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September 1st, 2012

Hot Steamed Fat Crabs, Lazy Susan’s, Crab House, Restaurant, Review, Lewes, Delaware Beaches, A Holiday Week-End at the Delaware Beaches, Crabs are a Must!!


Here I go again.  I love picking crabs.  This past week, a craving for steamed crabs took me to Lazy Susan’s located at 18289 Coastal Highway (Rt. 1), Lewes.  Tel. 302-645-5115.  There is plenty of parking.  The reason why I am also posting.  A holiday week-end brings so many people to the beaches.  Parking is a test for patience.


I thought Lazy Susan’s would be crowded.  Surprise Surprise; it was not.  The whole place to ourselves.


When I go to Lazy Susan’s is because I want to eat crabs; that’s all I pretty much order.  They have been in business since 1984.  It is a true crab house.  But, if that’s not what you want; they do have a full menu.


We ordered large crabs.  They were so heavy and sweet.  Plenty of seasoning.  A little corn too.


Melted butter and apple cider vinegar for dipping.


There are more than a few crab house in the area.  I support them all.  I have been going to Lazy Susan’s for a long time.  So, it is one of my favorites.  If you really want to pick crabs, now you know where to go.

The service was great, the crabs were awesome….nothing else to talk about.


Have a good one!!

Note:  Lazy Susan’s is on Facebook!!  And, it has Gluten Free Beer!!

August 5th, 2012

The Surfing Crab, Fat Blue Crabs, Lewes, Delaware, Crab House, All You Can Eat, Restaurant, Full Bar, Review, Open 7 Days a Week, Delaware Beaches,


Crabs and more crabs.  I really do love them.  There is something about them.  A pile of crabs, pitchers of beers, if so desired, and the picking of the crabs talking with fellow diners.  At the Delaware Beaches we have several restaurants considered crab houses.  I go to all of them.  As long as my crabs are heavy, and a decent size, there is nothing better than the taste of a blue crab.


The Surfing Crab is located at 16723 Coastal Highway, just north of Lewes, Delaware.  There is plenty of parking.  You know how important that is at this time of the year.  Tel. 302-644-4448.  Website?  It does not take long from Rehoboth Beach.  They open Monday to Friday from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday from Noon until 9 p.m.


There is more on the menu than crabs, but for me, that’s all I go there for.  I have also ordered them steamed to go.


If you go today, you will find that they have all sizes; even those large ones.

The Surfing Crab has all you can eat crabs, as well.  They will come with fries, coleslaw, and potato salad.  No sharing, you need to eat the whole crab and there is a limit of 2 hours.


Crabs are steamed to order, unless you call in.

There is also a full bar available.


I would have to say that they have been consistently good.  Their prices are also competitive with everyone else.  Crabs are expensive, that’s a given, but worth it.


So, if you are in the mood for crabs, now you know where to go.


Let me know how you like them….talk to you later.

Note:  The Surfing Crab is sensitive to customers with a gluten allergy.

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February 27th, 2011

Crab Bag, Restaurant, Review, Crab House, Ocean City, Maryland, Natty Bohs?, Steamed Crabs, Haven!!



By early afternoon, yesterday, we knew we were going to eat crabs.  Years ago there was a small crab house in Ocean City, Maryland that we loved to go.  As it happens, it was falling all around them.  Anyway, that’s what Nolan, the owner, told me last night.  In the past few years it was rebuilt into one amazing crab house.  You can smell Old Bay seasoning as you approach the restaurant.

The Crab Bag is located at 13005 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD.  Tel. is 410-250-3337.  It opens at 9:00 a.m. serving breakfast and even though it is a full crab house, they offer so many other things to eat; seafood, steaks, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads.  Their website is but it is under construction at the moment.  You can still go on it and download their menu.  You can also find them on Facebook.


I really go there for the crabs.  It has been quite some time since I had been there.  Crabs, at this time of the year, are coming pretty much from Louisiana.  Last night they were offering all you can eat or you could order by the dozen.  I ordered by the dozen; only the biggest ones.  Crabs are also expensive during these months, but every single table was taken at the Crab Bag. 

The Crab Bag has two floors with decks and outdoor dining, as well.  It is February so everyone was indoors.  


There is nothing better than picking crabs in a crab house.  It is loud, people are hammering away, drinking; a constant chatter.  It is the perfect way to establish conversation.  Your hands are fast working, grabbing those lumps of crab meat.

But then, of course, if you are a true Baltimorean, then there is no better way to accompany those steamed, extra large crabs than with a Natty Boh.  It has to be very cold too.  Frosted glass, the best!!


Natty Bohs (National Bohemian) is back in Baltimore after a 15 year absence.  Steamed crabs and Natty Bohs define Baltimore.  It has always been a tradition.


We sat on the second level and that had another full bar but not as many tables.  Mike was our waiter and he was busy.  He was very good; attentive and fast. 


We started with some steamed clams; middle necks, chargrilled with fresh shallots, celery, green peppers, spices, Parmesan cheese and bacon.  They were tasty and went fast.


Then our crabs arrived, steaming hot.  Mike asked us if we wanted vinegar, melted butter, and Old Bay.  My answer?  All of the above.


We dug into the crabs; they were heavy, juicy and sweet!!  Perfection.  To me, there is nothing like the Maryland blue crab.  Not in season?  Then, this is the next best thing.


Some steamed corn complemented the crabs.  The corn was nice and sweet for this time of the year.  Don’t know where it was coming from, though.


Nolan, the owner, stopped by to see how everything was.  It really was very good and the service was the best.  No complaints. 



We left the Crab Bag, still full of customers enjoying what the Delmarva Peninsula is known for. We told Nolan that we had come to get our crab fix for the week-end.  He in turn told us that there are people that stop by 2 times a week for crabs.  Cannot get enough!!!  I agree because I can’t either.


See you later...

See you later...

Talk to you soon….you know I will….

November 23rd, 2010

Harris Crab House, Seafood Restaurant, Restaurant, Review, Grasonville, Maryland



 A couple of more days until Thanksgiving, in the mean time I was remembering how many crabs I ate this summer; it was an awesome season.  If you are into crabs you must have been very happy.  Just because summer ends that does not mean that I stop eating them.  Just like I had a pizza craving in the past week, I started to crave some crabs, as well.  The idea of sitting on a paper lined table and sharing a convesation while picking crabs, I find it so relaxing.


I had the opportunity to do just that yesterday.  Every time I have to pass through Kent Island, one of my must stop places for crabs is Harris Crab House.  This restaurant is located at Kent Narrows Way North, Grasonville, MD 21638.  Tel. 410-827-9500.  Minutes from the Bay Bridge; Rt. 50/301 take Exit 42 and follow the signs.

I must admit that the last time I was at the restaurant, which was about 6 weeks ago I was dissappointed in the crabs served.  They were supposed to have been large but I did not think so; paper thin, as well.

I was hesitant since it was a Monday and was not sure how they would be .  But, they redeemed themselves.  The crabs were jumbos; heavy too.  Nothing like picking those jumbos; the lumbs were falling right on my hands. Truly delicious.  The seasoning, well what can I say but that it was perfect; nice coating. 


These were local crabs, making a last run during the end of a most amazing crab season.


Harris Crab House has other things on the menu and you can check all that on their website.  I think all I have ever eaten there are the crabs, steamed clams and oysters.  That’s all I go there for.  During the summer months, al fresco dining is offered.  Yes, dining outdoors, on the water, watching the boats slide by.

I have never tried their mailing any seafood but they say that they will mail your order anywhere in the world; just give them a call.  They open daily, year-round.


Have a great Fall Day…It is pretty nice out….

September 3rd, 2010

The Surfing Crab, Crab House, Restaurant, Bar, Review, Lewes, Delaware Beaches



Last Wednesday I had a great day.  I went to visit Cuca, one of my Puerto Rican childhood friends, in Philadelphia.  Spent the day.  Our visits feel like years have not gone by, and believe me in reality, they have.

After getting caught in a nice traffic jam or as they would say in Puerto Rico, “tapon”, my mind kept wondering to the crab house I went at the beginning of the summer.  At that time I thought they were very good. 


I figured, why not, what’s another day without a home-cooked meal?  There have been plenty, believe me.


The Surfing Crab, Restaurant & Bar is located on 16723 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958, just north of Lewes; and a short drive from Rehoboth Beach.  The tel. is 302-644-4448.  The website is Hours of operation: Mondays – Thursdays from 12 – 10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 12 – 11 p.m. and Sundays, 12 – 10 p.m.

Plenty of parking available. I called and reserved a dozen large crabs.  There is nothing better than to pick a juicy, fat, hot crab on a summer night.


The traditional bar is located as you come in; to the sides there are 2 eating areas; the ever present long tables ready for crab picking.



The Surfing Crab offers blue crabs, shrimp, fish, oysters, salads and a children’s menu.

A board is posted with all the daily specials.  If by any chance anyone in your group does not eat crabs or even seafood, there are a few items on the menu that would be perfect like linguini with roasted garlic tomato and fresh basil sauce, blackened chicken breast with a Cajun-rub, or you can make the salad a meal.100_4371

Sandwiches; crab cake, soft shell crab, and the ever present burger are on the menu, as well.

I have ordered their deviled eggs and are very good.  It seems that deviled eggs are back on demand; they are in every restaurant. 

On Wednesday I started with a salad with blue cheese dressing and it was a pretty good size one. 


Finally, the crabs arrived.  Oh yes, they were hot and heavy.  Easy picking. 


Other people came in for crabs and because the way tables in many of the crab houses are set up, you get to talk to other fellow diners.  They were vacationing from Washington; staying in Lewes.  So, of course, I told them about the blog and bla bla bla; out the business card came and new friends were made.

Yes, a hot summer night before the last big summer week-end of the summer season, as we know it, here at the Delaware Beaches.


Have a great week-end; the weather will get better, it always does….oh, I forgot….talk to you later…

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June 2nd, 2010

Harris Crab House, Restaurant, Review, Kent Island, Kent Narrows, Maryland, Tark’s Grill, Lutherville, Maryland



Who would make an appointmet in Baltimore, Maryland the day after  Memorial week-end?  Well, I did.  That was really crazy because just in Ocean City, Maryland, right here at the beaches, there were 250,000 visitors that decided to spend the week-end with us.  I don’t know how many in the Delaware beaches but plenty were here, as well.

Needless to say, they have to go home so on Tuesday we all drove West in caravan style.

At one point we are at a dead stop on Rt. 404.  Many of you know which route this is.  A suggestion was made in my car to take a “short cut”.  Yeap, the short cut took us 10 miles back on a winding road that was sort of familiar but really wasn’t.

It did not matter to much to me and I just laughed and hoped that other suggestions would not be made. 


My thoughts were really on where I would, definitely, be stopping on my way back.  Harris Crab House is a must for me when I find myself traveling these roads.  The restaurant is located right there in Kent Island and I have talked about it in the past.  And once again I am talking about it because you never know how the food or service is going to be.  The location is perfect for a crab house.  Right on the water, watching the boats go by.


Harris Crab House is on Kent Narrows Way, North, Grasonville, MD 21638. It is Rt. 5/301, Exit 42.  Tel. 410-827-9500 and website is


It was late in the afternoon but not dinner time so the idea was to have just an appetizer.  Well, I have to confess that I love steamed clams, especially, cherrystones.

Of the small clams there are “littlenecks” that are from Littleneck Bay, Long Island, N.Y. and are better eaten raw or in chowders, and the “cherrystones” which are slightly larger in size and named for Cherrystone Creek, Virginia.  These could be eaten raw or cooked, but I love them best steamed, as mentioned above.

I really was a pig; I ate 60 clams.  Yeap, I did.  I am not guilty beacuse they were so good; sweet and salty and the perfect size.  Then I just had 3 crabs; a balancing act.


The crabs were not as good as they usually are.  The man at the next table who had eaten plenty of crabs in his life thought they were paper thin.  And, they were, even though they were tasty.  The waiter said that they were hit hard during the week-end. The size of the crabs were large but not that large, really.  They were out of the jumbos, and the prices were high.


This man mentioned that his favorite crab house in Ocean City, Maryland is The Crab Bag.  Probably so, but I will have to check it out since I have not been there this season.  Will let you know.

By the way, I had lunch in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday at a restaurant called Tark’s Grill.  I did not take pictures but it is worth mentioning in case you are in the area of Greenspring Station, Lutherville.  It was delicious with an extensive wine list and menu.  There is outdoor seating available and my signature salad, Lindsays Chicago Chopped Salad with Blackened Chicken was great.  It  had chopped pickles, almost unnoticeable, but it really added to the salad.

Tark’s Grill is a traditional American Bistro.  The address is 2360 West Joppa Rd., Suite 116, Lutherville, MD 21093.  Tel. is 410-583-Tark.  The website is


I hope you have a great day…talk to you later…


April 16th, 2010

Lazy Susans, Hot Fat Crabs, Lewes, Delaware Beaches, Crab House, Restaurant, Review



How could you not start thinking about crabs?  Not just crabmeat, but sitting down and picking crabs.  Getting messy and full of Old Bay Seasoning.

I wrote yesterday about how gorgeous it was here at the Delaware Beaches.  I wanted crabs for dinner.


Lazy Susans just opened up last week for the season.  They have been in business since 1984.  It is a true crab house.  Their location is 18289 Coastal Highway (Rt.1), Lewes, Delaware. Tel. 302-645-5115. 


Just in case you do not eat crabs, Lazy Susans also have other food items on their menu like steamed shrimp, BBQ clams, oysters in season, fried fish, chicken, oyster, shrimp and seafood baskets, flounder, sandwiches, soups and salads.  Great corn in season, as well as specials every week.  The restaurant is very affordable, has a full bar, and a kids menu is available.

Me, I only eat the crabs and maybe some corn.

Last night as I was coming inside the restaurant I looked around to find out that it is still early in the season, so tables were pretty open.  I chose a picnic table, covered in the brown paper, always present in a crab house.  Perfect for cleaning the mess afterwards.


Lazy Susans has another dining area in the back of the restaurant that is very open and a bar is located there, as well.



We started with crabby deviled eggs and they were very good.  It was a good balance between the crab and the egg.  Sometimes the filling can get too heavy either way, but last night they were perfect.


To me, there is nothing better than a blue crab; I mean a true blue crab.  I have eaten crabs from other parts but there is that sweetness of the Delmarva crab that is so delicate and tasty. I then dip the crabmeat in vinegar and the combination is great.


When my sons were young, I made sure that they learned to eat crabs at a very early age.  My oldest was an expert by the age of 3.  I remember him sitting in his high chair at the Crab Claw in St. Michaels, in Maryland, and people would stop to watch him pick crabs.  I actually showed him so that I would not have to be picking them for him.  A little selfish on my part but, both of them have been big fans of crab picking ever since.

The crabs at Lazy Susans were mediums.  As the season progresses, the crabs also get bigger and depending how the season goes, they get more expensive, as well.  These mediums were heavy, which is the way you want them; very sweet also.  The mustard is found as you open the crab.  I always thought it was the fat.  But, I found out that it is not.  It is actually the crab’s hepatopancreas.  What is it?  It is a main component of the crab’s digestive system.  The hepatopancreas is a gland located on both sides of the mid gut in the main body cavity.  It functions as both liver and pancreas.



The “mustard” has a strong and delicious taste and it is considered by us crab “connoiseurs” as a true delicacy.

I have been wondering, why does a crab’s shell turn red-orange when cooked?  Afterall, it is blue-green as in “blue crab”.

Apparently, the red pigment is the most stable component of the coloring in a crab shell.  The other colors on the crab are destroyed by the cooking process.

The red pigment is astaxathin, a carotenoid, like beta-carotene.  It is heat stable while the other protein that makes up the blue-green pigment is not.  The red-orange is released when cooking.

Yes, picking crabs could get the conversation flowing.

Sitting with friends for a crabfeast is the best.  We get messy and nobody cares.  During the summer, it is a past time of all of us here at the beaches; crabs, corn, fresh tomatoes, and beer.  Priceless!!



Have a geat week-end!!!…Talk to you later…


Note:  Information for this post was taken from

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October 24th, 2009

Again, not at my beaches, but definitely on the water, in the Chesapeake Bay, you will find Harris Crab House, and Oysters are on my Mind…


When I travel between Delaware and Baltimore, Maryland I have a few favorite restaurants that I make a point to stop for either lunch, dinner or kick back a little and have some appetizers. 

This is the time of the year for oysters and I remember when I first moved to Baltimore and went to the famous Lexington Market; my first introduction to oysters.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to eat them but, just like I love clams, oysters became a favorite; raw or steamed.

Harris Crab House is one of those restaurants I stop all the time. It is a true crab house and seafood restaurant; you can see from the parking lot the oysters being hauled in.  Check that picture.100_0574

The address is Kent Narrows Way, North, Grasonville, Md, 21638.  It is Rt. 50/301, exit 42 and follow the signs to Harris Crab House. Their tel. is 410-827-9500 and the fax is 410-827-9057.  The e-mail address is and the website is

My favorite items on the menu are the jumbo crabs, when available.  Those big gigantic crabs are so tasty and easier to pick when they are that big.  Other favorites are the oysters and clams.  On Friday’s, starting around 5:00 p.m. they offer their all you can eat oysters, cooked or raw, stew, fried, you name it.

The restaurant has outdoor seating, weather permitting.  Right on the water, with great views of waterfowl, and boats going by. The tables are all covered with paper ready to be filled with crabs and other seafood delights.  They also have a full menu and bar, as well. 

Harris Crab House will mail order anywhere in the world.  Check their website for all kinds of information, specials, tailgating, and coupons.

And, remember, only about 4 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.


As I mentioned above, this is the time of the year for oysters.  I figure maybe a few recipes are in order.

I love buying cookbooks and I do make those recipes my own. Sometimes I doctor the recipe a little or just leave the way it is.  One book that I have had for a long time is Private Collections:  A Culinary Treasure by the Women’s Committe of the Walters Art Gallery.  Last printing was in 1979.  The Walters Art Gallery is now known as the Walters Art Museum.  It is located on 600 N. Charles St., Baltimore.  Tel. 410-547-9000.  Website is It is open Wednesdays – Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

In case you do not know this museum, The Walters Art Museum is internationally renowned for its art.  It was a gift to the city of Baltimore by William (the father) and Henry Walters (the son), who had artistic interests and public mindness.  Today, the art collection has more than 28,000 objects.  Please visit the website for on-going and future exhitibits.

The following recipes I have used plenty of times and I hope you like them:


Oyster Stew


1/4 lb. bacon

1 quart scalded milk

2-3 large potatoes

Pinch of thyme

Large bay leaf

2 T chopped parsley

1 pint oysters with their liquid

3 Ts. butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Peel and boil the potatoes in salted water.  Drain and mash them in a soup kettle.

Dice the bacon in small pieces and fry it in a skillet over moderate heat.  Remove it to a plate and add milk to the frying pan to scald it.  Remove from heat.

Add the milk to the mashed potatoes gradually.

Add thyme, bay leaf, and parsley and heat to boiling point, but do not let it boil or it will curdle.

Remove bay leaf and add the oysters and their liquid, butter, salt and pepper to taste. 

Garnish with the fried bacon.

Toasted bread will be a great addition.

Serves 4.


Oyster Casserole


1 1/2 pints fresh oysters

1 package Uncle Ben’s long grain and wild rice mixture

Salt and pepper to taste

1/4 t paprika

1/4 lb. sharp cheese, grated

1/2 cup soft  bread crumbs

4 Ts melted butter

1/4 oyster liquor

Drain the oysters, reserving 1/4 cup of the oyster liquor.

Cook the rice according to the package directions, to the moist stage.

In a buttered casserole arrange 1/3 of the rice.  Lay half the oysters on top, sprinkle with some salt and pepper, if you want, paprika, and 1/3 of the cheese.

Add half the butter.

Then repeat the process ending with a layer of the rice and cheese.  Spoon the oyster juice over it.

Top with bread crumbs, butter, and remaining cheese.

Refrigerate for half a day, then bake for 20 minutes on a 400 degree oven.

Serves 6.


Oysters Cotton Patch


1 pint oysters

Pancake flour

2 eggs, well beaten

Cornflake crumbs

Oil to measure about 3/4 inch in the frying skillet

Drain the oysters and pat them dry.  Then dip them, one at a time, first in pancake flour, then into the beaten egg, and finally in the cornflake crumbs.

Pat them again gently and set aside.

When ready to serve, heat the oil, and fry the oysters at medium heat, no more than 8 at a time, until brown on each side.

Drain them on paper towels and keep them warm until the oysters have been fried.

You can serve these as an appetizer, over a salad or as a dinner with a salad and vegetable.

Serves 4.


Enjoy and see you sooon…..

Note:  Information on the Walters Art Museum was taken f rom

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