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February 19th, 2019

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Exhibit, Fabulous Fashions, Philadephia, Pennsylvania, Day Tripping

Each piece is tailored specifically for the client. “The word ‘haute’ means high, in the sense of high class. “Couture” refers primarily to designers or couturiers and dressmaking that’s made to order.”

For example, above, you see dresses for the Spring of 1948 designed by Christian Dior. The pink one was a new revolutionary “Look” geared to the active life of the day. A little different from what I call active, but what do I know, right? I am just writing a post.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is located at 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy., Philadelphia, PA 19130. Website?

This particular exhibit is called Fabulous Fashions and will be there until March 3rd. From the Delaware Beaches it is about 2 1/2 hours and an easy trip to say the least. Grab a friend and go. That’s what I did. Cindi and I had the best time. Not overly scheduled, just enjoying a winter day in the city.

The starting price for haute couture is $30,000. Long hours of work can hike that price, as will also the embellishments chosen.

For example the photo above shown at the exhibit is called “Sea Fan Fantasy”. Designed by Tina Leser, and American designer for Edwin H. Foreman, Inc. It was hand-painted and spray-painted cellulose acetate plain weave with metallic sequins. Ms. Leser was from Philadelphia and liked to incorporate exotic elements from her travels. This was gown was indicative of the fashion trends of 1947.

Fashion trends keep changing. But what goes around comes around. When I looked at the above fashions I can see them being worn in 2019. On the first photo, the dress with the horizontal stripes was originally designed in 1952 and later on reinterpreted in 2013. In 2013 Francisco Costa, creative director for Calvin Kline and designer Ellsworth Kelly, modernized the look a bit. The original dress was longer and had a light blue band on the bottom.

Anne Fogarty was the designer for the above pictured dress. She started out as a model and was from Pennsylvania. She became well-known for full skirted designs with fitted bodices. She was inspired by Dior. This dress was her own and was so tiny that the Museum needed to make a special manequin.

The evening dress on the left was designed by Ives Saint Laurent for his Fall/Winter 10th collection 1966-67. He was 30 years old and the dress was meant to speak for the moment…”here today, gone tomorrow, young, amused”.

The gold dress on the right, I had never heard of the American designer Vicky Tiel. This dress was designed in 1989. Her signature style was the draping and construction for the glorification of the female body. Her favorite was a low, strapless neckline. She is still active in Paris.

The accessories that make or break a design…texture, color, and design.

The shoes date from 1991 and the purse circa 1955-65.

Major designers also design hats. Here are some from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Nan Duskin, Stephen Jones.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, was from Philadelphia. Her dress is a classic and was designed by Helen Rose who was an American costume designer for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The dress was donated to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is very delicate now and they don’t really bring it out much. But the next photo will show her headpiece made also by Helen Rose, the shoes designed by David Evins, an American, born in England, with a copper penny encased in the right shoe for good luck, and a Bride’s Manual decorated by the wardrobe department of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This was a gift to her from a family friend from Chestnut Hill. She also carried a small bouquet of lillies of the valley.

We took a tour and I recomment it very much. Maybe you should call for the tour hours as they are not offered on an hourly basis. Then, you may want to have something to eat there as well. That is another post in the making.

Until then…check my Facebook Page AboutMyBeaches. Would love it if you decide to Like it.

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March 8th, 2018

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Orchid Extravaganza until March 25h, Events, Flowers, Gardens, Day Tripping

Finally the sun has come out.  Buds are on the trees, weeping willows are getting greener.  Some signs and hints that Spring is around the corner.  Well, you know, we had a few nor’easters to take care of but, hopefully, we should almost be finished with winter.

My young second cousin, Natalia, stayed with me for some time after the devastation of two hurricanes in Puerto Rico.  Right before she lef Southern Delaware the weather in Southern Delaware was gray and miserable, so I took her to Longwood Gardens.  Their Orchid Extravaganza is going on and it is gorgeous.  If you get a chance, it is there until March 25th.  The address is 1001 Longwood Rd., Kennett Square, PAQ 19348.

When you think about it, it is very accessible, only a couple of hours away.  You can spend the day.  The area offers so much, plus a little bit of a change of scenery.

Flowers have a positive effect on humans.  I try to fill my vases with flowers as much as I can.  When I see them I have a different disposition altogether.  Longwood Gardens open year round.  Please check their website,

It is that time of the year, so if you are ready to get into the spirit of Easter, make a visit to these beautiful gardens.

Discover your own backyard.  Have a great day!

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June 17th, 2015

Day Tripping!! Summer 2015, The Treasure Chest, Shop, The Oxford-Bellevue Ferry, The Inn at Perry Cabin, Maryland’s Eastern Shore


A few weeks ago two of my usual suspects and I took a day trip to Oxford, St. Michaels, and Easton….Maryland’s Eastern Shore!!  Today’s weather reminded me of that trip.  At times it is better not to plan.  Our trip was unexpected and we had the most fun.  These women are interesting, exciting, and always ready for a road trip.


We had lunch at the Robert Morris Inn, ice cream at the Highland Creamery and then stopped at a very cute shop called The Treasure Chest, located at 214 N. Morris St.  Tel. 410-924-8817  They are on Facebook.


The shop opens Wednesday through Monday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Skipper Bags, Stained Glass, Pottery, Tervis, Joan’s Gems, Port of  Oxford merchandise and much more is what Joan Nubie-Miscall offers to her customers, along with plenty of friendly conversation.


The Oxford-Bellevue Ferry is America’s oldest privately owned ferry.  It was established in 1683.  The 2 Debbies and I were taking it, crossing the Tred Avon River.  The ferry runs 7 days a week. Please note that in November, it only runs Saturday and Sunday.  There are continuous crossings every 15-20 minutes. It closes at sunset.  Tel. 410-745-9023.  Website?  On Facebook find it as Oxford Bellevue Ferry.  Fares are subject to change.  You can take your bikes, motorcycle, car or just be a walk-on passenger.


It takes no time to cross the Tred Avon River.  The ferry is very small….on that day only my car and two other passengers with their bikes were on board.




The mail to St. Michaels was coming with us, as well.  Oxford is a small town.


Meet my two friends.  Debbie and Debbie.


Arriving at Bellevue Landing….The scenic route between Oxford and St. Michaels is one of the top 25 bicycle routes in the U.S.A.


We went directly to The Inn at Perry Cabin.  This Manor Home Resort & Spa is owned by the Belmond Group.  It is located at 308 Watkins Lane in St. Michaels, MD 21663.  Tel. 410-745-2200.  Website? It is pet friendly.



Manicured gardens and cozy corners to take a seat and relax.


The Inn at Perry Cabin is a destination for weddings, sailing, spa relaxing treatments, and other celebrations.  We decided to make ourselves at home.  So much so, that we did not even take a walk in downtown St. Michaels.


Sipping Cucumber Water, we sat for the longest time enjoying one beautiful scenery and the best company.



Our day was not over….our next destination?  Easton, Maryland…Stay tuned.


“Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.”  susan sontag……Guilty!!

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June 1st, 2015

Day Tripping!! Scottish Highland Creamery, Oxford, Maryland, Oxford’s Picket Fences, Fundraising, Maryland’s Eastern Shore


I scream for Ice Cream!!  I love ice cream.  It is my donwfall.  I really don’t keep it in the freezer, no way!!  My problem is that I usually do not discriminate.  I can have a Frosty or I can have the best homemade ice cream in the world.  Which is why I am writing this post today….and passing the info. to you.

A couple of posts back I wrote about the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, Maryland.  No dessert was needed after our fab. lunch….we were walking towards the Scottish Highland Creamery located at 314 Tilghman St., Tel. 410-924-6298.  Website?  If you are on Facebook, check them out there, as well.


Oxford is usually pretty quiet in the middle of the week.  The Creamery always has a line.  I have to admit it; this is the best ice cream ever!!  It is so good.  Fresh ingredients with flavorings imported from Italy.  They also have sugar free and gluten free ice cream.  Note:  They do cater parties!!


My usual suspects, the 2 Debbies and I had the following….Please do remember that only cash or checks are accepted.  From left to right….2 scoops each.  Italian Lemon Cookie with Coffee Hazelnut Crunch on the bottom.  Both had very distinct flavors with bits and pieces of cookie and hazelnut crunch.  Next was strawberry on top of vanilla.  And last was Coffee Hazelnut Crunch on top of Pomegranate!!  And, you know how ice cream prices take you to the poor house?  The Creamery is very affordable!!   Voted “Best of the Eastern Shore.”


We sat down to enjoy our delish sweet ending, overlooking one beautiful scenic town.


Oxford’s Picket Fences are Up!!

This is a fundraising event…Since 2009 picket fences have been painted by local artists.  The fences are displayed around the town of Oxford; smaller ones are usually inside businesses and the larger ones are outdoors scattered through downtown.  You can vote for them, but you will have to wait until the end of the summer when they will be auctioned off. Residents that have bought them in the past display them with pride.


Artists paint them and offer proceeds to a charity chosen by them.  Please visit, then click on Special Events.  You will be able to see the picket fences for 2015.  Here a few of them:

No Dogs Allowed – By Maggii Sarfati.  Charity:  Talbot Humane Society.  You can find this fence at the Scottish Highland Creamery.


The next one is Forward and AFT by Sean Wells.  Charity:  Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.  You can find this beautiful one at the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry Dock.


Land of Pleasant Living is a smaller picket fence painted by Bible Praire and Prayers Painters.  Charity:  Character Counts Mid Shore, Inc.  You will find this one inside Benson & Mangold’s Window.


Have a great day!!

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May 28th, 2015

Day Tripping, Robert Morris Inn, Oxford, Maryland, Talbot County, Casual Outdoor Dining, Fine Dining, Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Teas, Dinner, Open Year Round


Oxford is one of Maryland’s oldest towns.  It was the first and only port-of-entry on the Eastern Shore mandated by the Maryland legislation back in 1694.

Oxford is such a charming town.  Sailors, cyclists, kayakers enjoy the scenery and the peace emanating from this quaint town.  It is picture perfect and streets are lined with beautifully manicured, elegant and historic homes, framing the banks of the Tred Avon River.


On the road for the day with my friends, the two Debbies, it only took us about an hour and a half from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Our destination was the historic Robert Morris Inn.  It is 300 years old!!  Located at 314 North Morris Street (Main St.).  Tel. 410-226-5111.  Websiste?  The Inn serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon teas (by reservation) and dinner.  It is open year-round.

There are 14 historic bedrooms located on the second and third floors.  Adjacent to the Inn they have the Bottle Cottage…..two modern, waterfront rooms.


On this day the temperatures were a little warm but the cool breezes kept us very comfortable.  Oxford is very walkable.  Park your car, cycles and just walk and enjoy the beautiful town.


Robert Morris was known as the “Financier of The Revolution”.  He arrived in Oxford in 1738.  President George Washington was a friend.  A part of Robert Morris’ residence is incorporated in the Robert Morris Inn.

A little trivia?  James Michener outlined his famous novel, Chesapeake, at the Inn.

The Robert Morris Inn has been enlarged several times since its time as a private home.  The murals in the dining room were made from wallpaper samples used by manufacturers salesmen, 140 years ago.


The Tavern has a slate floor that came from Vermont.  Timber beams, panelled walls and open fires.


This fireplace is from the 1800s and the spot for many to have their photos taken.


It was great to see my friend, Susan Campbell.  She joined our small group for an outdoor lunch.  Her family owns Campbell Boatyards with 3 locations in Oxford.  They are a full service, high quality marine and boat building facility.  Please visit

We were looking forward to the offerings of Celebrity Chef, Mark Salter, of Scottish descent.


Spring Pea & Mint Soup with Crispy Shallots was served warm.  It had the perfect consistency. The peas paired with mint…a pretty good combination of flavors.  I think this soup could also be served chilled in the heat of summer.


The Grilled Asparagus Salad with Panko Crusted Goat Cheese, organic greens, toasted walnuts, dried fig chutney and a blackberry balsamic vinaigrette was a signature salad dish.   Perfect for summer and for those trying hard to keep their girlie figures.


Chef Salter is Scottish…so, Fish n’ Chips is another signature dish offered at this time of the year.  Battered Cod, buttered peas, remoulade and shoestring fries.  It was awesome!!  Not in the least greasy!!  Light and perfectly seasoned.


An order of the Chicken Salad Sandwich….except no bread, so it became a Chicken Salad entree with lettuce, tomato, celery, red onion, dried cranberries, and toasted almonds. Homemade chips!!


Thanks for such great service and suggestions!!

Friends are the best, and sharing a meal with them is always priceless!!  No dessert…..heading towards the Scottish Highland Creamery on Tilghman St.


Note:  Some info. was taken from the Robert Morris Inn’s brochure.

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June 18th, 2014

Day Tripping, Easton, Maryland, Hunters’ Tavern, Tidewater Inn, Shopping, Marc Randall, Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Plein Air Easton Art Festival, Most Prestigious Juried Plein Air Painting Competition in the U.S., July 12 – 20, 2014, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Talbot County


I called this post day tripping because that’s exactly what it was.  Driving to Easton from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, takes a little bit over an hour.  I take the back roads.  Easton is the jewel of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  It is a very sophisticated town with much history.

My first stop was to have lunch with Louise and Powell at The Hunters’ Tavern inside the Tidewater Inn, located at 101 East Dover St., Easton, MD 21601.  This is a beautiful historic hotel; very centrally located.  Tel. 410-822-1300  Website?

The Hunters’ Tavern has indoor and outdoor seatings.  Tel. 410-822-1300  Website?  The restaurant is well aware of customers with a gluten allergy.  Check the website.

We started with the Snappy Turtle Soup.  This soup is tomato based.  It is totally delicious.  I have had it before, I have written about it before….and now I am doing it again.  Don’t forget to add plenty of Sherry.  And if you want to take some home, they have it to go, as well.  Just tell them how much you want.


We had 2 salads:  Nuts & Berries with mixed greens, strawberries, candied walnuts and Chapel Bay Bleu Cheese.  Light and refreshing.


The Bibb Salad had a champagne terragon vinegar dressing, and Chapel Bay Bleu Cheese.  It was accompanied by Blackened Ahi Tuna.  This was my salad and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


No dessert….time to hit the town.


Some time ago I saw a boutique called Marc Randall.  I wanted to check it out.  Easton has so many stores, but this particular one is different.  Women’s fun and fine apparel.  Unique handbags and jewelry.  The location is 3 Dover St.  Tel. 410-820-4077.  Website?  The shop is shophisticated with cutting edge appeal.  Everything is different from the rest of the shops in Easton.


The Ket Sao collection of jewelry caught my attention….These pieces of jewelry are beautiful accents to your wardrobe for Summer 2014.  I loved the mixed metal and beaded jewelry.


You can read more about this jewelry by visiting  This company is helping young Guatemalans and when you purchase a piece of jewelry, you are helping too.  The metals are sealed to retard the natural oxidation process.  You can clean it with a polishing cloth if needed.  Store it in a dry place.  That’s all the care you need.

Next time in Easton stop by and meet Marc.  He is very friendly.



This Art Festival is held every year in July.  It is the largest and most prestigious juried plein air painting competition in the U.S.  Instead of producing art in a studio, Plein Air Painters produce art from life.  There is representation from all over the U.S. and beyond.

Last year’s art sales totaled $325,000 with 313 paintings sold in two and a half days. Approximately, 6,000 to 8,000 people participate in the festival throughout the week.

You have ambition and $10…then you are in Plein Air Easton’s Quick Draw.  Plen Air Easton is at the center of the modern plein air movement.

More info?  Please visit

Have a great day!!

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