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November 11th, 2018

Out & About, The Bungalow on 2nd, Lifestyle Boutique, Lewes, Delaware, Shopping, Shop Local, Small Business Saturday, November 24th, Delaware Beaches, Historic Lewes, Holiday Shopping


I was out and about with a friend on Second Street in Lewes, Delaware.  The Fall is the time for us “locals” to get out and see what is new.  A relaxed way of discovering the town.  No parking, which makes a big difference. My friend, Madelon, and I loved the storefront of this boutique that we had not noticed in the past.  It is called The Bungalow on 2nd.  Second Street is really Main Street in Lewes.

I am sure some of you will disagree but I find boutique shopping the most comfortable way to shop.  These shops in small towns all over the United States give clients the opportunity to get to know the store owners. You get a one on one service.

The young woman behind the counter I had to engage in conversation.  If you were in a big mall that usually does not happen.  No time for small talk, really.  Her name is Kaitlin and she has been opened for just about 6 weeks or so.  The shop is adorable; so very well appointed.  The store is not crowded and she has done a great job in redoing the shop.  Before starting this new venture she was a 9th grade teacher.  It would be great for you to stop by and welcome her to the community.  The Bungalow on 2nd is located at 142 2nd St., Lewes, DE 19958.  Tel. 302-644-1544

You can find clothing, presents for friends and family and, of course, a little indulgence for yourself, as well.

There is nothing like the right accessory to enhance an outfit.  You can find necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for all tastes.

Clean looks, napkins, table runners, candles, home accents…..all very pretty and affordable.

November 24th it is called Small Business Saturday.  Obviously, we live in small coastal towns and promoting the local businesses is something a lot of us find dear to our hearts.  We wish Kaitlin much success and look forward to stopping by again.

Until then, have a good one!!


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May 18th, 2018

Christine’s Consignments, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Jewelry, Handbags, Shoes, Housewares, Resales, Modern, Chic, Consignment Shopping, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Rehoboth Beach Annual Sidewalk Sales are this Weekend!!

I have been on a roll….purging my closets, getting organized.  Why do we accummulate so much stuff?  It is true, that if you have not worn it or used it for a couple of years, then donate it to someone that can enjoy it. With that thought in mind and with the other thought that “someone’s trash is another person’s treasure”, I kept packing bag after bag.  The Thrift Shop at Midway Shopping Center on Coastal Highway was not taking anymore clothing; only shoes, bags and other items. There is another one on the Forgotten Mile run by the Episcopal Church.  Since then I have found out that there are plenty of other shops in the area. People have the same thoughts at this time of the year.

A few friends suggested I take some of my things to a consignment shop.  That they do and enjoy getting that extra cash in their pockets.  I started thinking about it and that is how I ended up calling Christine’s Consignments. This cute little shop is located at 200-A Rehoboth Ave., in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, DE. Tel. 302-226-1126.  If you decide you would like to take some of your treasures that you no longer need to Christine’s, please give them a call so that you can make an appointment.  At the time of the appointment you can bring your goodies so they can go through them. And please don’t take it personal if they don’t choose everything you brought that you thought was the best.  Seasonal things is what they want and they want them to be in good shape and worthy of resale.  If you keep that in mind you will do great.

Just like in any shop the clothing is divided in sections.  There are new arrivals and also designer clothing racks.

This weekend in Downtown Rehoboth Beach are the much awaited and very well attended Sidewalk Sales.  Hope you can make it.  All weekend long, you will be able to get tremendous discounts, and find fabulous accessories. These sales start today, Friday, May 18th and continue through Sunday, May 20th, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. but some store hours may vary.  Please check that out.  It is going to be a rainy weekend but do not worry those sales are here to stay. Tax free shopping in Delaware!!

Christine’s Consignments has another location at 42 Atlantic Ave., in Ocean View, near Bethany Beach. That telephone is 302-829-1425.

If you are bringing some of your treasures to Christine’s Consignments once they have gone through the items you will be given a number.  And you will also sign a very simple contract.  You should give them time to sell your items.  And, you can discuss with them what you would like to do if items are not sold.  They do donate to the local charities things that are not sold.

Like any other shop, items come and go quickly.  The inventory is always changing.  So probably is not one of those shops that you would likely say “I have been there already”.  Always something new at very good prices. You are spending time at the beach and let’s say you forgot your accessories, Christine’s Consignments would be perfect to grab that item that will finish your look.

I hope you have a great weekend.  Good luck finding your treasures!! Give them a chance second time around!


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November 1st, 2012

Rehoboth Cocoa Crawl, Event, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Friday, November 2nd, 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., Azura Clothing, Dowtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches


The idea is to stroll Rehoboth Beach, find great deals, enjoy great food, and check the local art.  Proceeds from the wristbands you purchase for $10 will go to local charities.  The Rehoboth Elementary Art Docent Program and Nikki May Cancer Fund will be the recipients.

This is the 2nd Annual Rehoboth Cocoa Crawl, with so many participating stores and restaurants.  Even though it is only in its 2nd year, it is becoming an event not to be missed.  Downtown Rehoboth Beach is such a walkable town; the merchants are so friendly.  Should be fun!!


So the place to be on Friday, 11/2, from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. is Downtown Rehoboth Beach. Enjoy delectable drinks with and without spirits!!  Activities for the young ones!!  You can purchase the wristbands at tents in First Street Station and in front of Heidi Lowe Gallery.  They can also be purchased at WSFS branches, Azura Clothing, South Moon Under, Carltons & Bellmoor prior to the event.  The purchase of a wristband enters you to win over $2,000 grand prize drawing at the end of the evening.  You must be present to win.

If you have any questions, please call 302-226-9650.  You can also visit

The connection of Azura Clothing to Rehoboth Cocoa Crawl is simple.  Its owner, Alyssa Titus, is also the founder and force behind Rehoboth Cocoa Crawl.  I stopped today at Azura to take a few pictures.  Afterall, it should be featured on this post.  Putting together these kinds of events takes a lot of dedication.  Alyssa has a family and juggles the dynamics of a family and a business, or two for that matter.  She also owns, Clad, which is located at the First Street Station, in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.


Azura Clothing is located at 139 Rehoboth Ave., Tel. 302-226-9650.  Website?

Chatting with Alyssa, I found out that she is also a designer.  She has her own label.  And, she has been in the business for a long time.

This has not been my first visit to Azura.  But, it has been the first visit in which I have to pay more attention to detail.  First impression?  I liked it.  The store is bright and full of merchandise.  If you are attending the Rehoboth Cocoa Crawl you are going to be pleasantly surprised.


I can see why Alyssa likes the quote; “A woman creates her style and fashion”.  Alyssa told me that she looks for very unique pieces.  The ones that can set you apart from the rest.  She blends styles very well; trendy, casual, and classic.

To check the individual brands carried at Azura, please visit

This is what I found today:





Casual Tops








Home Accessories & Gifts





Azura Clothing also carries jewelry by designer Charles Albert.  He designs very unique pieces of jewelry.  Pretty much one-of-a-kind creations.  Alchemia “zero karat gold” infuses a blend of base metals to simulate the look and feel of 18k gold, but very affordable.  This new allow is nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic.




Please note that Azura Clothing also has its own line of lotions, body and hair care.  All made by Azura here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


Shopping in the boutiques of our coastal towns, here at the Delaware Beaches, where you get personal attention is pretty nice….talk to you later.


October 7th, 2012

Shopping, Tiger Lili, Rehoboth Beach, Handbags, Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Delaware Beaches


I was walking around in Downtown Rehoboth Beach when I decided to stop at Tiger Lili to find a present for one of my best friends.  There were a couple of celebrations going her way and I knew I would find something different at Tiger Lili, located at 18 Rehoboth Avenue.  Tiger Lili has another location at the Tanger Outlets on Coastal Highway, as well.

I guess this post is for women only.  Tiger Lili specializes in unique handbags, clothing, jewelry, and accessories at very affordable prices.  You can find Tiger Lili on Facebook.  Tel. 302-226-0731.  It opens year-round.


No outfit is complete without accessories.  You will find plenty at Tiger Lili.  Plus, you will get personal service.  I have mentioned many times that the shopkeepers and the staff that work the shops in Downtown Rehoboth Beach are very personable.  They become friends.  That’s what I love about shopping in town.  You can’t beat that one on one interaction; no rush, either.

Meet Lili Kohr.  She is the owner of Tiger Lili.  She is originally from Panama so we were able to practice our Spanish.  Her clothing and accessories are more cutting edge; different from the rest.  And, by the way, she was Mrs. Delaware 2008.


So…let’s not snooze and lose.  What are we waiting for?  There are sales going on Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  Let’s stop writing and start shopping!!  This is Tiger Lili.


Sweaters, scarves and handbags.


The weather has turned cooler…it’s that time of the year!!


Have a great time in Rehoboth today….not so fast, just a bit more shopping!!




Talk to you later…


September 8th, 2011

Spahr, Designer, Rehoboth Beach, Fashion Designer, Men, Women, Home, Jewelry, Delaware Beaches



“The best color in the world, is the one that looks good on you.”   coco chanel


It was the beginning of the summer season when I was told that there was a fashion designer amongst us, located on trendy Baltimore Ave. in Rehoboth Beach.  That I should really visit him.


The summer was hectic, Rehoboth got crowded and I probably got lazy.  So, there I was yesterday, just a few days after Labor Day, with plenty of parking in a very quiet Rehoboth Beach.

Spahr is located at 43 Baltimore Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-226-3804.  Website?  Please note that you cannot order from the website, but check it out so you can see what to expect when you actually visit his atelier.  He opens year-round.


By the way he does have a first name; Scott.  At times people can be intimidated by designers, but Scott is so friendly and unasuming.  I came unannounced and immediately a friendly chat ensued.

I introduced myself and asked if I could take pictures and could he tell me a little bit about himself.

He opened Spahr 11 years ago in Rehoboth Beach.  He is, originally, from Pennsylvania.  The atelier is small, comfortable and so quaint.  It is also Scott’s home.


He told me that I caught him at a time where his inventory was low.  Scott is the whole package; designer; sews every piece himself in-house.  You can actually watch him work as you talk to him.  He learned his trade himself but it helped that his grandmother was a seamstress.



His specialty and what sets him apart?  It is the ability to find and mix fabric prints and patterns together.  You can see his details in his own tags on every design, as well as in the pocket of pants, and in the trim of a t-shirt or the borders of a skirt.





For women, his designs come in Small (4-6), Medium (8-10) and Large (10-12)  He usually makes 3 for each size.  He will be the first to tell you that his designs run small.  You can also be confident that you will not find a twin when you buy one of his pieces, at least not in your size.





For men, the sizes for pants are 32, 34, and 36.  A size 38 might be in the works at some point.  Just like he does for women, he only makes about 3 for each size.  He had just finished a pair of cordless corduroys in blue.


img_6966 img_6975

His inventory is one that changes rapidly.  Therefore, check often for updated designs.

Spahr has women’s jewelry, as well, with original works by Susan Davis Terry.  Her designs are bold and contemporary. 

img_7000 img_7018



Scott does not stop at only fashion designs.  He also make bags out of cotton rugs and quilts and pairs them with unique fabrics.


He also designs his pillows and just as the clothing they change frequently as he finds the right print or design.


Spahr has also accessories for the home; candles, soaps and books.



It was so nice meeting him.  One of the advantages of writing my blog is that I get to meet the wonderful people that make Rehoboth Beach my home.


Oh, I almost forgot.  He was looking at me wondering how much longer I would be staying.  Will he be able to go on his walk, afterall?  His name?  Morgan.


September 25th, 2010

Aqua Marine, Lewes, Delaware, Boutique, Women’s Apparel, Accessories, Fall Arrivals



I keep going back to this particular boutique in Lewes, that historic town that I also mention here and there.  All you have to do is visit it once and you will be hooked.

Aqua Marine is located at 114 Second St., Tel. 302-644-4550.  The shopkeeper is Maureen Botti.  Her helper?  Her mother!!




Well, I think Maureen and her mother are one of the reasons I visit the store frequently.  Their friendly disposition is a winning situation.  When I wrote a post on Aqua Marine on May 15th I mentioned that I really enjoyed watching Maureen and her mother deal with their customers.  There is an instant connection that you can tell will last a long time.  By the way, if you want to see that post just click on the month of May under Archives on the left hand side of this blog and scroll down to the date.



This is a new location for Aqua Marine, but the boutique opened in 2006.



It is the perfect setting being that Second Street in Lewes is actually the Main Street, where lots of cute stores and great restaurants abound.


The casual atmosphere of the beaches is something we love; Aqua Marine carries that type of clothing; relaxed, yet sophisticated at the same time.




Christopher Blue’s new line “worn” has affordable cords, and a great fit!!


Another brand carried is Magaschoni Cashmere.  And, lots and lots of scarves; all colors, fabric and price points.


The weather is changing; a little cooler; it was great to see what’s new for the coming season.


Even though I refer to these kinds of posts “for women only”, men should not be intimidated by these boutiques.  Usually the owners are more than happy to give you a helping hand.


Talk to you later…..have a great one….

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August 10th, 2010

Anything Goes, Women’s Apparel, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Jewelry, Shoes, Clothing, Delaware Beaches



Anything Goes is located at the Village by the Sea, right on Rehoboth Avenue.  The telephone is 302-227-2960.  The owner is Joan Thompson.

This post is for women only and this store is different from the rest.  It seems like at times, when you go out everyone looks the same.  Anything Goes has very beautiful and unique pieces of clothing, shoes, bags, and great jewelry.100_3654

I was talking to Susan who works for Anything Goes.  She showed me some shirts and jackets in beautiful colors but still black will make its presence in the Fall as a predominant color. 

So let me give a peek to Anything Goes.








Anything Goes has been around for 22 years, and definitely has a following.


Have a great day and talk to you later….

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