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November 21st, 2019

The Grove Market, Bishopville, MD, Restaurant, Review, The Art of Wining and Dining, Delmarva

The menu should be part of the entertainment, part of the dining experience. The 3 Cs “I like my food like my fashion: Casual, Classy, and with a Touch of Couture”.

And so our dining experience took us to The Grove Market, located at 12402 Saint Martins Neck Rd., Bishopville, MD 21813. Tel. 410-352-5055. This location is right outside Ocean City.

Crushed seashells pave the parking lot. Flags, a pizza sign, whimsical too. I believe the restaurant only has about 10 tables. And, yes, it is hard to get a reservation so give yourself about 2 weeks. Call, leave a message, give a few dates. If you like to eat late, I suggest you do so. Last reservation is at 9 p.m. Cash only. Checks accepted. It gets crowded in the summer. They only serve wine and beer.

Our reservation was at 8:30 a few weekends ago. This past Sunday, November 17th they closed until the beginning of May. For some of you it might be too late to eat but for us it was the perfect time to enjoy a relaxing dinner. John McDonal was the Chef Extraordinare, from Delaware, he works his magic in a very small kitchen. He has an amazing reputation and a wine connoisseur.

There is no menu. Out loud at your dinner table or if you are seated in the back it will be for the few tables to hear. You need to pay attention because they do offer a lot, both for the appetizers and the entrees.

You will find at the Grove Market quality in their ingredients, culinary competence because John MacDonald outdoes himself every time, service is personal and attentive. The ambiance? Well, you can see by the photos that it is a little quirky. Come hungry because they serve healthy portions. About $100 per person give or take.

The menu changes but they do have a lot of the customers’ favorites throughout the season.

Crab Remick
No Noodles Beef Stroganoff

I usually order the duck. It is a Delaware duck, roasted with a semi-sweet sauce and chutney. It is so good….only bones left on the plate kind of a dish.

On this particular night I let TC order it and I ordered a shrimp and crab dish. Crabs from Smith Island, no less, with a bit of Sherry and a slight kick to the dish. Yummy.

The breadsticks are a reminder that once upon a time this little restaurant was also a Pizza place.

I can honestly tell you that everything at the Grove Market is consistently good. Other dishes that are delicious are:

The Rack of Lamb

The Scallops

The Crab Cakes

There are several desserts to try but it seems that one of the most popular ones is the Bumbleberry Pie. There is no such thing as a Bumbleberry…it is just a mixture of berries.

Leslie, the owner, had time to chat on our visit which was great since in the summer there is, practically, no time.

It is a special place. Keep it in mind when you visit next season. You will not be disappointed.

Until next time…..Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Please check AboutMyBeaches Facebook Page.

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July 12th, 2019

The Grove Market, Restaurant, Review, Bishopville, Maryland, The Art of Wining and Dining, Delmarva

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious” ruth reichl

I first wrote about The Grove Market in 2009. This was before I had incorporated photos in my posts. Having photos is wonderful because, we, humans, are so visual. The scenery, the colors, always create an impact in our minds.

A few weeks ago I had guests and we were on the go from the moment they arrived. On Friday evening we met my friend, Cindi, and her husband in West Ocean City and from there we took to 12402 Saint Martins Neck Rd., Bishopville, MD 21813. Tel. 410-352-5055. My guests had no idea where we were taking them. Then, the first impression of the place was the photo above taken. What would you say about this tiny place on a country road not far from Ocean City?

My friend’s husband told them to please choose the cheese pizza because it was the best. They were like….really?

Inside what you will find is a small bar, only beer and wine is served at The Grove Market. And only about 10 tables. We sat in the back of the building.

As you can see, very simple, funky and also whimsical.

The pizza story is not way off. At some point it was a pizza place. The breadsticks served are from the pizza recipe from those years long ago. It was a fish market too.

There is a protocol to get a reservation. You call, if nobody answers leave the message with the time of the reservation and day. And, give another time as well or day. If Leslie calls you and tells you I only have this or that, please take it. This is a special place. The food is outstanding.

Cash only. Depending how much wine or beer you drink the cost will vary. Between $100 and $120 per person to be on the safe side. Be prompt, and you cannot linger. The place is small and others want to experience what you just had.

I have mentioned before that there are 5 ingredients for a good restaurant; quality of ingredients, culinary competence, service, ambiance, and price. The Grove Market has all those. You’ll see when you go.

John McDonald is chef extraordinare. In a very small kitchen he creates unique dishes full of flavor. Many years ago he owned The Garden Gourmet in Rehoboth Beach. He is a wine connoiseur, as well. He truly is excellent and so nice.

Here is our group. Patrick is Leslie’s brother and he is such a character. The restaurant does not have a menu. First the appetizers, then the dinner, then dessert. Out loud so the group of tables in the back need to pay attention. When Patrick danced the Macarena, I knew we would have a good time.

So this is what we had:


Please have in mind that even though the menu changes here and there, they continue to have many favorites all the time.

Crab Remick was ordered by Cindi. I have had it before and at this time of the year the crabmeat is superb.

Our friend, Jody, ordered the Beef Stroganoff….served with no noodles.

Patti ordered the Cream of Crab Soup. Thick and full of crab, with a hint of Sherry.

And I ordered a salad that could have been shared.

Wine was ordered. But, I was a designated driver so nothing for me.

Now dinner…..Patrick came out again, veryl lively to announce their offerings. A few of us already knew what we wanted. Practically, we always order their duck. A Delaware duck, no less. It was roasted to perfection wih a semi-sweet sauce and chutney. Ross and I did not want to share with anyone and the bones were clean at the end.

Cindi had the lamb. If I had not had the duck that would have been my other choice. It looked fantastic.

Another excellent choice that is usually on the menu are the scallops. Jody ordered them and look how perfectly cooked they look. See the breadstick on the side of his plate. This is what I was talking about at the beginning of the post. How they have kept the pizza dough recipe and added as a bread.

Our friend, Patti, ordered the crabcakes. No fillers just tremendous lump.

Some entrees came with the side dish of cucumbers, onions, breadstick and potatoes. The others had it already on their plates.

A few desserts were ordered. The portions at The Grove Market are healthy ones. But, it is always good to order a few.

The Bumbleberry is a pie of a mixture of berries. There is no such thing as a bumbleberry. It is usually on the menu.

And also, usually on the menu is the Chocolate Silk Pie.

The story goes like this….Do you remember the movie Runaway Bride? It was mostly filmed in Berlin, Maryland. Not far away from The Grove Market. Apparently they were looking for a restaurant to feed their crew and stars. The Grove Market fed them through the duration of the filming.

I can go on an on talking about a restaurant and its food. But, it is the people that share your meal that make it priceless!!

Give it a try. Let me know on my AboutMyBeaches Facebook page how you rate your experience. Until then, Summer 2019 continues.

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December 9th, 2013

NEST, Historic Berlin, Maryland, Home Decor, Accessories, Furniture, Gifts, Shop Small, Shop Local, Berlin’s 2nd Friday Art Stroll, December 13th, Worcester County


For me, shopping small and local has always been something that I have enjoyed.  I have plenty of friends that love going “mall” shopping….not for me.  I like that up close and personal kind of service.  Which brings me to NEST, located at 11 South Main Street in Historic Berlin, Maryland.  Tel. 410-629-1030.

Driving to Berlin from Rehoboth Beach, takes about half hour.  No big deal, it is the Second Season so there is no traffic.  Strolling a historic town, checking what’s new during the holidays is pretty nice, so Jody and I did just that.

I think Petey is really the Mayor of Historic Berlin.  He is such a hard working little dog.  I have featured him before and once again here he is…..greeting the customers and making sure that Dee gets up and gives us that personal attention we were looking for.  Now, you tell me…where would you find something like this in a “mall”?  You gotta love it!!


Dee has been quilting.  Her remnants have become quilts.  The reverse of the quilts is soft and warm.



Dee calls her handmade handbags Boppyowl.  She offers 2 sizes and they are made with beautiful rich fabrics, lined with contrasting colors.


NEST is an eclectic and funky shop.  Every time you shop, there are surprises; local artwork, jewelry, home accessories.  At this time of the year the shop is fully stock.  Berlin’s 2nd Friday Art Stroll will be on Friday, 12/14, so make sure you make NEST one of your stops.



NEST carries unwined candles from Unwined Candle Co., located in Sykesville, Maryland….from recycled wine bottles.


NEST opens year-round.  Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., Sunday from 12 until 4 p.m.  You can find NEST on Facebook, as well.

Merry Christmas!!


Bird Houses

Bird Houses

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April 22nd, 2013

What’s Going On? Milton, Delaware, First Annual Shakespeare Festival, Sussex County, Southern Delaware…Milton Celebrates the Birthday of the Great Shakespeare, All Week Long!!


A rural setting with a small town America kind of pace.  Milton has plenty of small, quaint businesses, and historic homes.  The town is located at the head of the Broadkill River.  In the old days, it was an ideal place for shipbuilding.


If you are fans of King’s Ice Cream and Dogfish Head….this is their home base!!

Milton is celebrating their First Annual Shakespeare Festival.  It is a week long event, with today, Monday, 4/22, starting with a Birthday Party for young Will Shakespeare at 5:30 p.m. at the Milton Public Library, located at 121 Union St.  This event is free and elementary school kids are invited.  The kids will ge to know a bit about the bard and his works, and will enjoy crafts and activities led by dance and theatre teacher, Janet Layden.  Parents are asked but not required to call the theatre office to register to ensure space and materials for the party-goers.  Tel. 302-684-3400.

Wednesday, 4/24 at 6 p.m. a presentation by Master Gardener, Wendy Aycoth, at the Milton Public Library, 121 Union St…Shakespeare’s Garden and His Flowers.  This will be a free event with a presentation on true English Gardens, just like Anne Hathaway might have nurtured, as well as the flowers in those gardens that inspiresd William Shakespeare.

Topics like…What constitutes a real English garden and how to develop one of your own? And, how did Shakespeare use his garden’s flowers in his poems and plays to his audience?

Wendy Aycoth comes from a lovely area very near to where Shakespeare lived.  She designed and cultivates her own English Garden with “room after room”, each decorated differently through a variety of flowers and paintings.

Friday, 4/26, at 7 p.m. at the Milton Fire Hall, 116 Front St…a One-Man performance by Joe Plummer.  Tickets are $20 ($18 for Seniors/Students).  “Will Shakespeare Live!”  This is a one man performance by noted actor, Joe Plummer.  He chronicles Shakespeare’s life.  Mr. Plummer is a retired actor and college teacher.  He has appeared in 2 Off-Broadway productions and is best known on Delmarva for his portrayals of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens.  He is also a native of Washington, D.C., where he first appeared in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” at the age of 12.  He toured as Mark Anthony in the same play throughout the U.S. and Europe in the late 1950’s as part of Players Incorporated, now known as National Players.  Tickets will be available at the door, but reservations are recommended by calling 302-684-3400 or email

Saturday, 4/27 at 1 p.m….Scenes from Shakespeare’s Plays Performed by New Faces of Shakespeare, Music by Richard Eckerd, Location?  Milton Memorial Park, located at 703 Chestnut St.  It is a free event but donations are happily accepted.  A delightful and dramatic set of scenes from our favorite plays by Shakespeare, performed by New Faces of Shakespeare, an affiliate of Possum Point Players in Georgetown, Delaware.

The costumed performances, which will take place in the gazebo in Milton Memorial Park, are directed by Maureen Downing, co-directed by Tom Sweeny, and produced by Beverly Smith, who is the Executive Director of the New Faces of Shakespeare.

Scenes from “As You Like It”, “Anthony and Cleopatra”, “Richard III”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Comedy of Errors”, “Twelfth Night”, and “The Tempest”.

There will be Renaissance period music provided by Richard Eckerd, plus vendors.    The public is invited to attend dressed in costume!!

More info?  Please Call 302-684-3400.  Website?

Milton has plenty of places to eat and relax.  One of them is the Vintage Cafe.  Great sandwiches, soups, and baked goods.   The cafe is located at 113 Union St.  They can also be found on Facebook.




Have a great week!!

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December 31st, 2012

DELMARVA, Coastal Towns in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia Ring In the New Year in Unique Ways


People around the world will welcome the New Year with noisemakers, kissing and screams….and grapes too!!

All of the following towns are in the Delmarva Peninsula.  Some of them have been ringing the New Year in unique ways.  Check them out.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia – It is the only resort island in Virginia.  Tonight they celebrate with a Pony Island Horseshoe Drop and Costume Parade.  This year’s theme is Cowboys & Aliens.

Plenty of costumes and a lighted horseshoe.  It is not Swarovski Crystal; they say it does sparkle quite a bit.

On New Year’s Day, take The Polar Pony Plunge in the Atlantic Ocean for a cause.  More info?  Check

Princess Anne, Maryland – The Midnight Muskrat Dive will take place at Midnight.  This rodent has provided a living for trappers since settlers arrived in Somerset County.  Somerset County is the southernmost county of Maryland on the Eastern Shore.  Marshall P. Muskrat, a stuffed muskrat sporting a black top hat and bow tie is the Master of Ceremonies for this event.  More info. and photo?  Check


Berlin, Maryland – Only 10 miles west from Ocean City, Maryland, Berlin is a historic and quaint town.  Full of shops, restaurants and cafes.  The Atlantic Hotel is the center of the town.

On New Year’s Eve a handmade ball, covered in holiday lights will be lowered from the rooftop of the apartment building, above Towne Center Antiques.


It is a free event, but there will be food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) available for purchase.  The event will be taking place from 8 p.m. until 12:30 a.m.

Note:  Horse and carriage rides will be available for a tour of holiday decorations.


Ocean City, Maryland – As part of their Winterfest celebration, Ocean City will ring their New Year with a fireworks display at Northside Park, located at125 St. & Bay, at midnight.


Winterfest will stay open extended hours tonight.

On Tuesday, January 1st the 19th Annual Penguin Swim 2013 will be taking place at the Princess Royale Hotel, located at 91st St. & the Ocean in Ocean City, MD.  This is a benefit for Atlantic General Hospital.  Register at 11:30 a.m.  Swim at 1:00 p.m.  More info?


Lewes, Delaware – Toot the Horn and Drop the Anchor at Lightship Overfalls.  Festivities will start at 11:30 p.m.  Refreshments and fire pits to keep you warm.  The music will keep you hopping!!

Lightship Overfalls is the only National Historic Landmark that does a ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year’s!!!!!!

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