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March 29th, 2015

Historic Churches, Chapels, Architectural Wonders, It’s Sunday, A Day for Worship, 13 Churches on My Travels

Always look forward to visiting churches on my travels.  Not necessarily on a time when religious services are taking place.  I like them when they are totally quiet.  For me is a time for reflection; to pray for my family and friends.  I usually stop at churches of all denominations, even though I am Catholic.  I thank for our religious freedom.  Historic churches and chapels…I am in awe of their beauty and of their strength.

Here are some of my favorite churches and the list is getting longer.



St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a New York Landmark.  In 1785 there were only 200 Catholics and one priest in New York City.  The doors opened in 1879.  The newspapers hailed the New Cathedral as “the noblest temple ever raised in any land to the memory of Saint Patrick, and as the glory to Catholic America”.  When I have visited New York with my friend, Shelley, who is Jewish…she always makes a point to stop at St. Patrick’s.  So beautiful.


St. Paul’s Chapel was built in 1766.  It is the oldest public building in continuous use in Manhattan.  It survived the Great Fire of 1776 and the attacks on 9/11.  George Washington prayed here after his inauguration in 1789.  It is located at 209 Broadway, between Fulton St. and Vesey St.  Still standing against all odds, this church has been a place not only for spiritual healing but for physical refuge, as well.



I grew up in the Island of Puerto Rico.  When you see my posts from there is because that’s where my formative years took place.  Old San Juan is the Capital and it is over 500 years old.  La Catedral de San Juan is formally known as the San Juan Bautista Cathedral, named after the Puerto Rican Patron Saint, San Juan Bautista or Saint John the Baptist.  It is located on Cristo St. between Luna St. and San Francisco St.  It was built in 1540 and it is the second oldest cathedral in the Western Hemisphere.  The Cathedral contains the tomb of Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon.  And, the mummified remains of Roman Christian Martyr, Saint Pio.


Capilla del Cristo or Christ’s Chapel is located at the end of Calle del Cristo, which is also where the Cathedral is located.  The Chapel was built to commemorate a miracle.  Local lore has it that as a young man lost control of his horse and galloped down Calle del Cristo over the cliff at the end of the road, he prayed to a Catholic saint and his prayers were answered.


Parroquia San Francisco de Asis is located at San Francisco Street #301 in Old San Juan.  The Crypt – As in old colonial churches, the remains of Christians were buried in catacombs.  This can also be seen at the entrance of the Parish.  They are called catacombs similar to the Roman catacombs but they are crypts.  In the crypt are the remains of personalities of Puerto Rico.  They are considered of important historical heritage.


Iglesia Dulce Nombre de Jesus is located in the town plaza of Humacao.  This is where I grew up.  It is on the eastern side of the island.  I went to primary school at Academia San Jose which was across the street.  My family went to church here, my parents were married in this church, and I also made my First Communion there.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Originally, it was a single structure built in 1769.  A second church was built from 1825-1826.  The present church was built in 1868-1877.  It was designed by Don Evaristo de Churruca in the Gothic Revival style.  Further renovations have taken place since then.


Parroquia Nuestra Senora del Carmen is located at 33 Marina, in Punta Santiago near my hometown, Humacao.  Punta Santiago is a fishing village.  Nuestra Senora del Carmen is the patron saint of Fishermen.  The official Feast Day is July 16th.  I have fond memories of this church.  It is always kept in pristine condition.  My late husband, John, and I got married here.  We chose this church because it was on the beach and it really is pretty, small and cozy.  It was the second wedding….first one in Orlean, Virginia and then this one in 2 complete different years.  One was not enough!!



Saint Martin’s Historic Church and the importance of historic preservation.  For so many years it stood neglected, just waiting for those who would take over the mission of its restoration.  It is considered by many historians “to be the finest preserved, most significant piece of American history on the Lower Eastern Shore”.  It is an Architectural gem, built in 1756, and a museum located at 11413 Worcester Highway in Showell, Maryland.  For more info., please visit



St. Peter’s Church is located at 2nd & Market Streets in Historic Lewes, Delaware.  Lewes is the First Town in the First State.  Since 1680 this church has served this community.  The early settlers who were members of the Church of England formed its first congregation.  The graveyard which surrounds the Church has stones dating back to 1707.  Stop by while strolling Lewes.



The Baltimore Basilica’s is America’s First Cathedral.  I have a deep connection to Baltimore.  My late husband was from Baltimore and many years ago, I lived and worked in Baltimore.  Love the City.  The Basilica’s construction started in 1806.  George Weigel, the biographer for Pope John Paul II said “No other Catholic edifice in America can claim to have seen so much history inside its walls”.  At least 15 saints or potential saints have prayed in this Basilica.  The Crypt inside the Basilica holds the tombs of Archbishop John Carroll, the first Bishop of the United States of America, Archbishop Martin John Spalding, and James Cardinal Gibbons.



Philadelphia has 4 Catholic shrines:  St John Neumann, St. Katherine Drexel, Miraculous Medal and St. Rita of Cascia.  Philadelphia is considered a city where the foundations for our right to freedom and religion were laid.  The National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia is located at 1166 S. Broad St. and it was built in 1907.  I came to know it during my stay in Philadelphia the summer of 2013.



St. Michael’s Catholic Church is located at 71 Broad St. in Historic Charleston.  A National Historic Landmark.  Pewes are made of native cedar and remain the same as they have always been.  The altar is Victorian.  The chancel rail is made of wrought iron.  It dates to 1772.  George Washington worshipped at Governor’s Pew #43.  This church is gorgeous and the docent was so amazingly inspiring.


St. Philip’s Protestan Episcopal Church is located at 142 Church St. in Historic Charleston.  The original building was completed in 1724, destroyed by fire in 1835 and finished the rebuilding in 1838.  Porticos and columns remind visitors of Roman porticos.  This church is also a National Historic Landmark and has the tallest steeple in Historic Charleston.  The docent was so nice and proud of her church.

I am looking forward to this list getting longer.  These churches welcome us all.  Many of them are so simple.  Some are architectural wonders.  You don’t really have to look for them, some times they find you.

Another magical Sunday….but waiting for summer is what I am doing.

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March 22nd, 2015

Party with a PURPOSE, Little Pink Houses of Hope, Fundraising Event, Thursday, March 26th, 6-8 p.m., NorthEast Seafood Kitchen, Ocean View, Delaware, Let’s Fill Those Seats!!


Everything looked so normal.  Just like any other get together at the beach.  Going fishing!!  Summertime, a time to relax and not to care about a thing…..If it only were that easy.  Just for one week it was for the families that came to Bethany Beach, Delaware, for this retreat last year.  The women had breast cancer and the journey to the beach was to get away and have fun.

The organization is called Little Pink Houses of Hope founded by Jeanine Patten-Coble.  Website?  The organizers in Bethany Beach were Annie Raskauskas and Stacy Shepps.  Annie and Stacy were backed up by the communities of the Delaware Beaches.  Big hearts in Southern Delaware.


When these families arrived at the beach their accommodations were all donated by area residents.  Besides their accommodations, they had barbecues, crab feasts, dinners, deep sea fishing…the community went all out.  Everything for them was free of charge.  Breast cancer like many chronic diaseases not only afflicts the person but the whole family.

When they arrived the families did not know one another.  When they left they were a united front and a very powerful and emotional thing to see.  The following photos are of the last day together having fun….fishing, a picnic, a pig roast, a birthday celebration, games on the beach…meet The Little Pinks and their families.




In the evening…pig roast, birthday celebration and games on the beach.





Then, it was time to say so long.


Party with a PURPOSE will take place on Thursday, March 26th from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at NorthEast Seafood Kitchen located at 29 Atlantic Avenue (Rt. 26) in Ocean View, Delaware.  Just a few miles west of Bethany Beach.  Tickets ar $40 and will include light fare, cash bar, silent auction and 50/50.  The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for Little Pink Houses of Hope.  For tickets and info., please call 302-245-2154 or 302-537-9700.  Living in Hope…Let’s Fill those Seats!!


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March 15th, 2015

It’s Sunday, A Day of Worship, St. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church, Historic Charleston, South Carolina, National Historic Landmark


It’s Sunday morning.  It is quiet at home.  I like it that way.  The rain stopped last night.  It is warm at the Delaware Beaches.  It feels like Spring. I am almost out of coffee; not a good thing.

Sundays are just one of those days to put your feet up, read a book, or do nothing at all.  Magical Sundays, I call them.

Visiting Historic Charleston, I still have a few posts to write.  There are so many churches in Historic Charleston, close to each other, as well.  Architecturally, they are wonders and have been able to withstand the test of time.


It does not matter what religious denomination you are.  If you are visiting Historic Charleston stop by.  They are sanctuaries and not just for Sundays. St Philip’s is a National Historic Landmark.


I stopped at St. Philip’s, located at 142 Church St., one block east of Meeting Street.  Website?  This church is considered the Mother Church of the Diocese of S.C. Est. 1670.  It first was located where St. Michael’s Catholic Church stands today.  The present building was built from 1835-1838, after the original building was completed in 1724 and a fire destroyed it in 1835.


This church distinguishes itself from others…porticos and columns reminiscing of Roman porticos.  I believe its steeple is the tallest one in Historic Charleston.



Resting in peace in the Churchyard you will find the graves of John C. Calhoun, Secretary of War and V.P. of the U.S., Edward Rutledge, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Charles Pinckney, signer of the Constitution, among other notables.

The docent on that particular day was so nice.  She was like a grandmother.  Softspoken, she spoke of the church so proudly.  We talked for some time.  And, not just about the church.  Her personal life had taken her to Historic Charleston.  Her kids behind her after she had been divorced….You see, everyone has a journey.  A positive attitude is half the battle.

Have a great day!!

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March 12th, 2015

Destination? Historic Charleston, South Carolina, Belmond Charleston Place, Hotel, Spa, Historic Charm, Modern Luxury


Back in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, since visiting Historic Charleston for a week, I have had time to go through about 465 photos.  It was my first experience in Charleston, a place that I had wanted to visit for a long time but for one reason or another had not.


When my cousins from Puerto Rico invited me to meet them in Charleston, it was because there was a pathology convention to attend.  Onboard and looking forward I arrived at the Belmond Charleston Place, located at 205 Meeting St., Tels. 843-722-4900 and 888-635-2350.  Website

Checking in was so smooth.  My room was at the newly renovated floor of the hotel.  New softer colors in all the rooms.  Everyone wants to know how comfy the beds were…they were very comfortable.


Having been on the road and arriving at a new city, I decided to just stay put and try their in-room dining.  Don’t let my healthy eating for that night fool you for a minute.  I dove easily into the local food without regret. The brussels sprouts were delish and so was my salad….the fruit was my sweet ending….the butter, smooth and a bit sweet.





Something sweet!


A touch of color was much appreciated.


If you would like to start your first morning having breakfast at the hotel, the Palmetto Cafe will be your place.  A healthy breakfast buffet or a la carte.


Charleston Place, as it is commonly called, is large enough for events, weddings…you name it.  It does not feel that big, but it is.  Plenty of shopping within the hotel.  The business office was a plus.


In every corner of the City of Charleston there is plenty to see.  History abounds. Throughout the week we walked, shopped and dined.  The beauty is that you can stroll downtown with ease.  Stop and check the alleys, the houses, and the cobblestone streets.


Every day we found something new.  Look at the Dock Street Theatre.  This was the first building in America built exclusively for theatrical performances.  Many years ago it was restored.  The inside was rebuilt to resemble a theatre in London in the 1730s.  It is used year-round.  Location?  135 Church Street.


In the evening the Thoroughbred Club at Charleston Place gets hopping.  I already posted about it.  Tapas Bar setting…Do not miss Calvin (Deke) Taylor, The Entertainer, playing some pretty good jazz.


I almost forgot to give Carrie, the Concierge a shout!!  She was awesome and got us set up with Ian Sanchez for our tour of Middleton Plantation among other suggestions, as well.  Thanks Carrie!

Talk to you later…have a great day!

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March 11th, 2015

Doggies at The Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Dog Boarding, Overnight Care, Day Care, Web Cams, Grooming, Training, 24-Hour Human Supervision, Cage Free, No Kennels, Climate Control, Happy 8th Anniversary to Doggies at The Beach!!


In 2009 I adopted Miss Addy.  I call her my princess, best in show, the best and most beautiful dog in the world…all kinds of silly names.  Miss Addy is a mutt and a “rescue”.  I think she was about a little over a year when I adopted her.  Here is her photo.  She is a little Diva now.  She learned quickly.


Word of mouth is everything.  So, when my friend, Renee told me about Doggies at The Beach, I thought it would be the perfect place to leave Miss Addy when I was traveling for a day or overnight.  It would give me a piece of mind.  Not everyone can or want to travel with their pooches, so be sure when I tell you that they will be well taken care of at Doggies at The Beach.


Doggies at The Beach is located at 18806 John J. Williams Highway (Rt. 24) in Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971.  Tel. 302-644-8200  Website?  Doggies at The Beach is open 7 days a week.  You can leave your dog for overnight care, day care, and grooming.  Throughout the year they hold training classes and they also hold vaccination days at a discount rate.

At times, when I come in the customers make me laugh.  Here are some of the photos.


There are no cages here.  What they do have are 6 separate play areas that are small, medium and large.  24-human supervision is one of the services that they are so proud of.  They play with the dogs, take them out for walks and give them a treat here or there, as well.

DoggiesatBeach-2 (1)

With 3,500 square feet they have plenty of space for all their customers to have a good time.  They will be comfortable since the location is climate controlled and with purified air.  There are 5 web cams….just in case you want to follow your pooches daily activities.  Names like Little Dippers, Moon Doggies, Big Kahunas are the names they give to the play areas which are assigned according to size.  They even have a Puppy Palace, just in case your pooch demands a suite.  The last day of your adorable pet stay, they will give him or her a bath…a scarf and they will be ready to go.


Miss Addy just spent a week at Doggies at The Beach, while I was in Charleston.  My cousin was so jealous because where she lives she does not have this type of care for her dog.  So, when I got a few texts from Doggies at The Beach sending me photos of Miss Addy….she was like….what?

FullSizeRender (19)

Before you start leaving your pet at Doggies at The Beach there are procedures to follow.  A temperament evaluation…no agressive dogs, please.  Shots and any other pertinent info.  Best if you call them at 302- 644-8200.


HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY TO DOGGIES AT THE BEACH!!  An anniversary with plenty of Events.  So, What’s Going On?

Friday, April 3rd – Local Buzz Happy Hour – 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Gallery Espresso located at 12001 Old Vine Blvd., Lewes.  Doggies at The Beach will be displaying their stuff.  Please stop by and check them out.

Sunday, April 19th – Doggiest at The Beach Customer Appreciation Day Cook Out from Noon until 2:00 p.m. at their location on Rt. 24 or 18806 John J. Williams Hwy. in Rehoboth Beach.  Doggies are welcome with their Humans!!  There will be a Photo Booth, Food, Drinks, Door Prizes and the Doggie Mascots will be there, as well….In other words, lots of fun!!


Wednesday, May 20th – Frogg Pond Customer Appreciation Night at 3 South First St. in Downtown Rehoboth Beach.  6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Food and Entertainment.  Please note that this event is not for the doggies….just you.

So, as you can see it is pretty nice.  Keep it in mind if you are bringing your pooch to the Delaware Beaches.  You might want to call and schedule his or her stay ahead of time.


On another note…Jim and his staff at Doggies at The Beach are so involved in the community, here at the Delaware Beaches.  They help raise funds for charitable organizations and I think the world of them.

If you think your dog is just not having fun, think again, because he or she might might be having more fun!!  Talk to you later.


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March 8th, 2015

Destination? Charleston, South Carolina, Holy City, St. Michael’s Church, Colonial American Church, National Historic Landmark, Denomination? Catholic


It was gray in Charleston, raining too.  But, taking off for a walk after we had just arrived on Monday was a must.  Passing by St. Michael’s Church we were inspired by this building to go in.  This is a National Historic Landmark.  St. Michael’s Church is located at 71 Broad St.  Tel. 843-723-0603.  Website?  St. Michael’s Church is one of the few city churches in America that has retained its original design.

Steeples can be seen throughout the City of Charleston.  Buildings cannot be built taller than the tallest steeple, which I believe is St. Philip’s Church.


I don’t know about you but regardless of my church affiliation, I do go and visit churches anywhere I find myself.  And most of the time I drop something in the prayer request box.  I feel I am all covered….having all pray for me.

Catholics were the last ones to arrive in Charleston, South Carolina.  The building where St. Michael’s Church stands is the oldest church edifice in the City, dating to 1680.  This was, originally, the site of the first Anglican Church south of Virginia.  The church got too small for its congregation and then moved a few times.  St. Philip’s…more on that church later on.  The structured of the building has seen practically little change.

St. Michael’s Church is gorgeous and that day’s docent was so nice.  Even with his disabilities he was able to tell us so much about the church.  But, did not give him a break when he thought I was my cousin’s mother.  Oh, he said….I see the resemblance.  We laughed!!


From the photo above, you can take notice of the wood used….the pews are of native cedar and are pretty much the same as they have always been.  The chandelier was ordered from London in 1803 and at the time it was lighted first with candles, then with gas and now it is electrified.


The altar is magnificent and it is also Victorian.  The chancel rail is wrought iron and dates to 1772.  It is considered a fine example of English hand work of the period.  It was the first important piece of wrought iron to be imported to Charleston.  And, the chairs were purchased by the Vestry in 1817.


The “Governor’s Pew” is No. 43.  It is the one in which President George Washington worshipped on Sunday afternoon on May 8, 1791.  General Robert E. Lee also worshipped in that pew some 70 years later.  And, I believe, Lafayette also worshipped here, as well.


The organ was installed in 1768.  St. Michael’s had one of the first choirs of surpliced boys in the country, going back as far as 1794.  The surplice is a tunic of white linen or cotton fabric, reaching to the knees or ankles.  It also has wide sleeves.


Most of the churches in Charleston have a cemetery attached to them.  There are even tours that take you through these last resting places.


In this particular cemetery there are 2 signers of the U.S. Constitution buried; Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Presidential Candidate John Rutledge.

Have a great Sunday!!

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December 9th, 2014

Poolside at The Breakers Palm Beach, Bungalows, The Reef, Florida, Luxury Resort, South Florida, Palm Beach County


It is past midnight as I write this post.  I am wondering if my plane will be on time.  Southern Delaware is being hit with one of those Mid Atlantic n’or easters.  Nasty weather event!!

So I started thinking about that Bungalow at The Breakers Palm Beach….what a setting!   Warm breezes, swaying palm trees, personal service.  Visualization, that’s what I am doing.

The Breakers Palm Beach is located at One South County Rd., Palm Beach, FL 33480  Tel. 561-659-8488, or, 888-273-2537.  Website?

There are 4 pools at the Breakers Palm Beach for guests and club members.  They are all gorgeous.



At poolside?  Yes, the beach by its side, as well, and two restaurants.  But Cindi and I were looking for Bungalow 15…The Reef.


These bungalows are only for the hotel guests and club members, as well.  They are about 300 to 400 square feet.  Do you like to lounge?  Take in the scenery?  This is a real treat.



Private patios, living room, refrigerator, flat screen t.v., bathroom, well appointed with spa necessities…..and food.  Some, not all have open sky showers….ours did.



The idea is to relax, to just stay at the water’s edge and enjoy your well deserved vacation.


Molly, our personal concierge, received us with fruits and a something to quench our thirst.


So, the girls in the next Bungalow were having a nice time…then a delivery of red roses, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries….the giggles and the excitement of a birthday surprise by a significant other.  They told us at The Breakers that nothing is impossible to make your dreams come true at The Breakers Palm Beach!


Still pouring…..and still dreaming….Have a Good One!!

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November 24th, 2014

Lane Builders, Lewes, Delaware, Building Contractors, Custom Homes, Preplanned Homes, Renovations, The Tidewater, The House on Parkwood St, A Builder that Cares!! Giving Thanks, Delaware Beaches, Southern Delaware, Sussex County


It is a time of the year to give thanks….shouldn’t we be doing this every day?  I try to but at times, I do forget.  Giving thanks to Lane Builders is something that I will never forget.  No way.  Lane Builders is located at 1009 Kings Highway in Lewes, Delaware, 19958.  Tel. 302-645-5555.  Website?

On AboutMyBeaches I have posted about Lane Builders.  It is my story and my relationship with this caring builder.  Jeff Burton, Keith Hastings and their staff at Lane Builders made sure that the process of building the House on Parkwood Street in Bethany Beach went smoothly and on a timely manner.

Besides Lane Builders offering custom homes, renovations, and anything under the sun that could be done to enhance your property, they also have 4 Preplanned Homes:  Mission Bay, Sunset Bay, Tidewater, and Berkshire.  When you open the above mentioned website, you can click under the heading of Preplanned Homes.

Then, if you click on Tidewater and scroll down a bit, you will also see that this home is in memory of my late husband, John Merryman, III, who owned Tidewater Realty, Ltd. in Bethany Beach.  Lane Builders and John designed this home to fit just the right lot in beautiful Bethany Beach. You can also read and check the photos of my testimonial.


The Tidewater, along with the other preplanned homes are designed with the Delaware coast in mind.  Energy efficient; careful detailed has been given to them just like they would give to any custom home, just like Tidewater was.


I am in Bethany Beach every week.  I drive at times by the house.  The last photo was taken a few weeks ago.  I have seen the new owners’ car there…..They are making their own memories in The Quiet Resort. John would have been so proud.

Again, thank you Lane Builders.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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