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March 2nd, 2021

Key Lime Pie, Recipe, Easy, Recipes Begged, Borrowed or Stolen

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.” david mamet

When I am out and about trying restaurants or frequenting my usual haunts I usually do not order dessert unless someone at the table does and then share a bite here or there.

I appreciate them from afar, looking at them longingly. But, you know that desserts are loaded with calories and sugar so I abstain.

When guests sit at my dining room table they will be served from soup to nuts. Dessert will be a must and at time more than one offering.

I love the Key Lime Pie. I like it tart. I find it refreshing and the perfect way to end a meal year-round.

This Key Lime Pie recipe is so easy. Pretty much I think people enjoy it. I use bottled Key Lime juice. Those little key limes take forever to squeeze.

The recipe appeared in the school cookbook called A Collection of Recipes II that we all worked on when our kids went to Worcester Country School in Berlin, Maryland. It is now called Worcester Preparatory School.

Parents, grandparents, friends, restauranteurs, they were all so generous with their recipes. This particular one was given by Mrs. Anne Braniff. Not only is she an amazing baker but she is also a good cook.


1/2 box Keebler Vanilla Wafers

2 ounces Macadamia nuts

1/2 stick butter or margarine


1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

4 egg yolks

3-4 ounces Key Lime juice (I put 4 ounces)

In a food processor (or blender) mix wafers and nuts until fine crumbs result. Melt butter; add to crumbs and process until moist.

Press crumbs into a 9″ pie pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 5-7 minutes. Take it out of the oven.

To prepare filling, combine milk and egg yolks at low speed. Slowly add juice, mixing until well blended. Pour into pie shell and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. You may also bake the pie at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. I did not.

Garnish with whipped cream or meringue is optional.

I grated some lime to add a little green color on the top.

You may also substitute low-fat wafers and low fat or no fat condensed milk. I kept it traditional and full of calories.

Enjoy!! It is delicious.

February 13th, 2021

Cuban Tomato Bread, Recipe, Easy, Recipes Begged, Borrowed, or, Stolen

It has taken me almost a week to get this recipe. Chili for Super Bowl Sunday and Cuban Tomato Bread. I said, what? I have never heard of Cuban Tomato Bread. I had been served before in Puerto Rico a tomato bread with origins from Spain but, obviously, by the look of TC’s face I was probably making all this up and wanted to give credit to my Puertorican roots. I was not thinking such a thing.

The Cuban Tomato Bread was a hit. And, since so many asked for the recipe, TC decided on Friday to show me. In regards to what kind of bread to use, that could be your choice. The photo above was a French Bread but it looked a little different from the French Bread we had on Super Bowl Sunday. The bread is going to be toasted and it will taste so good no matter what. Following is the photo of the finished bread on Super Bowl Sunday. We had guests, so obviously we had the full baguette.

The ingredients you probably have on hand. Maybe a few things from the store you will need to get.

No measurements are necessary. Bare with me.


1 stick of butter

garlic salt

Red Pepper blend seasoning (Several to choose from store. Pick something you would like.)

Tomato (for 2 people one tomato will do)

1 yellow onion

Italian Parsley

Seasoned Salt like Larry’s

Mrs. Dash original

Mozzarella cheese (rounds or squares)

You will be using the broiler.

In a small saucepan melt butter, sprinkle garlic salt to taste, the red pepper blend seasoning and the chopped parsley.

Place on a cookie sheet the bread and with a pastry brush apply some of the buttery mixture above already melted. Then place in the broiler for a few minutes making sure you don’t let it burn.

The next step is to slice the tomatoes and onions. Sprinkle lightly with the seasoned salt like Larry’s and Mrs. Dash. Place in the broiler and let them cook for a few minutes, again watching that they do not burn.

Assemble the breads by placing the tomatoes and onions in a thin layer.

Put the slices of cheese on top of the tomatoes and brush with remaining melted butter/parsley sauce.

Back into the broiler until you see it coming out like the first two photos. It will not take long by any means.

Being that we were into the Cuban mode, the perfect pairing was homemade Black Bean Soup. It is cold in Southern Delaware so a soup, a chili, a stew will be great. On the other hand, by itself with a nice glass of wine would pair perfectly.

On my Begged, Borrowed, or Stolen recipes, at times you really have to beg.

Hope you like it, and make it your own, as well.

By the way the recipe was obtained many years ago in Key West, Florida.

AboutMyBeaches has a FB page. Leave me some comments there.

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February 10th, 2021

Old Homestead, Steak House, Restaurant, Borgata, Casino, Atlantic City, NJ, Review, Good Food Will Travel

Plan A was to take the Cape May Lewes Ferry from Lewes towards Cape May, on our way to the Borgata. A 24 hour get-a-way. A change of scenery.

Plan B came into the picture when gale force winds were not going to be conducive to traveling inside the ferry. So driving was the way to go. To tell you the truth it was not bad at all. We stopped for lunch in Wilmington at Buckley’s Tavern which post is already up.

If you are a frequent visitor to Atlantic City you will certainly notice that it is very quiet. Upon entering the Borgata the first thing, before you could even take another step, was the taking of your temperature. The hotel was immaculate and during our stay of 24 hours we felt very safe.

There were families with children and other people like us that wanted a change from the same thing.

Our view was amazing. We were on the 36th floor.

There are several restaurants at the Borgata, but if you want to eat steaks then the Old Homestead should be your choice. Reservations are required by calling 609-317-1000. Or you can also do it online The Old Homestead has been in existence for about 150 years in New York. It is considered an institution.

We had great service with our server knowing the menu well. A Coppola wine with oysters. The bread was amazing. And asking him which salad to pick he suggested the Oh Salad. You see that on the plate it looks like a regular old salad, but it was a memorable salad. Romaine, radicchio, tomatoes, gherkins, chopped egg, apple wood bacon, shaved reggiano and onion crunch. It had a Thousand Island Dressing. Not sure what they did to that dressing but it was very good.

I knew the specialty was steak but still asked our server what was the entree that customers just cannot stop talking about. Without hesitation he said the Chilean Bass. He said it is just that good. I love seafood, so that was my entree and it did not disappoint. Probably the best I have ever had. Placed on top of long beans, raisins, cashews, it had a fried potato bundle. Then a sauce made of soy sauce, cilantro, butter, lime, and honey.

Asparagus with Hollandaise for the table.

The Veal Chop was the other entree ordered and it was the special of the day. It got rave reviews, as well.

And guess what else we ordered? Onion Rings…made in house. Not greasy and the perfect size. Dipping them in Ketchup, oh what a treat!!

No dessert was necessary. I think we had eaten enough.

The Casino had players but, again, not like the usual. There were partitions between the dealer and players and between the players too. The moment someone would get up the whole area was cleaned.

If you want to get out of the house, I recommend it.

The next day off we went to Philly to the Reading Terminal….That will be the next post.

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February 5th, 2021

Henlopen City Oyster House, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Restaurant, Review, Dine-In, Curbside PickUp, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

Henlopen City Oyster House is located in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at 50 Wilmington Avenue. It is one of the few restaurants that, at this time of the year, are open for lunch and dinner. It closes on Tuesdays.


We sat at the oyster bar. Perfect seating watching the guys shucking oysters. We had 3 varieties….the saltier the better in my book.

You see that glass of wine there? We asked for a suggestion of what would pair well with the oysters. It was called Barbara Ohlzelt and it is a Gruner Veltliner type of wine from Austria. It was perfection with our oysters and seafood choices.

A New England Clam Chowder was ordered. It had plenty of clams, smoked bacon, potatoes and veggies. Look how good it looked.

Up and down the beaches I have my favorite restaurants for a particular food. Henlopen City Oyster House is a favorite of mine for scallops. Any which way they fix them, I love them. Always perfectly cooked. So my choice last night was Seared Massachusetts Scallops with saffron migas, tangerine-meyer lemon emulsion, butternut squash, and sage and speck. Speck is a pork fat with or without some meat in it. It is sort of a type of prosciutto. My review? Excellent!!

I usually rave about the grilled octopus in another local restaurant in town. So I was very excited when the Grilled Octopus was order at Henlopen City Oyster House. I tasted a little bite and it was up there with my other favorite one. Tender and very well seasoned. Braised in red wine, with bay water purple sweet potatoes, bravas sauce, crispy capers, olive oil and parsley. Both the octopus and the clam chowder were appetizers that were ordered as a main entree.

Even through a Pandemic, Rehoboth Beach continues to be a foodie’s destination with our restaurants offering really good food. There is something for everyone in this town.

AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook Page. Leave me a message will you?


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January 26th, 2021

The Inn at Pound Ridge, Pound Ridge, New York, Restaurant, Review, Jean-Georges Restaurant, Farm to Table Cuisine, Good Food, Will Travel

By the seat of my pants I got a reservation at The Inn at Pound Ridge. A getaway to Greenwich and Bedford with only 2 nights to try restaurants that would leave me wanting to go back.

I called the day prior to our trip for a reservation. There were none available. I called again and left a message. I could not believe that they called me back asking me what time I wanted the reservation for. Don’t know if anyone canceled but a reservation I indeed had.

The Inn at Pound Ridge started as a residence back in 1833. Then, an inn, and now renowned International Chef Jean-Georges has it as a farm to table restaurant. It has an understated elegance that is palpable the moment you step in.

You can check the credentials of Jean-Georges. A Michelin Star winner, a businessman, a restauranteur, and a book publisher. Restaurant patrons all over the world appreciate his cooking style.

“Soup to Nuts” comes to mind as I write this post. It means from beginning to end. Every aspect covered. The term can be attributed to many things and not just cooking.

Fireplaces were roaring, it was a cold night. The Inn at Pound Ridge is located at 258 Westchester Ave.

They were taking us downstairs and I thought maybe our table was not going to be a prime table. Well, surprise, surprise, it certainly was. In an alcove next to the fire. Very private and cozy. Jess, our server, promptly came over. A shout to him. He was very attentive throughout our dining experience.

Drinks were ordered. Then, the soup. Butternut Squash Soup with Wild Mushrooms. A delicate soup, full of color and flavor.

The Kale Salad with a Parmesan Dressing, Croutons, and Mint. I tasted this salad. It was not my own. I would say that it was very good but not the best I have tasted before.

Look at that Steamed Black Seabass. It was the evening’s special and got a thumbs up review.

Every good restaurant offers beef. How it is prepared can make for a memorable experience. This Beef Tenderloin reflected that. It was eaten slowly because he did not want it to end. Those are smooth parsnips, with roasted Brussels sprouts and a Miso mustard.

My Faroe Island Salmon was amazing. That’s my description. It is a favorite entree at the restaurant and it came with mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and a truffle vinaigrette.

A few after dinner drinks, a little coffee, and more conversation. No dessert was necessary even though for the purpose of a food post I should have had one.

What’s a memorable dining experience? Those chips, again, have to fall into place. The atmosphere, the food, and the company. Yes, the company makes it priceless!!

Until next time, I remain. AboutMyBeaches has its own FB Page if you would like to leave a message. Finding out about what’s going on, what events, what restaurants…reviews, where to shop and what to cook for dinner.

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January 24th, 2021

Polpo, Restaurant, Saloon, Italian Cuisine, Piano Bar, Review, Greenwich, Connecticut

It was a short getaway, but getaways are usually short. What makes them memorable is when all the chips fall into place. The trip, the accommodations, the weather, and most of all, the restaurants.

I asked the Delamar Hotel, where we were staying, to send me a list of Italian restaurants. The one that spoke to me was Polpo. First the name because it means octopus and I love octopus or squid. An extensive menu it was so 4 of us were there a week ago. Still remember it and definitely would visit again on another trip.

Polpo is located on 554 Old Post Rd. in Greenwich, CT. Tel. 203-629-1999. Website?

What are some of the characteristics of a good Italian restaurant? What do you actually look for? A lot of food, you really don’t serve a dot on a plate. Oh no. Great ambiance, and good service. Please don’t rush us. Last but not least is food quality. Best ingredients are a must.

Polpo delivered. Our servers were a team. The accents were deep, rivaling my own. There was music in the bar area. People were chatting and for a moment in time we forgot that a pandemic is still with us.

At Polpo they have matchstick fried zucchini and it was ordered for the table. At first I thought well I am not sure. Why order this when there is so much more of that. Guess what? Crispy, and guilt free eating.

A few salads were ordered. All through our ordering the restaurant was alive, waiters coming and going. Boy, I have missed the noise and the people.

Just a reminder that at Polpo everything is homemade. A salad of homemade mozzarella with roasted peppers and white anchovies (Boquerones) was not mine but I got to have a few of the anchovies, which I loved.

Too far for me to taste it but look at the Burratta Caprese with Prosciutto. It got very good reviews.

I love Branzino. This Mediterranean fish is full of flavor and I usually order it whenever I see it. At Polpo they had a fillet. I asked if they had a whole fish. That’s what I wanted. Signora anything you want we can do. Do you want us to debone it? Of course not!! How could you say such a thing. That is where the flavor is. They loved saying that eating it whole was the way to go. They just did not know I knew how to pick crabs, that I can eat a lobster all throughout. This Branzino was no challenge. I ate everything with gusto. It was the best Branzino and thank God it was because the whole fish was pricey.

The Branzino al Forno was served with a rosemary and garlic sauce. You can see it right on this next photo, next to the Cacio e Pepe dish that was also ordered. The dish was delicious but they cautioned that it was very peppery.

The Mediterranean cuisine has introduced us to Rapini or Broccoli Rab. Full of flavor and loved the garlic.

Someone said that homemade pasta absorbs the flavor of a dish better than pasta bought at a grocery store. The Linguini on Vongole with White Clam Sauce was received as the best they have had.

Most of the time I do not order dessert. Not that I don’t want to. It is the fact that I like to practice some restraint.

This dense chocolate cake and ice cream, I had a bite and could have had more. A perfect ending to a memorable Italian dinner.

We ventured out the door. It had started raining. But it did not matter. We had full stomachs and smiles on our faces.

My regret? That my photos were not the best that night. Trying to capture everyone’s dishes before they dove into them. That was tricky.

Until another time, I remain. Check out my AboutMyBeaches Facebook Page to find out about events, restaurans, reviews, where to shop and what to cook for dinner.

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January 22nd, 2021

Delamar Greenwich Harbor, Hotel, Weekend Getaway, Connecticut, Waterfront Hotel

A change of scenery is a welcome change. Nothing beats just a couple of days away from the usual to rejuvenate our mental health.

Staying at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor was that type of change. Just 2 nights is all we needed. The hotel is on the water. Located at 500 Steamboat Rd., Greenwich, CT 06830


Covid 19 tests negative we had just in case anyone asked. No valet parking at the moment because of the virus but the property has parking so that was not a big deal.

Easy check in. Guests were asked not to congregate in the lobby.

In the mornings, fruit, yogurt, juices were placed on that table. Towards the back on the left there was a very nice coffee bar.

The property is located on the water. I can imagine sitting outdoors during warmer months.

The room was very comfortable. A great bed, by the way. The balcony, again would have been perfect appreciating the waterfront.

Delamar has a restaurant called L’Escale. The menu looked great but we only had drinks.

You can visit their website

To me the hotel was Art Deco. That design period is captivating and nostalgic. The restaurant was founded in 2003.

Definitely, will stay there again. Everyone was very cordial and the restaurant is so close to Greenwich Ave. where fabulous stores, spas, and restaurants are found.

The Delamar has a spa but because of Covid the spaces were limited and being that it was a holiday weekend they suggested Posh Spa located at 195 Greenwich Ave., next to Saks Fifth Ave…how convenient. It was great and after a 1 1/2 massage we felt like new people. And, ready to experience a few of the restaurants that the area offered.

Even though traveling through a pandemic has been challenging, there is still ways to enjoy a couple of days away from the norm. The trip from Rehoboth Beach to Greenwich took 4 hours and that included stopping a few times. Very doable.

Next post? Restaurant #1

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January 9th, 2021

AboutMyBeaches, The Talk of Delmarva, WGMD, Bob Yesbek, Rehoboth Foodie, Food, Radio Talk Show, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware

Hello there. It is Saturday, January 9th. Life continues as it should and here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, we continue to experience great food even through a pandemic.

The Rehoboth Foodie, our local celebrity when it comes to restaurant reviews has a weekly radio show on 92.7 FM where he invites guests and have a one on one chat. I was honored to have been invited for today’s show. It will take place at 2 p.m. If you are a local then you can tune in but you can also stream it on

A podcast will also be available after the broadcast at

My talk with Bob included the traditions of my Puertorican heritage. It was Three Kings Day or the Epiphany when we taped so I was able to bring him some pasteles, fried plantains, mojito, arroz con gandules (pigeon peas) and Puertorican famous Coquito which the eggnog.

It was a lot of fun and I got to know Bob better and experience his sense of humor.

Also on the radio show you will hear from SoDel Concepts’ Corporate Pastry Chef Dru Tevis and Baywood’s Head Pastry Chef Ellie Keck for a behind-the scenes peek at how they keep 12 restaurants in fresh, new desserts.

Have a beautiful day. It is chilly in Southern Delaware but the sun is out!!

Remember AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook Page where you can read what’s going on and leave me some comments.

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