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October 1st, 2014

Destination? Manayunk, Streat Food Festival, Restaurant Week, Until Friday, October 10th, Philadelphia, PA, Food Trucks, Vendors, Entertainment…Philly’s First Fashion Truck!

Manayunk is located in the northwestern section of the City of Philadelphia and on the banks of the Schuykill River.  For years it was just there and in need of TLC…not anymore.  It is a city capturing the young professionals, single and with families, moving to this town that has shops, restaurants, bars, and a place to enjoy the outdoors….just a few miles from everything Philadelphia has to offer.

Main Street is long covering more than several blocks.  Restaurants have outdoor seatings, perfect for when the weather is nice.  To know more about Manayunk, please visit


Manayunk’s Annual Streat Food Festival was Saturday, September 28th.  This was also the opening of their Restaurant Week, which will go on until Friday, October 10th.  Restaurant Week offers 3 courses and 3 prices.  Visit the website above mentioned for more information and to find out the participating restaurants.

I arrived at the Streat Festival early so as to find parking which, actually, ended up being very easy.  Everything was very well organized.  Saturday’s big event was the Food Trucks.  Philadelphia is known for its amazing food.  There were about 40 food trucks lining Main Street.  Some people knew exactly where they were going….they had their favorites.  I had my son, Michael, to show me the way.


Food trucks are mobile restaurants, or mobile cuisine.  The trend continues to grow and there are no signs of them slowing down.  They say that food trucks are restaurants’ worst nightmare.  In Philly you can find them around all the universities, feeding those hungry students.

Yoga on the Street…..Was I supposed to join them before hitting the food trucks?  Plenty of others did.


Musicians were available to entertain the crowds.



And, as soon as the Beer Garden opened…the crowds followed.  It was such a gorgeous day.  Perfect for a festival.


Mama’s Meat Ball was a winner.  That’s the first Food Truck we hit….my son said that their slider meatballs are just awesome.  Their address is 1426 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125.  Tel. 267-530-1493.  Website?  You can also find them on Facebook.



The following photo shows what we ordered:  On the left is Mama’s Ball…beef, pork, veal mix, topped with arugula and Parmesan.  On the right is my Apple Bomb made with 100% turkey mixed with sauteed spinach, Granny Smith, stuffred with roasted red pepper, Asiago, and topped with spicy Fresno Chili-Apple Chutney.  Totally the best.  People sitting around were raving about them, as well.


The smallest Food Truck was the Korean Truck Kami….small but popular.  You can find Kami at N. 33rd St. at Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19104.  Tel. 215-555-5555.  On Facebook, as well.


Another most popular food truck and one we did not try was Mac Mart.  It is Philadelphia’s only Mac ‘n Cheese Food Truck.  They are usually located by Drexel University.  Tel. 267-908-5662  Website? Find them on Facebook and Twitter.


We decided to stop at Delicias.  Their specialty?  Latin Food and Arepas.  Arepas are grilled corn patties that can be filled with almost anything you can think of.


The first photo shows on the left an Arepa filled with Shredded Chicken tossed in guacamole and mayo.  On the right is my own which had Shredded Beef, sweet plantains, black beans and Cotija Cheese.  This was an expensive Food Truck.  Both of those, which by the way, were completely filled and heavy, plus 2 waters…..a total price of $26!!


You can take a peek at mine…a close-up.


We were totally satisfied, but continued walking Main Street.  I found Sweet Elizabeth’s Edible Art to be at the perfect location on Main Street at 4409 Maint St…… I will have to visit them another time.  In the meantime, their edible art looked beautiful.  You can find them on Facebook as Sweet Elizabeth Cakes.  Tel. 267-331-8949.  Website?  They make everything from scratch, with a specialty on custom designed cakes.


Philadelphia has its first Fashion Truck….it was also mingling with the Food Trucks.  It is called Smak Parlour Fashion Truck.


This is a girly, glam and funky truck.   The Boutique is on 219 Market Street in Old City.  The Fashion Truck travels to events throughout the city, but it can also come to your home, office or party.  It is a fun shopping extravaganza.  Smak Parlour has also its own line of in-house designed clothing.  Visit the above mentioned website to see where they will be going next.


It was time to head back to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware…..Main Street was so crowded and I wanted to have a head start….the Eagles were playing, NASCAR was also in Dover….Yikes….it took me a long time to get home but not as long as the ones that were heading north.

Note:  The Streat Festival is around the same time each year.  Save the Date…it is worth going, especially if you like to Eat…On the STREAT!!


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September 26th, 2014

TGIF, Crawling Philly, Talula’s Daily, Restaurant, Starr Restaurant Group, Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is located only about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Philadelphia.  Crawling Philly for the day is no big deal.

We arrived at Talula’s Daily in the afternoon.  Come to think of it…..right before 5 p.m.  Perfect timing, right?  It is located at 208 West Washington Square, Philadelphia, PA 19166.  Tel. 215-592-6555.  Website?


Talula’s Daily is part of the Starr Restaurant Group in Philly known for quality of food and unique restaurants.


Washington Square is part of the Washington Square West and Society Hill neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  It is a U.S. National Register of Historic Places.  Walking around these squares and neighborhoods is always a treat.  Residents do enjoy the outdoors.


Talula’s Daily is not a big restaurant but when you come in you can see how cozy it is.  The Farm Table or Communal Table is in the middle of the room with smaller tables around it.  It is the “it” table to grab.  We, actually, did but I can see that for dinner it might be a quest.


The restaurant offers a wide range of foods….from soups to nuts and anything in between with drinks to accompany your choices.

We were fixed up with a variety of cheeses.  That’s all we wanted.


Great presentation.  All cheeses delicious with my particular favorite….the Beemster Goat Gouda.


St. Agur, a French Blue

Vintage Gouda, a Holland, Cow’s Milk

Truffle Gouda, another Holland, Cow’s Milk

Ossau Iraty, Basque, Sheep’s Milk

Beemster Goat Gouda, Holland, Goat’s Milk

Moses Sleeper, Vermont, Cow’s Milk

Note:  Please check the website.  If very informative with plenty of dining events that look so much fun!! And, “Like” them on Facebook.

Have a great week-end!!

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August 27th, 2014

DE Beaches Eat!! Tomato, Peach, Corn and Feta Salad, Sugar Meets Salt, Easy, Delicious!! Perfect for Labor Day Cook-Out!!, Southern Delaware, Delaware Beaches

The tomatoes are at the height of the season, the peaches are still sweet….this is pretty much a raw salad.  Bursting with flavor, it has everything to offer for a perfect end of the summer 2014 meal.

When I made this salad I used gluten free bread.  The recipe, actually calls for white bread with crusts removed.  Your choice.



2 slices white bread, crusts removed, cut or torn into small pieces

1/2 cup plus 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Salt, to taste

2 ears fresh corn, shucked

4 ripe tomatoes, a variety of colors….or plain red will do.  About 2 lbs.

4 large peaches (about 2 lbs. too)

1/2 cup thinly sliced red onion or shallots (I used red onion.)

3/4 cups of sheep’s milk feta, crumbled

Pulse the bread in a blender or food processor until the bread breaks down into coarse crumbs.

In a medium skillet, over medium heat, warm 1/2 cup of oil.  Once warm, add breadcrumbs and gently toast until golden and crispy.  Transfer crumbs to a plate line with paper towels.  Season with salt.

Using a sharp knife, slice corn kernels off the cob.

Cut tomatoes and peaches, preferably into wedges.  Place in large bowl with onion slivers and corn kernels.  Season with salt, optional.

Add the Feta cheese.

Add  6 tablespoons of oil and toss to combine. And then, sprinkle your favorite white balsamic vinegar.  My choice was Cranberry Pear White Balsamic from the new store in Downtown Rehoboth Beach….The Olive Orchard.

Distribute salad among plates, then scatter breadcrumbs on top…..serve and enjoy!!

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August 22nd, 2014

Crawling Philly, Pho 75, Vietnamese Restaurant, Soup Parlor, Philadelphia, PA, Brisket, Tripe, Eye-Round…Yummy!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is full of ethnic restaurants.  From street food to fine dining, it is a fabulous place to spend some time crawling the City of Brotherly Love.

Pho is the street food in Vietnam that was, originally, sold at dawn and dusk by roaming vendors.  My son invited me to crawl Philly and our first stop was Pho 75.  This soup parlor has been visited by Anthony Bourdain several times.  When my son visited for the first time, he told I, definitely, needed to try it.


There are 2 Pho 75 in Philly.  We went to the one located at 1122 Washington Avenue.  Tel. 215-5866. Other locations are:  Maryland; Langley Park, Rockville, Virginia; Arlington (my son just visited that one, as well), Falls Church, and Herndon.

Pho 75 was immaculate, the service was prompt and no sooner it had opened…..customers kept coming in.

You have to understand that pho is a soup.  The soups are served with rice noddles.  You can order either a small bowl or a large bowl for sharing like we did.  Then you have to order cuts of beef as toppings or do like we did and order the pho straight from the menu.

We order the pho with slices of eye-round steak, well done flank, soft tendom, and beef tripe.  The large bowl arrived quickly with extra bowls on the side and bean sprouts, hot pepper, slices of lemon and fresh basil leaves.


Then it was up to me to fix my bowl to my liking.


The broth was delicate, full of flavor but not overly salted, which I was surprised.

Totally recommend it.  Great value…I think lunch for 2 including tea and tip was about $10.00.

Note:  This soup is gluten free.

Have a great day!.

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May 11th, 2014

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Enjoy the Day!!


I wish all my friends and readers a beautiful day.  I remember when I became a Mother, I was totally complete.

For those of you you who Mother someone in your life….Happy Mother’s Day!

Note:  The photo was taken in Bethany Beach the other day.  It is not unusual to see families like this throughout the Delaware Beaches in the Spring.  I never get tired of looking at them.

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March 7th, 2014

High Street, Restaurant, Market Street, Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, A Must!!


Breakfast is supposed to fuel your body for the chores ahead, an early morning ritual not to be missed…..The chore at hand was visiting the annual Philadelphia Flower Show.  I could not wait…you know how it has been; cold, snowy, and gray.  My friend, Jody, and I took off for Philly to make this a girls’ trip.

High Street is located at 308 Market St. in Old City.  Tel. 215-625-0988  Website?


For breakfast we were to order at the counter, and then it would be brought to our booth.  High Street opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…yes, they serve food all day long.

All pastries and breads are made in-house.  They use locally milled flours and grains.


They also cure their meets…my breakfast was going to be made with this brown sugar cured pastrami.


The long hot peppers were already roasted and were also going to be part of my breakfast.  Actually, I found them mild, but others have mentioned that they are hot.  Needless to say they give a bit of a kick to an expectant palate.


My friend, Jody, decided on something that would stick to your ribs….oatmeal!  It was cold in Philly.  But, what she was not expecting was their her oatmeal was the best she had ever tasted…..It was Baked Oatmeal; stone cut organic Carolina oats, dried orchard fruit, oatmeal streusel.  Delish!!


My son, who had decided to accompany us went for a more traditional breakfast.  It was called the Italian Market Breakfast with Lancaster bologna, spicy Coppa, Roasted Broccoli Rabe, Old Bay Fried Potatoes, Farm fried eggs and homemade toasted bread.  Also a winner!!


My usual question….What is the dish that is the most popular, the one that keeps customers coming back again, and again?  Without hesitation it was the Pastrami & Hash.  This breakfast sandwich was so impressive, with an awesome presentation and fabulous taste.  It had shaved pastrami, spiced hash, roasted peppers and onions, farm egg, and Russian dressing.  It was served on a board with a side dish of a long hot pepper and hot sauce made from those peppers, as well.  The sauce some heat and added even more flavor.  Loved it and would have it again in no time.


Fueld up and ready to attend the flower show….we were on our way.


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January 29th, 2014

Groundhog Day!! Sunday, February 2nd…Looking forward to the forecast!! It better be a good one!! No Shadow, Pleeease!


I am looking forward to Groundhog Day just as much as to the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl Sunday is not the only the only event going on.  Phil will come out of his burrow and, hopefully, will not see its shadow.  Could not handle 6 more weeks of winter.  Lots of events happening while waiting for Phil to come out.  Please visit


Federal Donuts, from Philadelphia, came to my house this past week-end and they were so good.  My favorite?  The Cookies & Cream.  Federal Donuts offer Coffee, Donuts, and Chicken…people line up for hot donuts right out of the oven…your choice if you want chicken or not.  Please check them out at


We have balmy winters in Southern Delaware.  The beaches is a great place to enjoy a snow event.  Fresh snow….the surroundings are quiet.  This morning was such a day.



So, my “rescued” Heinz 57, Addy, decided it was time to go outside…..Oh, I don’t thik so.


This is more like it…I think so.


Waiting patiently for spring!!  Talk to you later.


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December 8th, 2013

Shop, Recycle, Consign, Greene Street Consignment, Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…A Second Time Around


Walking through Main Street in Manayunk in Philadelphia a window caught my attention.  A consignment shop.  The name  of this shop was Greene Street Consignment, located at 4313 Main St., Philadelphia, PA 19127.  Tel. 267-335-5478.  I have found that this is not the only location….New York, New Jersey and other parts in Pennsylvania.  Visit

Greene Street Consignment has a  fresh take on the whole consignment shopping experience.  This shop looked like a boutique, storefront included.  Plenty of namebrands, but they are focused on style.

Next time I visit Manayunk I am definitely stopping by.  I need to find out more about it.

Whether you are a shopper or consignor, just remember that recycling your clothes gives them another chance…don’t discard them, let someone else enjoy them a second time around.

Talk to you later.

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