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August 28th, 2019

Agave, Restaurant, Tequila Bar, Mexican Food, Review, Lewes, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches, The Art of Wining & Dining

On July 27, 2009 I wrote my first post on Agave. I was new at this thing called posting. Creating a blog that is pretty much a diary. I did not include any photos. Did not know the importance of photographs due to the fact that we are such visual individuals.

I said Hola Amigos. Why not? Spanish is my first language. As it was then today’s Agave still has Latin music in the background. The huge and delicious margaritas are still served on colorful glasses. The menu does not change much, but for some reason patrons don’t get tired of it. From 2009 I have written posts on Agave. From being particularly upset that you cannot get in because it is so popular. I changed that quickly. I go for late lunches. It works great.

Agave is located at 137 2nd St., Lewes, DE 19958. Tel. 302-645-1232. Website?

A favorite drink of mine is the Avocado Martini. First thing to know is that it is not on the menu. It takes more than a few minutes to make. Specially customized for you. The other day Alec made this delicious one.

Friends that have tried it have loved this Avocado Martini. It is smooth, has cilantro and not a salted rim….caramelized sugar instead.

Agave has a beautiful and large Watermelon Salad. Worth ordering and share it with a friend.

The Guacamole is excellent too.

Mango and Avocado Salad is a favorite. Top it with your favorite meat, or have it by itself. Never enough avocados.

The Puffy Tacos are fish tacos but the tortilla is puffy. Grilled Mahi Mahi, jicama slaw, pico de gallo and Mexican lime crema. Rice and black beans as a side dish.

The Corn on the Cob is truly amazing. During the summer at the Delaware Beaches the sweetest corn can be found. Agave’s Corn on the Cob is covered in Chipotle Mayo, Queso Fresco and Lime. Messy, but Oh So Good!!

No dessert was necessary unless you thought about having a Mango Frozen Margarita!!

A great dinner can change your day around. More so if enjoyed with friends.

Saludos y Hasta Luego.

Please remember to check my Facebook Page and leave me some comments. It is good to hear from you. Thanks.

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November 10th, 2015

Lewes Eats! Agave, Mexican Cuisine, Restaurant, Bar, Lewes, Delaware, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches…Buen Provecho!


One of my pet peeves is that I hate to wait.  More so, at restaurants.  With so many popular restaurants not taking reservations at the Delaware Beaches, well, let’s say that at times it is a bit annoying.  Not such a great way to start a post.   But, keep reading because I am posting about one of my favorite restaurants in Lewes…Agave.  It is located at 137 2nd St.  Tel. 302-645-1232.  You can find it on Facebook.


There are times that the wait at Agave is a couple of hours in the evening.  If you do not mind, please then head to the bar and start having some of the delicious Margaritas and Martinis that they do offer.  Otherwise, you can put your name down and come back later.  Or, if you do not want to wait, then you know what else you can do.  Maybe lunch might be a better idea for you.


If you arrive right at Noon you might find the restaurant looking like some of these photos.  But soon enough it will be crowded.  Originally, Agave was pretty small then an addition has given them more seating which is great.



So the other night when Sharon and I arrived for a little Mexican fare, we were surprised that our wait was only like 20 minutes.  We sat looking at the gorgeous desserts…wondering if their famous Coconut Cake would be our choice for dessert.  Or, Pot de Creme or Flan.


I do have my favorites.  I started with their Mexican Chili.  I truly love it.  I don’t know if it is because it is made with beef tenderloin or not, but the flavor is so good.  A rich broth, topped with queso fresco and a side of warm tortillas.  On chilly night, it is perfect and pretty filling, as well.


Their Mango and Avocado Salad is also a must have if you like something a littler lighter.  The mango and avocado is in a bed of bib lettuce, topped with bacon, queso fresco, pine nuts and a creamy pine nut lime dressing.  Queso Fresco is a crumbled goat cheese.


Agave has a signature dish called Chiles en Nogada.  It is always on their menu.  I told my friend, Sharon, that she should have it.  This is meat stuffed poblano chiles with cumin, cinnamon and azafran.  A drizzle of a nut sauce with an addition of rice and beans.


These Chiles en Nogada is a sophisticaded dish most popular during Mexican Independence festivities.  It incorporates the green, white, and red ingredients just like the colors of the Mexican flag.

A poblano pepper is a mild chile pepper from the State of Puebla in Mexico.  When it is dried out is is called Ancho Chile.  It is a most popular pepper grown in Mexico.  The dish above has a light sweetness to it, perhaps the outcome of the combination of ingredients.  Very good indeed.

We decided on the Coconut Cake for dessert but I had a reason for ordering it.  First of all I have always heard that it is so good.  I am not too much of a coconut cake fan but I wanted to compare it to another coconut cake that people raved about served at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, South Carolina.


Last February while in Charleston everyone said we needed to try the cake at the Peninsula Grill. They said it so much that we made reservations.  Great entrees, I posted on this website, and then came dessert time.  This cake has 12 layers and they have been making it since 1997.  There is even a trademark as Peninsula Grill Ultimate Coconut Cake.  It weighs 12 lbs., and you can order it and be sent to you FedEx.  Every night you take a glimpse at tables and for dessert you will find the customers do order it a lot.  Here is a photo of my piece of cake.  It reminded me of a Smith Island Cake.


Agave’s Coconut Cake came to the table and it was huge.  And we, actually, ate it all.


Having had those two magnificent cakes I can tell you that I do prefer to have the individual layers on a cake, but the Agave’s version was definitely, more moist.  I am probably not the best person to review a Coconut Cake, since I do like more tarts than cakes, but all I can tell you is that they were dense and full of flavor.  Next time at Agave’s try it and if by chance you are visiting Historic Charleston, check it out there, as well.  You decide.

Now, a lemon tart….love it!!  The photo of the lemon tart is from the second dessert we had at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston.


Buen Provecho….Hasta Luego!!

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December 2nd, 2014

Salads!! The Lighter Side, Delicious Salads, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware…I just want a Salad!!

I just want a salad!!  That’s all I want!  Many times this is what we say at a restaurant, referring to having a lighter meal.  Actually, some salads can pack those calories without us even knowing it.  At this time of the year, after Thanksgiving, and looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s….I really only want a salad; the lighter side.

I have a friend….her name starts with S.  When she goes to a restaurant she really deconstructs a salad.  Take this out, no, I don’t want that either, don’t like olives, onion? not sure, the dressing….nothing with mayo….really why doesn’t she ask for lettuce?

In the past months these salads at the Delaware Beaches have been so good, refreshing.  No more boring greens, or just a slice of tomato.  These salads make a meal.  Check them out!

AGAVE – Located in Lewes, Delaware at 137 2nd St., 302-645-1232, Agave offers a few salads.  The Mango and Avocado Salad with Queso Crema is substantial, full of avocado and mango and you can get it plain and simple or top it with shrimp or something else offered on that day.



Served in a tostada bowl, this salad topped with salmon is also a winner.


THE PICKLED PIG – 18756 Coastal Highway (Rt. 1), Rehoboth Beach, Tel. 302-645-5444.  Website?  This gastro pub has spirits, pretty good food and salads.  Their Roasted Vegetable Salad I would say is fairly new but I think it is a keeper.  Asparagus, zucchini, red onion, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, quinoa, with a white balsamic-orange vinaigrette and parmesan….topped with grilled chicken, it is a complete meal.


Their Chopped BLT Salad has mixed lettuces, blue cheese dressing, smoked bacon, diced tomato, red onion and blue cheese crumble.


FINS ALE & RAW BAR – 19269 Coastal Highway (Rt. 1) in Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-227-3467.  I thought this salad looked good and tasted even better.  The Chopped Salad has romaine lettuce, mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, bacon, corn cucumber, Jack and cheddar cheeses….all chopped and served with their buttermilk dressing.  I topped it with Calamari.


Their Fins Bar Salad wih mixed greens, almonds, dried cranberries and gorgonzola cheese topped with tuna salad and their homemade whole grain mustard vinaigrette was delicious….nice serving of tuna salad, by the way.


CASA DILEO NORTH – Located at 18701 Coastal Highway (Rt. 1) in Rehoboth Beach.  Tel. 302-644-8256.  The Tricolore Signature Salad hit the spot.  Arugula, Radicchio, Belgian Endive, Treviso and spring mix.  To that mix chopped cucumber, tomatoes, and pine nuts.  It is hand tossed with lemon juice, plenty of fresh garlic and olive oil.


PETE’S CHEESESTEAK SHOP – It is located at 19287 Miller Rd. Unit 1A, in The Food Lion Shopping Center on Coastal Highway, RT 1.  Tel. 302-226-3000.  Website?  This restaurant is impeccable…so clean.  Fast service, and comfortable seating arrangements.  Their Greek Salad topped withy Gyro Meat is very good.  It is a garden salad with feta, Kalamata olives, and pita bread with a side order of a vinaigrette with a hint of strawberry…just a hint.  The pita bread is grilled and warm making it extra special and definitely a full meal.


EDEN – Located on 23 Baltimore Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Eden is really one of my favorite restaurants in Rehoboth.  Consistently good with professional staff, it stands out.  Open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, starting at 5:30 p.m.  Tel. 302-227-3330.  Website? Eden’s Grilled Caesar is awesome.  Sun dried tomato/olive tapenade and pecorino romano cheese.  The first time I had a grilled Caesar, it was many years ago at a restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland.  I never had any other good one anywhere else until Eden’s Grilled Caesar and it has become a favorite.  Two views of this simple and delicious salad follow:



LILY THAI – Located at 10 N. 1st St. in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Tel. 302-227-3348….I love Thai Food!!  The Larb Gai Salad is spicy!!  It is so good.  Ground chicken breast tossed in lime juice, red onions and fresh mint….a gluten free salad!!


MODERN MIXTURE – Located at 62A Rehoboth Avenue.  Tel. 302-227-0600.  Website?  All salads are chopped at Modern Mixture.  Their House Salad has romaine, onion, tomato, and fresh cactus called “Nopalito”, feta and lime juice topped with avocado….this salad is gluten free!


DOGFISH HEAD – Located at 320 Rehoboth Avenue.  Website? In a mood for a Cobb Salad?  Their version, topped with salmon or a crabcake is very good….but their basil vinaigrette dressing is a true keeper of this salad.



LOBSTER SHANTY – Located a few miles west of Fenwick Island.  Address:  37310 Lighthouse Rd., Selbyville.  Tel. 302-436-2305.  It opens Thursday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.  Great views of the marsh.  A fantastic salad called the Seafood Tasters Duo has fresh lobster and shrimp salads over field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and seasonal fruits with Nantucket’s Maple Vinaigrette.  An awesome salad if you like seafood.


So as you are shopping and exhausting yourselves….a little salad!!  Have a good one.

September 7th, 2014

Lewes Eats!! Agave, Restaurant, Mexican Cuisine, Lewes, Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware..Gluten Free Friendly at the DE Beaches


It was Saturday….yesterday.  My friend, Chris and I were in Lewes.  That time of the day when you start thinking about lunch.  Granted, I usually go for lunch to Agave.  Cannot take the wait in the evening.  So we tried it at around 12:30 p.m. and….surprised, surprised…shocked, really!!  No line.

Agave is one of those restaurants that really has made it at the Delaware Beaches.  The food is consistenly food.  You really get served food on your plate and the prices are so reasonable.  A total winner.  It is located in Historic Lewes at 137 2nd Street.  Tel. 302-645-1232.

Checking out the baked good behind the counter made me think…wow, I need to try to make some meringues!!


This was going to be a quick lunch.

The corn bread at Agave is delicious!!  Get it!


The Mango and Avocado Salad with the ever present “queso fresco”…a must.


I have had most offerings on the menu….a simple soup can say so much….their Chili is one of my absolute musts!!!  So much that at 94 degree temperature….I had to have it.  Just as good as ever!!  Order it!


Agave is gluten free friendly.  Most dishes can be made gluten free.  Please make sure to ask your server.

Guess what?  There was a line when we left.

Have a great day!

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October 31st, 2013

All Hallow’s Eve, Celebration, AboutMyBeaches, Halloween Night, Delaware Beaches, Agave, Restaurant, Review, No smashing pumpkins, No Scary Movies….Plenty of Fun!! Southern Delaware


“Under the moon, we heard a dreary howl.  ‘Twas an orange cat on a prowl.  Disguised?  Oh, no!! He would play wicked tricks that caused us fright.”


Halloween started with 3 friends getting together for dinner.  Susan, Joan, The Pearl Lady, and I decided on Agave as our dinner destination on this frightful night.  We arrived…and surprised!!  No waiting.  That’s what I like.  We decided on some chips and guacamole.  Always delicious.

Agave is a true success in Historic Lewes, Delaware. It has been serving consistent delicious meals at very affordable prices.  Location?  137 Second St., Lewes, DE 19958.  Tel. 302-645-1232.  No reservations, but you can call in a put your name on the list when crowded.

Favorites at Agave and the ones we ordered were:

Fish Tacos – Puffy


Chiles en Nogales – A signature dish at Agave.


My Tamal was outstanding….the corn bread spicy.  So good, I bought some for home.


We were totally satisfied….no way we could attempt to have dessert.  We would have to leave that for another time.  But, take a peek!


The night was still young, so many begging for candy.  Out and about, my neighborhood was in a Halloween kinda of a mood.

My Gatekeepers tried not to le me in.  Susan was scared…..Joan had taken off for Milford.


Halloween was turning out to be one heck of a frightful experience!  I had never seen my neighborhood this way.


A bad hair day no matter what holiday it is.


Another encounter and it was time to go home….See you next year!!


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June 9th, 2013

Lewes Eats, Agave, Mexican Restaurant, Historic Lewes, Delaware, Review, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


In Southern Delaware all the coastal towns are pretty close to each other.  Lewes is the First Town in The First State.  The Historic District of Lewes consists of quaint shops, historic sites, and restaurants that are making names for themselves as dining destinations.

A few years back a restaurant by the name of Agave opened.  Well, their success is attributed to consistently good food, great atmosphere, and affordable prices.  It is located at 137 2nd St., which is their Main Street.  Tel. 302-645-1232.

On any given night the atmosphere is casual with a vibrant Latin beat.  The ever present Margaritas and the wide variety of tequilas will make you feel like you did not wait for your table at all.  But, let me tell you, plan your visit because this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at the Delaware Beaches.  You may leave your name and walk around Lewes, or just go upstairs and mingle with the rest of them.

Since I am always complaining about the wait, I discovered a new strategy….Lunch!!

A friend, Cathi, had not been to Agave so on our way there for lunch I was telling her all about it.  We got there about 11:45 a.m.  Our plan? To be the first to get in.  Haha….there were already 4 people waiting.  I told Cathi we were staying put.  And, so we did.


It was great going in and seeing the restaurant empty, but that did not last long.  Agave looked great and their expanded dining area has made it even better.


Their bar was well stocked and ready to receive customers.


The shells were being fried.


Cathi and I decided to order the Pine Nut & Goat Cheese Guacamole for an appetizer.  Agave serves generous portions so this appetizer is perfect for sharing.  Their guacamole is truly delicious with the avocado flavor being the main event.


New at Agave is the Gluten Free Menu.  The chips served with the guacamole are made out of corn but they are fried with other foods, so, if you have a gluten allergy you should not eat them.  If you like their guacamole, bring the chips from home.


Agave offers very nice salads and Cathi decided on the Mango & Avocado Salad… Topped with bacon and with the ever present queso fresco.  Plenty of mango and lots of avocado!!


I have had in the past Agave’s tamal.  I was totally impressed before so I decided to order it again.  Consistently good, that’s the key.  A tamal is made with a corn dough, filled with a savory filling, wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.  Then, Agave, tops it with Mole sauce.  A side  order of rice and black beans and corn bread accompanied the tamal.


This tamal reminded me of the Puertorican “pasteles” which are mostly served during the holidays.  In Puerto Rico they are made with plantains and green bananas.  You can also make them out of yuca (casava).  A filling of pork, ham, raising, olives and the list goes on.  Very labor intensive.  Following is the photo so you can see how similar they look.


We had great service and no dessert was ordered since we were satisfied.   Now, we could walk Historic Lewes!!

Talk to you later…have a good one!

Note:  Gluten Free….Agave’s kitchen is small and they have mentioned on their gluten free menu that items may have been cross-contaminated.  My husband has celiac disease and so far he has never had any problems.  Talk to your server, ask questions and read the menu.

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December 4th, 2012

Agave, Lewes, Restaurant, Mexican Cuisine, Delaware Beaches…No Waiting Tonight!!!


As we sat in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, eating oysters and steamed clams….it was early in the evening.  I figured tonight would be a good night to visit Agave.  I cannot imagine they would have a line.  Everyone would be at the Rehoboth Beach Christmas Parade.  So, we took off for Lewes.  And, I was right.


Lewes, Delaware was quiet; a few cars parked on Second Street.  Agave is located at 1376 2nd St. in Downtown Historic Lewes.  They do not take reservations, but you can put your name down and they will call you if the line is long, which usually is.  Their tel. is 302-645-1232.  They open for lunch and dinner.  At this time of the year, they close on Monday.


Agave is a success in Lewes.  The food is always good, ample portions, and great prices.  Great drinks, as well!!

My cousin is visiting for a few days.  He needed to try the Avocado Cilantro Tequilatini.  Fresh avocados; it takes a while to make.  It is soooo smooth.  He kept saying “que rico”.


Kira was our server and she suggested a trio of the guacamole sampler.  One with shrimp, one with pine nuts and goat cheese and the other with pumpkin seeds.  A generous portion of the tree of them.  Very good.


I decided on their traditional chicken tamale.  I have had it before and if you like tamales, then, I think this one will be a winner for you.  Served with rice, black beans and corn bread.


My cousin ordered the Steak Chili which is always so consistently delicious.  He was too fast…no picture this time.

Doggie bags were ordered….I think it was time to go.  This post was short and to the point.

A look at Santa’s House in Lewes…what a quaint, beautiful town!!  See you!


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November 23rd, 2012

Destination? Delaware Beaches, Lewes, Black Friday, Cafe Azafran, Lunch, Restaurant, Review, Mediterranean Cuisine

So far so good…the weather has been amazing.  Lewes, Delaware looked beautiful on Thanksgiving Day as I drove around this quaint town.  It was quiet; the end of the day.  A drive through Pilottown Rd. took me towards the Lewes Boat Ramp.


Then, back to town, the views were, really, so gorgeous.  Crisp colors; the marshes giving this part of town a serenity, which was perfect on Thanksgiving Day.

2-megawatt wind turbine

2-megawatt wind turbine


Black Friday….some of us say, we have not seen this many people at the Delaware Beaches in years.  Don’t know if it was the forecast or, people just wanting to get out of town.

I love Agave.  Located at 137 2nd St. in Downtown Lewes, it is a Mexican restaurant and tequila bar. Tel. 302-645-1232.  That it is popular, is an understatement.  No reservations; I am always complaining.  The wait too long.  Well, guess what?  Today, I was doing what everyone else in Lewes had found out.  Agave certificates were going to be sold today.  Bring your “dinero” and double the dollar amount.  So, I brought $200 and I got $400 worth.   Yes!!  That was my Black Friday deal.  If I had known earlier, I would have told you.  I only found out today, but I believe this is not the first year.  Stay tuned for next year.



The certificates could be bought in increments of $10.  I got mine all in 10’s.  They cannot carry a balance.  Dine in only.  Not for carryout.  Can use as many as necessary in one visit.  Cannot be used for merchandise, or for happy hour specials.  Could not be used on Black Friday.  And, last, but not least, cannot be used for gratuity.


I waited for about 1 1/2 hours….worth the wait.  Now I will have to see when will I be able to get into Agave.  Don’t worry, a post will, definitely, follow.

My sister in law was patiently waiting for me, shopping around Lewes.  We decided to have lunch at Cafe Azafran.  My Agave certificates were safely in my bag.  Cafe Azafran has been in Lewes for many years.  It is a Mediterranean Cafe located at 109 Market St.  Tel. 302-644-4446.  Another location has been in Downtown Rehoboth Beach for a few years.  Website?


It is casual. Seating available inside or at the side porch.  Today it was the perfect day.  The heaters were hardly needed.


An order of their vegetable soup, accompanied with bread.  Great consistency, not salty; light.


An order of the Mediterranean Platter – Serrano ham, roasted peppers, romesco, olive tapenade, artichoke hearts, Manchego & goat cheese with warm baguette.  Gorgeous colors were so welcomed. Delicious.


The Special Panini was ordered – Ham, asparagus, melted brie, onions, accompanied with pasta salad.  The brie and ham, always a very nice combination.


That’s all for… Black Friday!!  Have a good one!


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