it has been somewhat slow.

Next week, might be the week where they will be able to serve beer and wine.  They will start with that; see what their customers will be requesting and take it from there.  If you want to make sure they are serving beer and wine, please give them a call to 302-227-3348.  They open for lunch and dinner.  Closed on Mondays, though.

They have great lunch specials for $8.95.  Salad and half size entrees.

Michael and I ordered the Larb Gai.  I order this dish all the time.  It has ground chicken breast, tossed in lime juice, red onions, Thai herbs and fresh mint.  It is spicy and a favorite.  Michael liked it but not as much as I did.


The salad that came with the lunch specials had a very interesting dressing.  It was somewhat sweet but the concentration was cilantro.  Refreshing after the spicy Larb Gai.


Michael had the Green Curry which was hot hot and spicy.  This dish is traditionally made with green curry paste, coconut milk, Thai eggplants, and hints of Rhizome and basil.  Got good reviews from Michael.

A rhizome is the horizontal stem of a plant that is usually found underground, often sending out roots and shoots from its nods; ginger being a good example.


Mine was a Crispy Duck Ginger.  It was crispy honey duck with young ginger, onions, mushrooms, celery, garlic, ground peppers and scallions.  It had just the right amount of spice and the duck was nice and crispy.


Lily Thai is a quiet place for lunch.  I think people forget that it is there.  Anyway, I am passing the word around because I really do enjoy it.

Note:  Carry out is available.

See you… to you later…

January 18th, 2011

Sushi Simon, Restaurant, Review, Sushi, Boyton Beach, Florida, Palm Beach County, South Florida



I don’t know what comes to my mind first, the craving for a particular food that takes me to that restaurant to review it, or that I pick a restaurant because it is time to review a restaurant.

I think it is the former.  I don’t give it too much thought.  It is like wanting pizza, or a good juicy hamburger, Indian food, Thai, or, Oh, I feel like having a crepe.  For example, yesterday I was driving and stopped at Eming’s Chicken, which is closer to Bethany Beach, Delaware, but away from the beaches.  Well, I will probably be there Friday because they are having a pig roast starting at 11:00 a.m.  I got that craving.  If I do go, believe me, that will be a post in the making.

I thought about this particular post a few times.  Already you know that I like sushi, and sashimi.  I feel good after I eat it; satisfied but not overly full.

I was having dinner in Delray Beach back in December with Anita and my husband.  We were at Lemongrass, which I have written about a few times, and one of my favorite restaurants in Delray.  Talking and chatting away, interjecting in Spanish with Anita; back to English.  The tables were close to each other so you could really see what other patrons were eating and some times even hear what they were talking about.

Our entrees arrived and out came my camera.  A couple next to us, started a friendly chat.  Of course, I told them what I was doing.  They, actually, ordered my fish, since they saw how gorgeous it looked.  Then, the gentleman proceeded to tell me that I needed to try a sushi restaurant in Boyton Beach called Sushi Simon.  That it had very innovative combinations in their sushi.  That’s all I needed to hear so, yes, we went there the next day and one other time after that.  Here is my personal opinion and review.

Sushi Simon is located at 1614 S. Federal Highway, Boyton Beach, Florida 33435.  The actual location is at the SE corner of Woolbright Rd. and Federal Hwy., right on that shopping center.  Tel. 561-731-1819.  No website but you can find them on Facebook.  Their business hours are Mondays – Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Sundays from 12:00 – 10:00 p.m.  They also have lunch specials Mondays through Fridays.  Carry out is available, as well.

Boyton Beach is located just north of Delray Beach and South of Palm Beach.  Not far; easy to get to.

When I first entered the restaurant I thought I smelled fish, which usually turns me off, but that dissipated and did not happen again.  The restaurant was small, and not very wide; plenty of tables and a sushi bar, though.  A couple of tables outdoors too.  It was cozy and people were friendly.



Looking through the menu I thought it looked good, even though I do not like imitation crab.  It seemed that it was used a lot in their rolls.  Also, cream cheese was used a lot. 

The rolls I decided to try were:

Little Havana which had eel, avocado, cream cheese, plantains, and mango.  I will tell you that it was delicious and perfect for a South Florida roll.   The plantain and mango combination was great.  Loved it.  That was what the gentleman told me at Lemongrass.  Innovative combinations.

Little Havana and Ichigo Roll

Little Havana and Ichigo Roll

Ichigo Roll was delicious, as well.  It had also eel, masago, avocado, cream cheese, strawberries, and macadamia nuts on top.  I had not had a roll with macadamia nuts.  It was a first and really liked that crunchiness and fruit together with the eel. 

My husband had the Kawaii Maui Roll with coconut shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, pineapple, papaya, with mixed macadamia nuts on top.  He thought it was the best roll he had had in a very long time.  Could not stop talking about it.  We had taken our own gluten free soy sauce.  The restaurant had not had anyone ask for something like that in the past.

Kawaii Maui Roll

Kawaii Maui Roll

Next visit came about because my husband could not stop talking about the Kawaii Maui Roll.  Tommy and Michael came with us and it got a little tricky because Sushi Simon, practically, does not have too much for the person that does not like sushi, or seafood, for that matter.  The only thing he could have was Gyoza which were steamed or deep fried pork and vegetable dumplings. 



But, wait, he decided to try the roll my husband was raving about.  I could see it in his face, it was a no go, as he was trying to eat it.  The other ones finished that roll for him.  Happy, yes, they were.

We ordered pretty much the same thing.  I added the Crazy Lucy soup, which was a special soup of the day.  I really liked it.  It was a Miso soup but with different fish added to it.  Tasty.

Crazy Lucy

Crazy Lucy

I again, ordered that Little Havana roll and then tried another roll that was on their special that evening.  I cannot remember its name but it did have the avocado on top.  It was good, but not memorable like Little Havana and Ichigo Roll.


The concensus was that it was good, but for the size of the rolls, it was expensive.  I would go again for that Little Havana Roll and the Ichigo Roll.  My husband will go again for the Kawaii Maui Roll.  I thought his roll was small; a few more pieces were needed.

It is great to have choices… to you later…and have a great day!!



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