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February 13th, 2011

SPoT Coffee, Delray Beach, Florida, Restaurant, Review, South Florida, Palm Beach County



To me, there is no life before coffee.  I love it in the morning and there are times when I enjoy it in the afternoon, as well.  More so on a chilly day.  I consider it a ritual since I drink it every day. 

Just opened a few weeks ago is the newest addition to the eateries in trendy Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach.  SPoT Coffee is their name.  Located at 44 East Atlantic Avenue.  Tel. 561-455-4041.  Website?  You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

I went to check it out because they have been working on that corner for quite some time; teasing us with “soon to be opened” signs.  Was it going to be the place to go for coffee or just another coffee shop?

This company’s offices are in Canada and New York.  In existence since 2004.  Delray is not only a destination for vacationers, but for new businesses, as well.

I wanted to try their coffee because it seems that there are so many coffee shops in every corner of every city, but a lot of them over-roast their coffee; giving it a sour taste. 

SPot Coffee is in a great corner.  Its doors open to the sidewalk and tables are scattered around.


There is also a cozy corner with sofas in case you want to make yourself feel at home or read the paper.  Art depicting Atlantic Ave. is also on their walls.



The coffee selections are on a top board.  I decided to have a Mocha.  The Mocha is only prepared with whole milk.  I could not wait to taste it because so far this year I can say that the other great cup of coffee I have sampled was at One World Cafe in Baltimore, Maryland.


I did not have to wait long and I can say that it was delicious.  I sat outside and really enjoyed it.  Creamy, nice and hot; great aroma.


Besides coffee, SPoT Coffee also offers other beverages, baked goods, signature sandwiches like focaccia sandwiches, wraps and pizza.


A blackboard is posted every day with their offerings. 


I only can vouch for their coffee, at this time.  Did not try anything else.  It is so good to have so many choices and to see the patrons enjoying themselves.  I wish them much success.


Please note that SPoT Coffee also has coffee for sale and catering is available. 



Have a great day!!…talk to you later…

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4 Responses to “SPoT Coffee, Delray Beach, Florida, Restaurant, Review, South Florida, Palm Beach County”

  1. Cindy says:

    I agree with you 100%. Great place and location. I feel that SPoT coffee has a collection of employee’s that enrich your coffee experience. Just a fun, easy going place to sit and do whatever…You have to go back and try their food, also great !!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much for the comments to the blog. I will have to have food next time.

  3. karl1 says:

    I live in Buffalo and have been sipping coffee, chai lattes and eating the food for years at all 3 locations there. There is no better chai than the ones at Spot, I’m just tired of the chai at Starbucks and the food at Spot is also delicious.
    So happy there’s one in Delray now!

  4. admin says:

    Until it opened in Delray I really did not know about them. I live in Delaware so they have not arrived here yet. Thanks for your comments and good to hear that they have a good reputation in other places, as well.

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