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September 14th, 2013

Rehoboth Beach Eats, Modern Mixture, Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Latin, Mediterranean, Salads, Burritos, Quesadillas, Tamales, Smoothies, Wines, Spirits, Specialty Drinks, Coffee, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, “Come Enjoy the Yum!”


When Leo says “Come Enjoy the Yum”, he is not just saying that for the sake of talking.  He means it.  Modern Mixture is located at 62 A Rehoboth Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.   Leo has been cooking away, offering his customers, fresh, healthy and delicious food.

Modern Mixture is part of the restaurant scene in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  It encompasses everything you want from the customer’s point of view.  The restaurant is lively, Leo, his sister, and staff always have smiles on their faces.  Their food?  Yummy!!  Their enthusiasm is catching.


You can call 302-227-0600 and ask Leo what’s cooking today.  You can dine, or take out.  Leo has some awesome specialty drinks, and wine, as well.  The website is  Modern Mixture opens in the Second Season at 10 a.m.  Leo has fresh brewed coffee every day and an espresso bar.  Modern Mixture is closing on Tuesday at this time of the year.  But, if you do need something special, make sure to give Leo a call even if it is on Tuesday.


So, on Thursday, Modern Mixture was exactly what I needed.  I showed up very late in the day, and very hungry.

After a few hugs and personal chatting Leo told me that he had just finished making tamales.  He had been changing his recipe a bit and I wanted to try them.

I chose to drink Leo’s Agua de Jamaica.  Jamaica is hibiscus sabdariffa.  In Mexico hibiscus blossoms are called Jamaica.  The drink looked and tasted like pomegranate juice.  Just like pomegranate juice, it is also full of Vitamin C, a good diuretic and excellent for the digestion.


My tamales had a filling of jalapeno, queso (cheese), and tomate (tomato).  They were served with Leo’s Middle Eastern Chopped Salad, which had mixed greens, falafel, quinoa salad, radishes, feta cheese, cucumber with a lime mint-herb vinaigrette dressing.


When I took the first bite of the tamal, I stopped to enjoyed the flavors and spices and then I felt my taste buds starting to dance.  I told Leo they were his best.

I ate it all and then Leo wanted me to have flan…I resisted that temptation and left it for another time.

Leo and his sister were so nice to me on a day that I needed it the most.  They are friends and I thank them so much.

John would have loved those tamales…..they werre gluten free!!

Have a great day!

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November 6th, 2011

National Cappuccino Day,Tuesday, November 8th, Free Cappuccino, Saquella Cafe, Boca Raton, Prosecco Cafe, Palm Beach Gardens, South Florida, Palm Beach County, Say “I Love Cappuccino”



Hmm…I did not know that there was a National Capuccino Day on November 8th.  A little friend sent me an e-mail and told me that you could get Free capuccino on Tuesday only at Saquella Cafe in Boca Raton and at Prosecco Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens.  Both restaurants are owned by Chef Avi Sekerel.  They feature yummy baked goods, refreshing salads, inventive sandwiches, flat breads, wonderful gelatos and a variety of entrees, as well.

Saquella is located at Royal Palm Place, 410 Via de Palmas, Boca Raton, Florida.  Tel. 561-338-8840.  Like it on Facebook  at

Prosecco Cafe is located at PGA Commons, 4580 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Tel. 561-622-3222.  Like it on Facebook at 

To get a free cappuccino, at either restaurant on November 8th, diners just need to come in, that day, and say “I love Capuccino”.   You can receive one cappuccino from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.  Additionally, diners can join the VIP Club, for either or both of these restaurants, by texting the word Saquella or the word Prosecco to 91944, to receive special offers, like the free cappuccino, on their phones.

The word Cappuccino, means little hood in Italian.  The cappuccino was first created in Italy.  This soul-satisfying coffee drink is derived from an Italian order of monks, known as the Capuchins, whose hoods resembled the drink’s frothy color and shape.  It is prepared with espresso, hot milk and a topper of froth.  Cappuccino is enjoyed throughout the day or evening.

This promotion from Chef Avi is a way to say thank you to all of the loyal customers, as well as hello to all of the cappuccino enthusiasts in the community.

Please note that both of these restaurants are proud of being No Fry Zone and everything is made from fresh, high quality ingredients with an emphasis on local purveyors.


So…if you decide to go let me know how that cappuccino was…..thanks to Sharon for your information regarding this promotional event.  Have a good one…talk to you later….I do love cappuccino…in the evenings, I get a decaf.

By the way, like AboutMyBeaches on Facebook, while you are at it.  Thanks!!

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July 16th, 2011

Hamel’s, Gourmet Market, Rehoboth Beach, Gourmet Carryout, Local Produce, Catering, Delaware Beaches,



It started when Lorenzo was visiting. Out in the back we were, eating crabs, and there he came in, bearing a beautiful Mini Smith Island Cake.  Thank God it was a Mini; enough for everyone to have a slice.  I could have eaten it all myself. 


It had also been a few days since a friend mentioned Hamel’s in passing.  At first I did not know what she was talking about.  Let me refresh your memory; you will recognize it immediately.


Years ago, before Farmers’ Markets made a comeback into the lives of all of us, there was McQuay’s in Rehoboth Beach.  It was one of the first places you saw as you came into downtown Rehoboth.  Fresh tomatoes, corn, blueberries and general produce, beautifully displayed.  I even think that you could have an account.  It really was the place to go.


Fast forward, the building is still there, even the name has been left on the building; honoring what it used to be and trying to fill its old shoes.  But, Hamel’s Gourmet Market is making this old market proud.


Hamel’s is located at 510 Rehoboth Ave., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-227-3386,  It will be on your right hand side as you are coming into Rehoboth, past the bridge, across from the Chamber of Commerce, and just before the roundabout.


I decided to stop by and check it out.  Immediately, I saw Chad.  I have know him for a long time; him being one of my sons’ friends.  He is the Executive Chef for Hammel’s Gourmet Market.  He has been in the food business for years.  Always loved to cook. 


You can call Chad Travis for catering and anything you need from Hamel’s at the above mentioned telephone number, or you can e-mail him at


Hamel’s is a full service gourmet market, with a wide selection of fresh baked specialties, including turkey, ham, and roast beef. 


The pastries and breads are made locally, as well.


Prepared salads can be bought by the pound; lobster, shrimp, spicy tuna, tuna, egg, chicken, curry chicken with dried cherries, shrimp ceviche, cole slaw, among others.


They call them Something Special Sandwiches.  These are the sandwiches that Hamel’s is well known for and at the top of the list is the Lobby.  This is a lobster roll sandwich with plenty of lobster salad on a fresh baked Milano roll with lettuce.  Hands down, it is the favorite.  Others are a shrimp salad sandwich, Anthony’s Favorite which has Citterio Prosciutto on a Milano roll with homemade pesto basic dressing, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and tomato.  Then, the South Philly is a roasted pork, provolone cheese, and roasted peppers on a fresh baked Milano roll.


If you do not want to cook or have some of those unexpected guests coming for dinner, please give them a call.  Their steaks, seafood, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken are grill perfect.


A sample of their prepared foods would be lasagna, mac & cheese, sausage and peppers, meatball sausage and peppers and so much more.  Stop by and get a take-out menu.


You have to meet Chad.  He is passionate about his cooking and has lots of plans for Hamel’s. 

Chad is planning to have, on selected Saturdays, a few demonstrations.  Hamel’s is not large enough to hold classes but something like a knife skills demo will be doable.  Music?  Chad is planning that, as well.

Chopping or mincing?  Learning the basics?  Knife skills are one of the most important parts if you enjoy the culinary arts.  There is more to it than just cutting.

I decided to buy some pesto, which by the way tasted delicious.

And, beer cheese which was like a triple threat with three cheeses; a nice kick to get you taste buds going and very spreadable.

Then on my salad I put the cherry balsamic vinaigrette, which Chad also made.  My son made the salad of fresh tomatoes from Freemans, mozzarella from Giant and fresh basil from my garden.  The drizzle of this vinaigrette was delicious; the sweetness complementing the rest of the flavors in those fresh vegetables.


I notice the potato chips; locally made, as well.  They were called Cape Seasonings.  Website?


The Mini Smith Island Cakes are there to tempt you.  Cupcakes, also made by them are available, as well.img_5633

And like that wasn’t enough, there is also gelato from Gelato Gal.  I wrote a post on Gelato Gal on 8/11/10.  If you want to see it just click on the month of August of 2010 and scroll down to the date.

Hamel’s looks so inviting.  The produce is perfect.  If you want you can linger with some coffee or a soft drink; sit outside because there are a few tables available.


At times the most fabulous dinner can take no time to prepare….check them out…talk to you later…



February 21st, 2011

The Gallery Espresso, Rehoboth Beach, Crepes, Paninis, Wraps, Salads, Baked Goods, Restaurant, Review, Delaware Beaches



We did not know what the weather was going to do today, but Paula and I did not care.  All we wanted to do was sit, have a cup of coffee and probably a bite to eat for breakfast.  Yes, we had to catch up.  She is part of that group of friends that are considered my “partners in crime”. 

We decided to go to The Gallery Espresso.  Neither Paula nor I had been there.  Downtown Rehoboth was crowded.  Long week-ends are usually pretty busy this time of the year even if it is cold.


The Gallery Espresso is located at 70 Rehoboth Ave., in the 1st Street Station.  Tel. 302-231-2113.  There is a website, I tried to visit the website but did not open up.  They could be working on it so I am going to confirm that it is the right one.

This is a coffee shop but it has an added twist; an art gallery and retail items.  That side of the coffee shop is being set up so not everything was in place.  They are going into their 3rd year in this location.


During the warmer months you can enjoy outdoor seating; a few tables are available. Please note that they serve all day breakfast and lunch.

The coffee shop is owned by John and Judy.  John took care of us this morning.  I did not know what to order.  They had burritos, egg sandwiches, crepes, hot sandwiches, grilled wraps, salads and grilled paninis.  For the young at heart they have oatmeal, grilled cheese, grilled peanut butter, peanut butter and jelly and peanut butter and fluff.

At first I wanted a crepe but they were dessert crepes.  John suggested the grilled panini.   I had an Egg’n Cheese Panini; swiss and ham on herbed grilled multigrain panini.  It was pretty big.  I don’t know why I say this because I really ate the whole thing.  It was nicely grilled and the combination of swiss cheese, ham and eggs, well, you know how it is…good!!


Paula was not that far behind because she chose the French Toast.  These were big slices of French bread with buttered maple syrup.  She did not have any problems eating this either. I love French toast when is made with French bread; a different flavor and consistency.


Coffee and chatting.  My coffee was bold, served in a large cup.  Their espresso is imported from Italy.  You can buy their brand of coffee right there, as well.


I could not believe we were there for over 3 hours solving the world problems, and also our own.

Then we took a look at a dish going by.  They were beautiful crepes.  I just got up and went to the next door table and asked them if I could take a picture of the Banana Caramel Crepes.  There were 2 crepes filled with fresh bananas, Ghiradelli caramel sauce and whipped cream.  They really did look delicious. 


I always approach the gluten free factor and John told me that this summer they are planning to offer some gluten free items.

The Gallery Espresso was relaxing; perfect place to work on your computer, read the paper; or just enjoy another day at the beach.


Talk to you later…..soon….

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January 1st, 2011

Bake Shops, Breakfast, Restaurants, Baked Goods, Coffee, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Open for Breakfast


I know you might not be able to think on New Year’s Day, so let me help you a bit.  Dowtown Rehoboth Beach has 3 very good and very different bakeries; all with their own unique specialties.  One thing in common is that they do offer coffee, and come New Year’s Day, well, that might be something very much needed.

Are you staying in a hotel in Rehoboth?  Or, crashing at a friend’s house?  All these bakeries are pretty much within walking distance if you are staying in town.  Well, you might want to drive to Pasqualini’s.  So, let’s get down to business.


Pasqualini’s Bakery is located at 375 Atlantic Avenue, Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. is 302-227-2111, 302-227-1086.  They are right behind the Crystal Restaurant.  Their website is


I stopped and found out that they will be open for business all week-end.  Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.  On Sunday, they will be selling all their baked goods at 50%.  Yes, they are taking off until March when they will open the week-end of the Chocolate Festival.

The bakery smelled delicious; they all do.  Their coffee cakes are shipped all over the country.


Beautiful pies were displayed and I was drooling.


The fresh baked breads looked amazing.




The Bake Shoppe is located at 222 Rehoboth Ave., tel. 302-226-0176.  They have been in this location for 12 years and continue to open year-round. 


When I stopped for that brief visit, they were peeling apples, already plenty of baked goods were gone and they were getting ready for a busy week-end.



They are the home of the Split Cream Donut, which I had the pleasure of eating completely when I wrote a post on 9/6/10.  If you want to see that post just click on the month of September, 2010 and scroll down to the date.


It is a full service bake shop. 



Cake Break is located at 7 South First St., tel. is 302-260-9264.  Website is  They are on Twitter and Facebook. 


I have written about this bake shop several times but the first one was on 8/20/10.  If you would like to see it just click on the month of August 2010 and scroll down to the date.

Cake Break was referred to me by Rachel Rockstarr, who had been reading my blog.  Of the 3 bakeries, this one is the only one that can claim to be completely a nut free facility.  This is important because anyone with a nut allergy can safely go into the bake shop.

They also open every day of the week.  New chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies were out.


The Christmas cookies were staring at my face.  I resisted, though.


The cinnamon rolls and croissants were out too but I continued with my will power.


Known for their cupcakes, they are also happy to announce that they can offer a gluten free/vegan cupcake with icing.  They are the only ones offering them at the Delaware Beaches.

If you happen to be in Rehoboth around the hour of 3 p.m., that’s when their breads come out of the oven.  They call it Aroma Bread Therapy; you know that there is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread.  Please stop by and enjoy.


Also they have lots of specials in the local papers.  Check them out, as well.

I left with a good cup of coffee and 4 gluten free/vegan cupcakes with icing.  We have enjoyed them and are pretty much gone.


The gentleman that I spoke to was buying a box full of cupcakes for his guests this week-end.  They looked delicious and I hope he enjoyed them, as well. 



If you are looking for a full breakfast experience then I know of a couple of places:


The Crystal Restaurant opens every day.  They are located at 620 Rehoboth Ave.  Tel. 302-227-1088.  Plenty of parking and plenty of breakfast choices for the whole family.


I wrote a post on 8/13/09.  I had just started my blog.  No, I don’t have pictures of my breakfast.  I guess I have to gather a few of those friends of mine and meet there soon.  If you want to see that post just click on August 2009 and scroll down to the date.


Greenman Juice Bar & Bistro located at 12 Wilmington Ave. is also open this week-end.  Tel. is 302-227-4901.    They are also open for lunch.  You can find them on Facebook.


I wrote a post on 12/17/10 and if you would like to see it, please click on the month of December and scroll down to the date.

One of these days I will have to break down and have that amazing French Toast they offer.



I hope those choices help.  You won’t be dissappointed…..Again, a New Year….full of hope and possibilities….Have a good One!!!!

August 20th, 2010

Cake Break, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Gourmet Cupcakes, Vegan, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Coffee, Smoothies, Breakfast Cupcakes, Bagels, Delaware Beaches



Hey, how are you?  This is the third time I am going to be talking about cupcakes.


Is there a battle between Cupcakes and Muffins; Really?  A Faceoff, no less.

What are the differences between one another and, which ones do we ultimately like best? 


Ask anyone and they will tell you that the differences are that the cupcakes have that wonderful frosting which evoke childhood memories; the muffin, well it’s just a muffin.


But, no way, the difference is really about sweetness.  The cupcake is a “small cake” and one individual portion; whereas, the muffin, while also an individual portion is often sweetened, but not necessarily.


Muffins tend to be more like breads.  They are more dense and therefore, more flour is used.  There is a marked difference in texture.  The cupcake is much lighter and, of course, there is that icing.



I had mentioned to a couple of people that I was going to be visiting Cake Break located at 7 South First St., Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-260-9264.  Website They are on Facebook and Twitter.  E-mail is  They are open from 7:30 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. 

Rachel Rockstarr contacted me through this blog and told me that I needed to try them. Some of the people I talked to had different opinions; I needed to check them out myself.

At Cake Break I met Eleanor, Samjeeb, Andriy and Jackie.  All work in different capacities and all very eager to show me the shop. 


It is not only cupcakes that are baked and sold here but they also have Surf Bagels, coffee, newspapers, cinnamon rolls, smoothies and breakfast cupcakes.  The menu changes daily.  You may choose to sit on one of their stools or outside on the bench.



Cake Break can customize any cupcake.  They also bake special order cakes.  Just give them a little bit of time and they will have them ready for you.  You can also call Cake Break ahead of time and pick up your order at curbside.


Customers with food allergies should breathe a sight of relief.  They offer Vegan, Nut Free and Gluten Free cupcakes.  The Gluten Free and the Nut Free can easily be iced, but they are still in the developing stages of a Vegan free icing.  Remember that vegans do not consume any animal products.

The chocolate gluten free cupcake got the best reviews in my household.  We have tried many of them and by far this one was the best.

The Red Velvet with red cocoa, and cream cheese icing was delicious but I have to tell you that my personal favorite was the Rum Raisin Bread Pudding cupcake/muffin.  It had cinnamon, raisins and a rum icing.


Eleanor loves to make coffee and I had an iced coffee latte and off I went to explore what else Rehoboth had to offer on a summer day.


The question by Cake Break to you is, “Is it time for you to take a cake break.?”

And, my question to you is, Will Cake Break make it into the Cup Cake Wars on t.v.?  Stay tuned.


Note:  If you would like to check my other 2 posts on cupcakes, then go to the left hand side of this blog and under Archives click on January and scroll down to the 5th.  That was Sweet Sin in Baltimore, Maryland.  You can check the other post by clicking on the month of June and scroll down to the 14th and that company, Cupcake Couture is in Delray Beach, Florida.


Have a great week-end!!


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