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January 14th, 2015

What Are You Reading? Growin’ up Country: Rural Life in the 1950’s and 1960’s, J. Everett Moore, Jr., Sussex County, Delaware

Everyone I talk to that grew up in the 1950s and 1960 have so much to say about those years.  For those of us that grew up in those times I think we can all agree that people were more polite, more caring, more relaxed….and after seeing The Temptations and The Four Tops a couple of weeks ago….definitely, better music!!

Cars were left unlocked and there were some awesome cars during the 50s and 60s.  I went to a Barrett Jackson auction in Florida.  Check this 1955 Nash Stateman Super.  It had a hide a bed and a window air conditioner!



The other day I was at the offices of Moore & Rutt located at 122 West Market St., Georgetown, Delaware.  I was introduced to Growin’ up Country:  Rural Life in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  The author?  J. Everett Moore, Jr.  I am taking my time reading this book.  I am loving everything that I am reading and enjoying the photos, as well.


I did not meet Everett Moore, but I am so impressed in the way he delivers his life’s story.  In the book you will recognize many of the family names that still are very much part of Sussex County.  Please visit  The website is great with so much information, including where to get the book.

The book would make a great gift for anyone that has moved to the area.  One thing is to visit and another is to call this county home.  I have been in Sussex County since the 70’s and even during those times, life was much simpler.  And, we did leave the car keys under our mats in the car.  My husband’s family chose Bethany Beach as their vacation destination.  Many years later, John and I called Bethany home.  And, then Rehoboth Beach.


Mr. Moore covers history, his home, recreation of the times, school, church, meals, etc. etc.

In reading the book my nostalgia started to take over.  I did not have a rural upbringing.  But, I did grow up in a small town on the eastern side of Puerto Rico…Humacao.  A small town where everyone knew every family.  The telephone?  Well, I think my grandmother’s number was 421.  I would pick up the phone and talk to the operator.  And a friend reminded me of shared lines.  I seem to remember that, as well.  That meant I could be talking on the phone and another person would join in.


Your mail was delivered even if the address was not complete.

Mr. Moore mentions a Chevy Corvair.  My mother had one.  White with red interior.  And, my grandmother had a Valiant with push buttons.

In Growin’ up Country….of course you have to talk about the distinct accent of this county.  You have to really listen carefully at times.

Sussex County is the largest county in Delaware, but the least populated.  There is more arable land under cultivation than anywhere in the state.  It is also the birth of the poultry industry and the leading county of broiler production in the U.S.

Mr. Moore writes about looking for arrow heads and other Indian artifacts as a young child with his dad.  Worth visiting is the Nanticoke Indian Museum in Millsboro.



Mr. Moore mentioned that men went to the barber shop.  That no man would be caught in a beauty salon, I had to laugh.  The photo shown in the book shows different styles.  Well, guess what?  I showed the photo to my son because he had the same hair cut.  He has been going to the Georgetown Barber Shop to get it cut.  And, all that is old is new again….a retro look is the new thing.  Go figure.

The Noxzema story.  I have always loved that one with the farm on Rt. 26.  That’s the only cream my mother has ever put on her face…..she has no wrinkles.

Meals, food, and the kitchen utensils of the time.  I remember the milk being delivered in glass containers.  My husband used to talk about the cream on the top and how much he used to love it.

The book ends with his mother’s recipes.  Cannot wait to make the Old Fashioned Biscuits, and Dumplin’s.

I am still reading and I don’t want the book to end.  It is Mr. Moore’s story, one that he is leaving for his children and grandchildren.  What a gift!!

Growin’ up Country is in its second printing.  It is full of lore, tales, tidbits and brief notes.  Have fun with it!!


January 14th, 2015

Destination? State of Delaware, Tourism, Delaware, New Tourism Brand Campaign, Delaware Tourism Office, “Endless Discoveries”, New Delaware Tourism Office Logo


From the Delaware Tourism Office comes great news for those of us that have the ability to pass on information about our small state.  Sought after by many as a place for retirement, for fun, and for relaxation, the Delaware Tourism Office is really campaigning so that when it comes to your vacation choices…..Delaware is It!!


It is the first time in the state history, that the Delaware Tourism Office has created a brand identity, a tagline and even television commercials designed to increase national awareness of Delaware as a desirable place to vacation.  Many of us know that already, now we want you to check it out.

It is called the “Endless Discoveries” brand campaign.  It aims to boost visitation and tourism revenue in Delaware by creating an image in consumers’ minds of the state as a destination that will surpass any preconceptions.


The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office states:  “The challenge has always been to show others that Delaware is far more than just a place they pass through on I-95”.   That, I have heard….receiving a call saying “We are on 95 going to such and such place…passing through Delaware….and, are you close by?”

I found this interesting…The brand campaign messages were specifically designed to resonate with female consumers, who have been shown to statistically more likely to take the lead in vacation planning decisions.  The campaign is expected to reach hundreds of thousands of people in 16 East Coast states.


The new logo above shown, along with the words Endless Discoveries is hoping to spark the travelers’ curiosity and make them want to learn more……The Director of the Delaware Tourism Office, Linda Parkowski, goes on to state “The next step was to create words and images that fit that concept, and give travelers a sense that Delaware has treasures waiting to be found.”  Some of us have found those already!!


To learn more, and to begin your journey, please visit

NOTE:  To see the 60-second Endless Discoveries commercial, visit the DTO YouTube page at


Please also note that the information for this post was taken from the Delaware Toursim new brand campaign:  “Endless Discoveries”


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January 11th, 2015

All Things Local!! Fresh Free Range & Pasture Grown Duck Eggs, Black Hog Farm, Lewes, Milton Sausage!!, Milton, Delaware, Southern Delaware

The trend continues….but to tell you the truth, it has always been there.  Eating, buying, shopping and immersing ourselves in our local communities.  We are emphasizing the fact that it is all good, so, I am promoting “All Things Local” in 2015.

It is Sunday morning.  Fresh Duck eggs and sausage.  Bread?  Yum!!


It started when my son picked up duck eggs from Black Hog Farm, located at 16371 New Rd., Lewes, Delaware 19958.  Black Hog Farm has very visible signs on New Rd.


You might see Pepper, the dog, running and barking like saying “don’t even try it”.  It is just a show. Pepper is 9 years old and it is the family pet.  The name Pepper comes from Pepper Greenhouses in Milton, just up the road.  That’s near where he was found.


The farm is about 4.19 acres with a beautiful home, barn, ornamental and cutting gardens, including fig trees.  The proprietors are Helen Waite and John Feliciani.  Website? Tel. 302-236-2437.  This is a self sustaining farm.


The sign…..


On their porch there is a refrigerator.  If they have duck eggs that day, all you have to do is put the money in the jar.  That simple and that trusting.  $5/dozen.


Free range and pasture grown duck eggs are the best you can get.  They are larger in  size.  The shells are tougher than a chicken egg.  They are also higher in fat content, a bit more protein and cholesterol, more vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs, as well.  These eggs were laid on 1/8/15 and I got them Saturday, the 10th.


I met Helen and John which by the way they were waiting for guests for dinner.  They graciously invited me into their home and after a few pleasantries, I went to check out the ducks.  It is a small flock, with a few geese, as well.



Mr. Cat was trying to get into the barn….seemed like he was allowed to, but I did not dare to open the door.


Black Hog Farm is also a B & B.  Only 3 miles from the beach it is the perfect get-away.  It is open from Mid-March through October.

Sunday dinners, once a month, on the porch, at Black Hog Farm is another event I did not know anything about.  On the porch, a mid-day Sunday dinner following the rural tradition of dinner at 1 p.m.  Check the website above mentioned as in the next few months they will start putting the schedules.

Leaving the farm until next time, I went home to see what I was going to do with my fresh duck eggs.


The duck eggs have been a total success in my household.  First we ate them with Milton Sausage.  This sausage is local, as well, and it is found in the grocery stores in Southern Delaware.  Milton sausage had a delicious taste….I just added pepper and sage.



I usually do not eat many eggs….I love them as egg salad, deviled and at times in other ways….so, today, Sunday, I decided to fry a duck egg.  I definitely felt how the shell was definitely tougher, and how big the yolk was.  My son said the yolks are creamier and have a richer taste.


Then, I made myself a duck egg sandwich with sliced tomatoes on rosemary ciabatta bread from another local…..Old World Breads from Lewes, Delaware…another post in the making.  Delish.


All Things Taste Better Local!! Have a great day!

January 8th, 2015

Rehoboth Beach Eats!! Michy’s, Restaurant, Bar, Rehoboth Beach, Review, 2015 Brings Restaurant Expectations to the DE Beaches, Southern Delaware, Sussex County


“There is a difference between dining and eating. Dining is an art. When you eat to get the most out of your meal, to please the palate, just as well as to satiate the appetite, that my friend, is dining.” yuan mei, 1936

Michy’s opened last year in Rehoboth Beach.  All of a sudden the parking lot where the Food Lion is located was more crowded than usual…….and that was the scene all summer long.  Still, in the Second Season at the Delaware Beaches, reservations are a must at Michy’s.  The address is 19287 Miller Rd. #17.  Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-227-0999.  Website?  They close on Monday.  Tues through Thursday they open from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. and on Sunday from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Our reservations was for an early dinner with Debbie, Jody, and Debbie K.  These friends are part of my group called “the usual suspects”.  They know me well.  They wait for me to take photos.  Nobody dares to start eating even though they might be dying to.  Laughing is part of getting together.  Catching up on our lives is always fun.

Michy’s has a colorful look throughout the restaurant.  Sorry….it was crowded and for privacy I decided that only photos of our food would do on this evening.  The ususual suspects had already dined at Michy’s, not me, though.

I had heard a lot about this new restaurant and I was pleasantly surprised by the service, the food, the ambiance, and the prices.

Arriving at the table was bread, olive oil and balsamic.


The Fire Cracker Shrimp were so delicious and plenty for sharing.  They were tempura battered, sriracha mayo, scallions and crushed peanuts.  Cannot wait to have them again.


We all had different entrees, which is great when trying a new restaurant.  By the way, the usual suspects loved their dining choices.

Crab Crusted Mahi Mahi had asparagus, wild mushrooms, basil, cherry tomato, and red potato.


Day Boat Sea Scallops on wild mushroom, truffle-pea risotto, shaved parmesan and basil.


The Barramundi Bass was colorful, simple and so tasty.  It was pan seared, topped with salsa cruda, vine ripe tomato, roasted pepper, kalamata olives, garlic, capers, basil, over jasmine rice.


My dish was the Salmon, horseradish crusted, over lemon basil rice, with a side order of soy baby bok choy, mirin, wine sauce and toasted panko. I love salmon and order it every time I see on the menu.  This one was very good and would not hesitate to order it again.


Even though we were all more than satisfied, a sweet ending for sharing was necessary…..the strawberry dessert was just exactly what was needed…4 spoons.


To tell you the truth, I cannot wait to go back!!  Talk to you later!!

Tip:  It seems that Michy’s gets crowded for early dinner, but if you like to eat a bit later in the evening, go after 7:30 p.m. and it will be a very relaxing dining experience.

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January 6th, 2015

Trendy, Classical, Mystical, Magical, New York City’s Holiday Decorations, Same Time Next Year….2015 is Here!!

dscn3055FullSizeRender (5)

Only 24 hours in New York City….raining a bit, cold, damp…..did not matter, out the door to check out what Cindi and I could….with the Holiday Spirit and still feeling the excitement of the city that can decorate like no other, we were playing tourists.

The main plaza at Rockefeller Center found us next to the illuminated angels.  The 85 foot tall Norway Spruce was trimmed with 45,000 lights and topped with a massive Swarovski crystal star.


The ice skating rink was filled with skaters.


Off to Bryant Park located at 42nd St. and 6th Avenue.  This year’s tree was a 50 foot Norwich Spruce.  About 125 Holiday Shops were around the Park.  The tree was taken down today, the 6th of January.


The ice skating rink at Bryant Park is another choice the city has for ice skating through the winter.


From Thanksgiving and through New Year’s the store windows in New York City get decorated to the point that you can take tours.  Cindi and I stopped at one our favorite windows….Bergdorf Goodman!  Its windows featured not only high fashion but also authentic antiques.  They were trendy, classical, and mystical.



Tiffany looked gorgeous!!


The UNICEF Snowflake is a 28 foot ornament made up of “16,000 hand-cut Baccarat crystal.  Every year it is located at the intersection of 57th and 5th Avenue.  The ornament is a beacon of HOPE, PEACE, and COMPASSION for children everywhere.  It was donated to UNICEF by the Stonbely Family Foundation and its iconic architecture is courtesy of designer Ingo Maurer and Baccarat”.  It is awesome!!


So, another Holiday Season comes to an end.  Same time next year in New York City….I have already marked it on my 2015 Calendar.  Best Wishes…..Happy Three King’s Day!!

FullSizeRender (8)

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January 5th, 2015

2015 Begins, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Palace Theatre, Broadway, New York City, Motown, Baby Boomers in Heaven!!


24 hours in New York City!!  Driving from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Saturday, only took us about 4 hours.  Easy driving and no traffic.  I guess everyone was still waking up from New Year’s.  New York City had slight rain but that did not stop Cindi and I from enjoying the City.

Looking forward to seeing The Temptations and The Four Tops at The Palace Theatre on Broadway where they were performing for one week only.  It was the first time they would perform together.  It was going to be fun!

“Baby Boomers found that their music, most notably Rock & Roll, was another expression of the generational identity.  Our transistor radios were personal devices that allowed teenagers to listen to The Beatles and The Motown Sound.”

The Palace Theatre is located at 1564 Broadway.  It opened in 1913 with so much history.  Performing here meant that a performer had “made it”.


The Palace is beautiful with an art deco feel to it.  It is small, seats are so comfortable and the stage can be seen from every seat.


The Temptations and The Four Tops opened the night!!  Even though there have been some changes in their groups because of deaths and other circumstances, their concept and soul have been kept.  And, their wardrobe still stands out, just as their dance moves have, as well.


Then, each group performed what they do best….and the party began!!

The Temptations

The Temptations

The Four Tops

The Four Tops

3 hours of Motown was just the perfect way to start 2015.


And when they asked if we were ready to party…..we did and The Palace was hopping.



This show was awesome!!  The guy next to us asked Cindi to read something from the program and then he said “Didn’t they know what audience was attending?”  Pass the readers, please!

If you are in South Florida, The Temptations and The Four Tops will be at The Kravis Center on Saturday, April 4th at 8 p.m.  You can get tickets through Ticketmaster.  Don’t miss it Baby Boomers!


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