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November 24th, 2014

Lane Builders, Lewes, Delaware, Building Contractors, Custom Homes, Preplanned Homes, Renovations, The Tidewater, The House on Parkwood St, A Builder that Cares!! Giving Thanks, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Sussex County


It is a time of the year to give thanks….shouldn’t we be doing this every day?  I try to but at times, I do forget.  Giving thanks to Lane Builders is something that I will never forget.  No way.  Lane Builders is located at 1009 Kings Highway in Lewes, Delaware, 19958.  Tel. 302-645-5555.  Website?

On AboutMyBeaches I have posted about Lane Builders.  It is my story and my relationship with this caring builder.  Jeff Burton, Keith Hastings and their staff at Lane Builders made sure that the process of building the House on Parkwood Street in Bethany Beach went smoothly and on a timely manner.

Besides Lane Builders offering custom homes, renovations, and anything under the sun that could be done to enhance your property, they also have 4 Preplanned Homes:  Mission Bay, Sunset Bay, Tidewater, and Berkshire.  When you open the above mentioned website, you can click under the heading of Preplanned Homes.

Then, if you click on Tidewater and scroll down a bit, you will also see that this home is in memory of my late husband, John Merryman, III, who owned Tidewater Realty, Ltd. in Bethany Beach.  Lane Builders and John designed this home to fit just the right lot in beautiful Bethany Beach. You can also read and check the photos of my testimonial.


The Tidewater, along with the other preplanned homes are designed with the Delaware coast in mind.  Energy efficient; careful detailed has been given to them just like they would give to any custom home, just like Tidewater was.


I am in Bethany Beach every week.  I drive at times by the house.  The last photo was taken a few weeks ago.  I have seen the new owners’ car there…..They are making their own memories in The Quiet Resort. John would have been so proud.

Again, thank you Lane Builders.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

September 22nd, 2014

Fall Travels, Sayle’s Seafood, Nantucket, MA, Take Out, Fresh Seafood, Nantucket Lobsters, Clambakes, Eat on The Porch


Dining in Nantucket is a popular pastime.  It reminds me of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  You can enjoy fine dining but also plenty of casual eateries are sought out by many…

Visiting Nantucket with a local has been great.  Knowing where to go, what to see, and what to appreciate.  We decided to stay in and cook seafood.  A visit to Sayle’s Seafood located at 99 Washington Street Extension was what we needed to do. Tel. 508-228-4599  Website?

You can order seafood and appetizers, chowders, sandwiches and even dinner and sit out on their small porch.  Or, take it home.  Sayle’s Seafood offers catering services, including famous Clambakes.

We did not choose lobster but there were plenty to choose from. From a few pounds to over 4 pounds.  They, actually, had pretty good deals.


Cod that’s what we chose and 4 or 5 pounds of mussels.  These had just come in.


We had everything else we needed at the house.  And, to Never Moor we went.


The cod was so easy to prepare.  Just grated lemon, lemon juice, pepper, a bit of salt and butter.  On 425 degrees cooking it 10 minutes to the inch.

The mussels were gorgeous and came out just beautifully.  I love mussels and order them often. But, these climbed to a different level.  Butter, wine, and their own broth….so delish!


The housemates were getting restless….too much wine at the table.


I sat down and looked at all of them and thought…..Friends are always there when you need them.

Totally loved these mussels.

Totally loved these mussels.

We went outside after dinner.  It was so quiet.  The sunset was awesome!!  And, then the stars came out.


September 21st, 2014

Fall Travels, First Congregational Church, Old North Vestry, The Tower, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1725, Restoration, Preservation, Daily Visit, Worship on Sunday


Sunday, a day of worship for many and reflection.  While in Nantucket, MA, we visited the First Congregational Church and Old North Vestry located at 62 Centre St., which is a few blocks off Main Street.  It is the tallest white bell tower visible from anywhere in town.  Tel. 508-228-0950.  Website?   Since 1725, The Vestry is the oldest structure for religious purposes on the island.  It may also be one of the oldest continuosly used church buildings in the U.S.

The older part of the church, “Old North Vestry” was built in 1725, but was not located on this part of the town.  It was about a mile north from this present site.  It was moved in 1765 to this more commanding position on “Beacon Hill”.

The Big Church as they call it was built in 1834.  A that time the church was composed mostly of women because the men were away at sea.  The box pews still carry the numbers of their original owners.


The original trompe-l’oeil painting was done by an Italian painter and is most unique, even now.  The chandelier measuring over 7 feet in diameter, weighs 600 pounds and was crafted in England.


The steeple rises over 120 feet and up to the observation Tower we went.  The original tower was built in 1795, and in 1800 a 1,000 pound bell was added.  For years the church had been going restoration and in 1970 it was completed and rededicated.  Photos of this journey can be found as you climb to the Tower.


It is a steep climb so be prepared.


From the Tower commanding views of Nantucket Island.




You are welcome to visit daily and to worship with the community on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  Dress attire?  Come as you are.


Have a great day!!

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September 16th, 2014

Traveling, Airports, Hotels? Hampton Inn, Pizza? Pizza King, Warwick, Providence, Rhode Island

I could keep on venting, but I will not.  The flight to Providence was to have taken one hour, if that, from Philly.  Nothing ever goes smoothly when traveling, or does it?

US Airways, plane on the air…then the announcement that we would have to go back to Philly….oh don’t worry you will see fire trucks and ambulances on the ground….a window popped out.  What?  All I could think was that my connection was already gone.

To make a long story short….we got to Providence around 6:30 p.m. from a 1:50 p.m. flight.


Now where to stay?  I wanted something next to the airport.  Reading the reviews I saw plenty of excellent ones for the Hampton Inn, right next to the airport, in Warwick.  That the service was excellent, yada yada yada.


I am passing the info., just in case you are traveling this corridor.  It has been excellent, from the moment that the driver picked me up at the airport.  He has been working for this Hampton Inn for 14 years.

This Hampton Inn is located at 2100 Post Rd., Warwick, RI 02886.  Warwick is where the airport is located, as well.  Tel. 401-739-8888.

Plenty of travelers must have thought the same way.  Lots guests here. Bar and lounge available too.


They were so friendly.  Great services.  They can take you free of charge to so many restaurants in the area.  A welcoming snack, as well.

Breakfast in the morning.


The hotel is super clean, has a bar and the rooms are good size.

They bake cookies every day in house.  Perfect!!

And coffee is always served!


So, I really did not want to go anywhere for dinner, after my traveling experience.

Pizza!!  That’s what I wanted.  The guys here told me that Pizza King was great.  They are local, family owned and operated for 30 years.  And, they deliver to the hotel.

Pizza King is located at 1800 Post Rd., right in Warwick too.  I ordered a small one with mushrooms and a salad!!  Surprise, Surprise.

The pizza was gorgeous and well done….I did not even have to ask for that.  So good.


And look at the salad!!  They recommended their homemade vinaigrette!!  Really good.


At $13.92 plus tip….what a welcoming deal!!  Thanks!.

My blog is written mostly about my experiences….it is word of mouth.  Got to give credit when credit is due…and both, this Hampton Inn, and, Pizza King deserve to be highlighted on my post.

My destination today?  Nantucket Island

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September 7th, 2014

Best Nest, Home Furnishings, Cape Charles, Virginia, Art, Accessories, Linens, Rugs, Furniture, Design Services in Cape Charles, Virginia’s Eastern Shore


My friend, Cindi, and I have never met strangers.  It ended up being that the owners of Best Nest in Downtown Cape Charles were originally from the Bethany Beach and Selbyville…Delaware area.  Small world.  We arrived at the store because we wanted to say hi to someone from back home.  Best Nest is located at 7 Strawberry Street, Cape Charles, VA 23310.  Tel. 757-331-4437.  Website?  You can find them on Facebook as Best Nest Home Furnishings.

This is a fairly new location for them….but the store already looked so pretty and it felt like it had been there forever.  They open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Closed on Tuesdays.  Sundays by appointment.


John and Nikki are the owners and they offer many years of experience to their customers.   Their projects can be large or small, and both are very comfortable working with a variety of budgets, tastes and personalities.


The store offers furniture, art, accessories, linens and rugs.  At times just an accessory here or there can really define a room.


If you are in need of home staging, or might want to rearrange what you already have to give you a better flow, please give them a call or stop by.


Please visit if you would like to read some of the testimonials and also to see photos of many of their projects.

The weather felt better today….don’t you think?  Have a good one.

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August 25th, 2014

The House, Parkwood Street, The Tidewater, Bethany Beach, Delaware, Developer? Tidewater Realty, Ltd., John Merryman’s Family, Builder? Lane Builders, LLC, Lewes, Delaware, It Settled!!, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware


My husband, John Merryman, III’s testimony before passing away last August 31st was that during over the 3 decades in Bethany Beach, Delaware, he had developed more than enough houses to know the business.  He referred to Jeff Burton of Lane Builders as a consummate professional, easy to deal with and someone he was happy to be doing business with.


John and Jeff designed The Tidewater, a home that was to be built on Parkwood Street in Bethany Beach.  The lots in Bethany are usually long and narrow, so a special house with plenty of bedrooms for a family and friends was born.


This house was within walking distance to the Town of Bethany; its beaches, boardwalk, shops and restaurants.  It was located in a quiet street in Bethany.  Instead of coming through the front door all wet, you could come from under the house and leave your beach belongings there.

dscn9941 - Copy

Jeff Burton is the Managing Partner and President of Lane Builders, LLC, located at 1009 Kings Highway, Lewes, Delaware.  Tel. 302-645-5555.   Website?  You can also find Lane Builders on Facebook.

Upon John’s passing, we called Jeff and we also called the buyer who was from Northern Virginia.  I cannot imagine their thoughts in having to then deal with the widow.  Having been assured that the building was going to go as planned, they were confident in our ability to carry it through.

I am writing this post, which by the way, is very personal, since the year anniversary of John’s passing is around the corner.  I wanted to tell you the kind of builder Jeff was for us.  The first thing he said without hesitation was “I will make this process as easy as I can for you.”  And, he did.

Jeff Burton taking care of last minute details.

Jeff Burton taking care of last minute details.

Spiritually, John was guiding me through this process.  I believe that.

The house turned out to be so nice.  I met the owners on the day of the settlement when we were checking the house.

The floors were hand-scraped wood flooring, the tones of the house were soothing, lots of gray, white and blue on the walls and countertops.




The family is going to love having all those bedrooms and bathrooms.  A spacious laundry room…a must!



I know that when the owners come up the stairs they will certainly enjoy the smooth flowing of their beach house.  They are already enjoying it, along with everything Bethany Beach has to offer.


This family had been coming to Bethany for many years.  They told me they were waiting for the right house….The Tidewater is going to be a place for rest and relaxation.  Bethany Beach is a family resort.  It is also known as The Quiet Resort.



Jeff Burton surprised me on that day.  The Tidewater is going to be always The Tidewater; in memory of John.  A home design that was their first one to be considered a preplanned home, custom built on your lot.  You can see a more detailed description of this house if you click on

I will probably not have any contact with the new owners.  Our business is finished.  But, this house will always hold a special place in my heart.  John would have been so proud.


My testimony?  I can’t say enough about Jeff Burton, his building partner, Keith Hastings, and their staff at Lane Builders.  If you are planning on building or remodeling at the Delaware Beaches, please give them a call.  You will not be disappointed.

Have a great day!

August 13th, 2014

4th Annual Wings of Hope Kicks-Off, Wednesday, August 13th, Campaing For Hope, Butterfly Release, Saturday, September 13th, Cancer Support Community Delaware, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Sussex County


The mission at The Cancer Support Community Delaware is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.  It is the only organization in Delaware dedicated exclusively to helping people cope with and manage the emotional aspect of cancer.  The professionally led programs provide emotional support, education and hope.  Best of all, all of the programs are offered free of charge.



Today, Wednesday, the 13th of August is the official kick off date for the 4th Annual Wings of Hope…the Campaing of Hope.  This prelude to the much anticipated Butterfly Release that will be taking place on Saturday, September 13th.

Businesses and organizations throughout Sussex County will be selling seeded paper buterflies to honor friends and loved ones impacted by cancer.

Epworth United Methodist Church, Grace United Methodist Church, All Saints’ Church, Dimitra Yoga, Rehoboth Beach Public Library, Tomato Sunshine and Surf Bagel are just a few of the locations selling butterflies.

Beauties and Butterflies — Salons Suporting Cancer Support Community Delaware chaired by Drexel Davison of Bad Hair Day? includes over a dozen beauty salons participating in the Wings of Hope by selling butterflies.  For a complete list of butterfly sales locations, please visit

Thousands of paper butterflies will be displayed at the Wings of Hope – A Butterfly Release on 9/13 on the grounds of the Medical Arts Building at the Beebe Health Campus on Rt. 24 in Rehoboth Beach.

This very special celebration of life is highlighted with the release of 250 live Monarch butterflies in recognition of Sussex County friends and neighbors impacted by cancer.  Hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the admission is free.  The event will also feature vendors, demos, refreshments, and children’s activities.


For more information about the Cancer Support Community Delaware and the Wings of Hope, visit, or, call 302-645-9150.

Have a great day….sun is coming out!!

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July 28th, 2014

AboutMyBeaches Turns 5!! Events, Restaurants, Reviews, Where to Shop…and What to Cook for Dinner! Advertisers: Beach House Management, Coastal Chem-Dry, Doggies At The Beach, Alice H. Klein-TKO, Butter Shades, Bethany Area Realty…Word of Mouth


Five years ago I was sitting at Hobos located at Baltimore Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, when my husband suggested I started a website.  To tell you the truth I think he was tired of me calling him to the office to tell him I had found a better place to get corn, or that the crabs were bigger at such and such place…..and can you believe they are putting another bla bla bla store here?

I fell right into it.  But from a website it went to a website written in a blog style.  Living at the beach is great.  I never take it for granted.  And, for so many years John and I lived here at the Delaware Beaches.  He could have written the blog himself also.  I guess being residents of the “Beaches” gave us the ability to pass on the information….at times maybe too much information.

For the ones that follow my blog, there are over 43,000 photos.  5 years worth of photos.  My family is still not at ease by my taking photos of the food at restaurants.  They say that is so embarrassing.  My friends?  They are more forgiving.  They humor me and don’t dare to start eating until the photo or photos are taken.

John was my best PR person.  He always carried AboutMyBeaches cards in his wallet.  But, John passed away last August.  Yes, that’s the way life goes; not fair.  He had a very dry sense of humor and I am sure he is watching what I am writing and what I am eating.  He was the first foodie I knew.  We miss him so much.

My advertisers are great, just click on their website located on the right hand of this post.  I do know them personally.  I want to thank them by including them on this post.

BEACH HOUSE MANAGEMENT, LLC – At the head of this company is Michael Keegan.  Since 2003 his property management company took care of our Florida properties located in Delray Beach.  I could not say enough about Michael and his staff.  Having a property manager when you are not in the area is not an indulgency; it is a necessity.  If you are looking for someone in the Delray Beach area, please contact them. Tel. 561-376-4329

COASTAL CHEM-DRY – Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery – With locations throughout the State of Delaware, you can find them in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties.  I know them personally and be assured that you will get the best service from them.  Please visit the website to find out what specials they are running and to learn more about their “green” way of cleaning carpets and upholstery. Tel. 302-234-0200

DOGGIES AT THE BEACH – This is my dog’s, Addy, home away from home in Rehoboth Beach.  Cage free facility, grooming, classes and the best staff ever.  Call them at 302-644-8200.

ALICE H. KLEIN-TKO – I have been a fan of Alice’s jewelry for many years.  She is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Every piece of jewelry is handmade….also she can make you a one of a kind piece.  Tel. 302-539-6992

BUTTER SHADES – Quality affordable sunglasses.  A traditional and classic look that anyone can wear.  Internet sales…just check out the website, place your order and in a few days you will get them.  Follow Butter Shades on Facebook.

BETHANY AREA REALTY, LLC – The Broker of Record for Bethany Area Realty is Ann Raskauskas.  I call her Annie.   My husband and I knew her well.  For many years she worked with my husband at Tidewater Realty.  They were best friends.  Annie, just like John did, loves to sell the lifestyle that they both enjoyed.  Annie is also involved in fundraising for charities that are close to her heart.  For rentals and sales, contact her at 302-537-9700.

What can I say…thanks to all the readers!!

I have over 11,400 page views, 1,696 posts, 2,028 comments, 7,906 tags and plenty of spam.  I post on Twitter and AboutMyBeaches has a Facebook page.  Soooo….I will be talking to you later.


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